Our thanks as ever to Kick-Off for providing us with the following statistical preview ahead of today’s game.

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  1. Irving08

    Boy oh boy: that was not good, starting with NW’s latest line-up and then strange substitution of Green (for which there were audible boos), through RA’s horrible injury, to their taking pot shots (and scoring) from some distance, and then listening post-match in the Pav to NW, hiding – as it seemed to me – behind RA’s misfortune. Then the name Venables involuntarily crossed my mind. As if starting the day with NW’s extolling of Celtic in his Indy column was not enough……

    • Irving08

      Nothing against Celtic of course…..it simply reminded me that NW doesn’t really need this job….

  2. Matthew

    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, this is the result of Ken Bates stripping the team of any and all quality he could over the years to line his pockets and fund pointless vanity projects. With no investment in the team, here we are.

    • Matthew

      And I can’t believe some people are saying Warnock out, if you think anyone better will join at this point then you’re dellusional. I saw this coming, we don’t deserve it but if we lose Warnock at this point I’m 100 percent certain we’l struggle to stay up and will be in the JPT next season, no one wants that.


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