It was on the eve of an away trip to Tuesday nights opponents Hull City last season that Neil Warnock signalled a change of direction, declaring that he didn’t believe in loanees.

In all fairness to Warnock, he did say that an injury crisis can force your hand and that the loan market can be a life-saver in such a situation.

But, let’s not pretend Neil Warnock’s desire to strengthen his squad using loanees is a reaction to the injuries of Paul Green, David Norris and Ross McCormack, the Leeds United manager was considering signing players on loan almost a month ago – long before the club were experiencing any kind of an injury crisis.

The simple fact is, Neil Warnock has been unable to build the squad he wanted due to a lack of financial support from those above.

Warnock expected to be able to bring in more players, he expected a team with greater quality and more depth, but he’s found out the hard way how limited funding is and his growing frustration has been evident in every interview since the start of the summer transfer window.

Most alarming of all is that injury to just three first team players constitutes an injury crisis. We’re missing Davide Somma and Leigh Bromby as well, but we knew before the season kicked off that they wouldn’t be available. There’s also Ramon Nunez, but Warnock had no intention of playing him – he was on the transfer list prior to his season-ending injury. None of those three featured in our plan for promotion and can’t be used as an excuse.

That won’t stop Ken Bates though, he’ll no doubt point to the wages of these players as justification for not spending, but every team has unwanted individuals on the books and every team has to deal with injuries. At no other promotion-chasing club would the absence of three first team players have everyone panicking, it’s a regular occurrence that such clubs should be equipped to deal with.

And those with genuine promotion potential are. They wouldn’t bat an eyelid at three injuries, most of them have probably reached that number already. You only had to look at Cardiff City’s bench on Saturday to see the vast gulf in depth and quality, there wasn’t a single outfield player who wouldn’t make Leeds United’s starting XI.

Whilst Cardiff City rest easily knowing that they’re equipped to deal with even the most severe injury crisis, Leeds United are three players down and Neil Warnock is desperately trying to secure funding to build a team of loanees.

Not only will Warnock be trying to patch Leeds United up by using a loan system he doesn’t particularly like, but he admits he’ll be doing so at such a late stage that all the best players have been snapped up already.

The effort and determination of Neil Warnock and everyone in the squad can’t be faulted, but without the funding to provide us with some much needed depth, our chances of securing promotion this season are incredibly slim. It all feels a little too much like the final two seasons under Simon Grayson. I guess it’s true that ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’. I only hope Neil Warnock isn’t setting himself up to become Ken Bates next scapegoat.

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  1. henrymouni

    We are going nowhere.
    When NW took the job KB promised to find him the money to bring the players in he needed to get promotion.
    That was NW’s only reason for taking the job – promotion.
    Of course, Ken lied to him, and he is drowning the the clubs lack of ambition.
    The only thing keeping NW here is the takeover.
    If it falls through, he will walk.
    There would be no point in staying.
    NW has said that, as we are now, we have no chance of promotion.
    We all know this is true.
    After another 6 games we could be too far behind anyway.
    I am happy to ditch Leeds too, if we are stuck with Ken for the foreseeable future.

    • Lufc1979ish

      To be fair ken did find him some money, he managed to secure investment from the new owners who he has now stabbed in the back along with everyone else. The man is a walking disaster zone.

      • henrymouni

        Some money?
        Without ‘some money’ we would have no team at all!
        I hear Neil Warnock is being interviewed on Talk Sport this morning, on the Alan Brazil show.
        Might be interesting?

      • Carlos

        800k for kenny, 250k for pearce, 300k for austin, 200k varney, 200k for norris and 750k for peltier. Thats 2.6 mill which sounds like alot untill you look at how much we earned. Snograss 3mil, clayton 500k and lonergan 300k. Thats a nice 1.2 mil profit for bates

    • Bubionwhite

      “I am happy to ditch Leeds too, if we are stuck with Ken for the foreseeable future”?
      NEVER … and that’s what it used to mean, and should mean to every supporter of Leeds United.

      • henrymouni

        If you love your girlfriend/wife and she lies and cheats on you and you forgive her. That’s good! You love her so much, after all.
        BUT she keeps cheating on you, then feeds you lies to explain her actions.
        So you forgive – you really love her.
        BUT she continues to cheat on you!
        She knows your are under her spell and she can do anything she likes and you will keep coming back for more!
        What does that make you?
        LOYAL? or STUPID??
        She will not change – you have to, or live a life of despair.

      • henrymouni

        I will be back when the Demon is exorcised.
        I could go and watch Man U (Nah!) – The ticket prices are cheaper than ours though – Says it all really, irving.

  2. Oxford White

    Well written but boring, same story rewritten. Not your fault of course, it’s just we’re stuck in this recurring nightmare. Take over is the only glimmer of hope but really….. We’re being taken for mugs, again and again and again. That’s it for me, I’ve stayed away fom the shop, the food outlets, but now it’s got to be ER, I’ll go to away games when I can get tickets, but sadly I’ll not visit ER until Bates leaves or dies, I hope for one or the other soon.

  3. Colin

    It’s not looking good. Hull on Tuesday, Forest on Saturday. We all know that we don’t have any money. Anyway, even if we did we wouldn’t be able to get a McCormack replacement of that quality on loan. Andy Gray will have to step up and fill in for Ross. And then we’ve got a real problem – if Gray or Becchio gets injured, who replaces them?

