In his programme notes for Leeds United’s 2-3 home defeat to Hull City, Ken Bates was his usual diplomatic self with another attack on the Leeds United Supporters Trust (LUST) alongside characteristic rants about Policing costs and FIFA.

He did however offer an update on protracted takeover talks and continued to praise the Leeds United Supporters Club.

Ken Bates on the takeover and LUST

Rumours abound and continue to circulate about the proposed new investment in Leeds United.

Despite the confidentiality agreement, stories keep appearing with varying degrees of accuracy as evidenced by the statements put out by LUST, including a TV Interview some months ago that a deal was ‘imminent’. It wasn’t then and is progressing slowly now. In football everybody expects everything now – but the real world is different. Time does not always have the same urgency to others. Let me Illustrate this.

Last February, we agreed to talk to another Middle Eastern party from a different country to those we are talking to now. When in June we announced that we had signed an exclusivity agreement with the potential investors, the first party introducer went bananas. threatening to report Shaun Harvey to me, the Football League and (interestingly) to LUST! They had not taken their interest forward for nearly four months at that stage.

The current situation is that as i write, the appropriate documents have not been finalised between the lawyers (although of that, more later), Meanwhile, we continue to run the club and the kids on the Monaco beach have appreciated the free pens! Ignore the speculation which is simply ignorance based on ignorance. Terry Wogan, an unlikely philosopher, wrote in The Times recently: ‘People believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts!’

Ken Bates on FIFA (and LUST) 

The international fixture dates have already seriously disrupted the domestic football season. Firstly with the meaningless friendly fixtures in the week before the season started. interrupting vital final training sessions for no reason other than financial gain for those countries involved. Meanwhile the clubs pay the wages and get no compensation if the players come bath injured.

If small countries need financial assistance then FIFA should give it direct from the billions they have generated from the huge World Cup profits.

There is another way to reduce the international fixture list. UEFA already does it at club level, when they have the Champions League for the elite and the Europa League for the next tier of clubs. At international level the fixtures are clogged with the likes of Luxembourg, San Marino, Liechtenstein and the Faroe Islands to name but a few. These countries should play in a qualifying competition with say, the top two competing in the main competition on the following occasion. I have been campaigning for this for years. yet without success. Perhaps LUST could sort it out with all their contacts!

Ken Bates on Policing costs and LUSC

Following my notes In the last programme, we have had further positive discussions with the Supporters Club (LUSC) about their relationship with Leeds United going forward, we expect these discussions to he resolved in a positive and constructive manner. One thing that has to be acknowledged is that throughout our differences, the Supporters Club have never tried to do anything that would harm the club or its public image. Elsewhere, those that do apparently don’t realise the negative image that creates to the outside world or they simply don’t care about it – despite their hollow protestations of their love and loyalty! An example of the way it affects Leeds United is police costs.

Policing levels (and the resultant costs) are gauged on their assessment of the degree of calm or disturbance likely to occur. Their assessment includes looking at the visitors, any history between the two clubs and the home fans record of behaviour. The better the record, the less Police are needed and the costs come down accordingly.

Response from LUST 

Chairman of the Leeds United Supporters’ Club, Gary Cooper, has since responded to Ken Bates’ programme notes in an interview with ITV which you can view here.

  • Audio

    Can’t help it , I do like his style. I don’t totally disagree with it all , it’s better than being Pompey. Let’s get behind the boys again and let the TOMA take its course.

    • Matthew

      You disgust me. You clearly do not love Leeds United. This man is killing Leeds United, he has sold any and all players he can of quality and hasn’t replaced, he doesn’t invest in the squad, he doesn’t even make the effort to keep players of value, he insults the fans, he insults anyone that doesn’t go with his way of thinking. He charges ridiculusly high prices. His actions kill the atmosphere, we are where we are in the league because of him. We have half a squad because of him too, there’s no way in hell anyone who loves the club can actually like this man, he is scum, he is below what most of us think of Manchested United and Millwill.

      • not so sure about millwall, but otherwise, spot on

        • Matthew

          Never liked Millwall personally lol. Sorry I guess I slipped that in there wrongly.

  • Luke

    Ken Bates” If small countries need financial assistance then FIFA should give it direct from the billions they have generated from the huge World Cup profits.”

    Alternatively ”If Warnock needs financial assistance then BATES should give it direct from the billions he has generated from the huge profits from Elland Road and Thorpe Arch rent.”

