What should have been remembered as a great old-fashioned derby match between the two giants of Yorkshire football will instead be remembered for the actions of one mindless idiot.

Disappointment, anger, shame, embarrassment – these are feelings I’ve left many a Leeds United match feeling. It’s usually caused by the 11 men on the pitch however, rarely by one of the so called “twelfth men” I stand shoulder-to-shoulder with up in the stands.

Unfortunately, last night will be remembered for one thing and one thing only; the despicable actions of one Leeds United “fan” who – for no reason whatsoever – viciously assaulted the Sheffield Wednesday keeper, Chris Kirkland.

One man’s actions mean we start today under attack from the world of football, and quite rightly so. For far too long the fans of this club have been playing the victim card, excusing acts of mindless thuggery on the actions and chants of the opposition supporters.

Last night is the perfect example. Leeds United fans won’t condone the assault on Kirkland, but they’ll go to great lengths to explain how it wasn’t our fault. Take a quick glance at the reactions left by Leeds United fans around the internet, I guarantee the vast majority will explain how the assault on Kirkland was wrong, but (and there’s always a ‘but’) the Sheffield Wednesday fans started it with their tasteless chanting (neglecting to mention that Leeds fans were equally guilty of that).

An unfair media bias, the FA hate us, opposition fans provoking us… all the world is out to get Leeds United.

If I was to personify the Leeds United fanbase, we’d be a stroppy teenager suffering from extreme paranoia. Think Harry Enfield’s Kevin crossed with one of those American nutters who decorates his house in tinfoil to stop “them” getting inside his head. “Everyone’s out to get me, it’s not fair!”

As insignificant as it now seems, I thought the match itself was quite enjoyable. It had all the ingredients of a classic derby match – tough tackles, inexplicable fouls, endless controversy, a superb goal from Michael Tonge and some dreadful refereeing that had both sides fuming.

If it wasn’t for the aforementioned idiot, the headlines today would no doubt be dominated by Luciano Becchio who used the old Argentinian “hand of God” to pull off a save of Nigel Martyn quality inside our own six yard box. There was other highly dramatic moments too, like when Paddy Kenny fluffed a long-range short and was fortuitously saved by the crossbar, but let’s face it, all of this is trivial. I’d be wasting my energy attempting to steer the conversation towards the game itself.

Sadly, the only thing anyone will be talking about for the foreseeable is the cowardly actions of a worthless parasite who used Leeds United to satisfy his childish need for attention. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame Mr Parasite, I’m sure you’re a hero to the 1980’s football thugs whose approval you so desperately seek. Nothing commands respect like sneak-attacking an innocent victim before running away into a crowd and hiding!

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  1. Leeds1919

    I feel sick to the core, embarrased to be a Leeds fan today. That mindless action will knock us back years as supporters. All those normal sick hatred jibes we normally get and just laugh off, can we now? No, we will just have to take it.
    And I hope the potential investors don’t start wavering even more?
    So one bloody idiot could cause more years of misery at our club and the ones who suffer?
    Yes, the real true supporters.

  2. Proud White

    Last night events make me feel ashamed. I haven’t posted on the internet before but something needs to be done. We can never make up for the event last night but al least we can contribute positively in the media aftermath. There is no element of ‘Marching On Together’ here. If you know who the criminal idiot is, do the right thing. Tell the police or even better take him to the police station yourself.

  3. Jonny

    This person is not a ‘fan’ he is a disturbed young man that needs removing from society so that his behavioural issues can be dealt with. Seehttp://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/Football-fan-says-m-hooligan-ban-breach/story-13251413-detail/story.html
    There is also a lesson here from history in that another young man led the pitch invasion at ER during the infamous West Brom/Astle offside game at which I saw ‘vile animals’ in the West Stand throwing there seat cushions onto the pitch. The difference was that the young man back then went on to commit murder in a non-football environment, while the rest of us went on to grumble about Tinkler for eternity. These are social and behavioural issues – football simply gives a stage for all that’s sometimes worst in people to be acted out. We need new owners and a new start so a new Leeds can reject this nonsense and move into the 21st Century as a united entity that supports hard but fair play and great football.

  4. Stephen

    Excellent post which covers much of how I feel but we need to face up to the fact that it wasn’t just one idiot. There was a sizeable group that damaged the stand, encroached on the pitch and certainly too many took the idiot back into the fold, back-slapping him, cheering him and allowing him to disappear into the crowd. No amount of provocation can justify this. Does anyone really think that the families of Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight wouldn’t be horrified by the scenes we all saw last night? This was the Leppings Lane end, for God’s sake! I have a ticket for Tuesday night but I’m not sure if I’ll go. Why would I want to congregate with a group of people that includes a section like that, albeit a (hopefully) small section? Really fed up….

    • TSS

      Agree. The Chris & Kev thing really grates on me, I didn’t know them personally but I was in Turkey that fateful night and I’m sick to death of people using their memory to justify violence. We should be flying the flag for an end to hooliganism after that night, perpetual retaliation won’t solve anything.


    In the current climate he will be made an example of, and rightly so. Prison time is quite deserved.

    It’s ironic that it was because of events in that stand 23 years ago that means that there are no fences to stop idiots like this entering the pitch.

    Embarrassing day for Leeds fans and we will be slaughtered by the FA, media and the football world.

  6. Lufc1979ish

    Lets not overreact though. He needs dealing with on an individual basis and banning for life along with the other idiots who ran on the pitch. He not only gave our club a bad name but he clearly halted the momentum we would have had to go on and win the match, but he won’t set us back years because he isn’t a Leeds fan in my eyes.

