“Perhaps money and big squads are not the answer” is a typically Bates-like response to fans concerns that the current squad does not have the depth to sustain a promotion charge this season, and that Neil Warnock – like Simon Grayson before him – has been massively underfunded.

His observation comes after “reviewing” the League Cup results, where he spotted no less than eight teams with “reportedly ‘rich’ owners” knocked out in the first round. This, apparently, is justification for a small, low-budget squad.

As Leeds United supporters grow increasingly restless and talk of dissent once again looms over Elland Road, at 80 years old, Ken Bates still isn’t shying away from a fight.

The Leeds United chairman moves seamlessly from justifying a lack of spending to a not-so-subtle attack on the Leeds United Supporters Trust 

It has been a difficult summer for the club communication-wise. We signed a confidentiality agreement with the potential investors which means that we have said very little.

Because of this. rumours are rife. speculation about this has given licence to small groups of so-called fans with a hidden agenda to make wild unsubstantiated statements about the future of the club. What I will suggest is that when you read a so-called press release or statement on the web, don’t take it at face value. Ask yourself is there any evidence to support what is written? Is it just speculation, gossip? Or is there some other motive?

“So-called fans” are commonly featured in Ken Bates’ programme notes, it’s a staple part of the divide and conquer tactics he’s employed so masterfully to quash any efforts to undermine his Chairmanship throughout his seven and a half years at Elland Road.

Those opposed to Ken Bates will find his words rather ironic. Considering ulterior motives and giving a reasonable amount of scrutiny to the “facts” and claims of Ken Bates’ regime is precisely what most of the Chairman’s detractors would implore the rest of our fanbase to do.

But Ken Bates has the ultimate platform, and he continues to use it to devastating effect. His claim that those dissenting against him are a minority is as “wild and unsubstantiated” as any claim made by his opposition.

“There are ‘none as deaf as those that won’t hear'” Bates concludes. And he’s right, but the hard of hearing exist on both sides of the divide and Ken Bates demonstrates that quite brilliantly by once again failing to address the concerns of the Leeds United fanbase.

There’s only two ways this stand-off will end – either there’s communication and compromise between the two parties, or Ken Bates leaves Leeds United Football Club. If the latter isn’t going to happen any time soon, Ken Bates really should be attempting the former. Continued attacks on supporters only serves to heighten the unrest.


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  1. fringo

    “There are ‘none as deaf as those that won’t hear’” He must have his hearing aid switched off.

    • Matthew

      His hearing aid is special, it converts the word ‘Out’ into ‘In’ so to Bates, the fans are saying Bates In, Bates In.
      Only way you could explain why he’s still here besides the guy being severely screwed up in the head.

  2. Durhamwhitemichael

    Senile old cunt , There should definantly be an age limit on a football clubs chairman

    • LUFC1944

      Don’t blame age for the despotic rantings of an old fool … a despot is a despot at any age. Just ask the people of Nazi Germay, Mussolini’s Italy, Argentina’s Galtieri, Rumania’s Ceausescu.

  3. Lufc1979ish

    The man isn’t sane. I would rather have the joker in charge of Leeds united than this clown.

  4. Matthew

    The club has no future under Ken Bates, we all know we have a squad capable of at least attempting the playoffs, but we need players desperately still to add depth, and of course to cover injuries.
    Surely he must realise, a few injuries and we’l go from being that top in the top 10 to being that team in the bottom 10. There’s nothing in this league, we have to be hitting the ground running not stopping because we’ve just lost a vital player.

    • mattbb3

      and said slump will be the fault of the manager and players, just sick of the cycle repeating. But Bates cant go on forever.

  5. 4everleeds

    For the sake of our Club, please just go. I don’t give a flying fuck who comes in, just leave. Once Bates leave ticket sales will increase, merchandise sales will also see an increase in demand. Bates you are a nasty cloud over Elland road, once you go the sunshine will return. MOT!!

  6. Tekkahunt

    The blokes head is fucked. He must be on the wind, if he is he will be pissing himself!

  7. Ron

    Does anyone have an idea of what happens to the club if Ken Bates dies? He is 80 after all. I am so tired of worrying about this takeover debacle that my money is on Ken rolling over before we see any change to expenditure.

      • Ron

        This is great news. How many women do you know that do not like spending money?

      • TimPM

        Mr Bates has spent irresponsibly… Just not on the squad! ——————

      • mattbb3

        naturally Ken is reining in the spending too, he’s currently living in a 2 up 2 down in Belle Isle, and shops in Aldi. Whats good for the goose ken..

