Neil Warnock spoke to LUTV after the friendly win against Burton yesterday. Making their debuts were Lee Peltie and Rodolph Austin. Warnock talked about the match, search for “icing” players, and the complete lack of depth at the club. Bates tried to insist the club barely needed any cover for injury last spring; a glance at our squad numbers (19, including 2 Warnock wants to loan out) shows a squad that must be by far the thinnest-stretched in the league. Bates had better hope he’s right and the professional manager is wrong if he stays at the club, because the lack of depth is entirely his fault.


We’re still lacking a few goals but overall it was a good workout. The new lads got a bit of a game, I thought it was important for Rudolph(sic) and Lee to get most of the game, and I think they fitted in well.

Varney’s done ever so well. I think he’s really enjoying it. I think he enjoys the crowd, the atmosphere, and everything. There’s a lot of plusses I think. Norris did well tonight, the centre-halfs are fitting in well together, I was pleased with a number of players.

Thin, Bordering on Starving

You’d’ve thought Rudolph had been playing here all his life seeing him play wouldn’t you? He’ll be a good asset for us because he can play a few other positions as well.

We haven’t got much more than this. If you look at it – that was our squad tonight. We’re going to have to have a little bit of luck with injuries aren’t we? I think it’s a decent XI, but we’re going to have to rely on youngsters at times.

I wanted to have a look at Aidy [White] again at left-back for an hour. It’s twice I’ve seen him there now, so I’ll look at the situation over the next couple of weeks. But we will need Aidy in a few positions without a shadow of a doubt, because we’re short in quite a few positions to be sure.

[Can Byram push Peltier?] No not really, no. But he’ll be great to have around because I know Peltier can play centre-half and left-back and we are a little thin on the ground so we’ll need versatility. But I trust Sam, if I had to play him on Saturday or against Wolves I would do.


I spoke to Martin Cranie on the weekend, and I’ll speak to him again. I know the situation he is in, and I don’t blame him really.

We’ve got to move players on before we get players in. But I think you can see we need another striker, at least, and we have to fund that.


We’ll play our strongest team against Shrewsbury.

If it was a midweek game I’d play a weakened team, because I don’t want anything going wrong during the last week before the season.

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  1. northern octopus

    I noticed that Davide Somma wasn’t given a shirt number….does anyone know the lastest on him?

    • LUFC-Bob

      Warnock appeared to only give currently fit senior players squad numbers, plus apart from Kisnorbo anyone we still have in the squad like Somma still have their squad number from last year free.

      Apart from that, the last estimation I heard from Warnock was he’d be out till October.

  2. Leeds83

    I hope this is all a big smokescreen to the takeover happening and the funds being there but not being overpiced in the market. Ohhh I can hope!

  3. LUFC-Bob

    Sounds like we need to get Paynter to Doncaster ASAP, as well as finding a club for Connelly, Nunez and Rachukba! As we need a Striker, Right Winger and Defencive cover ideally before Wolves.

    It’s a shame that the takeover hasn’t materialised (fingers crossed it will some day) but the reality at least in my mind is with those three issues sorted out we’ll have a chance this season.

    • TimPM

      Realistically, I’d say we want another centre-back (no idea how long Kis will be fit or how good he is now, Bromby’s out for the season), another full-back, another centre-mid, another winger and another striker.

      If those lads do leave, that’d bring us to 21 squad numbers incidentally, which is still small.

      Look at the players we’ve flogged since the last lot: Max Gradel, Jonny Howson, Robert Snodgrass. I really don’t see where we’ll find similar cash again from this lot. It’s a more solid team but it won’t raise as much cash.

  4. TSS

    Seems Warnock is trying to lower fans expectations. Everyone was getting a little carried after 10 players were recruited and a little money spent, but he’s clearly disappointed with squad and needs additional funding.

  5. henrymouni

    I have not received e-mail notifications for a few weeks now, when new mails are submitted to the threads??

    At centre back, if Tom and Mr Pearce get injured, what do we do??