    • Leeds1919

      You’re right, he’s not a real true fan, but he has got us all tarred with the same brush

  7. nige

    Totally agree with you but dave jones has not acquitted himself well by calling all the fans animals he certainly neeeds to appologise its comments like his that incites more hostility Nw has every right to applaud the majority of the fans for their support

    • TSS

      Under the circumstances, I think Dave Jones’ response can be forgiven. He did group us all in together, which I didn’t like either, but when there’s sickening chants aimed in his direction and one of his players is assaulted by a “fan” who is subsequently patted on the back by other “fans” I think he’s entitled to go off on one. In reversed roles, I’d have been fuming too.

      • Tyler75

        I hope they lock the bastard away who assaulted Kirkland and Jones is entitled to be upset about an assault on his ‘Keeper; but this is the same Dave Jones who excused the actions of Cardiff’s moronic fringe every time they played us as ‘banter’ and ‘passion’ – he’s a bloody hypocrite. Warnock and Kenny were getting very personal abuse from 3 sides of the ground for virtually the entire 90 mins but neither haven’t even mentioned it.

      • TSS

        It was good-natured what Warnock and Kenny got, did you not see both of their reactions? Kenny “mooned” their fans and Warnock made an elaborate show of checking his watch as if he had a sweepstake on how long it’d take, I though that was all pretty funny and mutual personally. It wasn’t like the vile shit our end was chanting.

  8. number1inyorkshire

    hello not been here for a while been busy wont bore you with the details ……
    like everyone else i condemn in the strongest terms that idiot last night build a scaffold at ER to hang him there is no place in the game for that ,,
    that said he should never have got to kirkland ,the stewards should be doing there job he had a lot of time to do what he did and should have been buried under a pile of security .

    That said having read all the above Warnock is right he wasnt punched he was pushed maybe heavily and my did he go down like a tonne of spuds .that was an over reaction to something horrible but as a keeper in particular kicks ,punches elbows etc are the game all be it not from fans he over reacted .
    footballers need to man up .
    i will say once again i condemn those actions in the strongest possible terms he is and will remain an idiot .
    but for me kirklands actions were the more likely to insight the Sheffield fans he wasnt hurt that badly
    As for Mr Jones ….. well what can i say that hasn,t been said already

    • Leeds1919

      Why should be relying on stewards to keep idiots out? We don’t want the bloody idiots!! Yes, it was an over reaction but that hardly matters.

      • number1inyorkshire

        Because thats what they are paid for and yes it does matter that he over reacted …..
        The words of jones were not good are you VILE or even an animal 1919.
        the simple fact is that the only reason the papers are talking about this is that KIrkland was ATTACKED well shoved in the face yes attacked no .
        no wonder sick note kirkland is now playing for wednesday rather than in the premier league where he should be .
        hang the leeds fan by all means ..
        but for insighting the crowd for next time DO jones and send kirkland to man up lessons ….
        he the leeds fan should be banned for life ,apparently he is so then ban the person who bought him a ticket .
        But kirkland was not hurt at all

      • djedjedje

        Nonsense. Stewards are there to make sure the fans and players safety is maintained. Hillsborough of all places is telling of this. They are not primarily there to stop fans running on to the pitch and attacking players, we simply accept that as part of their job description and it excuses the criminal actions of those who choose to do so. As a crime that it consequently a responsibility of a police investigation. Is crime legitimized when there is a lack of police presence? Nope, so why should it be when there is a lack of steward intervention for fans intent on breaking the law. Stewards would be legally culpable only if they failed to correctly marshall and secure the safety of those in the terraces, not those who choose to break the law by leaving them to invade the pitch.

        Sorry, but fans need to take responsibility for their actions. So Dave Jones whimpered on about being vilified for the last 12 years, fine. But calling Leeds fans ‘vile’ does not give them a just reason or ‘incite’ them to do anything. FFS, if so-say manning up means owt at all it means to take such a kidglove insult on the chin and move on, not waiting to take revenge on Jones the next time Wednesday are at ER.

      • TSS

        Just been making the exact same point DJE. It’s like blaming the Police for not arresting someone before it happened.

        You can’t stop fans getting on the pitch – streakers have been proving that for years. Blaming the stewards is just another attempt to divert blame, the fact is, we deserve the condemnation and any punishment that comes as a result. Last night was inexcusable.

      • Leeds1919

        No, I’m not vile or an animal, but a law abiding 55 year old Leeds true fan!! I’ve seen the bad old days and don’t want them back!
        Others have told you what stewards are there for!
        As for Kirkland??
        As lots of people are saying you are trying to make excuses for these stupid actions and blame sing something else.
        1 idiot ran on and pushed Kirkland.
        Too many thought he done OK when he ran into the crowd.
        And too many more were singing worthless songs about Jones and Saville.
        Support the team with worthwhile songs please!!

      • number1inyorkshire

        no im not blaming the stewards and i have condemned him what more can i say about that.
        The stewards are there for crowd safety of course and security of the players well that part of it is stopping people going the pitch .
        didnt we all come on here and agree with bates when leeds players were attacked i think by carlisle fans and blame the stewards and police .
        so who’s responsibility is it then to stop people going on the pitch ???.
        it seems to me that at every game i have ever been at that the stewards ring the edge of the pitch facing the crowd to ermmmm ,stop people going on the pitch im not saying its easy ,but its their job so the others who think with yourself its not are simply wrong …
        do you and all the others accept that kirkland was really hurt, then he is in the wrong game ,as a keeper he will be attacked properly by opposition players every match he just was not hurt he knows it and so does everyone else he over reacted to get the press he has been given .
        i condemn the actions of the fan send him to prison putting that aside jones was wrong and so was kirkland .
        there are 1or 2 that that agree with me too so its all opinions
        and by the way a true fan too my record of been a leeds fan is as good as anyones on here for leeds and England ..