      • Chareose

        The inheritance will probably only be handed over once She agrees to Kens strict requirements given over via a video recording aka Brewsters Millions…… “You can never sell Leeds United, run it into the ground”

      • Matthew

        Suzannah getting LUFC is the best thing if Bates won’t sell and dies. Almost a given that Bates does the business side of things, she’d almost certainly sell up to a business for less than what Bates would, just to get the money if anything.
        Knowing Bates, he’l stay alive another 10 years just to piss us off.

  8. NottsWhite

    Bates has no intention of going anywhere. He is so deluded that he sees a positive start to the seasons as a justification for not “over investing” in the playing staff. There will be no takeover in the near future and no icing on the cake loan signings in the next couple of weeks. Where else would he have the opportunity to spout his egotistical shite

  9. henrymouni

    Spending does not guarantee success, but it really helps!
    Who can win the Premier apart from Man City, Man U & Chelsea.
    Money allows you to bring in better players, which increases your chance a great deal.
    Spending small amounts/nothing gets you average players nobody with money would acquire.
    All obvious to anyone but a lying cretin.
    Last year, while Simon was here, it was very frustrating, as he supported KB in all things.
    Now things have changed.
    At Lorimer’s bar, last week, Mr Warnock said that he needed more players, but he needed more money to get them, Not millions, but more than he has been given.
    NW is our only hope!!

    • RC

      I must admit when Warnock was appointed i thought Bates must be actually investing soon. This thought process was naive but based on the fact that Warnock unlike Grayson would stand up for himself and false assurances he was probably made when signing on the dotted line. To date he hasn’t disappointed or shied away from the fact he needs money and made it public. Thank f**k for Warnock!

      • henrymouni

        Bates did say, at the end of last season that we (the fans) would see a big change in the clubs transfer policy.
        Well we have. It has got worse!!!
        Bates promised NW that he would find the money he needed to get us promotion. I am afraid he must be looking in the wrong places.
        He could start with his own bank account.
        If he puts money in it is a loan so he gets it back.
        Also, as he owns 72.5% of the club, he is loaning it to himself!
        Would you lend money to KB? Even KB would not risk a loan to himself.

  10. mrbigwheels

    I for one am totally torn on what is best to do to support the team and at the same time see Bates… ‘push off’. I know the only way is to hit Bates in the pocket but in reality starving him of funds is actually starving the club, also what may well be a strong, capable, on the edge team will not receive the noisy support it requires and deserves.
    It is obvious to me though that Bates will not be communicating with LUST but some strong men at the helm of LUSC may be the way forward?. Who else is going to tackle him?. Tell him basically to stop foooking about or his home games will sink to 15,000.
    Whatever happens in the form of a protest/boycott is certainly not going to up skittle the present takeover…. I’m led to believe they have retreated to a distance, waiting for Bates to dig his own hole and fall in… then they’ll be back. Warnocks words of the other week are accurate when he said the t/o was ‘anywhere’ and he’d ‘put it to the back of his mind’.
    So should we… and instead, get Bates on the move… now.

  11. nick phillips

    I don’t think he really wants to sell LUFC & doesn’t see himself as a failure more a saviour.

  12. djedjedje

    Seriously, how fucked off must Warnock be when he sees Bates writing that it aint all about big squads and spending money. I feel sorry for the guy.

    • Ron

      Everyone is fucked off – Warnock, the squad and naturally us. I suspect this is his underhand way of telling us the external takeover or investment is not happening. Why would you even bring this up otherwise?

    • Matthew

      I wouldn’t blame Warnock if he walked. We have a good starting 11 that needs a player or two to be a great starting eleven. Then we need a half dozen players as backup for these players incase they get injured to avoid putting shit on the field.

  13. Colin

    “Perhaps money and big squads are not the answer”
    Okay Ken, so tell me a club that’s got promoted from this league without money and a big squad, because I can’t think of one.

    • Bramleymark

      Not that I agree with ken bates, but, Blackpool were Promoted without spending too much money. They didn’t last long up there though, and that is the flaw in his argument

    • RC

      QPR under Warnock hardly spent a penny, Southampton didn’t blow the bank either, Norwich/Leeds B Swansea cant think of many more in the last 3 years but dont think Reading spent loads last season either. Money helps and you do need a big squad at least but you can’t always buy yourself out of this league look at Pompey – Leicester etc.