    This squad is thin, very thin. We’re potentially dropping down the league into the bottom half. Loans won’t stop that demise. Michael Tonge on loan isn’t going to turn around our season. Any players we get on loan, won’t be good enough to turn this around, because they’re not as good as the (injured) squad players.

    Question isn’t whether we’ll get promoted (we won’t), it’s how long Warnock stays in this mess before calling it a day. As a multi-millionaire manager, there’s no point (or incentive) to hanging around just to make up the numbers in the Championship and hopefully grasp a mid table place.

    He’s not Darren Ferguson, he’s better than that. And opportunities during the season will become available…at better clubs than ours.

    • Irving08

      Warnock will stay, provided the fans do. He won’t break his contract with us. Besides we are his platform.

      • mrbigwheels

        On talk sport this morning NW said ”the one stable thing about Leeds are the fans”….. Let’s hope some of those fans don’t move Warnock on then. I’m sure you’re correct Irving. There seem to be alot of very twitchy people about at the moment. Reference other opportunities during the season for Warnock… I would worry when his Italian mate gets hold of Birmingham…

      • henrymouni

        He did praise the fans, as he always does.
        it won’t be the fans that move him on, it will be the lies of KB and pointlessness of his task.
        ” I’m sure you’re correct Irving” How can you be sure of anything about Leeds just now?
        NW owes Leeds nothing.

      • Colin

        Name me one Leeds manager who hasn’t praised the Leeds fans? There isn’t one. They all say it. It would career suicide to say anything else. If Warnock wants to go, then he will, just like all the other managers who have walked out on us in the past.

  4. Tare

    This whole TO business i really getting BS at full sense; like in Texas Hold ‘Em all the bets are on the table but who show them first? If KB really think that he can pull this one out then he has forgotten his medication for very long period.. Tare

  5. Paul Crosbie

    I must admit I cannot understand Warnock. The bloke is obviously wealthy, he has a young family and yet is living 250 miles away from them and the lifetsyle he loves in Cornwall. Warnock has already stated this is his last job , he is going to retire in 9 months anyway and he is working for a complete gobshite who has apparently broken promise upon promise and taken him for a complete idiot…yet he remains scrabbling around the bargain basement whilst his real targets go elsewhere.
    Stubborn isnt the word , you have to admire his single minded thinking , I do not have his patience , I would have given Bates a few home truths by now and told him to shove this impossible job up his arse.

    • Yorkshirian

      ( A chap here at work supports Crystal Palace and apparently Warnock said that would be his last job ) .. but I agree with your sentiment

      • TSS

        He said it QPR as well. It’s his first line whenever he joins a club, he pointed that out himself when he arrived at Leeds.

    • Irving08

      He loves it, the adulation, the match day buzz, the wheeler dealing, the platform (for the Indy eg) ete etc…why would he give it up ? And it’s Leeds !

  6. Kalich

    what a two bit dictator Kenneth has turned out to be … , control the media , manipulate the information coming out , what a madman , his career should have been in the politics and not football , Whats Neil to say to the guys on tuesday “Go easy out there we cant afford (quite literally) another injury” , bates…the fuck…out!!!

  7. Matthew

    I’m sick to death with this takeover shit, more so with people saying for months takeover is near, takeover is soon, serious developments, a step closer, every fucking week for months now. Is wanting one piece of information that confirms pretty much that these buyers have either walked, or are having problems buying the club too much to ask? It’s a fucking joke what this great club has become, we’re a team walking on eggshells now, with a squad that is pretty much incapable of promotion at this moment in time, we lose the quality and bamn no replacements due to that bastard Bates. I want to remain positive but come on, the Cardiff and Blackpool games highlighted where we are, and where we are is where we don’t want to be, and where no fan should want to be.

  8. Matthew

    If we can pull off 6 points from our next 2 games, not only would it be a miracle akin to moses parting the red sea or whatever the fuck that sea was. But it’d be a great morale boost for the Everton game. I’m hoping to whatever god is up there that we beat Hull City tonight. More than anything I want a decent cup run and a Wembley visit this season.

    • Colin

      Wembley LOL – The only way you’ll visit Wembley is if you go on one of those Wembley experience stadium tours.
      10/10 for your confidence though!!

  9. Bluesman

    Bates is holding us all to ransom – end of! We either pay through the nose for a squad that is not fit for purpose and put up with it or walk. Many have already walked, more will follow. Bates has got to go, no other solution! The longer we feed the monster the more painful it will be. Joint LUST and do something positive. NW has been lied to and misled. We all knew what would happen, but some were hoping that things would change – never!!! We simply cannot trust smurf, he is taking the mick and we are laying down and taking it!

  10. igiveup

    I have always loved Leeds but it has slowly been drained out of me by that Chelsea bastard to the point where I have hardly any interest. Kitkat Crescent for me for the foreseeable future

  11. davison

    Simon Grayson all over again, no backing, sell all our best players and then scabble around for loanees and pretend we’re serious promotion contenders. Bates did it with a young up and coming manager and now with probably the most experienced in this division. Where does this end ????


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