As far as supporting Leeds goes, it’s never easy. I wouldn’t like to think of the club as ‘cursed’ but if you took a look back at our recent history nobody could blame anyone for considering it.

Good things come to those who wait, apparently. If that is indeed true, then we are surely due something spectacular, some would say overdue.

As Leeds fans we stick by our club through the ups and downs, and in recent times we have had our fair share of the latter. You look around at other teams and ask yourself why we can’t be ‘normal’, just once.

Every transfer window opens and shuts with the disappointment and frustration we have become accustomed to. We watch our divisional rivals strengthen as they build squads capable of challenging for promotion, while we sit and cross our fingers until they turn blue, hoping for a miracle.

The miracle never comes, and we are left to scrap and chance our way through the division time after time.

With that in mind, the summer brought fresh hope in the form of a takeover. We were told to ‘dare to dream’. How fitting it is that we are now all suffering from a recurring nightmare.

The early hope soon turned to disappointment; the takeover saga has dragged on long enough to derail a season that began with an optimistic feeling of change. We thought this one would be different, how wrong we were.

With over a third of the season gone we are languishing in eighteenth place, eight points from the playoffs and seven from relegation. Eight points is by no means a huge amount at this point of the season, but when you can no longer predict where our next three points will come from, or be confident of them coming in the near future at all, you start to realise just how wide the gap has become.

Along with our league position, attendances have plummeted, as more and more fans choose to stay away until we finally become Bates free.

Those that do attend are met with an atmosphere I can only describe as eerie. Week after week we turn up hoping for the best but expecting the worst, we often find out fears justified. The days of 90 minute chanting have long gone, in its place are a few forced chants, needless to say ‘Bates out’ is the current favourite.

The energy has long been drained from everyone connected to the club, Leeds United is on it’s knees.

The season is far from over in terms of time, we still have 6 grueling months to scrap our way through, and who knows, things might finally play out in our favour. If investment in the team can be made in the next few days or once the January window opens then anything is possible, as Leeds fans we cant resist clinging to whatever shred of hope remains. For once, it would be nice to see our faith rewarded.

Things need to change and they need to change fast, the future of our club is hanging by a thin, worn and heavily strained thread.

Worryingly, if that thread snaps the only way is down.

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  1. Ron

    Unfortunately our off-field disaster in being mirrored on the pitch. Frustrated players under a frustrated manager. It’s like children living under a dysfunctional parenting structure, they are more often than not bound for trouble. My biggest concern now is that even if Bill Gates takes us over, I can’t see us getting the points in the second half of the season to make the play-offs. There is ceratinly no quick fix in the next few weeks, however McCormack must be thinking he’s carrying the team given what we have seen in his absence. Another very sad period for the club.

  2. Ben Richards

    doom and gloom, around the club. relegation would hurt but it’d only be old scars reopening, thankfully there are several teams playing as badly as us. i think it will be ipswich, peterborough and sheffield who go down, so we’re safe. bad luck through injuries and a parasite of a chairman, it cannot be denied, no amount of positivity can detract from the true nature of that despicable man in charge. HOPEFULLY we will have our new dawn when GFH finally rescue us, if they do. MOT, keep the faith.

    • Lee B

      I agree – there are at least 4 (maybe 5) clubs that are clearly worse than us, even in our current form.
      But what happens if KB is still in place on 1st Jan and then sells Becchio, McCormack, Kenny, Lees, Pearce, Austin and Byram?

      • Ron

        McCormack will leave in January at this rate. Byram will also be poached if the takeover goes awry. The rest of them will only to be able to sign for other battling clubs at this stage, so I wouldn’t worry too much. I imagine Poleon gets bid for as well. No takeover should be this protracted without major hurdles. I smell a rat. In fact, two rats – Bates and GFH.

    • djedjedje

      I disagree. I think McCarthy will sort Ipswich out, and Wednesday, Jones or no Jones, will turn their season around. Barnsley strike me as a better relegation candidate. I’d say we are about 33 points off guaranteed safety. 11 wins from 29 odd games seems very do-able. Only we need to start clocking up some wins smartish!