  9. Cdn_Leeds

    Twitter rumor has it that this idiot has been banned from age 16 (Aaron Crawley) what a work of art! Again makes you wonder how someone like him made it through the turnstiles!

    All that said I am embarrassed at being a Leeds fan today and not just because of him, but also because of how we handled ourselves in the stands.

    I think it is time to move away from the stupid chanting that exists in our team culture. Singing songs about child abuse just isn’t what makes me proud! Nor are songs about airplane crashes and death of our fans. It is time we as fans stopped provoking other fans and took the higher ground, we should be singing songs about football and what makes us proud not singing songs that dive into the dark alleys of a socially inept culture!

    Time the decent loving fans of Leeds stood up and stopped the abuse of others and banned songs that are vile and insensitive. Kick out Racism and kick out the abusive and lack of class songs!

    With 28,000 fans singing antagonizing songs it is no wonder that an idiot thinks he is in the majority and feels he can return to the fans section and be patted on the back for displaying what we have been singing about for 90 minutes!

    How come no one in that section grabbed him up and turned him over to the cops? Guess that whole section must of been lost in singing Jimmy Saville and Dave Jones child abuse songs and somehow missed the incident.

    C’mon Leeds time we led the country and showed them how to support a team without having to stand on the shoulders of other peoples misfortunes or indiscretions!

    • Chareose

      Think its a bit late for that now isnt it ?? Unfortunately we have given the British media EXACTLY what they wanted, an excuse to barrack Leeds fans….. I have to admit my initial reaction was seething…..and all my anger was directed at that idiot and his buddies for bringing my club into disrepute !!!
      black balaclavas, back of a van and lots of broken bones was my favoured form of reward for these idiots………..ive since calmed down and just feel depressed whenever I think about Leeds United.
      Yes first poster is right this could have done our club unbeleivable damage and TBH Dave Jones idiotic comments dont help !

      • TimPM

        What I don’t get is why apart from a half-arsed BBC docu and David Conn, the media have never thought of looking at Ken Bates and the fantastical coincidences surrounding his time here.
        But I’m sure they’re too busy hacking minor celebs’ phones. They’ve got the right priorities, these people!

      • Cdn_Leeds

        I don’t think it is ever too late! The only thing ever too late is to have never tried!
        Leeds will continue to be here for many more years and out of the depths we cry to you to forgive our past for our future is bright!
        It is never to late to start!

      • Chareose

        I agree but by too late i meant the damage has been done……The FA will be looking at punishing the football club and because its Leeds United you can double what a normal club would get hit with…….
        Unlike TSS I do beleive there has been a natural antipathy amongst the footballing elite to all things Leeds and this stemmed from the 70s
        Pillocks like that idiot last night just give the anti-leeds brigade more ammunition

  10. Busted Fingers

    Lets hope for the sake of Leeds United as a club and for all genuine fans this idiot is made an example of, but surely the football authorities and police have to look at how effective football banning orders are as the person that has been highlighted as the culprit is actually under such an order which he has breached on at least three seperate occasions before last night. I think an upheaval of the system as a whole and some jail time for the lad are both needed.

    • Neil Bell

      Agree. And might have been useful if membership cards had been checked at the turnstiles. You can’t stop society breeding morons, but you can police and exclude them more effectively.

    • Irving08

      What do you mean ‘made an example of’ ? And how would you justify ‘making an example’ as a principle of punishment ?

  11. Chubbs

    Personally I hope they throw the book at this tool. He is not representative of me or the club I love. As has been previously stated, only a very small group were involved in the incident and it is unfair to brand us all as hooligans. The person that pushed Kirkland isn’t even from Leeds, he’s from Gloucestershire, and for some reason has attached himself to our club. He needs some jail time, and hopefully, by the time he gets out he’ll have an arse like a clowns pocket so he won’t be able to spend 90mins at a football match without crapping himself!

  12. Armchair Experience

    Trashing the stadium too, is that ok these days?
    These thugs – and let’s not kid ourselves it’s only one or two – have attitudes straight out of the 80s and won’t listen to reason (seen the scratching shed trying on Twitter today to no effect). They think generating a very real threat of violence helps the team in some way and they seem to take the ‘proud dirty Leeds scum’ thing as a tradition & a challenge to live up to.
    As for the Galatasaray chants, if Liverpool & Man Utd fans can take stupid chants aimed at their respective tragedies without exploding into violence, why can’t we? Is anyone in the regular away fans telling people to calm the f**k down?

    • TSS

      There’s people I see at every game who are never involved – the regular, die-hard contingent. It’s only the odd game where these chavs turn up, generally the ones you’d expect with higher allocations because tickets are easier to get hold of.

      If you go to away games regularly there’s a lot of familiar faces after a while. Last night there seemed to be quite a lot of drunken once-a-season yobs who I suspect had little interest in the football and were hoping it all kicked off.

      To answer your question – some fans do. But there aren’t many people out there who are going to stand up to 100 drunken idiots,

      • Irving08

        I am inclined to agree with your observation TSS about the people most involved on Friday (albeit not with your using the wrd ‘chav)’. It chimes with my own impressions on behaviour towards the back of the Kop when there is a big match on. However their conduct – verbal at any rate – is not qualitatively different from much of what can be heard at any match from many Kop regulars. That is one reason why they feel at home there. It seems that for many people being abusive and using foul language is all part of the adrenalin rush they get from being part of a football crowd. Is it going too far to say that verbal agression now occupies the position once filled by physical agression ?

