David Norris has been ruled out for four weeks, according to Phil Hay of the Yorkshire Evening Post.

Norris, one of several former Portsmouth players brought in by Neil Warnock this summer has started every league game so far this season. The midfielder also captained the side for the League Cup victory against Shrewsbury Town, a match in which he scored his first and only goal to date.

The news will be a blow to Neil Warnock who has raised concerns about the depth of his squad, and has already lost Paul Green for around two months following a knee injury sustained during Leeds’ opening day victory over Wolves.

It’s unclear as to whether Leeds United will enter the loan market for midfield cover. Much of that will depend on the finances available to Neil Warnock who recently struggled to secure a reported £5,000 a week for the signing of El Hadji Diouf.


  • leedsalltheway

    The heat is now on and with a tough game against cardiff looming we will find out the depth of the squad.
    I feel for Warnock who has seen every name linked go else where and with no support given to him what hope do we have this season.

    • Ash Thepash Black

      neil warnock is a genuine gent, tbh i didnt much care for him at the start, but i now eat my words as he with the resourses he has is working miracles, pls KEN BATES if your reading this, if you dont want to stay and invest, go away. you are 80 yrs old, you cant take your money with you, ash the pash

  • Matthew

    Generally speaking, this would mean we’d have to play players out of position. We’l probably get over run in the midfield by better teams so you’d be better off playing a more defensive side against tougher teams.
    Guessing Michael Brown we’l make a start, him and Austin in midfield, along with Diouf, should be interesting, if only we had Barton that’d be one tough midfield.
    Think we’l have 5 in midfield regardless, White to come back?

    • Matthew

      * will make a start
      Typo correction, regardless Bates needs to sell up and leave this club in the hands of people who want to invest.

    • Irving08

      Danny’s your man – the Danny we all know and love from Reading away.
      White or Byram for Varney is my guess too.

  • leeds72

    Ken the cancer bates out out out

  • Twiggster

    Time for Lenighan to prove his worth, like Byram has? He’s bigger and harder than Austin, from what I’ve seen.

    • mattbb2

      papering over the cracks

      • RC

        He means until they find someone id rather us use our young midfielders then get ones on loan like Livermore and Bannan when they was here? if that is classed as papering over the crack would you rather us set up with 10 men so our cracks are well and truly on show?

      • Matthew

        We have no choice whilst Bates is chairman. We’re like a big ol ship out at Sea that has just sprung a leak in the center, with going back for repairs not being an option, we have to stick a big old patch on it and hope for the best, and of course removing any water we take on.

    • mrbigwheels

      Appreciate your enthusiasm but that’s …” Batesesque ”, with repect and am thinking gaffa tape should become our sponser with that line of thought.

  • col

    Not to worry. We have the ‘emergancy loan market to look forward to!!

  • Lufc1979ish

    It’s ok we don’t need a squad. Apparently some little clubs knocked out some big clubs in the league cup without spending loads of cash so it’s possible to gain promotion with just 11 players by using this business model according to Kenneth. Don’t worry about who will play where, the old codger has it all worked out, he can always dip into the sign a Sunday league player window when it opens.

    • Love your cynicism, but it is very true 10 out of 10 for this comment!

  • If Warnock takes us to the premiership, which we all know will very difficult with the finance available to him, he should have a statue at ER. This MAN is working under the most awful conditions and with very little to spend and is doing a wonderful job. NW is THE mighty white these days!!

  • Bubionwhite

    Strange … on my team tracker I had already chosen a team for Cardiff without David Norris and playing a 4-5-1 formation
    Peltier – Lees – Pearce – Drury
    Diouf – Brown – McCormack – Austin – White
    Bench:- Ashdown – Kisnorbo – Byram – Norris(Thompson or Pugh) – Varney – Poleon – Gray
    I believe this team would be good enough to give Cardiff a game. However, the suad situation has to be improved even if it means bring back Rogers from his loan spell to give NW another option on the bench … you never know, he may even show us he’s a talented internation player.