      • henrymouni

        No luck so far.
        I used to log on through Yahoo but that option has disappeared.
        Google ‘Reader’ just gives links to the thread, but not individual mails.
        Also the mails seem to be all over the place, and it’s difficult to know where they starts and end – like or takeover!


      • henrymouni

        “A new article”?
        I can get new articles.
        I cannot get the individual mails each time someone sends a new mail.
        Going onto the new article is murder as the mails are all over the show.
        It would be nice if the latest mails were always at the top or the bottom, so you could go to them easily.
        Just now, sometimes the newer mails are in the middle!

      • TSS

        You mean the comments? (Like this?)

        You can reorder them however you like. Just click the ‘discussion’ button at the top of all the comments and change to newest first, or oldest first. The default is set to put the comments with the most votes top.

      • henrymouni

        Yes,Thank you!
        Is it not possible to get e-mails when new mails are posted anymore?


      • TSS

        Yeah, you can still subscribe to the comments on each thread. Where the star button is, there’s a drop down arrow. You can click to subscribe to the thread by email there.

      • henrymouni

        I reset it but if you go up the list some are still mixed up, timewise.

    • TimPM

      If you’re commenting via a Disqus account you can get updates from Settings->Notifications

      Don’t know if you can get notifications using other things on the system.

    • Bubionwhite

      Use Kisnorbo as long as he stays fit and remains on the books. Move Peltier inside and use Byram at RB or Austin and use a different midfield combination … sign Martin Cranie.

  6. Si Douthwaite

    Say’s one thing.. we’re not getting bought out.. /:
    As excited as I was I’m now feeling negative! Sad thing it, I never believed a takeover was really happening. I do hope I’m wrong.. bad enough being suspended on Twitter last night.. what caused that? probably me saying something on the lines of “who’s going to assassinate Bates” /:

    • TSS

      You got suspended by Twitter themselves? Can’t be for slagging Bates off, I do it all the time. Even the Americans know he’s pure evil.

  7. Chareose

    From the reading the tone of fans on the forums I would say that if the Takeover is a smokescreen then Ken has won because the impression I get is a lot of leeds fans excitement to watch the new team next season is over-riding any disappointment at there being no takeover….. Thousands of Leeds fans will buy season tickets and who knows perhaps Warnock will get us promoted on a shoe string and Bates will get to syphon the profits out of Leeds United for years to come. Well played Ken Bates!!

    • TimPM

      Chants of “The sun’s a cunt & so is Bates” – not sure he’s escaped their notice entirely tbh!

  8. Tim Campbell

    At this stage i wud be definitely hanging on to McCormack and for that spot in the hole behind the strikers I would actually give nunez a run out. I really don’t think the guys been given enough of a chance plus any time he has played hes been played out of his favourite position. His confidence needs building and then we might just see we have a ‘most valuable’ asset on our hands.

    • TimPM

      Nunez’s role is behind the striker, would that mean we push McCormack up in a 4-4-2 or wide in a 4-5-1, or give him a rest when we try Nunez?

      • Irving08

        On balance, I’d go for the second option, though McCormack must be told not drift too far to the centre. Nunez, given a chance, could provide us with a much needed creative spark. Who knows ? – with a bit of assertiveness training, he could do for this side what Strachs did for the 1989 team.

      • mrbigwheels

        I’m sure you’re right Irving… His perceived limitations, higher wages and lack of use in the team combined to sideline him when easier options of replacement were perhaps on the table…
        Believe he played with the juniors the other evening… Not sure of any report on that?…
        In the light of ‘needs must’, perhaps he should be introduced…

      • Tim Campbell

        I think both options are viable tim, but if i was managing him I’d tell him to forget about tracking back so much – hes defno an impact flair player, something we have precious little of at this point in time

  9. Craig Sweaton

    As I thought, the supposed takeover doesn’t seem likely judging by his talk about funding…..after just getting £3m for Snoddy :-(

  10. PeteLufc Cale

    i like seeing warnock been up frunt with us about what his plans are i know he needs to see ho can cuver in what positions when needed, but feel he may have a lack of faith in dury?


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