  13. HairyArse

    I agree entirely and was disappointed to hear Gary Cooper on Radio Leeds saying the fans were incited and that the Wednesdays fans were partly to blame. There’s no justification for what happened.

    I was also angry at those fans who celebrated the mindless idiot’s return into the stands like a hero.

  14. Joe Richardson

    I’d love to talk about football, but doesn’t look like I’m going to get that.
    This clown ruined the night, everything I could say about the particular incident has already been said.
    Would you want to invest in a club like that?
    I would like to point out though, that the wednesday right back (llera I think, the tool with the helmet on) gave both michael brown and becchio similar slaps across the face in the first half… Allowed because assault is okay within the context of the game? Thought that guy’s actions would be overshadowed, just like becchio’s handball.
    I’m not saying its on the same level as the unprovoked madness by one idiot, assaulting a football player to do nothing wrong, just a disgusting thing to do. But I wouldn’t like everything from the football game to be forgotten.

    The incident has also given us more time to be distracted from the low-quality performance we put on last night. No passing quality or attacking flare in midfield, no where near the quality of football we need to make the jump. Same story everytime I’ve watched leeds this year….. Just wondering how we’d look with a Howson or a Gradel or a Snodgrass in midfield… I’ve even been asking how we’d be with a Bradley Johnson or Adam Clayton in there.

    But anyway, let the circus continue, tar our already stained name and roll on a season of more controversy than success.

    • grandad

      Interesting that you chose to ignore browns karate kick on O’Grady. Or maybe you missed it – like the referee did…

  15. Joe

    Seems to be the first time since july our main focus has been over something on the pitch.

  16. Downunder

    This even made the front page of my local newspaper in Australia. The incident sadly reflects on LUFC as a club which is very unfortunate. We are all passionate about our club but this idiots actions do us no good at all.

  17. Emsley

    Oh you morale high ground muppets give it a rest.
    Away support is hardcore get over your selfs, and if you are flapping your arms about because of children simply don’t take them to away games, fuck off to the family stand and let the real fans have their fun. If it were up to a lot of leeds fans we would just sit there and occasionally say “we’re leeds united, we are very nice and we dont sing too loud, because we are polite fans.” Just piss off. You wouldn’t know excitement if it jumped up and bit you in the ass. Not one of you has any balls. none of you. Go on have a go.

    • Leeds1919

      Emsley, you total prat, just piss off and play with your little mates, that’s if you have any!!

    • TSS

      Hardcore? Behave yourself, I go to almost every away game and the mindless chavs that turned up last night aren’t there usually. The people who turn up every week don’t want the idiots that were there last night at games, no one does – not the club, not the manager, not the players and certainly not the fans. Grow up.

    • djedjedje

      Sorry, you had me laughing at you as early as “morale high ground” [I’m sure Warnock warns the team about getting stuck there]

    • Chareose

      your idea of “Excitement” is destroying my football club!!!
      Your representitive of the Chav end of society that still has close links to Neanderthal man…..and having your hands drag on the floor must be incredibly frustrating….to the point where its no longer about watching football or supporting your team, its about singing disgusting songs or kicking the crap out of people ????
      Sorry but if anyone deserves violence done to them its mindless tossers like you lot ! And yes if i had been close to that idiot last night hed have known about it…..

  18. Simbad

    Once again the club I love is pulled into the mire by the actions of the animals who crave attention. Well don’t worry I’m sure Big Larry from E Wing is more than willing to put you on his pedestal.

    I’m fed up with the old tripe from the club and supporters that we are a ‘big club’ because of the amount of seats we can potentially fill!. If we are as we claim then why are we allowing the tail to wag the dog?, week in week out the same nonsense chants from the same sadistic titheads. None of you doing any of these things makes you any more of a fan, infact it makes you the real enemy of Leeds United!, Mr Bates in his finest moments can’t destroy a club as well as the so called ‘Proper Fans in’t Kop’ . Now I’m not trying to poke the blame at just one end of ER because it is a culture grown on how ‘Ard we wor in’t seventehs’ and how the new crew have got to make themselves a name.

    I would love for us as fans to turn this on its head and say that we as a modern football club welcome proper change and would be willing to eradicate all forms of this, as well as educate the next generation that going to watch football is not a chance to vent your own hatreds whilst hiding behind your equally servile and stupid friend.

    My Boy will turn 4 next year and as has been planned since conception will be joining the ranks of decent and disciplined fans. To take him to a match free of questionable moral standards and being able to scream ourselves hoarse cheering on our team without having to explain that ‘evolution didn’t happen for us all!’ when the sub culture start spouting poison would be great.
    As a business, surely having one mal-adjusted anti-social twonk in the stands is not paying as much or filling the seats as the whole family his behaviour is keeping away from ER, Lets try to take Football back for the people who actually want to watch it, If the takeover does happen then we have a level playing field for once to grasp success, getting to the promised land would be all the sweeter if we did it with a clean conscience!. MoT(with real fans)

    • Irving08

      Excellent post. Let’s kick out the foul language, which is now far worse than it was in the so-called ‘dark days’.

  19. Chareose

    Prison time isnt enough for this guy, he probably wouldnt mind it anyway…….. Leeds fans everywhere need to make a point here but im not sure how…..other than shunning him and his friends…..

  20. djedjedje

    …on a (slightly) more positive note: mixed fortunes for our two lads at Bury so far this afternoon. Poleon’s just scored their equalizer, but only after Zac Thompson was sent off with a straight red with 25 minutes gone.

