A goal from Luke Varney was all that separated Leeds United and League Two side Burton Albion as The Whites ended their pre-season campaign undefeated.

It’s been a pretty straightforward and largely uncompetitive run of fixtures for The Whites. A pre-season tour of Devon and Cornwall threw up no surprises, but was scheduled as a chance for the team to bond and gain match fitness, rather than the quality of opposition.

A trip to Norway followed as The Whites were held to a 1-1 draw with Sandejford, before Leeds rounded things off tonight at The Pirelli stadium with a 1-0 victory over Burton.

Fortunately, Leeds will have a competitive fixture against Shrewsbury Town next Saturday before the Championship campaign opens at home to Wolverhampton Wanderers the following weekend. Despite concerns raised by some fans, Neil Warnock insists a League Cup match against the Shrews is better preparation than a friendly against Premier League opposition, due to the competitive nature of the match.

It’s hard to judge Leeds United as a unit on pre-season, but Warnock appears to have built a squad of hard-working team players that is desperately lacking in creativity. The defence looks sturdier than in recent years, but with so much effort put into getting the defence right, the attack doesn’t look anywhere near as threatening.

Signings like Rodolph Austin – who debuted tonight against Burton – will ensure Leeds United aren’t rolled over too easily by anyone. However, question marks over where the goals will come from undoubtedly remain. As things stand, The Whites look set for a season of scrappy, low-scoring encounters that could go either way.

To me, a couple of key signings are all that stand between Leeds United and a season of success or a season of mediocrity. Whilst I’m optimistic enough about Neil Warnock’s chances of securing that quality, we have been in this position before and the funding simply wasn’t there. Fingers crossed that this time is different.

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  1. Mattfrostuk200

    I am optimistic that this season will be better than the last 2 with playoffs a definite chance. We seem solid and the purchase of a ’20 goal a season’ strker with some pace injected on the wings could be the stimulus needed. Warnock knows what is needed to get out of this league, and he is building a decent team. MOT

    • Martin "Spanish Leeds"

      We already have a
      ’20 goal a season’ striker, he is Luciano Becchio! He cost less than Berbatov, and scores more goals… You never hear that before??

      • Jumblatts

        True, he was banging them in for us season before last. on top of that, mccormack got 19 last season in a failing squad, he had 10 in 13 at one point! imho all we need is a pacey winger who can deliver some good balls in and we are sorted and looking at a top 8 finish, maybe even playoffs

      • pat

        yeah but that was with snoddy playing great assists, gradel, howson through ball, clayton through balls etc. we have NO creativity at all, we desperatly need a good ball passing midfielder and wingers. pugh is the worst winger iv ever seen in leeds shirt aside form watt. up form we look good and have depth, bechio mccormack gray poleon varney but i dont know how we think were gonna create owt!

      • Jumblatts

        i agree with what you’re saying, but dont forget that we only had gradel for one game last season, and howson was sold in january, and clayton was hit and miss with his performances (imo). Snoddy was the only consistant presence throughout last season that we had in that regard. Dont forget that we now have austin, who can pinpoint pass for fun from what iv seen of him, and if white can work on his final ball then he will be a fast winger worth a few assists aswell, which is why i said we only really need one tried and tested winger, rather than a whole midfield of them

  2. Tare

    NWs plan is just a winning football here whether that needs the Devil’s presence or not then so be it. To just discuss here about these “ultimate class” players we can’t afford them before this TO has been signed. Yep we might lose some time but in order to promote from CS to PL we need different players than is needed in PL. CS is much more physical league and therefore it needs, if one has to say it WAR HORSES like in HWs 1989 recruits. If this view hurts some body’s life then the positive thing is right in the place NRs boys are in good coaching environment ant I personally expect them to mature within 2-3 years. So all the doubts we all may have then let us look for this season first and enjoy it. Tare

  3. Chris Gallagher

    How far from a comeback is Somma at this stage? Not a 20 goals a season striker by any means but he’s an option!

  4. henrymouni

    It is really weird just now. Is the take-over, over?
    Does it exist?
    We have not spent all the money we got from Adam and Snods yet.
    We have shipped out 18 plus players ( and another 2 or 3 in the coming days) up to now, and brought in about 10.
    We have the makings of a first team, but a poor bench – sounds familiar?
    NW came to us last season and, quite rightly criticised the quality of our squad.
    Most of the dead wood have gone.
    Next season the deadwood will be his players, and he will be telling us they are playing well, when they are not.
    The promised ‘classy’ players have not been recruited.
    It all sounds like a crock of crap to me.
    What the hell is going on???