    • JD

      lol billions he has made for ER and TA is a bit excessive isnt it?

  • Adolf Hitler

    Well what a load of old tosh, lol! KB can’t stand the fact that LUST have behaved in a very reasonable and measured way. It is true, however, that people believe what they want to believe regardless of the facts. Ken Bates knows this all too well. That is how he has managed the club in the last 7 years. The directors have created the problems with fans through their secrecy and failure to communicate or even recogise that the fans have a legitimate right to thieir views. Ken Bates has acted like a tyrant and the sooner he goes the better. Good luck Ken, I hope that you have a very long and happy retirement away from LUFC. MOT

    • RC

      The LUST that said the takeover was imminent months ago as Bates mentioned? the LUST that said the deal was off only to change their mind once it came out on the OS that it was just exclusivity that ended? The LUST that said the owners wanted it sorted one way or another by the hull game or they’d walk away? i hate Bates but there are just as big liars.

  • Matthew

    Fuck off Bates, its because of you that we only have half a squad, its because of you we have lost virtually all the talent here, its because of you that we lose to shit teams like Dull City. You are the cancer killing this great football club, not one person is in any way happy with you or the state the club is in.

    • Irving08

      Mathew – Jermaine went for money and, so he hoped, fame. Max went for family reasons. Howson – we don’t know about, but we may not have been able to afford to pay him what he wanted. Johnson, we could have kept, it’s pity the fans jeered him when he began to kick up a fuss. Killa – probably the same as Johnson, but he didn’t endear himself by the way he behaved. That’s not counting the players whom SG signed, who were paid good wages, from whom we got little value. And our player expenditure bill for 2011, according to LUST’s accountant, was 15 million, which is not a trivial amount. Now we did not need the East Stand works – there you are right and I think it was Bates’ fatal mistake. As someone who does not have access to the facilities of the South Stand, West Stand, doesn’t want to squeeze into the non-members’ bar on the Kop, I welcome the Pavilion. You might not, and I can understand why, but after 39 years of uninterrupted support with rubbish facilities I for one felt I was owed it (and ‘it’ is not much to shout about either). In short, Mathew, it’s not that simple……..Of course none of us is happy, but it does not do to simplify things to the point of distortion.

  • Babs brown

    If it wasn’t for bates there would be no Leeds short memories you bunch of idiots

    • TSS

      I’ve asked this question a million times and am yet to get an answer – what did Bates save us from exactly?

      When he first arrived we were faced with administration, a fate we realised soon after when Bates put us in administration, so he didn’t save us from that.

      Then there’s the second buy-out where there was numerous bidders, all offering more money than Ken Bates, unable to takeover the club because Bates had rigged the process with dodgy offshore debt.

      So he saved us from a different, probably better, owner?

      It’s all well and good claiming Bates is our saviour, but none of the people that claim he is ever state what it is he allegedly saved us from. You’re just repeating his nonsense verbatim without any examination of the facts.

      Bates said it himself “people believe what they want to believe regardless of facts”. The facts are, Bates saved us from absolutely nothing.

      • anythinggoeshere

        Weren’t Leeds on the verge of being liquidated without Ken Bates? If we were liquidated then we would have ceased to exist, that is what he saved us from

        • TSS

          No, the only person whoever threatened such a fate was Ken Bates himself when he put the club into administration and HMRC was trying to stop him illegally repurchasing it. There was numerous other parties who all made bids at that point.

          It was a totally baseless threat from Ken Bates, nothing more.

          • Irving08

            TSS had the purchase been illegal it would not have gone through. It broke some football regulations, whish is a different matter – but since when did anyone take much notice of these ? Old Bill Fotherby and co certainly didn’t. As for the other parties, you omitted to mention that one these – and by all accounts, the favourite – was later arrested and subsequently found guiity of property swindles.
            But you know all this – we have been over it many times before.

          • TimPM

            In 07 however, we did have very real interest from an Australian billionaire who Bates told to piss off. He’s since invested millions in the A-League from what I hear. ——————

        • Kalich

          bates and savior should never be spoken in the same sentence . This has been a bitter lesson for the club .

          • Matthew

            They should, only if the takeover goes through. Something along the lines of GFH Capital the saviors of Leeds United, rescued Leeds United from the despicable cunt known as Kenneth Bates. Up and down the countries fans celebrate as if the club has won the Champions league

          • Matthew

            *Countries = Country
            Fixing the typo. Also lol, I think Ken Bates has visited the site, noticed 1 vote down next to my posts.