      • henrymouni

        This is KB’s arguement as well.
        it is something you fall back on, if you have no money to spend.
        Reality tells you that you need to spend to get players that other clubs want to hang on to.
        With no money you are looking for a needle in a haystack.
        Norwich, Swansea and QPR all had much better squads than us.
        Remember NW is not asking for a lot.
        Just enough to add some of the quality like Norwich, Reading & QPR had.
        Our squad is wafer thin &, with injuries it is getting thinner.
        The loan market is there, but NW does not like it, and it never did us much good.

      • TimPM

        QPR spent something like 20-24mil on staff costs that year (can’t remember exact figure) we spent 16mil. Norwich spent roughly the same as us, that’s true. The year after we spent roughly 2mil less in the initial budget (off memory) and lost BJ and NK and replaced them with Brown and Vayrynen. This year again, Diouf on half what Vyrynen was on is playing Snoddy’s old role, so I wouldn’t say we’re spending this year as much as Norwich did for promotion at best guess.

  14. Chareose

    TSS as stated before there is no point “communicating” or developing a dialogue with Ken Bates……..we can never trust him, he will say one thing and do another…..he has always been like that and will not change at 80 years old……. If he doesnt want to sell and the fans dont want to risk boycotting then there is only one way to get rid of him and thats through legal means.
    In another years time people will catch up with that fact just as its taken many years to catch up with the fact then Ken Bates is a twat!

  15. Ian

    Ken Bates comments regarding LUFC fans being swayed by one or other groups views on the state of our great club are demeaning. They prove just how out of touch the fool is. We are not sheep, we are not stupid, but we are the most loyal and proud fans in any league, let’s face it we’ve had to be!! Anyone with an interest in football would take one look at the LUFC squad and realise that it is not strong enough to sustain a promotion campaign. I think we can see from this that KB has no interest in Leeds as a football club and he certainly has no interest in promotion to the Premiership. Other than hitting his wallet with a mass boycott of the club and its merchandising, I don’t see any way that he is going to step down. We are going nowhere with you Mr Bates. Do the honourable thing and set us free…..WE ARE LEEDS, WE ARE PROUD AND WE ARE PISSED OFF WITH YOU!!!

  16. Tim campbell

    We all are aware that we as HIS paymasters hold the ultimate answer to this solution. With a leech, mosquito or vampire their desire for blood knows no end. With our own nosferatu its money, power and when you combine both its screwing the ordinary punter like you and me out of their hard earned dosh, for what amounts to very little quite often and also a great deal of heartache. We MUST cut the flow of cash which will eventually find its way into mr chairmans pocket in one way or another. Starving the undead of his lifeblood is the only way forward.

    • Simon Hall

      So could we do it? Could we all agree to boycott a game? I think if the attendance went down by 10,000 that would be enough to make him sit up and notice. It’s the only language he speaks.

  17. Mike F

    Had enough of Ken Bates, will not go to another home game untill he has gone, and everyone should do the same, thousands are already not going, only way to get rid of him

  18. mattbb3

    so what is the answer ken? dont invest in the football team, irritate the fans, and p*ss away all your revenue on corporate boxes. Just get lost, no one cares what you think.

  19. leeds72

    Boycott all games that bates attends buy nothing from the club if bates stays we r going nowhere love Leeds hate bated

  20. Colin

    Here’s a thought and don’t beat me up for this. If the potential new owners had the money, Ken would have taken it. Maybe, just maybe, they aren’t the knights in shining armour we all thought. Due diligence goes both ways, and if Ken’s found out that they don’t have the money to push the club forward, then it’s a bum deal for him too, especially if they can’t put the money up front and will pay him back later.
    Just saying. This deal has stalled for a reason. Is it Ken or is it them?

    • TSS

      They proved funds early on mate – Ken himself admitted that, and has always maintained he won’t enter negotiations with anyone until they’ve done so.

      • Colin

        Maybe the funds aren’t what they seemed? A lot of people put up funds when we were admin, that could never ever be realised.
        Just clutching at straws for reasoning for Ken not signing :(

      • Matthew

        No, more an issue of Bates wanting more money Il’d imagine. Imagine working out a deal that took months for 40 million, you’re about to sign when suddenly Bates says 45 million.

      • Mike N

        I understood that the hold up was a indemnity clause that the buyers wanted and our glorious chairman refused to sign. I suspect that this was to cover them for all the outstanding court cases that resulted from his senile ramblings programme notes. After all the club has already spent £3 – 4 million in defending cases in the high court.

    • TimPM

      Mr Bates has always said he will not listen to potential investors until they provide ‘proof of funds’. If he has been taken in by charlatans he will look an absolute fool… But then this IS Ken Bates we are talking about… ——————

    • mikelufc

      Colin! the money is unimportant to him, he has all he will ever need plus owns saleable assets in ER an TA.
      The man is absolutely power pissed, this his his new sex life and the paying fools are his french letters.