  21. Colin

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but that match should never have been played at 7.45pm. There was always going to be some who “made a day of it” and started drinking early in the day. That was alcohol fuelled behaviour (on both sides). I doubt it would have happened at a 12.45 or 3pm Kickoff.

  22. henrymouni

    What a mess.
    Leeds will get the attention as the press and FA try to perpetuate the illusion that the fan violence problem is a thing of the past.
    The truth is that the ‘improvement’ has been brought about by containment, and segregation.
    The away fans are held back until the home fans get clear of the ground.
    ‘Troublemakers’ are identified and banned. (Not 100% successful).
    Away fans have a strong stewarding and police presence.
    Particularly at derby games. This was lacking at Hillsborough.
    You have to plan for trouble, and discourage it.
    Society is EXACTLY the same mix of good , bad and indifferent.
    Football decided to keep them away from grounds, and then claimed that violence was a thing of the past,
    This is the question – how responsible are clubs for the citizens of the UK?
    Questions will be asked as to how this persistent offender got into the ground?
    There was a man in Cardiff who, yesterday, drove around the city knocking people down.
    He killed a mother of 3 children, and amongst others, injured 7 other children.
    If he had gone to watch Cardiff City instead, and had run onto the pitch to attack the players, who would be at fault?
    As things stand just now it would be Cardiff City FC.
    This is a crux of the matter.
    We all feel bad and ashamed about something that is not our fault.
    Leeds feel bad because they will be blamed and fined for unruly
    ‘Leeds United’ supporters, over whom they have little or no control.
    If supporters are determined to cause trouble they will.
    Either you accept the World as it is, or you look at the World as you would like it to be.
    The World ‘as you would like to be’ will NEVER be.
    This is a World of hypocrisy and blame.
    If a regular Tesco shopper goes berserk and attacks Tesco staff, you don’t blame Tesco – you blame the berserk shopper.

  23. Craig

    I was at the match sitting amongst the Wednesday supporters. I’ve been a Leeds supporter since 1970 but I can honestly say that I spent the last part of the match wondering if I’d bother going to see Leeds play ever again. I was sickened by the chanting, the attempts to throw missiles into the home stands and the attack on Kirkland.

    Just as sadly, since I’m looking to move to Sheffield, I have been in the city all day today and it is the only thing people are talking about. I’m ashamed to call myself a fan of Leeds United and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over it.

    • djedjedje

      I’ve lived in Sheffield for years and the name of Leeds United has never gone down well – an old bad name takes a long time to die, but refreshed anew in an instant. I’ve been spat at and jostled watching Leeds in pubs far too many times. Which is bizarre, and whilst some may say it is sacrilegious to say so but having lived in both Sheffield and Leeds, the people who live in Sheffield are considerably nicer and more reasonable to get along with than those from Leeds (or Manchester, York, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby… for that matter). It doesn’t change your team affiliation to say so, just at times you have to open your eyes to what can be some pretty serious disturbing social scenarios existent in West Yorkshire.

  24. DrD

    Bates is not wrong when he says we have our morons. The same guys that would make monkey noises in the 80, sing about saville today, cheer on the hooligan or patted him on the back yesterday, will be singing ‘we slap who we want we’re leeds united….’ all clubs have them, we have our share and with 5 pints inside me I hope I would not join in, it is not funny. It is shameful! but the moron who invaded the pitch to shove a goalie – that’s a disgrace and a criminal action… he has tarnished all of us (so expect a ban of some sort, hopefully not a point deduction), it is a shame no one grabbed him yesterday. Why? Let’s write to Kirkland to apologise!

    • henrymouni

      Why do we have to apologise DrD?
      I don’t even know the pillock.
      Neither we nor Leeds United are responsible.
      His parents can apologise.
      If anyone can be held responsible it would be them.

      • DrD

        Valid point. Just feel angry that a so called Leeds fan was involved.

  25. Matthew

    No excuse for that shit last night. Police should of tazered the fucker as soon as he entered the pitch and dragged him off in handcuffs, he shouldn’t of been allowed back into the stands.
    On another subject of that game, a lot of Wednesday fans seem to forget the way a lot of their fans were acting with their chants and general douchebaggery. Not everyone but enough. The chants and shit like that, both sets of supporters were to blame there.
    Now all this event has caused is keyboard warriors from various clubs posting random shit hating on us on their forums and banning anyone that tries to reason with them. Stupid really.
    Hopefully the fucker gets arrested and charged for assaulting Kirkland, and we not get docked any points. Btw on that subject we’re even with our performance last season, under Grayson we had 5 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses at this point lol

    • TimPM

      Saw something about that a week or two ago… Goal difference and points at this point almost identical 3 years running?

      • Matthew

        Weird that isn’t it? We’re pretty much doing as well as we did last season at this point dude.
        Oh, and looks like 3 Sheffield Wednesday fans voted me down. Pity none had the courage to comment, would of liked to of known why they were butthurt enough to do that and not comment but oh well.

      • Owl you need is love

        I’m a Wednesday fan & happy to reply

        Agree with your comments about the tool that assualted Kirkland, and that both sets of fans were chanting things that have made me think twice about taking my youngster near any football ground never mind Hillsborough.

