The Leeds United Supporters Trust have announced that the potential takeover of Leeds United has collapsed. This comes after weeks of unexplained holdups in which sources from the potential buyers suggested the holdup was with Mr Bates, and that they didn’t understand exactly what that hold-up was. It appears the buyers have told the BBC that they will complete the takeover if “original terms” are met, but that Ken Bates has moved the goalposts at the last minute.

L.U.S.T. announced the collapse first in an email to members:

The Leeds United Supporters Trust can confirm that the deal to buy the club has now collapsed.

We will be making a more detailed statement later on today once we have had the chance to establish more

What do we know about this now failed takeover as fact?

The rest is unconfirmed. We can guess pretty accurately that this bidder offered proof of funds, and so their ability to purchase the club should not have been a problem. There have been several bids per year since 2007 for the club, and Bates has made no secret that negotiations occur after proof of funds. We can also guess fairly accurately that there are multiple interested parties left. One of the groups that L.U.S.T. appeared to bring to the table were confirmed not to be the group in talks a few days ago by members of L.U.S.T.’s board, and so it is not unrealistic to guess there is still interest.

L.U.S.T. told us yesterday:

Our contact with the buyers told us over the weekend the hold up is firmly with Ken Bates and that they have been trying for some time to push the deal through, they remain confident it will happen.

We don’t know, however, whether the potential bidders were telling the Trust the truth.

It is utterly unbelievably abysmal from Leeds United that the Supporters Trust have been the ones to tell fans about the takeover first, and to tell us of its breakdown first. Indeed, Leeds’ two announcements only came after pleading from the Supporters Trust for the football club to keep its largest income source – the fans – updated. Fans might not have a financial stake in the takeover, but they are nevertheless stakeholders and Bates and his woefully pathetic media machine has made itself look completely incompetent. I’m sure Bates will tell us “morons” condescendingly that we have no right to know what goes on at our football club, but as a collective we’ve put in over £50million to the club since Bates pushed Leeds United into administration. We deserve respect.

Where does this leave us? With £3m received for Robert Snodgrass, and not a small sum of money owed to Leeds by West Yorkshire Police, it is possible that Ken Bates has decided to have one final throw of the dice. He’s an idiot if this is the case, but you wouldn’t put it past him. Cash flow issues might not be so urgent now that Leeds have got some money from WYP and cut some of the costs from matchdays. Nevertheless, it would be foolish to believe this is the last we have heard of the WYP case. WYP do not have to allow us to play in front of crowds at all. If they refuse to allow us, we would have to play behind closed doors. Gates income is the single largest income for Leeds and so Bates’ latest move in court is a very risky one.

Meanwhile, we’re left with a squad that appears to number 15 plus 2 that Warnock wants to loan out and 2 that he wants to sell, according to the squad numbers, and the latest news that The Robbie Rogers & Danny Pugh have been transfer listed. This is a ludicrously small squad and you don’t have to be Nostradamus to foretell of the utter farce this season could turn into if funds are not found for Neil Warnock to add another 3-4 players of good quality, at least. Young players are all well and good, but Leeds United ceased covering youth and reserve matches on LUTV (supposedly) because of how uncompetitive these matches are. If this is the case, how can we rely on youth as Warnock appears to have hinted at? Warnock’s latest interview sounded markedly deflated.

Let’s just hope for some good news in the coming weeks. It looks like some of the doomsayers (of which I wasn’t one) deserve an apology from people brow-beating them every time they asked for caution as we got carried away at the prospect of a suitable owner allowing this enormous club to use its resources to climb back to the Premier League.

What will this mean for matchdays? We’ve had a few fans over the past couple of days suddenly announcing that people chanting negatively are incapable of supporting the team – which is nonsense. How will fans react in our opening match against Wolves, which will be hosted live on national TV by Sky Sports?

Ah, who needs all these words. Simon from Kaiser Chiefs probably summed it up best in three:


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  1. TSS

    Just glad I didn’t renew ST. Can’t justify funding Ken Bates’ madness any longer, he’s totally destroying our football club.

    • Matthew

      And to think dude, we’ve only got half a squad and Wolves next Saturday.
      Should we expect the last minute sale of Ross McCormack within the week, with a statement that totally goes against the player and favours the club?

    • henrymouni

      A total shambles TSS.
      We all have better things to do (yes we have) than sitting through another season of crap!

  2. Decky Quinn

    Now that we know Bates is not going anywhere, surely we can all just get behind the team. The bad atmosphere that has spread throughout Elland Road over the last 18 months has killed the football, and it was obvious to all that the players were becoming affected.

    Yes Bates is a c*nt and always has been, it is most likely because of him that this deal has now collapsed. But Warnock and the team are the most important thing we should be worrying about. They NEED our support, because if they dont get it Warnock will walk and then where will we be?

    Support The Team, March On Together, Be Leeds United. On and On,.

    • TSS

      Bates has killed the football by systematically stripping our team of any and all quality, wasting cash on court cases and vanity projects and providing no cash to build a team (this window has been no different, Warnock has sold to spend).

      All the while, Leeds fans like myself have continued to fund this madness whilst the team suffers. I’ve had an ST for the entirety of Bates’ reign, and in doing so, I’ve allowed him to continue. Only way he leaves is if the money dries up. I can’t justify giving him my cash any more, it’ll be away games only for me, where I can support the team without feeling dirty for funding Bates.