  21. Inchy

    Can’t we just have a whip round and hire someone to push him down a flight of stairs?

  22. KohSamuiWhites

    Ken Bates has nothing but the upmost contemt for Leeds fans.He will sell Leeds when he wants to and not before,we,re stuck with him,the only way to get rid of him is a total boycott and we all know that will never happen.We made a deal with a horrible scumbag devil and unfortunately he says when the music stops.


    @TSS your site is now almost unusable on my iPhone. Anyone else having problems with jumping text and blurry comments? Great content but your site was far better 6 months ago.

  24. henrymouni

    Memory Lane:-

    Warnock said: ‘I feel I have one big challenge left in me and believe Leeds is a club that should be in the Premier League.
    ‘I want to be the man who is able to deliver this for a set of fans who never cease to amaze me with their numbers and their loyalty.
    ‘Having met with Ken Bates it was an easy decision to take up the challenge and with his support, we share the same vision of getting Leeds United in the Premier League.’

    Bates added: ‘We believe the appointment is arguably the most important we have made. The objective was to appoint a manager who had for a proven track record of getting teams promoted and in Neil we have a man whose record is second to none.
    ‘We want to be in the Premier League and WE WILL SUPPORT in the quest to get us there.’


  25. James

    You fans are fake. You aren’t going to home games because someone you dislike is in charge? Shows how much you really do love LEEDS. When the team needs motivation, they sure won’t be looking at you lot for it will they? Fucking scums the lot of you.

    • henrymouni

      Bless you James for your constructive comments.
      ‘The man in charge’ owns our club. He is Leeds United.
      What the team needs is quality and a bit more quantity.
      The Chairman promised the manager the players he needs for promotion.
      He lied – AGAIN.

      • TimPM

        Not to mention certain other aspects to the man. He has irresponsibly spent £20m plus on stuff we didn’t need, plus over £5m since he came here on court cases. That puts his money wasted at more than the amount we were in debt after the Krasner consortium left. Bates hasn’t clawed us from the abyss, his plan was to spend and either get promoted or say ‘never mind’ and stick us in admin like he did at Chelsea. His plan was to take us to the abyss, and he even promised us our club would cease to exist if we didn’t do exactly as he said.
        But yes James, you’re right. We just don’t like this harmless old man. Keep cheering the lads on, ignore it and it’ll all be okay.
        … Yeah right.

      • Tim Campbell

        No harm intended to James, but the powers of mind control that bates exerts over a section of our fans, is incredible! Is he some kind of secret Jedi from the dark side?

    • mikelufc

      One simply has to wonder what james used for a brain before he got what passes for one now.

    • reddo

      James you’re not really a Leeds supporter are you, no I did’nt think so. Are you scum by any chance, I think you are, go back to manu silly boy.

  26. richard carter

    Great programme notes from bates. However, swivel eyed bates fixated weirdos hear the word bates and go off in a rant. I agree with the dick who suggests boycotting. Fuck off you are not wanted. Bye bye group thinkers

  27. Jimbo606

    What? Except you have spent money haven’t you Ken, refurbishing a lovely big stand that we don’t own and nobody sits in… Just read Lusts publication of LUFC’s financial review – we’re spending money via LUFC subsidiary companies without a hope of repayment, thats spending. Offsetting payroll figures for these companies to hide the fact they are running at a loss, and devised a share scheme policy which stands to buy some lucky winner a nice new swimming pool (no prizes for guessing who that will be).

    So when he comes out with this crap he’s really saying “i’m fleecing you before your very eyes!”

    Beggars belief, time to go…

  28. David Lockwood

    The same old discussion as last year and the year before. Warnock has given us expectation and hope. He has done a sterling job without hardly any funds and the old bastard, Bates, is now determined to fuck everything up. He must be deluded to think that this small squad can carry it off this year. Warnock, the mystro of the Championship, the mighty warrior has told Bates the squad is too small!!! Ken Bates doesn’t hear anything, he lives in his own world where realitiy doesn’t exist. The only time he pops up is to divide the fans or when the gate receipts plummet. It is about time they plumetted until he GOES!! Take the fight to Bates!