        Living in Leeds I know plenty of genuine Leeds United Supporters, who are there purely to watch and enjoy a Saturday afternoon, with friends watching a game they love and a team they live for, so I don’t feel that this ASBO collector is representative of your club.
        Every club has its element of wankers who will use anything to goad and rile the opposing fans, from our side there were Galatasaray chants, from you there were Dave Jones/Jimmy Saville chants. No set of fans covered themselves in glory on Friday night lets be honest here, but at the same time, chanting is not a reason for any action taken whether thats in house or after match violence. Whatever happened to ‘sticks & stones….’?

        Whoever he manages and wherever they play Colin and Paddy will always take abuse from Wednesday fans, some of it good natured and some not (though Kennys ‘Moon’ response was spot on and raised a good laugh) through their association with our city rivals and they generally rise above it.

        Its a shame we’re not talking more about what ended up being a half decent derby match with the usual inappropriate tackles, a few cheeky digs and shoddy referreeing that we all love complaning about but at least Wednesday & Leeds can agree on one thing and that little ballbags like the Gloucester Gimp or other such fucktards do nothing but bring down club reputation and in the end risk FA sanctions including points (I still don’t think clubs should be held responsible for their fans but thats the FA for you!).

  26. Andrew Crofts

    There must be people who help him attend games. These people need to be identified and punished. Also, the club needs to be punished to create the peer pressure to stop things like this happening.

  27. Hootie

    I’m a Wednesdayite, I sit in the North Stand, I deplore the actions of mindless moron’s. I don’t mind a bit of banter, as long as it’s good hummoured. I have family from Wakefield who are season ticket holders at Elland Road, I also have work colleague’s who are Leeds supporters, I feel for them at this time, it’s not nice see-ing the good name of your club being dragged through the mud. Leeds have endured it ever since the Revie years, we have endured it since the Hillsborough disaster, with calls for our stadium to be ripped up from certain sections. Bact to fridays game, a good contest was ruined for me, not only by the idiot who attacked our keeper, and the only way to stop this type of thuggery is to set an example, he should be sent down for 5 years, anyone at any stadium that steps onto the playing area should be sent down too. The mindless thugs who kicked the advertising hoarding and sent it crashing down onto their own supporters should be locked up too, it’s the only way to stop hooliganism. I deplore the actions of my fellow Wednesdayites who sang songs about Istanbul, at the time I couldn’t hear what they were singing but I knew from the re-action of the Leeds supporters that it wasn’t good. I fear the actions of a few morons from both sides will sour relationships between 2 great clubs. UTO

  28. Si From London

    I think we need the Club to put an official statement in all national newspapers from the club (not a statement on the website) deploring the mindless actions of the supporter, what action they intend taking for this (and any futuure instances) and also that the tasteless actions of supporters in chanting degrading things about the other manager is deplorable in football and totally unwarrented and is a disease that must be dealt with by all clubs (not just by Leeds).This is why I won’t take my kids to a football game!
    Im gonna be slated in the office on Mon by my colleagues
    Come on Leeds United FC lets show the way….

  29. mickerick

    The club needs to work with the police and use cctv footage at home and away games and isolate the people who ruin the good name of a great club, lets not just hang our heads in shame lets lead and show the world we mean business i implore the authorities at LUFC lets form an alliance with west yorkshire police and name, shame and ban these mindless idiots, and to this brainless moron who ran on to the pitch and pushed Kirtland i hope you get 5 years minimum and are looking forward to meeting some nice boyfriends where you are going.

    • bigjacksblackbook

      Form an alliance with west yorkshire police? The same w.y.p. Bates recently took to court over costs of putting extra cops out to deal with these idiots outside the ground? Sweet irony..

  30. Paul Longden

    I completely agree with every comment here TSS, although, maybe the title should have read ‘We Are Leeds, We Are ALL Scum’.

    I am Leeds born and raised, season ticket holder and have been living in Portsmouth for near 12 years (yes i travel to all home and most away, assuming i get off work midweek).

    I have just got back from the Co-Op with my Sunday chicken. On the way to the Co-Op i was stopped in the street by a group of 3 lads (maybe 19-20) calling me scum for wearing my Leeds training top. This is a place i have been wearing my shirts and colours for 12 years with only banter. Luckily this time it didn’t turn violent, i just put my earphones in and carried on walking, but it could so easily have done.
    I know we (Leeds fans) can be a nightmare in the crowd, home and away, and i dont condone the behaviour of this ‘fan’, but some of the blame needs to be put on the poor stewarding of the game. No attempt was made to stop fans entering the pitch, and the police presence took far to long to be deployed when the Turkish chants began and fans started getting agitated. I hope the FA does fine us for our fan’s action, not because i want a fine, but because it sets a precedence to other clubs.
    I would also like the FA to investigate the stewardship of clubs in general. How many stadiums do we visit (and I’m sure its the same for other clubs) and we get taunted by sick jibes about Turks. Fans do get agitated and lash out, but this is a personal attack. We can live with Jibes about Jimmy Saville, heck we give it out to the Marlon Kings, Darren Fergusons and Graeme Le Saux’s of the world. But to attack a club on the tragic events such as Galatasaray, is wrong. In the same way I think its sick that our fans sing about Munich.

    Rant Over, MOT

  31. steve

    iam a turnstile operator for swfc and was working friday on leeds end and was very impressed with the frendlyness and good manners of your fans ,had laugh and joke with nearly all,surprised how many women and familys follow you away,so was very surprised at what went on later,i was working on the upper so can only comment on the people i met .so disagree with all the majority comments as the majority where good well mannerd fans.hope you manage to kick the idiots out.

  32. blondleeds

    why should the happy slapper be sent to jail for 5 years as people are suggesting . would you like 5 years in jail for pushing someone . you all should visit your local nick for a night never mind 5 years.

