Gary Cooper spoke to Calendar News about the takeover today, on behalf of the Leeds United Supporters Trust. Here’s an abridged written version for those that don’t have access to the video, which can currently be accessed here by U.K. readers:

As we understand it, the club and the buyers are now speaking again. Talks have resumed, and we are hoping – we believe – that a deal can still be done.

We speak to an intermediary from the consortium. We speak to him on a regular basis.

I think the buyers have always been very keen to push this deal through. … They have been increasing the pressure on the club and those involved over the past few weeks to push this through and complete the deal. I think the deal stalled a couple of weeks ago.

Given the information that we got yesterday morning, that the buyers believed that the deal was dead, the club had cast their last dice, and there was nothing left to be said, the course of events yesterday afternoon was quite frenetic. Information was coming backwards and forwards suggesting the deal could perhaps still be salvaged, and the club’s statement verified this later in the afternoon.

We’re very pleased [that talks are ongoing]. That’s very positive.

The deal, as we believe it, has been on the table now for 2-3 months. Due Diligence was finished I think some time ago. It would have been preferential for us as fans to be talking about the marque signings that we know Neil Warnock would have liked to have been made.

We’re on the eve of the kickoff of our competitive season. And while Mr Warnock’s had the chance to bring in 10 new players to the squad, and probably improve the squad, and we’ll be very supportive of them, I don’t think he’s had the chance to bring in the quality that he would’ve liked to have done, and I’m sure he would like two or three more players to add to that. But under the current owners we don’t have the money.

What about Ken Bates? His position has got to be untenable, surely?

… You would think that. Look, I’ve never been foolish enough to try and second guess Mr. Bates. He is his own man and he’ll make his own decisions and do his own thing. But the club statements all the way through the summer have kept reiterrating that they’re going to do the best thing for Leeds United.

If that’s the case, and given what’s happened in the last 48 hours, I would ask a question of Mr Bates, and that’s: If you’re going to do the best thing for Leeds United, do you seriously believe that remaining as owner of the club, as chairman of the club, with limited funds and no chance to bring in the players Neil Warnock wants to bring in, do you truly believe that not finalising this deal, not bringing this deal to a conclusion, is the right thing for Leeds United? I’m not sure that’s the case. So if I had the opportunity, I’d love to ask him in person.

There is no-one, more than me, that wants to get back to talking about football on the forums, in the social media, in the pubs, in the ground. Nobody wants to do that more than me. These last six months have been a real experience. Sadly, not a lot of that experience has been talking about performances, and I want to get back to that – we all do.

Leeds United fans, we share an ambition, a history, we’re really proud of it. We’d really like to get back to talking about that and some success on the pitch.

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  1. Gordo Strach

    Great to hear that there is some sort of communication going. We’ll know in the coming days if its happening or not now!

  2. fringo

    Listening to him saying the last 6 months have really been an eye-opener, reveals that they’ve not really got a lot of experience. I think it’s crucial that we’re sure they’ve not had the wool pulled over their eyes. The bone fides of the TO stand on their credulity. They say they’ve had contact solely with an intermediary. How is anyone to know the bone fides of that individual? How do they know who he’s working for? My opinion is that this exercise has been at the very least a huge distraction, and maybe more. Another attempt by Bates to pretend he doesn’t own the club. If the club is traded between a secrecy haven in the Caribbean to one in the Middle East, we’ll be told absolutely nothing, except more lies. If there is to be a new owner, he has to walk into ER, say who he is, and show us the money. IOW, he has to have some substance to him. No more Outros, FSF’s, and Teak Trading Corporations, please!

    • TimPM

      He says an intermediary there but I’ve seen him write they have contact with 3 individually who they’ve checked up on.

      • Irving08

        Tim – to date, as the previous poster points out, the credulity of the potential new owners, so far as most fans are concerned (who take the malovelence of Bates’ as a given) quite reasonably, and rather crucially, turns on the word of LUST. In the normal run of things, LUST would not survive the accession of owners who were no more transparent than Bates in their motives and financial affairs. Yet fans may have to cut LUST a bit of slack in these respects, if a deal is done, at any rate, so far as concerns dubious financial entities. The question is – wil they ?

      • TimPM

        Not being funny mate, but I didn’t understand a word of that?

        Should nickname you Sir Humphrey ;-)

      • Irving08

        Hmm for credulity perhaps read credentials. Otherwise can’t see any problem.

      • TimPM

        You mean if the new owners aren’t transparent LUST might not survive?

  3. Matthew

    All you can really say, only yesterday it was announced talks were breaking down, exclusivity was over(Probably Bates spitting his dummy out and letting other people bid for us too). Now this.

    • Matthew

      Slightly offtopic, are comments in a moderation queue or something?
      Mine seem to take a while to appear. Wondering why if anything, not like I’m new here, as I’ve been commenting here well over a year now.

      • TimPM

        No mod queue mate. I think Disqus just takes a little while

      • Matthew

        Ah understood. Thanks Tim, apoligies for being offtopic.

      • Matthew

        Yeah sorry I keep forgetting to do that. After over a year of commenting the old fashioned way its difficult to break habits lol

      • djedjedje

        I had a similar problem but had to sign up/re-sign up(?)/ re-sign in (?!) with Disque for it to load comments quicker. I still find the page ‘sticks’ after half an hour or so and every new comment seems to be attributed to one person. A quick refresh of the page and suddenly lots of new identities appear. I dare say it makes for confusing reading!!

  4. Goody

    I think that Mr Bates needs to be in doubt that if he stays at the club that he will perish in hell.
    Come on Leeds – lets do it!