    • Tare

      To me this a sound of the promotion task master of NW. In PL you can’t buy success but in CS put faith in attitude that is the promised land towards PL. What ever comes to KBs mutiny in the mean time do you really think that he would keep his mouth shut in this place or time of life of the Whites? In that case we are playing in the wrong division, mate. Tare

    • RC

      how have we no spent the money from snods/clayton? 500k for clayton 1.5m for snods upfront so thats 2m. Peltier 800k + Varney 200-300k + austin 300k + Pearce 500k + Kenny 500k thats 2.3-2.4m by my maths?

  5. David John Mackwell Robinson

    I would love to see Hammil transfer listed by wolves to come and join he and maybe Johnny russle from Dundee united but it will depend on this protracted takeover of such going through ASAP.

  6. Colin

    In Warnock’s post match interview, he said he had to let players go before he could get new ones in. Sound familiar? There’s only one player who anyone else is interested in and that’s Ross McCormack. Same old Bates, Same old Leeds, same old excuses. No mention of the £1.5m cash (the rest comes later) we’ve received from Norwich for Snoddy. Where’s that gone?
    I listened to the game – it should have been 1-1. Burton Albion are League 2. Austin was probably the best of a bad bunch, but that’s feint praise as Leeds sounded like they were terrible.
    No goals for Becchio in pre-season. Ross got 1 in Cornwall I think? Andy Gray got a few more I think? That is our attack right now, and we’ve played minnows.
    Warnock is struggling at the moment. He needs a couple of quality signings and I’m not sure the cash is there to get them.
    From what I’ve heard from the pre-season games, as it currently stands, there’s nothing to suggest that this team is working. I will be looking at Saturday’s Shrewsbury game with interest.
    Shrewsbury are a team that even at our lowest ebb, with Wise and the -15 points, we would have beaten.
    We need to demolish Shrewsbury Town. I’m worried it might be a tight game.

    • Michael Lazarou

      Colin I agree all of what you say , not only that where is the transfer funds that KB promisd NW when he took the job on, NW said at the end of season that he club would release transfer funds for him to build his Leeds team and that’s with out having to sell his best players or any takeover investment , so what I’m trying to say is if we did not sell snoody or clayton where was NW going to get the money to bring in the Number of players he said he would get, surely kb promised him transfer funds with out having to sell our best players, they must have a greed funds that the club would give NW to bring in players , or NW would not have stayed in the job how else would NW have build his team, from back to front, if snoody and clay ton stayed where would the money come from , surly money the club promised NW but where is that money now, so ifwe kept snoody clayton and macormack and therest of the good players that NW was going to build around. Wher was the money ging to come from to build the team, surely not the dead wood we are trying to get rid of ,so that’s why i believe that kb has lied to NW and let him down

    • Ron Galea

      I’m not sure this team can actually fire until everyone knows WTF is happening with McCormack et al to be honest. For the first time in a long time I was hoping for a pre-season with a settled squad that was only to be added to in these final stages. I was surprised to see Rogers only get a few minutes considering the lack of creativity. I did not enjoy reading the commentary re funding new players with players going out??? WTF has happened to these wealthy backers?? How the hell are we to buy a big name striker with fees coming in for the shite we are selling?

      • pat

        johnson 1mil plus, howson 2mil plus, snoddy 1mil plus, clayton 500 thou, billy the kid 250 thou, gradel 2mil plus, beckford etc etc i just think bates is funding private schooling and mansions with swimming pools for his grandkids grandkids, hes robbing scum.

  7. leedslunatic

    The game tonight sounded absolutely dire. I’m confident Warnock knows what he’s doing, but I was expecting us to take apart these teams convincingly. Tonight sounded anything but convincing.
    I’d love to know what lies and promises Ken Bates made to Warnock when they first met over the managers position. I’m happy with most of the signings so far, but we need a goalscorer quick.
    Please god let Somma be ready and play well this season, because I have a feeling we’re gona need him.

    • pat

      somma is unbelievably shit, if were waiting for somma to come back as a saviour we might as well resign forsell!

      • RC

        You should start going to watch Leeds mate. He is far from the best in most areas of the game but he would give any striker a run for there money in the finishing department.

  8. Paul Emsley

    Looks like we are the bipolar opposite so far, from kamikaze attacking which lead to goals galore at the wrong end for us, to a GG defensive unit that wont leak all that much, but wont set the world alight at the other end of the pitch… Dam. We just don’t have the pace IMO. Lets hope a couple of good loans or signings can be the last few pieces to the jigsaw.


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