          • TSS

            If you register and login, you can edit comments without the need to add another one every time you make a typo.

          • Matthew

            Ah right, sorry about that. Been meaning to register for a while. Interesting that Ken Bates has some supporters posting on your website dude. Judging by the tone of some comments made here by either non fans, or deluded Bates supporters, and the abuse of the no vote on posts, I’m actually quite surprised.

          • Irving08

            Mathew – you must overcome this tendency to divide fans into ‘friends’ and ‘enemies’. It leaves no room for nuance, qualification, uncertainty or hesitation. We come here to debate, not to denounce.

    • Kalich

      Get back in your boat Kenneth and sail the fuck away quote unquote “sir”

    • Babastabber


    • Rude kid

      S04py t!t w4nk !! :)

    • Inoff_thebar

      ffs…..I honestly think that Ken Bates could walk in to some of these fools houses shit on their heads and all they would do is thank him for the hat……wake the fuck up!

  • anythinggoeshere

    The two best run football clubs in the world (real madrid and Barcelona) are owned by their own fans. Why can’t all Leeds supporters buy out the club and realise the vision of Revie ourselves

    • Mike

      They are also in a shed load of debt. Bates out!!

  • RoystonLufc

    KB does have a point. He’s trying to sell the club and he’s at an advanced stage of the sale, while LUST has reported nothing but rubbish regarding the deal. First they claimed the deal was off, then they claimed the deal was imminent, what will they tell us next? Like him or not he’s acted with dignity and professionalism throughout this protracted sale, unlike those who appear to want to scupper it. Let’s just leave him to sell then we can say good riddance and begin a new era; the false reporting and the protests are only going to hinder this sale.

    • Kalich

      are you on his payroll brother ? I swear he must have a crew masking as fans that are dedicated to sites like these to pump up support for his “cause” , standard operating procedure for most governments , Leeds deserves more than this

      • RoystonLufc

        I just want him to go, don’t you? Don’t you think that the potential buyers would be better convinced to take the plunge and buy us if the stadium was full and they saw the support that they would be buying into? I’m not sure how I’m supporting his cause, unless his cause is to sell LUFC; I know even less why those with different visions are accused of being on his payroll. I wish I was though!

        • Kalich

          @aef89fa456c20d87628909e2e3b6206b:disqus of course I want him to go , the polls conducted by TSS show that clearly majority of the fans feel the same way , but I disagree with you on the fact that the potential buyers need more convincing from the fans in order to go through with the sale , the fact that they(GFH) have been committed to the shite of a takeover for close to 100 days shows just how committed THEY are to the purchase of LUFC . What you are suggesting is we keep calm like the sheep we are and carry on and that doesn’t sit well with me and im sure im not the minority on this issue . Again this man has divided the fan base , MOT?

          • RoystonLufc

            if he didn’t want to sell then the campaigns would be worthwhile, but he clearly does want to sell – that’s my point of departure: We’re spending all this time telling him to go when he’s already trying to get out of the door. Maybe we’re inadvertently blocking his exit. MOT

  • Dave

    I think I can’t be arsed with football any more.

  • It’s getting boring now. Bates has lied to his managers, our players and us, the fans.The money comes in and the money vanishes. This club is on its knees. Sad to say it, but this club is going nowhere under Bates. We’re not what I would call Leeds United, we’re just a Championship also ran. This is what Bates has made us – a fucking second division nobody. Well done Ken, Well done.

    He we are all berating each other, infighting, on this board, on other social media sites. And for what? Will it make a difference? No.

    We’re about to embark on 5 games in 14 days with a decimated squad. It’s just no fun anymore. This is what Bates has created. No hope, no chance.

  • reddo

    @088ffdab9d5b2ddcb1b2b7760aef4dbb:disqus , Come on then babs, tell this bunch of idiots how Bates saved us,its propaganda lovey, fantasy, crap, cobblers. The only thing Bates saved is the money for himself, get a grip lass. By the way, just for the record there’s only one idiot on here,

  • petelufc

    I have to agree with roystonlufc I really what bates out of the club but wuld you as a buyer pay millions of pound for a club that has falling gate numbers? We as fans need to get behinde the club and show them we are wearth buying.
    (But also with lack of funding why would someone buy a club that’s falling down the league so bates needs to invest to prove we are a good investment.) Make it happen bates MOT.