  29. oldschoolbaby

    To offer some devil`s advocacy
    I still haven`t seen anything to prove to me that Bates isn`t independently wealthy and that Leeds isn`t merely his retirement plaything.
    I would suspect he values power, status and his opinion more than money
    He believes he knows how to run a football club. The more you tell him he is wrong the more determind he will be to prove he is right
    Leeds United is a lot more than Bates`s tenure so I will not support a boycott
    My love of the club was passed to me by my late father. I feel a responsibility, duty really, to pass it on. The next generation just want to go to games. I don`t want to explain narcissism, psychopathy, due diligence and indemnity to them.
    As for merchandise, my wife doesn`t give a shit about the club, Bates or boycotts ( or what I say for that matter ). If she wants toi buy kit for the kids she will
    We are now at the point of hystria almost. If someone claimed Bates pitchforked and ate babies it would be absorbed by many. As I`ve said numerous times the campaign to get rid of him needs to be calm, objective and focussed clearly on his fundamental flaws

    • henrymouni

      I agree with you that some fans are extreme and their views.
      This is born out of desperation and anger.
      Bates is certainly vain and craves attention.
      He enjoys controversy and conflict.
      He owns 60% of the club, so dictates all policy.
      He takes your money and uses it as he wills.
      He has already stated that the team is NOT his first priority.
      Well – IT IS OURS!
      He tells lies to deceive the fans, and his managers.

      “As I`ve said numerous times the campaign to get rid of him needs to be calm, objective and focussed clearly on his fundamental flaw”

      “needs to be calm and objective and focussed” sounds good but what does it mean??
      What should we ‘morons’ do?

      The legacy you are passing on is not a good one.
      “Why did you stand by and let him milk our club, Grandad?”
      you may be asked.

      • oldschoolbaby

        My apologies short on time at the moment. I am vulnerable to awkward questions in my dotage. Not least “why didn`t you protest about Ridsdale as his reckless spending left the club vulnerable to being taken over by a predator like Bates.
        What I have suggested is clarity of thought in attacking him. A rational objection to the lack of transparency in ownership and accounting is the logical place to start and that type of campaign is lokely to attract external support
        We need to differentiate these matters from the emotional. He has every right to clll us morons. As we have every right to shout “fuck off you senile old cunt”.
        Gets you nowhere though. Has the potential to inflame into keeping his tenure going for longer and disengages those ( politicians / media / football authorities ) inclined to support us

      • henrymouni

        “Not least “why didn`t you protest about Ridsdale as his reckless spending left the club vulnerable to being taken over by a predator like Bates.”

        Because, while I was suprised at some of the buys, like Robbie Fowler,
        I assumed that we had the money.
        Fans are never in a position to know what is going on the the boardroom, and nor are we ever asked.
        We pay for admission, a program, food & drink, but we are excluded from ALL decisions – you know this!
        This is why some of us have been slow to realise what was happening to us.
        You have to trust the directors, until such time as you realise there is no hope and NO TRUST!

      • Irving08

        Henry – some of us were shareholders and I for one raised questions
        about the spending under Risdale. It was obvious, when you looked at the accou, that we were heading for disaster. But the fantasy rolled on: even as late as autumn 2002, Ridsale was selling himself in the city columns of the FT.

      • RC

        Ok Henry ‘fans are never in a position to know what is going on in the boardroom’ if that is the case how come you know Bates’ has got us in debt with his vanity project etc. Either his leadership is clearler as he shows his accounts whereas Ridsdale must not have done or there is no way of knowing if we are in debt because of those projects. Dont get me wrong i dont like Bates but you can have it both ways, no one can argue about not standing up to Ridsdale cause he was the one what go us into this mess in the first place. Also to the fans calling for chairmen like Man City i ask them to recall Ridsdales reign. All i want is Bates to go and be replaced with a sensible chairman that doesnt spend money we dont have but spends the money we do have on players not on vanity projects.

      • henrymouni

        Ridsdale was spending so it appeared we had the money.
        KB is not spending & NW has said we have no money to spend.
        Seems simple to me?
        The £7 million KB spent on the buildings was a loan. KB said so. A loan saddles you with debt. If you don’t know that RC, you are still living at home. His court cases, his building debts come out of the clubs income. They have to be paid!
        KB does not have to sign players, and prefers selling them to balance the books.
        Do you see how we can assume from the above that we have no money to spend??
        Don’t wander on to the giant clubs. We may never be in their league, and most of us don’t want a team full of foreign mercenaries.
        Just a team good enough to get us promotion.

    • TimPM

      “As I`ve said
      numerous times the campaign to get rid of him needs to be calm,
      objective and focussed clearly on his fundamental flaws”

      I’ve yet to see many articles or press releases by blogs and supporters’ groups that aren’t rooted firmly in fact. People ignore these facts as Mr. Bates has told them anything coming from non-club-owned media is “pub speculation”, but there’s nothing we can do about people being deceived by him.