  3. Lee B

    Unfortunately, I fear that the worst is yet to come.
    Ken Bates will NEVER admit any fault of his own, so the entire blame of the ills of LUFC must lay on someone else’s shoulders.

    Step forward Mr Neil Warnock and fall on thy sword…

    I suspect that before the T/O goes through (if at all), KB must blame someone else and therefore sack NW.

    More disarray to come, methinks…

  4. Rich A

    I reckon this takeover will happen however it is nailed on to complete after the FL emergency loan window shuts. I don’t think GFH ever had it their plans to fund loans, any transfer activity will occur in January, will NW still be there then? Unlikely he’ll either walk or be sacked.

  5. Exiled White

    Where is our saviour? We deserve it. Another painful season supporting Leeds. The t/o off the field can’t be helping the players. What kb was thinking when he chose Warnock, I dunno. Never rated him. It hurts me to say this, but I can see us relegated back to third tier again. Once again Leeds become a laughing stock.

  6. Bluesman

    It was a travesty sacking Grayson and it will be a bigger tragedy if the great mand NW is blamed for this shambles. He has been undermined at every turn. I would not have blamed him if he had walked in the summer! How can anyone expect any more than he is giving. The blames has always been and always will be the chairman and MD. Bates and Harvey out!!!!!

    • Chareose

      Agree but the club may need a complete shake up to get us out of this malaise….

    • mrbigwheels

      You are exactly right. The meaning of common decency and respect don’t seem to figure in any business that Bates may have had and to any employee involved in that. Everyone involved with LUFC has had and continues to have a degradation to the spirit and life that we are blessed with by the mere mention of his name.

      Yes… It is that bad.

  7. Chareose

    Actually not all of our current dip in form can be blamed on Bates. People keep ignoring the damage one football fan did to our morale at Shefeild Wednesday. We were spluttering back then but that demoralising day completely derailed us…. The momentum has gone, the fans arnt singing…..etc. Warnocks had an impossible job…

  8. Kevin Scorah

    Forget Bates for a moment. We know what he is, we know what he has done, we know what he is doing. We know he doesn’t give a toss what we think. He will go when he is good and ready, end of. Get used to it.

    Forget about the Takeover. Whether it happens or not, whether it’s frying-pan-to-fire stuff, whether GFH are crooks or saints; its wasted energy bemoaning the lack of progress. We can’t shoo along the Takeover. Live with it.

    What we can do is shout from the terraces and whinge on message boards about the manager and team just like every other fan in the country does for the majority of every season. It’s what fans do. It’s what we love doing.

    So…. 3 points from the last 21 available. I can’t see us getting more than 3 points from the next 12 either. The next 2 games are at home and I can easily see us getting beat in both or perhaps scraping a draw in one.

    Warnock now has to take some responsibility. How many more times can he keep blaming bad luck, bad refs, injuries? I for one am getting weary of “I can’t fault the lads effort”.

    I can. We look shite in every part of the field. I can also moan that it costs 30 quid to watch rubbish football with a rubbish atmosphere in a decrepit stadium. And I can fault a manager who decides tactics and formations that have left us in 18th place in the table. And I can also fault players who get into situations that force referees to make decisions that might go against us. It’s Warnock’s team, his players, moulded in his image. Take some bloody responsibility man. Sort it out or bugger off.

    We won’t be relegated, and I’d have a wager that we will finish above the likes of Millwall and Derby. But there’s not a hope in hell of the play-offs.

    There. That’s my little chunter. It’s called being a fan.

    Happy Christmas.

    • TSS

      “I can also moan that it costs 30 quid to watch rubbish football with a rubbish atmosphere in a decrepit stadium.”

      You didn’t manage to forget Bates for very long, did you?

