As you may have noticed, The Scratching Shed has undergone a bit of a redesign today.

The changes were a direct response to problems some users had reported in trying to access the site from their mobile device.

Visitors – particularly those using iPhones – had reported a ‘shaking’ effect when trying to read articles, which seems to have been caused by certain page elements resizing themselves continuously.

The new format should detect the device you’re using to access the site, automatically resizing itself for increased speed and compatibility.

We’re aware that the percentage of people using mobile devices to browse the internet is rising month-on-month and always try to improve compatibility where possible. If you experience any further problems, please let us know.


    That’s far better TSS. I don’t get seasick trying to read the post now!!

  • Dacourt

    looks great boys, especially like the home page. Good work

  • Craig Sweaton

    Much better so far :-)

  • Fierywhitecelt

    Yeah great job! Wish our club was as well run lol!

  • sparkx

    page still constantly trying to update itself though (the data download icon is like a catherine wheel!). no jumping around anymore! :D

    • TSS

      What device you using?

      • EYLEEDS

        Mine too (iPhone 3GS). It’s not jumping around anymore though.

        • TSS

          Any idea what it’s trying to load? I have an iPhone, but it’s the 4S so can’t test (it doesn’t do it on that).

          • EYLEEDS

            Nope. The data wheel symbol just keeps spinning. Is it trying to auto refresh the comments?

          • TimPM

            Blind guess do you have anything like javascript disabled?


          • Matthew

            That usually stops anything Java related from appearing so likely so.

          • EYLEEDS

            Interestingly I tried the site on google browser app instead of safari and it didn’t do it. Must be something to do with safari and disqus trying to communicate.

          • TSS

            Could be. We’re using Disqus, so see if it does it on this –

          • EYLEEDS

            Yeah, does the same thing on that blog too. Not sure about the JavaScript suggestion from TimPM.

          • TSS

            It’s just Disqus checking for new comments then. Nothing to worry about, you’ll find every site that uses a live or semi-live comment system will do the same thing.

      • sparkx

        yep iPhone 3GS. I’d always assumed it was constantly checking for comment updates as content seems to be ‘fully loaded’!

  • Tare

    Nokia is my second name but still..

  • Matthew

    Nice new site design, thought for a moment I had typed the address wrong and some funky site poped up, as the first thing that struck me was that big picture with a phone on some sand.
    Noticed in general the site doesn’t feel sluggish anymore, my computers pretty decent and always did seem kinda slow on this site. Works fine on Android phones too.

  • Mick Geraghty

    What a shambles. Do not renew your membership for coming season and boycott all future games this season because Leeds haven’t got FOOTBALL CLUB ANYMORE. Assemble outside at games and show your hate for the people in charge. Wankers in words IS MY DISCRIPTION!!!!!!!!