  • chester white

    We have not enough players and yet he continues to plough money in to the east stand development ( if anything it should have been the west , fucking eye sore) yet once again the match against hull 20000 down on last season and the east stand almost empty. Does he not get it fans will not continue to turn up if the team is made up of has been’s,loanees and kids . We have the right manager and a decent few players but Neil needs cash and needs it soon .if bates will not give it then go all we seem to do is sell players just when we think we are getting there.We have become a joke and every other club is. Laughing at us . Very soon we will not have any decent players to sell then what?Back in to administration?I have been a season ticket holder for years and will never have a bad word said against the team but even Im now loosing the hart , you look at some of the players that even smaller clubs played on Tuesday night and you think what’s going on . Ken put up or go

    • pontewhite

      Have you stopped to think Elland Road needs development? We will never compete as a club until we have a proper ground, which can attract players and investors. I support Bates stratergy but he wont get to fufill it because of impatient fans like you. Even if we get new owners what happens then? unless they have unlimited funds for us, we still wont be going anywhere. One of the things that attracted investors to Man City was their state of the art stadium, looking at the state of Elland road, how do we expect to attract investors like that?

  • leveller01

    Leeds fan for 40 years seen it all wont see any more while this cunt is at the helm looking forward to a packed full house when he goes and people return to support the club. Hang in there colin.

    • Inoff_thebar

      here fuckin here… comment for ages!

      • angsta

        Agree 100%.

  • lufc1979

    Dear Ken
    pls fuck off and let ER rock again like the good old days….MOT…..

  • Irving08

    I like Gary but I really think he should take a step back. By his own admission, he knows nothing, yet this does not stop him appearing to vouchsafe for the unknown buyers. This may seem like clever positioning, but once installed the new owners will seek to appeal to the whole fan base, not just one part of it. Last season LUST helped keep our morale; now I feel its interventions are just adding to an already fraught situation. Bates is righty accused of driving fans away; by condoning and even encouraging protests, LUST stands open to the accusation that it is doing the same.

  • Phil.

    Just go!!!!

  • Marco

    Bates is a parasite!! The sooner you get him off your back the better off you’ll be!!

  • Lossie

    seems to be the usual cr4p on here that is to be found on most other Leeds sites, and that is that if you don’t agree with LUST, you’re not a Leeds fan…..I,ve been a ST holder for 15 years now, and I have no time for LUST…..Not a Leeds fan..???? I want Bates gone for one reason, I’m sick of the anti Bates brigade ruining the atmosphere at ER…..protest against him before and after the game, not during…do you really think he’s bothered by a few hundred of you, compared to the thousands of us not singing anti Bates songs..??…of course he isn’t, he’s laughing at you…….do what Royston says, show support for the team, help them succeed…that’ll get you your new owners eventually.

  • Irving08

    Whoever is editing this site, please let posts appear strictly in the order they are posted. By editing you are creating bias.

    • TSS

      What are you on about?

    • TimPM

      We don’t really do editing! It might be something to do with the strange way Disqus orders things.

      • TSS

        Oh, if it’s the comments he’s on about, all you have to do is click ‘discussion’ at the top and order them to suit your preference.

        The default is to order by comments with most votes, so there’s no bias whatsoever, it’s the fans that are determining which comments are on top.

  • neil

    The first footie I ever saw after moving to the UK 5 years ago was a match against one of the sheffield sides

    That was the one and only game I’ve attended and cemented Leeds as “my” team. As you can see, I’m one of those casual observers that doesn’t have a clue about football. And that’s exactly the point – I suspect there are thousands like me waiting to pass through the gate at ER as soon as we see Leeds has a real prospect of moving forward. I could have selected one of the obvious teams back then but I wanted to be part of the Leeds United move back to greatness. I may be clueless but very soon after that first game it became apparent to me after a little research that the true Leeds supporters were being taken advantage of — so I never attended another game. Bates has to go, lets see the money flow into players and less loanees .. I dont expect a high win / loss ratio at first but until I see the the player bill expand in a big way its obvious there is no desire to move Leeds forward. I wont drop my cash or waste my saturday until I see true purpose. So my point is this: there is still hope IMHO but things have to change in a material way starting with the squad .. at that point , the casual observers like myself will attend in their thousands. I hope potential investors realise this. Just my 2c.