The Leeds United Disabled Organization and Leeds United Supporters Trust have released a joint statement rubbishing Leeds’ chairman’s latest unprofessional rant, this time via the Everton programme notes. Among several references and attacks on the Supporters Trust, Bates wrote:

Apparently the latest target of LUST is Leeds United’s Disabled Organisation (LUDO) who are being described as “Bates lovers”. I am told that LUDO have tried to contact Mr Cooper but so far he hasn’t returned their calls.

However, the two supporters groups felt obliged to correct the record:

This morning Gary spoke to LUDO chair person Stuart Ramm, and while acknowledging that Mr Bates will have believed that what he was writing was true, Stuart was happy to confirm the comments were not correct. Stuart said that some of LUDO’s members have been given misleading information about the Trust, and that unknown persons seem intent on causing mischief between the two organisations.

Stuart continued, “I accept there is no truth to the misleading allegations made to some of my members, by persons unknown.”

Stuart also emphasised that LUDO, LUST, and all Leeds fans, “want the same thing – the best for the future of Leeds United.”

Mr Bates was able to find some space in his notes to update fans on genuine matters relating to the football club, however, updating that:

The latest [investment rumour] relates to The National, a newspaper based in Dubai, which stated that one of the current consortium has pulled out and is now negotiating on his own. Total rubbish of course!

One has to question why Mr Bates is so obsessed with the Leeds United Supporters Trust. He has now acted very aggressively toward the group twice in one week using both Yorkshire Radio and his programme notes – the same media, interestingly, that was used to harass former Leeds director Melvyn Levi, which eventually cost the club millions of pounds in legal fees; a saga that Levi hinted might not yet be over in the aftermath. Levi also questioned whether Bates was a “fit and proper” person to be running a football club. We believe that the rules have been tightened since Mr Bates joined the Leeds board.

Are Ken Bates’ actions appropriate for his role as chairman of a multi million pound company? Mr Bates accused the Supporters Trust of damaging the club’s reputation last weekend, and while his recent behaviour might amuse him, it seems like he is doing far more damage to the club’s reputation than any supporters group ever could.

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  1. JonnyBee

    The sooner this small minded, evil little sh#t of a man kicks the bucket the better. I’d say the sooner he’s out of our wonderful club the better, but being an altruistic soul, for the good of the human race, or at least anyone whos lives are likely to be affected by Master Bates in any way, he is better off dead. Or at least in solitary confinement. ASAP.
    I’m sure he’s committed enough crime by way of tax evasion to warrant a prison sentence, and what a fitting way that would be for him to spend the rest of his years, locked away unable to touch his millions of pounds he has fleeced from good honest Leeds fans during his diabolical stint as our ‘owner’.

    • TimPM

      For Mr Bates’ benefit we should highlight for him that this is the view of a commenter, and thus attribution of this comment to us would be inaccurate.
      He’s made this mistake in the recent past with L.U.S.T :-)


  2. Suzanne Bates

    I agree with everything JonnyBee has said and could add a lot more. His is a twisted, bitter old sod and the sooner he pegs it the better as I’ll get to inherit it all and spend every penny of it ensuring I never see a decent game of football again.. meaning it’s back to Chelsea for me.

  3. Sunnyleeds

    What I cannot understand is why Bates keeps calling anything stated by others about Leeds as rubbish when he has all the information which he choses to keep tight to his chest.

    The club is not Bates United, it is Leeds United. Chairmen, managers, players, supporters and staff come and go, but the club remains. So Bates should realise that though he is the current chairman, he has an obligation to communicate with all the club’s stakeholders. If he decides not to do this he has no right to stop others who have the club at heart from putting forward their views, and more importantly label anything that they say as rubbish.

    So there is just one way to go about it: communicate with those who worry so much about Leeds. It is never too late.

  4. Stuart Ramm Chairperson LUDO

    I think you will find that I have not rubbished what Mr Bates has said, only set the record straight. Both Mr Bates and Our organisation thought that LUST had been calling LUDO Bates loves as some of our members and myself included were stopped by fans and told this. I did try too contact Mr Cooper but he informed me this morning when he phone me at home that he did not recieve my e-mail. After speaking with Gary it became clear that he was telling the true and that LUST did not have anything too do with the comments being sent. I agree too set the record straight as I had all the information but stated that Mr Bates was sticking up for LUDO and I will not rubbish his comments when they were made in good faith.

    • David Wilson

      Fair enough but do you not think that Bates is using your organisation to attack LUST and once again attempting to divide the fans for his own interests. As LUST have commented we are all Leeds fans wanting the best for leeds. Call me cinical but if you look at the way Bates has behaved over the last 7 years I don’t believe that he cares about any supporters group or supporters in general.