  33. michael horspool

    agree the idiot needs to be locked up and throw the key away, but it does annoy me how english and leeds fans are made to be the worst, how about the rasicim abroad and the turkish stabbings. the idiot was a disgrace but he didnt stab or kill anyone lets not take things out of proportion. also think dave jones and kirkland were a disgrace. What dave jones called all leeds fans was unacceptable and he had a go at warnock, it was one fan not all of us. he mentioned the chanting what about the sheffield wednesday fans chants of Warnocks a w+++er and the turkish chants (which are far worse two men died have some respect wednesday) dave jones should be banned. also Kirkland was a disgrace, i play in goal on sunday league and a few weeks back shattered my elbow and broke my humerous in a collison. i didnt roll around or get treatment i just walked off the pitch, watched the rest of the game and then drove home with one arm. i will never play football again as the injury means i can not bend or flex my elbow joint again and have resticted movement in my arm and kirklands over reaction to a push insulted me i would swap his ‘injury and incdent’ for mine anyday. he played the rest of the game, i will never play again. again professionals and the media need to put things in context, however still lock the idiot up, i’m not sticking up for him just saying dave jones and kirkland need to look at themselves as well

    • Matthew

      >but it does annoy me how english and leeds fans are made to be the worst
      Probably something to do with large groups of people going to games to cause shit, violence and generally make dicks out of themselves. I don’t see the point of it personally but these people are apparently well ard(Lol).
      Ironic how Millwall have a song about no one liking them, but truth being. No one likes us either. More people hate us than they do Millwall, and judging by some of the forum reactions, I didn’t see many if any Millwall fans slating us, where as I saw Manchester City fans going crazy, spitting their dummies out being all keyboard warrior like with their Leeds bashing. I had to laugh at this as they were just a little club prior to their billionare owner buying them and investing. How they can call us a small club and say how much they hate us is hilarious, considering its been ages since we’ve played them, and most of them aren’t old enough/been following them enough to know the history.
      This surprised me if anything. I can understand the hate from other fans in the Championship but Manchester City fans? Random much lmao
      Gosh. Seriously. The level of hate I’m seeing on forums for us lol. It’s like the name Leeds United brings thosands of keyboard warriors to an uncontrollable frothing at the mouth Hulk Rage. Funny shit but also very sad.

  34. Freddie Chavez

    I have followed Leeds ever since Norman Hunter visited my Junior School in the 70’s. To my mind Leeds fans are in the majority, good natured, sporting and appreciative of good players whichever club they represent. But. There is an element of the fan base who are dim witted, small minded and have a tendency to be what I call “fair weather” supporters. You never hear from them when things are tough but you can’t shut them up when a few victories have been strung together. On my visits to Elland Road I despair at some of the barely literate utterings of some of my fellow fans. I just hope this idiot is dealt with by the courts and Leeds as a club are not dealt with too harshly by the footballing authorities. With Neil Warnock at the helm there is a great chance to get this fantastic club back to the Premiership and I hope that all decent fans start showing support as the takeover without an end rumbles on.

  35. Grandad

    I’m a Wednesday fan, and I sit on the Kop.

    I have to be honest, aside from the odd ‘Marching on Together’ I couldn’t hear any chanting from the Leeds ‘fans’ from where I was sat – so I missed the ones about Jimmy Saville and Dave Jones. Likewise, I couldn’t hear the Wednesday ‘fans’ chanting about Turkey either.

    What I did notice was the Leeds fans who charged to the North/West bottom corner halfway through the 2nd half (presumably reacting to the chants) and then chairs and bottles being thrown at the fans in the North. I also noticed some getting thrown back.

    Ive seen a lot of criticism of the stewarding. The fact is the stewards are there for safety, and ensuring fans are in seats. They arent there to get into running battles with mindless yobs. I saw stewards clearly injured as they walked down to the gap between the North and the Kop clearly bleeding from head injuries. This was all before the goal.

    Some of you seem to be under the misapprehension that only one fan breached the perimeter wall when the goal was scored.. Thats complete rubbish, numerous fans made it over the wall and if you watch the video again you will see. If I was a steward – I wouldn’t have stopped anyone either given the physical assaults on the other stewards I had already witnessed.

    Dave Jones has already apologised for tarring all Leeds fans with one brush. However – given the disgusting chants he had to endure – from what I understand was a majority and certainly very clearly discernible from the South Stand – I don’t think he should have. Ive not heard Warnock yet retract his claim that only one fan behaved badly on the night.

    I’m appalled that there are some idiots who appear to be claiming Kirkland over reacted. Have you watched the video? Have you seen how much force was behind that push to his chin, and how far his head went back. It could quite easily have had a whiplash effect. He wasnt expecting it and therefore its nothing like going up for a challenge in a game as your body is tense in that situation.

    There was many more than one person who should be ashamed for their actions on Friday night – on both sides. I’m disgusted our fans should sing about Turkey. I think anyone from Leeds who isn’t disgusted at the actions of ‘more than one person’ on Friday is denying reality.