      “We are now at the point of hystria almost. If someone claimed Bates
      pitchforked and ate babies it would be absorbed by many.”

      Fine hyperbole, but give us a few examples? I could say “We are now at a point of blind cultlike devotion almost. If Bates claimed he was the messiah it would be absorbed by many.” But is it true?

  30. TimPM

    My question would be, if the moronic empty vessels who are such a minority are just some crazed cult, how would he hear them so loud as to orchestrate the “Bates out” chants a while back?

    I’d speculate it’s because they aren’t such a minority as he claims. Ken Bates lying; shocker eh?

    I like that he portrays people opposed to his idiotic strategy as financially irresponsible. Yet he’s spent over £20m on capital projects which show no break-even let alone profit, and wasted over £4m at the very least on court cases. He’s a spendthrift, he just doesn’t give a shit about the actual football. What those opposed to his ridiculous “strategy” are asking for is a concerted push for promotion, which only adds on debt if he keeps spending off the pitch like a stereotypical millionaire’s wife in a shoe-shop. He’s the financially irresponsible one.

  31. mrbigwheels

    The only conclusion I’m drawing from all this crap is…. We are going round in circles and unless there is t/o news by the weekend then this season is set in stone with perhaps a little more passion to the team, than last year.
    Having worked for a Batesesque character in my earlier life I see clearly where he comes from in his business viewpoints. This doesn’t mean I support that but I totally understand how many supporters of LUFC just see him as an ogre, a bloke blessed with madness, a despot with a mission.
    This is a man who when you tell him the pitch is dry… he says ”that’s interesting, but I wonder how dry we can let it get before we need to water it?”, or put another way… ”we’ve got a 22 man squad Neil, wouldn’t it be an interesting challenge to see if we can reach the top with just 18?”. Got the picture?. Yes, this is what meglamaniacs do and they take great delight in the challenge of business life. Our man eats people for breakfast supposedly and we’re stuck around his table not liking his menu unless you make your excuses and leave or, we accept the fact that he may welcome some ‘bright idea’ proposals over the poached salman from a realistic supporters group that he can identify with.
    Whatever any individuals view/opinion of him may be… the likelihood is that he is here to stay as the owner of this club and the ongoing bleating of what he has done, not done, built, spent or not spent, creamed off or not creamed off is all bloody long gone and although those dicisions dictate the present position and some of the future financially…. PLEASE… GET REAL… because there is nothing anyone can do to change that…..
    If Bates is going to stay then I suggest, he is actually open to communication, contact, dialogue. I’m open to being slated here but Bates is approachable, in my view. It’s all about sourcing the right people to do that with him. He’s never going to do that with LUST so who is it going to be?. Bates is not stupid. He knows this is the only way forward but unfortunately the bleating of Bates Out will no doubt be the order of the day and the merry-go-round will continue…. bla,bla,bla………..
    I’m certainly open to ‘bright ideas’, as we have, as they say in all the best circles…. ”reached an impasse”……. waiting for a happy christmas or wealthy white knights is just not going to happen at the moment. Bates may be a Chelsea ‘B’, but Cuddley Ken is still seen as ok but a bit stingey with his money by many and well up for a pint in The Peacock with the lads….. ”Here’s to growing a pair”…. and ”getting real”.

    • henrymouni

      I do not care about KB’s personality.
      Be he an egomaniac or a recluse, good luck to him.
      I care how he is running the club – that’s it!
      Is he running the club well? = NO!
      Is it likely to improve without a takeover? = NO!
      Can he be trusted as a man? = NO!
      Will he continue to deceive us? = YES!
      Are we skint? = Seems very likely.
      Who has wasted millions of our money = Uncle Ken.
      Is he sorry? NO, NO, NO!!!!!

    • TimPM

      We have got real. We’ve seen a man who has strangled our club for the sake of himself, who has endangered the club we love. Now you can try to excuse him, but frankly why should we give a shit what kind of personality explains his idiotic management of the club? The fact remains it is idiotic. He is not open to dialogue, he is open to people easing up on him now that he’s fought his way into a corner.
      Growing a pair equates to turning over in your world? What an interesting one you live in.