      This is the problem you see, all the other things we want to moan about are intrinsically linked to Bates – the inferior playing staff for example are less a reflection of Warnock’s skills in the transfer market, more a reflection of Ken Bates’ aversion to spending and his beloved policy of selling anyone who is worth a few quid.

      Everything else we want to moan about is tied to Bates too. It’s too easy to blame managers when the team isn’t doing as well as we’d hoped, they’re the perfect scapegoat. But the reason Leeds are doing so poorly isn’t because the manager is rubbish, nor is it because he’s “tactically inept” (the go-to throwaway comment of Leeds United fans throughout the ages), it’s because the team isn’t good enough.

      Tactics and formation have nothing to do with why Leeds United are in 18th position, they’re not some miracle cure that can turn a squad full of average players into Barcelona, their effectiveness is based entirely on how good the players are. 18th position is an accurate reflection of the quality of players at Warnock’s disposal – and that’s entirely because of Bates.

      Neil Warnock will no doubt see a similar end to that of Simon Grayson, scapegoated by a fanbase who know the real problem is Bates but call for the head of the manager regardless. It’s all too easy for Bates, the fans quickly forget it’s entirely Bates’ fault our squad is so shit and the blame shifts to the manager, leaving Bates to be the hero when he fires said manager and replaces with the next scapegoat.

      • Ron

        If you looked at our squad versus Crystal Palace’s at the start of the season, whose would have looked stronger? Leeds for certain. This has gone beyond the quality of our squad, which you rightly point out is not good enough thanks to KB. This is a mental breakdown. Have you ever worked at a company that’s being sold or taken over? The same problems exist. Humans hate uncertainty. No one at this club except a certain Chelsea fan is enjoying this saga.


        Of course it is. were just bored of hearing it TSS. but you have to look at the teams around us. Millwall are hardly Barcelona but there 6 points above us now and theres no one in there side id be desperate to have in ours. In fact weve arguably a better squad and are still doin worse. dont get me wrong bates is a absolute cunt and the man source of our woes but you cant blame him for everything.

      • Irving08

        I think an analysis of the playing strengths of the large majority of fit first X1’s of the teams in this Division would produce a conclusion much like the one you have come to on our team – they are all much of a muchness. Closer scrutiny would show that some Managers of players of equivalent standards to ours know their best starting X1’s and have a settled system of play: our Manager – for whatever reason – manifestly knows neither. Of course, few Managers operate under the expectations of a Manager of our club, nor work for a Chairman whose concept of the long term interests of the club diverges so markedly from that of the club’s most loyal supporters. But the fact remains that, after a promising start to the season, fuelled by fresh legs, hope and mangerial enthusiasm, we have fallen badly away, and some of us think that the football Manager must take some responsibility for this. We don’t want him to go, but just to raise his game, and steer us to a secure positiion by Easter. He will surely have accepted by now that his dream will not after all be realised, yet he has time to set himself a new agenda, which as well as Divisional security and stability, will include bringing forward more of our younger players and putting a smile on our faces. It”s been grim up here for too long now.

  9. Lufc1979

    I’m past the point of caring now to be honest, because the whole club is an absolute shambles with the exception of the fans. We and the city deserve so much better than this but like the article says all the energy has long been sucked out of us. The slightest hint of doubt always turns into the largest of catastrophes and any light at the end of the tunnel always seems to flicker out before we can touch it. It’s a hopeless task supporting this club when these f**kwitts are running it.

  10. john

    The point will come is clear that.Leeds are not going to make the playoffs
    and the.raison d’etre for Warnock manager will disappear.Unless he has negotiated a contract that pays him a bonus to see out his contract he will be gone by January. The new aim for Leeds this season is to avoid relegation

  11. Matthew

    I genuinely don’t see where we can gain points from this year looking at our remaining 2012 fixtures, and most of the 2013 ones don’t give me much hope either.

    Had to laugh a while back when someone posted on twitter that if we get relegated we still have unfinished business in league 1 as we have to win the JPT lol. So depressing but they had a point, we haven’t won this competition yet, building a proper squad with Bates gone, winning league 1 and going back into the Championship with the same momentum as before wouldn’t be too bad.