    • henrymouni

      I agree with you Grandad, that a group of fans came onto the edge of the pitch.
      The idiot ran on unchallenged and started dancing about and yet no one tried to stop him. Then he moved on the goalkeeper and assaulted him, still unchallenged.
      Then he danced back into the stands still unchallenged.
      The stewards are there to keep order, and should have been prepared for trouble.
      The line of stewards is to keep people off the pitch.
      The idiot will be part of a gang of thugs, and the Leeds fans are as scared of them as everybody else!
      As you know the idiot is already banned from all matches, as are probably many of his ‘friends’.
      How he/they got in is a big question.
      Football has tried with some success to keep these trouble makers away from matches, and leave them to cause trouble elsewhere.
      This gives the illusion that fans are better behaved than before – not so.
      The high prices keep a lot of them away too.
      The nasty chanting and bad language has been going on since the sixties and before.
      Fans, some who are really nice people, get rid of all the tensions of the week at the game.
      The referee & linesmen get most! Quite right too! LOL
      If you watch the games on Sky, you see the abuse by fans and players, and the bad language abounds.
      Indeed, in other games this week we have had claims of racism by other players, and fans chanting nasty/tasteless things at each other.
      The solution is clear.
      1. Society will never change – it has been like this for thousands of years.
      2 . Offending’ fans’ must be banned for life, with photo i.d’s issued by the club.
      3. Offenders, like ‘the idiot’ must be jailed for assault.
      4. Turnstile operators must be assisted by people from the away club, to spot and turn away all fans banned.
      5. In this case Leeds must find out how ‘the idiot’, and his vile friends got tickets.
      Whoever helped them should be banned for life.
      These scumbags went to the match with one thing in mind.

      Twas ever thus!

      • Grandad

        There is a debate on Owlstalk currently being led by a former SWFC steward – and I think this paragraph is telling “Stewards are not trained to deal with violent crowd disturbances; in all my time as a steward this issue was never addressed. The basic function of stewards is crowd safety, searching fans and showing them to their seats. You never received training in crowd control. I’ll repeat that again you never receive training in crowd control.”

      • Grandad

        Sorry – this is also quite important…

        Stewards Duties, Rights and Responsibilities:
        To ensure that the requirements of the safety certificate and ground regulations are met at all times.
        To be responsible for the safety and comfort of spectators within a designated area at all times, and this is a primary duty.
        Assist in identifying those individuals who are banned from the stadium or those who do not have a ticket or posses a forged ticket.
        Assist in dealing with breaches of ground regulations, such as supporters standing continuously.
        Carry out ejections for breaches of ground regulations, such as for those carrying weapons.
        Prevent entry to the stadium of those supporters who have been banned, those in breach of ground regulations or those in breach of specific legislation.
        Selectively search spectators in accordance with club policies who are suspected of possessing or trying to bring in to the stadium any prohibited items.
        Ensure gangways and exit/evacuation routes are kept clear.
        Assist in any evacuation of the stadium and are fully aware of the procedure
        Ensure they have knowledge of first aid rooms, safety equipment such as fire extinguishers.
        Be fully conversant with any methods or signals used to alert staff that an emergency has arisen.
        Be able to identify safety hazards and suspect packages.
        Identify and investigate any incidents, reporting the findings to the supervisor.

      • TimPM

        Meanwhile at a time when police are suffering massive cuts in funding, and look like clubs will stop contributing to their matchday expenses, how can we expect them to line up in their dozens in riot gear for every derby when there’s serious crime to be stopped/fixed?
        People need to grow up. They won’t. Solution? There is none.


      • grandad

        That is a good point (and when clubs like Leeds take them to court to reduce the expenses it doesnt help ;-) )…

        However – the stewards on duty at Hillsborough earn £21 a game. The club pay the Police (in riot gear and full training on crowd control) £30 an hour on a match days – and they were nowhere to be seen until AFTER the trouble had been going on for 20 minutes – and the lad had attacked the keeper

      • number1inyorkshire

        they are not there to have pitch battles with supporters thats fine and at leeds united we have the orange coat stewards and the purple coat/bib security ,that said
        rule number 1 in your list is i guess keep people of the playing surface ..
        this was entirely the leeds fans fault the pitch incident however he clearly states that he had been drinking heavily too ,that was his defence so why was he let in in the 1st place because thats part of the rules too .
        this game should have been played early to avoid this although with pubs opening early to accommodate fans there was never a good time .
        there is a culture of this in football and anyone who thinks its getting better are wide of the mark

  36. number1inyorkshire

    4 months in prison not long enough but ehh but people do a lot worse than shove someone in the face and get nowt

  37. grandad

    Warnock states “well 1 idiot let us down”… 85 seats, 4 urinals, 1 kiosk shutter as well as ripping the advertising boards down, throwing bottles and seats and trying to run a fan over outside after the game… That Aaron Cawley really was busy wasn’t he?

  38. Jim

    The sad reality is….this idiot was applauded by many Leeds fans behind the goal. All wrapped up by some misguided notion the idiot was doing a good days work on behalf of Leeds Utd! Zero tolerance is the only way forward otherwise mob mentality rules….every Leeds fan on the pitch should be fined the £2k that is supposed to be levied towards this type of behaviour.

  39. Mark Moorhouse

    only one team in leeds and u only get 19k fanbase avg sheffield blows you with more than 2 times as many,43k sheffield avg and one teams in league1 to say theres only one team in leeds the fanbase is very poor

    • henrymouni

      Many Leeds fans have withdrawn their support until the owners (and the team) get their finger out and stop lying and to the supporters – we have had 8 years of it.
      Our expectations and needs have not been met.
      If you are satisfied with the rubbish served up at Hillsborough, then you have yet to wake up.
      Don’t call stupidity, loyalty, as you feed the lack of ambition.

  40. Mark Moorhouse

    leeds fans are just scum football is a place to take the kids and family,we have trouble in the steel city,sheffield but apart from fighting on the pich agaist palace 3 years ago,now trouble at hillsborough takes place outside in pubs city center ect,not around kids mum,dad ect,know what i mean,very poor leeds

    • henrymouni

      So your thugs frighten people in the City centre instead? Very civilised!!


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