      • mrbigwheels

        Am certainly not personally trying to ‘excuse him’ Tim. His personality dictates his future here so don’t ignore it, is my opinion, but vitriolic hatred of him will not alter the direction of this club, certainly when in reality only a small number may hold that stance. If Bates is in a corner… What’s the plan to deal with that?. Constantly regurgitate his past?, or be pragmatic and conquer his weakness which is… isolation. Getting real in my world is, what I’ve suggested, change tack, blow the wind out of him, this is a new battle with the same old front line. Growing a pair?….. Offer him dialogue, see what he does. I won’t accept that he is not open to it. He’s never been, so in the corner before.

      • TimPM

        I appreciate your point a bit more with that explanation. The worry for me still is fans open dialogue, he wastes time and like the takeover it all crumbles 6month down the track by which time he’s lucked out on a new way out of his self-dug hole. ——————

      • henrymouni

        “He’s never been, so in the corner before”.

        Oh, I think he has.
        On more than one occasion in his business past.
        I do not hate him or anyone else.
        We have the power to walk away, and say “No More”.
        He cannot stand to be ignored.
        You cannot forget his past,
        Yesterday is his past, after all.
        The ridiculous transfer window, just gone, is his past.
        The past is the pattern.
        People do change, but at 80 years of age, it does not seem likely.

    • Irving08

      There is some merit in what you say.
      But will Bates ever admit to football being ‘a dream factory’ and accepting that it is not just like any other business ?
      We fans live to dream and only the foolish amongst us are unable to distinguish the difference between dream and fantasy.
      And without an agreed narrative about our recent past, including the Ridsale era, bracketing the most contentious points, I can’t see a dialogue getting off the ground.
      But, hey, I’m up for a bit of ‘people’s diplomacy’, so when and where do we start ?.

  32. 100% Leeds

    This is the ultimate crossroads in our clubs illustrious history, our very own sliding doors moment, get on the train and accept the takeover terms Mr Bates or be left standing at the platform thinking of what you could have won. Regardless of the spin and the reaching out to the various supporters groups, Ken Bates will not be allowed to attend another Leeds game EVER! Suzan and Ken do Christmas lunch with adoring supporters in attendance, forget it! Accept the deal and I will stand on my seat and applaud with 30,000 others as our former Chairman introduces the new owners to continue Ken Bates legacy that will result in Leeds United returning to the top flight where we rightfully belong. Our new owners will finance the Managers ambition. We are not talking 20-30m by Neil Warnock’s own admission 2 or 3 signings at sub 8M in total and we would have a fantastic chance to get up this season if we can keep the core squad fit up until January and take advantage of the emergency loan market. The rewards of the new TV revenues that will further widen the gap next year are achievable but not under Ken Bates. Go now with pride or stay and endure the wrath and Venom of the Morons that you are happy to take the money from on match days but secretly despise. A Veiled threat Ken, No….however Hell hath no fury like a Leeds fan so for the love of God SELL before we loose out last chance saviour!

    • Tyler75

      Agreed – All things considered we fans have been incredibly patient and calm so far; I’d really worry that things could turn ugly if Bates doesn’t do the right thing and sign on the dotted line soon.

      • mrbigwheels

        I agree Tyler, fans have been incredibly patient and calm so far and dare I say, many will continue to do so, imo. There is obviously going to be some ugliness which will only fuel Kens moronic viewpoint but I very much doubt more than a hardcore 1000 will be seen involved in Class A protest. Lust may have 7000+ members but an email address doesn’t represent an ongoing viewpoint or support and I suspect the fallout of that group is going to be quite high in the event. The quiet boycott supporter element will vote with their non attendance and matchdays may get noisy with BO chants initially but overall what form is ”Hell has no fury like a Leeds fan” going to manifest itself as?. Perhaps 100%Leeds has a plan of action we should all hear about that will change the direction of this club.

  33. jacccqqques

    In response to OldSchoolBaby, Bates is undoubtedly independently wealthy but as a businessman, do you think he would still wish to own a football club that he hates if it wasn’t making him money?

    You say you haven’t seen anything to prove to you that Leeds isn’t merely Bates retirement plaything. How about using the clubs money (sale of our best players and over half the annual revenue) to improve his own assets or assets that he clearly has an interest in (ER) and funding his propaganda (Yorkshire Radio) and private battles (numerous court cases). Not to mention the annual rent on TA and ER that costs millions per annum.

    No-one ever anticipated that he would invest in Leeds or especially wanted him to, but we didn’t need investment to have a reasonable squad. Just someone with the interest of the club as the fundamental driving force and the appropriate prioritisation of the available resources.

    The evidence is out there, you just need to look for it, and you don’t really need to look to hard for it if you have the inclination.