    • Irving08

      He surely won’t play Brown and Diouf, will he ? Anyhow why play Brown when we have 500k of pure muscle – courtesy of SG – sitting on the bench ?.,

  • Railtrack

    Stop with the Bates out chanting actions speak louder than words it high time we all took action!

  • Tare

    Youngsters should be given chance ’cause; they are the future of the Whites. Every generation of successful LEEDS UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB has had some huge home grown talents coming through the ranks. From DR Band of Brothers, DOLs babies you name it… Tare

  • bd

    This is what happens when you buy a bunch of over 30 year olds ( injuries). Should have kept Clayton, but is impossible with a chairman like bates.
    If we dont go up this season Leeds will have a lot of old pensioners on their books.Just sell Bates so Warnock can get in some more players.

    • Bubionwhite

      Neil Warnock put him on the transfer list … not Bates, and before anyone suggests it, I am not a Bates supporter.

      • cloughwhites

        Why do you think Warnock put Clayton on the transfer list? Because tight fisted bates won’t loosen his purse strings

        • Bubionwhite

          Because he didn’t think he was good enough?

        • RC

          Warnock made it clear the he thought Clayton wasnt good enough if not he would have tried to keep him and put Pugh and Rodgers on the transfer list at the start so he could try keep Clayton.

    • mrbigwheels

      And what rot reference 30 year olds , imo,…… and Frank Lampard scores for England in 3.08. Clayton was anything but consistant. Whatever the progression of Leeds in the next eighteen months, I am confident the only way is up with the men we have on the pitch and the coaching team managing them. Bates needs to be ignored……. Isolated in fact……. We will still achieve.

    • RC

      Tbh Clayton has been replaced with better players he looked really good for 3-4 games at the start of last season then he was average at best for the rest of it i don’t know how people can comment when they clearly only watch the odd televised game early in the season. I am gutted that Snoddy left he was our best player but the people that said Clayton was one of our best shows either how little they know about football or how bad the rest of our team was last season.

  • Yorkshirian

    Apologies but this isnt in reference to squad depth. I’ve noticed recently that I dont bother going ot the official website any more. I come here, to TSB and YEP. I call on everyone to do the same. It has minimal financial impact on the club, but it does show dissatisfaction, and turns off the dripping tap of propaganda and indifference to the supporters. Hits are keenly measured and recorded and can be another front to show management that they are losing us.

  • Topvalleywhite

    I recently started having LUTV (I know boo hiss, lining Kens pocket etc) and they’ve been showing Colin’s recent Lorrimers bar event and it’s obvious he’s enjoying himself here, he doesn’t come across as a man who feels he’s been conned, or not supported by the club, a lot of people have a very simplistic view of football finance and whichever way you look at it we’ve spent a few quid this year, I bet Paynter alone cost us a few quid to get rid of.
    Football is changing, look at what’s going on at Villa, Liverpool, Everton, Birmingham, Watford ,Portsmouth, again,Cardiff,and Rangers to name a few, the days of clubs continually living beyond their means are coming to an end and in living proof ferguson knows nothing about irony he was bleating about man shitty and financial fair play. It took me a while to get my head round Bates club first team second philosophy but if you think about it it makes sense, at least from Bates point of view, do you gamble on fickle footballers and no guarantee of promotion or do you put a package in place that’s ready for the premership ?