      • Matthew

        Its almost as if Ken Bates thinks hes playing a football owners simulator, the fans don’t exist in his eyes unless they’re in his way, or stopping him from completing the goals he has set out that only he himself knows. Using the clubs money he invests in projects unrelated to the squad but bemoans the fact fans are keeping away because of everything he has done(Long list there), he has a detachment from the fanbase and the rest of reality which is almost inhuman.
        Ken Bates had he invested the clubs money in the squad in our first season back in the Championship would of seen promotion under Grayson, had money been speant at Christmas, we were in a position to seriously take 2nd place, but as no money was speant, it slipped away and we imploded. Odd really, the man failed to realise a few million would of yielded 80+ million from being promoted, it would of been a smart business move.
        Ken Bates is the biggest fool I have ever seen at Leeds United, an almost inhuman one. I would of had time for him had he invested something in the squad and made the effort to keep the players of quality, but he hasn’t.

      • Flippin-pop-it-bruva

        Maybe Ken didn’t want to get promoted as the maybe the premier league would have investigated if he was a fit chairmen and he knows not very deep down what the answer to that really is. In my opinion i think, this way he can ‘sell’ to himself again/or his mates with vested interests so he passes whatever test once he gets into the premier league as he is now not a majority shareholder. Who really knows what the premier leaugues fit and proper test actually involves [perhaps they make him do the bleep test or a 24 hour rant-a-thon] but from being told he is selling the club to people just investing in the club tells me he has got his eyes set on the wealth of the return of the premiership, however he is not willing to risk losing his status as chairmen by the premier league and is devising a very clever way of getting round it. By creating a web so complicated it would take a year for them to investigate it and he would sell the rest of his shares by the time of the hearing. In a way im gutted ive bought into the idea he ‘saved’ Leeds and for a few years i really thought that when he allegedly eradicated 30 odd million by changing the name of the club it was a touch of genius. But sadly us fans have been paying for this slight of hand for years. He has no friends left in football and the tax man/govenment hate him just as much as the fans now do. Can you imagine the other premiership elite chairmen welcoming ken with open arms and firm handshakes? The latest attacks on the fans continue to show he is not mad but very much in control of this situation. I look forward to an actual update from the chairman however i doubt it will come anytime soon and when it does ill know not a shred of it will be true.

      • Irving08

        Mathew, the short answer is that Bates has acted like a value investor (think uItlities), as opposed to a growth investor (think dotcoms or Ridsdale). This is the type of investment appropriate most advisers recomend for senior citizens. A successful football club requires a judicious mixture of value and growth in its invesment structure.

      • Michael Lazarou

        Bates will do anything to get the Leeds fans against each ather

  5. Michael Lazarou

    It’s seems this out burst by bates has backfired on him, I wonder what his next comments will be and his next program notes will be

  6. ALUFC

    We are beginning, under Warnock, to play fantastic football, given the means at his disposal, and we WILL one day be a Premier League side again as we all crave. I do, however, not think that supporting Leeds has become less enjoyable. You could not be more elated after the win against Everton, Man United or the promotion from League one even if we won the Premier League consecutively for the last 5 seasons as no team will, no doubt, ever do. Football is about passion and we have that.
    Bates would not be such a hated chairman if he decided to actually appreciate his fans. Warnock has respected us so far with a great appreciation but also a savvy understanding of what keeps the Mob on your side. Respect and… complimentary words. Bates- take notes!
    If you look at other cases such as Gerald Ratners slating of his own jewelers and the companies subsequent dive-bomb in response. We don’t have that ability to jump ship as we are tied to Leeds United through insatiable and unconditional love and unfortunately we are painfully feeling the grip a chairman has on a football club.
    Bates can call his own fans morons and still retain a decent following of his business. I think he will no doubt get off on this. Having heard numerous of his interviews i conclude he has less perception than my poor old chair-bound incontinent granddad. (Much thanks to his carers by the way. Mr Bates I am happy to give their number, not even you deserve to sit in your own shit though I am sure you a very used to it by now.)
    Long live Leeds United, Bates out!

  7. Canadian_Leeds

    It sounds like he is taking his final parting shots!

    Did you honestly think he would be leaving without saying a word or two and insulting anyone and everyone while patting himself on the back?

    He will miss the public forum his position has given him and I don’t doubt he will continue to irritate us with his comments even after he has left, especially when he takes credit for all our successes and blames everyone else for all our failures!

    Expect more of the same over the rest of his lifetime, I hope we can learn to ignore him like the French ignoring the privacy of Princess Kate! :)

  8. Grenville Hair

    the fact Bates is blustering every week about LUST just confirms how much the real supporters club has got under his skin. Keep up the good word Gary until this [add expletive here] is out of our club.


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