    • oldschoolbaby

      Yes I do. Leeds United offers Bates a platform to voice his opinions. It gives him status. I suspect he values that a lot more than money. His Mrs doesn`t want him home and no one in the Legion will play doms with him. Leeds is his train set and if it offers a scrap and a High Court kerfuffle, he loves it.
      I completely fail to see that football clubs are a sensible retirement plan. If he simply wants to asset strip what is the point of East Stand development. In these times of austerity businesses have to be cutting down on corporate hospitality. I don`t think an extra row of boxes adds value to the club. To me it is more an old mans myopic, intransigent, doomed attempt to prove his Chelsea Village model was viable
      I feel we are misunderstanding the man and failing to think through the strategy to get rid of him. If this was poker his wealth and ownership of the club offer him a very good hand. Playing poker with him isn`t bright. Playing poker with him after losing your composure is downright stupid. The smart tactic would have to be load the poker table with those sympathetic to your cause or force him to play a different game

      • mrbigwheels

        Exactly oldschoolbaby, support your points totally. Hope the poker analogy is taken on board by readers as in my opinion you are correct.

      • Irving08

        At the risk of seeming sycophantic, I too agree with OS: money is not his motivation.The status anxiety is interesting, so too the inability to connect.
        I wonder how he would cope if we all sang how much we loved him !

      • jacccqqques

        There are 2 points of his East Stand development. He has increased the value of the ground that he is believed to own using the clubs money, therefore potentially increasing his profit margin when the ground is sold and/or a rent increase in the short term.

        Also, by potentially increasing the revenue streams of corporate hospitality (that also gives revenue streams away from match days) he is becoming less reliant on the average fan attending matches, therefore meaning that the average attendance he needs to meet his business plan for his profiteering can be lowered.

        The longer he stays and the longer people keep going to games, the less reliant on your attendance he becomes. It’s not a game of tactics, it’s a simple case of not playing the game anymore for the long term good.

      • oldschoolbaby

        Jac, will have to agree to disagree. I understand your points. However, I suspect the argument is 20 years too late

      • henrymouni

        We do not know that he owns the ground.
        The revenue streams totally depend on the fans.
        The Hotel etc is many years from making a profit.
        Until then the loan acquired to do the work is a large drain on the clubs money.
        Corporate hospitality depends on the success of the team.
        It different circumstances we would have had over 30,000 for the Blackburn game. Down by 6,000 is a massive chunk of money in attendance fees, programs, food and drink & products sold from the club shop.
        He will always be reliant on the fans money, and the teams success.

  34. Irving08

    David, Don’t let him wind you up. It was an obvious non-sequitor to go from the Capital Cup to the Premier League and his qualification (‘perhaps’) suggests that he knows it. And I am sure most supporters know full well that the ‘so-called fans’ are an invention of his. As for ‘hidden agendas’ – that too won’t cut much ice with the overwhelming majority. In short, I think you may be exaggerating his capacity to ‘divide and rule’. The fact that we are still turning up in impressive numbers speaks of our devotion to the club, not our subjection to its Chairman.

  35. Maz.

    Sadly, Ken Bates only talks out of his arse, what really amazes me is that the deluded so and so thinks we actually give any credence to anything that comes out of his mouth (arse). Clearly he will never understand that football fans/supporters care about building a team, once you have a team you can then begin the process of building a Club. If he can actually show any of us an example of a successful Club with out a successful Team, I will shut up. Only thing is that he can’t because no such creature exists. If the Team is not successful nobody gives a cows arse about how good your conference facilities are, how much you have improved a part of the ground that no one can access anyway (East upper), radio stations, LUTV, etc., etc. Not only is Bates an extremely objectional individual his business plan (which dropped horrible Chelsea £100 million plus in the red) is rubbish!

  36. lufcpad

    Few of bits of info I received today:
    1. Buyers in touch with Roman Abramovich.
    Warnock resigned once this summer but was persuaded by Harvey and
    buyers to stay. He is completely fucked off as he has “better things to
    do with his time” than work for Bates. He will be gone if Bates is still
    presiding over next window.
    Harvey has been amending Bates programme notes. Olive branch to SC was
    Harvey wording. Bates furious “nobody should touch them”
    Bates regulary calls Yorkshire radio and tells them what to do/ask, he
    bollocked them for asking Warnock about transfers “he’s had 10 he’s not
    having any fucking more”

    Bates you are a disgrace.

  37. lufcpad

    ” I shall not rest until Leeds United are kicked out of the football
    league. There fans are the scum of the Earth, absolute animals and a
    disgrace. I will do everything in my power to make this happen”…….

    Ken bates 1984


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