    • TimPM

      What’s happening at Cardiff? Last I heard they’d been bought out and spent net 8mil or thereabouts this season, making 11 signings themselves.
      Cardiff in my eyes is the prime example of the flaw in the thinking that football finance is changing. The added cash for the PL will make it easier to live within your means, and owners at clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal are bound not to want to lose the clubs even if only a sugar daddy can compete at the top these days. But Liverpool and Arsenal are shit and have been for a few years, as a result of not competing with the top clubs.
      Cardiff have borrowed too much, been bought out, and now as powerful as ever, Boro can still afford a good squad despite spending double what we did on staff wages in the final year of para payments, and Hull’s speculating was easily readjusted when they were again bought out. Birmingham have defied the doomsayers who thought they were going bust this summer, and Blackburn and co. Are continuing this pattern of ‘living beyond your means’ and if it doesn’t come off, history would suggest they’ll be bought out like Cardiff or Hull, with Pompey and Leeds the only examples I can think of in that situation who weren’t purchased by adequate owners.
      Pompey have imploded, but let’s not forget Luton who were in the Championship 5-6 years ago and fell to nonleague footy and Wimbledon before them.
      Clubs go pop every few years, I don’t see any changing tide. Despite the doomsayers Pompey remains the only club going to the wall this summer. In fact all the while we’re being told how we’re changing our ways because Leeds and Derby underinvest, and because individual clubs are continuing the pattern of catching their breath and used as evidence of some change in operation, yet other clubs are spending more and more. Bristol City spent over 100pc wage to income ratio if I remember right and they’re not going bust, while wages and spending continues to skyrocket.
      It’s been like this for years, what’s changed? Seriously I’d love to know, I don’t see it at all…

      • Irving08

        We are pondering on it.

      • Irving08

        Hmm are you saying that a club – ours, for instance – need not worry about stability ?

        • TimPM

          Of course we need stability, but Boro are stable because their owner funds their debts. Forest were stable because their owner funded their debts, Cardiff went past what their owners could afford and are now stable under more capable owners. Same with Hull.
          We are one of the 10 biggest clubs in the country, and as such we will always find plenty of suitors. That we have some now even with a notorious individual such as Ken Bates (who told the FT he makes his money by breaking rules) in charge, shadowy figures still connected to the ownership of the club AND both of our key facilities, speaks a volume in itself.
          With an income of c. 30m each year it’s a miracle of sorts that Bates has managed to fail to get us this 1 promotion over his 8 years here, let alone got us relegated.
          If we weren’t constantly having to fund Bates’ tangential dreams of radio addresses, banqueting and jet-set schmoozing in the East Stand, we’d be in the PL already, and could afford his seven years’ worth of woman-in-shoeshop property development in 2 years tops!

          • Irving08

            Two different kinds of clubs here:
            (a) clubs being funded out of an individual’s pocket: Forest is a textbook case of why this is neither sensible financially nor a prescription for stablity – I am genuinely surprised that you should think otherwise;
            (b) clubs like ours (and Arsenal eg) that try to run as businesses, but which may or may not make the best or wisest use of their self-generated funds.
            I think that covers the essential points.

          • TimPM

            No, it doesn’t really cover them at all. You’re taking the most extreme case in Forest for propaganda and ignoring several other clubs such as Hull and Boro who have been stable for years.
            Forest’s owner wasn’t going anywhere until tragedy struck and their debts were wiped off when he did die. Boro have had the same owner for about 2 decades and he has supported them through bad times and repaid himself in good times.
            Your caricature of chairmen supporting clubs with their own funds before scarpering (and what happens to the debt they’re owed if the club goes bust?) is well below you and has few examples in real life. Whereas successful examples of artificial support of clubs from chairman over a period of years are much greater.
            Nor are there many examples of clubs in Leeds, Derby and Arsenal’s bracket actually gaining any success. Indeed Mr Bates uses Blackpool as an example of what Leeds should do: Derby embarrassed themselves with about 11 points in an entire season while Blackpool too were relegated when they were promoted.

          • Irving08

            Who said anything about scarpering ? Why is Forest ‘propaganda’ and your examples not ? (And Doughty, by the way, wanted out before his death.)
            The clubs you cite generally fall into the category of ones that can’t realistically finance themselves out of gates, commercial income etc. and be successful. So they need benefactors. What counts as success depends on the pockets, motivations and aspirations of the individual owners. It is a very subjective matter. Personally I don’t much like this type of ownership since it hasa tendency to infantilise the club’s fans.
            Then there are clubs like us and Arsenal who do not need benefactors to flourish. But they do have disciplines which necessarily regulate their ambitions including their fans as well as playing staff.
            We perhaps uniquely have a Chairman who seems to distrust managers and players to a degree that makes one wonder why he is in the business at all. Hence the lop-sided use the club’s revenues, especially post-administration.
            I am not sure where the disagreement is…