Despite a frustrating start to the transfer window largely caused by the lack of funds available to the Leeds United manager, Neil Warnock says he will not use the takeover as an excuse should his team under-perform this season.

“I know what people would like me to say, but I’ve got 10 [new players].

“I’d like another couple of quality players, especially after losing [Robert] Snodgrass, and I have to work at getting whatever I can in by whatever means. But rest assured whoever we play against will know they’ve been in a game.

“That’s what I try and do and nothing’s changed, whatever the financial situation is or whoever owns the football club.”

Speaking at today’s press conference, Warnock also cast doubts on a speedy resolution to the ongoing takeover saga;

“I accept anything that’s happening at the moment. I’m hardened to it all. I imagine we’ll be having this conversation around Christmas time about the takeover and then probably March and by the end of the season it might be sorted.”

A tongue-in-cheek response from Warnock (I hope), but after three months of speculation with very little information leaking out, it’s not hard to imagine this takeover dragging on for another nine months.

Warnock has also given his thoughts to the Yorkshire Evening Post today, claiming that there was no one in the Leeds United team he inherited that he felt was irreplaceable.

“We needed different players in just about every position, all over the team. This summer was never going to be easy.

“I found myself standing on the touchline last season thinking ‘nobody here – and I really mean nobody – is irreplaceable.’ That’s how bad it was. Even though I wanted to keep Robert Snodgrass, I didn’t think there was anyone we couldn’t do without. I’ve never seen that before.”

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  1. markman

    spoke a lot of sense.We will be a lot harder to beat this year.main worry is we need someone to replace the snodgrass goals.

  2. Old Whitey

    I think what NW is really saying is forget the takeover the season starts saturday and i want everyone behind the lads, not minds on takeover real or otherwise. if the takeover does occur it would be exactly like Bates to fuck us over one last time by announcing it on September 1st, about a half nanosecond after midnight on the 31st august to be exact. hoping for a good start and a huge crowd to let all the new boys know what Leeds is all about. MOT

  3. maxwatson

    *A* takeover might be going on at the end of the season. This one won’t.

  4. Mark Taylor

    Exactly what Old Whitey is saying is that now its time to concentrate on the football. All we can do as fans is support all the Leeds payers (including Diouf) as much as possible and hopefully act as the 12th man at ER and try and make it a fortress again. We have a solid competitve team with a few very good players (Peltier, Austin, Becchio) and with this side we should compete for at least a playoff spot. A couple of top quality players which could yet happen then compete for the automatics. Takeover will happen when/if it happens but unfortunately we cant influence it – hopefully Bates will see the sense that he cant take us much further and he will still walk away with a lot of money

  5. Sunnyleeds

    The Leeds team is no longer Leeds as long as Bates is around. Bates wants three things at the same time: he desperately wants to make money through the current financial side of running Leeds by consistently selling our best crop of players; he wants to ‘improve’ the Leeds set-up to increase his take-up when he sells; and he is not prepared to appreciate the talent of our players or managerial side by keeping salaries low. Leeds lack ambition as long as Bates is around. Our only way forward is to support Warnock but not Bates. I feel that Warnock’s team has to be supported all the way, but Leeds supporters should not make good of any other service offered at ER. Sorry to say this but this is the only way forward.

  6. CraigL

    I honestly think that our team will surprise us this year. We have a good first 11, some promising youngsters in the new youth team and with a couple of astute loan signings (preferably adding some flair in the “hole” or upfront), I think we will be a good side. A lot has been made about the lack of goals, but anyone who was there on Saturday against Shrewsbury saw that the players aren’t used to playing with each other yet. when it clicks, I believe we will be a force!… (please don’t be blind optimism)

    • Iring08

      The optimism is not blind. Warnock enters it with a big advantage over many other Managers: he has put together his own team. He still needs his ‘icing’, but who knows, maybe he has had it all along ? Ramon…..

  7. Colin

    I thought these words in Warnock’s press conference were very interesting: “Yes, I’d like a few more bits of quality here and there, but I’m gonna do the best I can with what I’ve got.” Isn’t that exactly what Simon Grayson was doing when he got sacked?

  8. David Lockwood

    Perhaps NW has taken over where LUST left on in terms of the takeover, lol. This is the sort of thing that NW is likely to say to emphasise that he is concentrating on the job in hand – football and not getting tied up in discussions which don’t really concern him or the team at the present. Who ever, I hope that they back him to get a couple of more quality signings. It is all about risk! Would the risk of investing a couple of million be worth it given the potential payoff compared to the impact of failing to gain promotion? Is Ken prepared to slow down the building projects to pay for it or is he in too much debt with the club already??

  9. Andy, Mirfield

    I’m looking forward to the new season immensely……but I’m also dreading the thought of the awful negativity at home……we need to drop the vocal anti-Bates sh1t (what use does it do but divide the home support?) ……..SUPPORT THE TEAM AND NW……we need ER to be THE fortress of the CC….unfortunately for us the takeover will happen when it happens but at least we think we know that Bates is amenable to the idea of selling out and leaving us to get on with life…….What gives me confidence for the new season is that NW saw what he had and he didn’t like what he saw; so instead of attempting to polish turds he was experienced enough and bold enough to start afresh………….MOT

    • Colin

      I disagree. I think Bates deserves everything he gets. As for polishing turds, as NW said, Hull have spent more on one player than we have on 10 players. Either Hull are mad or we’re scraping for cheap deals. Do you seriously think that Warnock would have bought those 10 players if he had money to spend? Nope, he’s done the best he can with on a restricted budget. If he had cash a lot of those 10 would not be at our club.

      • markman

        cant think of a better defence he has put together,with the exception of ward

      • Irving08

        So what if Hull have ? I for one am pleasantly surprised what NW has put together: my hunch is that it will result in a less disjointed team than last season. Management is always exercised under funding and other constraints: good managers are able to excel despite them. Overall I am expecting an interesting season.

    • TSS

      Creating a positive atmosphere does not come down to the fans. They pay their money and are entitled to vent their frustrations. When the team, the manager and the owner give them something to cheer about, they will. In the meantime if the fans are frustrated at watching a massively underfunded team stripped of all assets get torn apart by tinpot clubs, they’re well within their rights to moan about it – it’s not their fault the club has underperformed, and no amount of cheering will change that fact.

      The players, manager and chairman need to prove themselves to the fans. Not vice versa. We’re the people paying for this club and we’re paying to be entertained (or not, as the case has so often been).

      I’m not having a go by the way, I’m just sick of the fans being blamed for the negative atmosphere and the suggestion that poor results come as a consequence. This isn’t chicken and egg stuff, the root cause of our problems isn’t the fans, (as seems to be implied by 12th man nonsense) the cause of our problems is how the club has been run, and the fans anger is in response to that. .

      • Irving08

        I agree with the argument, but not the implied conclusion – that it’s ok in principle to chant ‘Bates out’ when things may not be going our way.
        This will only cause acrimony among fans and lead to more of the unpleasant altercations witnessed on the Kop towards the end of last season.
        If Warnock is prepared to work under present constraints, the least we can do is create the most positive atmosphere possible inside the stadium
        ‘The Leeds United will never………’

      • TSS

        Fair point, but if some supporters feel that whatever is going wrong on the pitch is a result of Bates – and ultimately, the buck stops with him – then the club need to accept that criticism and try to appease their customers like any other business would.

    • CraigL

      If that’s true, its an excellent bit of business IMO. He was electric at times last season.


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