GFH Capital’s Deputy CEO, David Haigh, will become the Chairman of Leeds United Football Club should the company successfully complete their long-awaited takeover.

The news comes via a statement from the Leeds United Supporters’ Trust (LUST) who have spoken with representatives of GFH Capital.

LUST contacted GFH seeking clarification on a range of concerns raised by certain members of the press, most notably, Duncan Castles of Middle Eastern newspaper The National.

While LUST failed to get any clarification on GFH’s financial capabilities, the would-be owners insisted they have the funds to make a success of Leeds United Football Club and have no intentions to “flip” (quickly buy and sell) the business for a profit.

GFH also understand that low attendances are a result of supporter dissatisfaction and that bringing the crowds back is a priority. They also wished to make clear that repurchasing Elland Road is considered to be “key aim”.

The timescale for completion of the takeover remains as inconspicuous as ever, but GFH have reiterated their earlier statement that the companies lawyers are not holding up the deal, contrary to the claims of Ken Bates. They also repeated that the takeover is a full purchase of the club and that Ken Bates won’t remain on in any capacity.

For their part, LUST say they’re mostly satisfied with the assurances they’ve received, though they do hasten to add that our potential new owners will be judged by their actions, not their words, and that clarification on GFH’s financial position remains a concern.