    So depressing hey. Anyway, what concerns me, is all this talk prior about the club needing promotion, GFH giving Warnock money just for this, has to be done absolutely this season, it doesn’t suggest long term planning to me, are GFH planning to pocket the promo money, and sell us on for profit? We need stability, Everytime we win, Haigh and co are quick to post on Twitter, everytime we lose, they vanish/don’t post a thing about the game. Seems rather plastic to me, supporters are there during the good times and the bad..

    • djedjedje

      GFH are a bunch of chancers. If they buy us they’ll only use us as collateral against some baron-robber ‘project’ in some far flung hellhole that low-and-behold surprisingly never takes off. They are vultures, they are the impending noose to the last rites of Leeds United.

      Why do we need them? They should justify their right to be the exclusive ‘buyer’ (ha!) of any takeover.

      Seriously, how representative does David fucking Haigh think he is to the average Leeds fan? He’s a paid-up neo-Conservative from Cornwall with no apparent connections with Leeds, Leeds United or Yorkshire. He’s someone who is currently failing as an ex-pat equity cad in that nasty little fascist pinprick, Bahrain. He’s someone who drivel posts self-inspirational thoughts of the day on Twitter from the eclectic mix of Confucius, Ophrah Winfrey and Will Smith. If it wasn’t for some self-aggradising ‘saviour’ of Leeds United (I prefer the term ‘co-tormentor’) he’d be called out for what he is, a prick. I for one am sick of hearing his name and seeing his smarmy smug face. Arghhhhh!!!!

  12. Joe

    Being a leeds fan is a joke at the moment.

    However, we have the same team we did at the end of the summer. A team which has been quoted on several occasions as being 2 or 3 good players from top of the table. We still have Mccormack and Becchio, white and diouf. We still have Pearce, Byram, Lees, Peltier and Kenny. Austin is injured but he will be back. Some have been out of form, some have just been crap (Michael Brown…) others like Tonge have turned out to be surprisingly strong buys. NW is probably on his way out, but what I’m saying is, these are players which a new manager can and will build on. If we do get taken over, and if we don’t end up with Mark Hughes, I can see us in the prem by 2014. Why not?

    Sometimes misery is everywhere. And sometimes there’s nothing to be happy about. But Sometimes we just have to be patient. Sometimes belief is enough.


    • TimPM

      Ha! Belief is enough… Should’ve said that before the charge of the light brigade… ——————

  13. AltrinchamAndrew&Harry

    Message for David Haigh
    Fully appreciate confidentiality but can you simply give us an indication on the following;
    1) likely timescales for targeted completion…..days, 2 weeks or year end?
    2) by ” fronting ” the deal is there a serious Investor who wishes to remain anonymous?
    As you well appreciate 6 months is ” abnormal” for a takeover or ” investment” . We all need reassurance and communication. I have a 9 year old son season ticket holder at ER: he wants to know where we’re at. “communication” or lack of it is firstly affecting the Manager, secondly the Team and thirdly us the Leeds fans: time has come to simply talk to us!
    AltrinchamAndrew and 9 year old Harry

  14. Colin

    I see that YEP are saying that it’s imperative that we get loan players on board before Transfer Deadline Thursday.
    How many times do we have to go down the loan route to realise it just doesn’t work? If anything, it destabilises the established players.
    In addition, if the guys we’re approaching were that good, then why didn’t we go for them earlier in the season?
    And if we couldn’t afford to pay for the loans then, we won’t be able to pay for the loans now?

  15. etdean

    ok, which players are sufficient, and which need to go? All the criticism here is abstract, with vague talk about bringing in players on transfer in Jan. (who? Ronaldo? Wayne Rooney?)–with the assumption that the present crew is woefully inadequate. Or is it that the present group is ok, but the manager is a disaster. Wasn’t Southampton promoted 2 times in a row? What players did they bring in on transfer?


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