  5. dan howard

    hi all what a sham this has turned out to be if lust didnt open there mouths so many people would be kontent, there here for the supporters and all thats happened is people are now angry and blaming bates, who knows whats going on its all roumers and people guessing. season starts tomorrow lets worry about that k’mon leeds mot who ether owns us who kares as long as the people on the pith are doing a job keep faith. DONT BELIEE ROOMERS

      • reddo

        Probably because Bates wrote it, I could tell by his spelling, he forgot his specs, and he told you not to worry about who was running the club. In my view thats just what ken would say. I have to say when i read it I nearly went on the pith.

  6. Jimbo

    I’m with you Goody – Bates needs to know his time is untenable. Failing that, anyone fancy a trip to Monaco to urinate in some old blokes pool?

    • Matthew

      Why would you do that? People have spotted Bates in casual outdoor places, like cafes etc in Monaco before. If you’re unhappy with him just casually walk by and say fuck off out our club you Chelsea cunt. Or something.

    • mrbigwheels

      You know……
      I don’t blooody care as long as we play some blooody football and win the

  7. Michael Lazarou

    Hi timpm I don’t know if you could through any light on this didn’t kb promise a sizeable amount warchest to NW to bring in new better players this season without NW having to sell our best players what has happend to the war chest then and if we didn’t sell snoody clayton lornargan how would of NW been able to bring the players he has now, so what I’m trying to say now what’s happend to the warchest money NW was supposed to get from the club, and what I don’t understand is why hasent NW himself gone to bates and asked him where is my warchest for players you promised me You Didnt tell me i had to sell my best players to get players in and haveit out with him, ifhe got the warchest that he promised NW he could get the 2-3 marque players he wants , TimPH let me know what you think why NW has not challenge KBates on the transfer funds he wasromised

      • Michael Lazarou

        But why hassent NW have it out with kb about the promised transfer funds it’s not like NW not to front him about it

      • Michael Lazarou

        Shouldn’t NW ask bates why he lied to him, and didn’nt KBates himself realise that by lying to nw about the warchest for players that they agreed on end of last season he would quit , so what I’m trying to say is why did bates bothered to hire NW if he was going to lie to him about transfer funds and then NW quits over it, although NW did not quit bates was not to know that, it dose not make sence for bates to go to all that trouble of hiring avery good manger and lie to him and for nw to quit, it dose not make any sence at all

  8. WiltsWhite

    Sounds like our (potential) new owners have had to show a massive amount of patience with Bates, but that’s a good quality to have when you’re running a club. Hopefully that means they’re not the type of people to sack a manager after a couple of dodgy results, as we have seen at other clubs under foreign ownership. If what we’re hearing is true, they really want to own Leeds United, not just any club they can get their hands on, and that can only be a good thing.
    Slightly off-topic, were any of you the lucky UK winner of the Euromillions tonight? You could sneak in now that the exclusivity period is over.

  9. Irving08

    Who are the people that are trying to buy us ? What is the source of their funds ? What are their objectives ? Are they Glazer–types, gamblers or what ? Who are they ?

  10. Andrew Keogh

    It’s like being a member of one of those bizarre sects who are always expecting the end of the world …
    Nope. Hasn’t happened again today :(

  11. number1inyorkshire

    Bates and his time at leeds has been untenable for 6 seasons he doesn’t care .
    i think this action of moving the exclusivity is a put up or shut up event it seems to me it has worked .
    i think bates is ready to sell and i think us the fans are ready to let him lol
    there is a few weeks left til the transfer window closes and i think there will be new owners by then ,i have been wrong before though

  12. Ben

    Think close to the deal bates opted out to look for a higher bid and then realised there wasnt one coming and got straight back in

  13. David Lockwood

    Nice to see that LUST are still working on our behalf. I don’t think that Bates’ position is unteneable at all though, whilst ever people continue to feed money into the club. He can stay and brazen it out forever. Let us just hope that lets go for our sake and the future of Leeds United!!

  14. Deano

    If 50,000 leeds fans all chipped me in £1000 each and held increw with the leeds united supporters trust i would buy the club and run it for the fans and fans alone. All gate money, merchandise, food and beverage, and sponsorships will go solely back into team investement and all surplus from costs of running the club would be paid back to the fans in a dividend each year. No Deals would be done until the leeds faithful had been informed and had taken to vote and aired their voice . who`s in

  15. exiledindevon

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it till the day he fucks off. Bates is a complete and utter cunt. Always has been and always will be. Waste of time and effort saying anything else really…..

  16. henrymouni

    LUTV subscribers – I need your help.
    Listening to the match today the volume was VERY low.
    I could hear Tom Kerwin – just, but I could not hear Eddie Gray and ‘the fan’ at all!!
    Did anyone else have this problem??

  17. Richard

    Who are this bunch of wannabes trying to get in on the action of running a football club. They are not intellectually capable of dealing at this level and prooved it by sticking their nose in this last week and nearly derailing the whole process themselves! They do not represent mot Leeds fans and the media (including this site) need to stop giving them air time.

    • WhiteThatsRight

      They represent me, and over 7,500 Leeds United fans, or do the opinions of over 7,500 LUFC fans not count?
      Marching On Together eh? A concept clearly lost on you

    • TSS

      “Nearly derailing the process” – I fear for anyone who genuinely believes that. Absolute nonsense.

  18. simon

    Bates will prob sell club on transfer deadline day just to f#ck things up for warnock. Were short of 3 or 4 quality players but am happy with wat warnock brought in !. Keep faith the takeover will go thru. Time will tell. Bates doesnt have much time left unless ge makes it to 100 years old !. He prob half machine half man !


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