    • Homeboy

      By doing that you are condoning Ken Bates’s actions. No pain no gain. Why would you want to prolong this misery and watch a generation of our children growing up with no pride in our football club. Don’t be a Bates apologist. We can get him out if we all hit him where it hurts, his wallet.

      • Gordo Strach

        I agree!! Don’t spend the cash and he’ll go running. Only concern is that we could be playing league football for years!!

  3. whitesoldier

    How could this man ever set foot in Elland Road ever again, his contempt for the fans throughout his tenure has been nothing short of a disgrace well it’s time the fans stay outside the ground on match days the publicity would swell. Let the police say no fans then we will just turn up still police needed, Sky Sports , other news media would have a field day only then Bates will see his empire is becoming worthless and the potential buyers say there offer is still on the table, Bates Way Out.

  4. BeckfordEnd

    What’s the source of the ‘takeover still on for original terms’ story? This could be our last straw to clutch at, and the fact that the club has yet to announce anything (suggesting they’re still willing to negotiate). The signs are looking very bad though.

    • TimPM

      Adam Pope apparently said he was told this by the new owners. Though he tweeted Trust were told this. Either way, looks legit.

      • TSS

        It’s claimed that buyers are willing to return to table if original terms of deal are adhered to. Sounds like Bates has moved the goalposts.

      • Captaincrash

        Cheers, a tiny glimmer of hope, probably not.

      • TimPM

        Apparently they’re putting in a second bid now?

        Would laugh if they’ve seen the response virtually unanimously pouring bile at Bates and knocked £5m off for him being a cheeky fucker!!

      • BeckfordEnd

        A second bid? So it’s turning into a price war, rather than no deal at all. Wouldn’t be surprised if LUST announced ‘the takover is collapsing’ to increase public pressure on Bates to agree to a lower price.

      • TimPM

        Not sure how reliable any of this stuff is at the moment. Supporters Trust will release a statement once they’re tied things down…

        On second bid, I heard that, but it could just be a reference to them being happy to put their original bid back in, without the goalposts moved?

      • BeckfordEnd

        We’ll have to see what LUST have to say later then. Maybe a price could still be agreed, but that could just be mindless optimism!

  5. Rich

    Not surprised in the slightest. My apathy towards football in general has just increased to an all time high. The slide into administration and relegation didnt make me as depressed as the current situation

  6. Matthew

    Anyone else not surprised? The fucker has an iron grip on the club, he won’t let us go till either we’re dead, or he’s died of old age.
    The Burton performance, especially the FACT Snoddys absence was brutally felt is just testiment to the fact we’re not going up this season.
    And poor Robbie Rogers, wanted to see him getting his big break with us. Fucking transfer listed… Sucks.

  7. Captaincrash

    I bet Lorimer is looking forward to his session in the pavilion Saturday!

  8. Homeboy

    Anyone who buys a home match day ticket before Bates is banished is a traitor in my eyes.

    • RC

      I already have a season ticket renewed and to me your type of fans are the idiots. Who is going to buy a club off bates when there is no revenue from sales of tickets it works both ways you know. As well as this if no fans turned up to the games we’d most likely be relegated, so congratulations on not being a traitor by not supporting your TEAM. There are other ways to combat Bates but your just letting our TEAM and Manager down, hope you feel proud lad.

      • TimPM

        Let’s not have Leeds on Leeds, I’m sure that’d give Bates a chuckle. It’s a personal decision what to do with your money – stay or boycot – let’s all respect each other’s rights to their opinions eh?

  9. Craig Sweaton

    I Fucking foretold this from day 1……. never have I been so upset to be correct :-(

  10. Gordo Strach

    Its my birthday today and some present that is Bates!!! Why can’t he just let us go and grow under new owners!!! I’m from Ireland so only get a few games a year in, if I could I’d boycott! We probably need Warnock to walk or battle relegation this season to shift him!! Can’t see us doing much now that the mood of the place will have changed!!

  11. Killinghall1

    Bates is a turd of epic proportions, I’m completely fucked off with this shit, when are we gonna catch a break?

  12. Deano

    Announcement has now been made on Leeds official website all i can say at this time is Gutted. but still hold out hope that there will be a takeover

  13. Captaincrash

    official statement just released, very uninspiring to say the least.

  14. knoxville888

    until bates leaves or dies i QUIT! Ignorance is bliss see ya! … snodgrass, gradel, clayton, howson, scheimcel, johnson, beckford, delph, rose, lennon

  15. Matthew

    I agree with what you’ve said on twitter TSS, why should fans flock to Elland Road in the tens of thosands, when none of that money is being speant improving the squad? As you’ve seen player sales fund more replacements, the money the fanbase invests in this team isn’t going back into building a squad.
    Some fans are quick to label those who want to Boycott home games as not being true fans but why pay to watch a team under achieve year after year, by giving your money to the club you’re enabling Bates to syphon it off and not invest.
    I actually agree with a boycott if people do it, away games are better anyway. Lets break some records for the biggest away following in the country if we all go to away games instead of home LOL
    At least Bates wouldnt get the money.

  16. Dr Zen

    I felt when I read Warnock saying that he needed to sell to buy a striker, even after selling Snoddy, that the takeover was not happening. Very sad news.

  17. louis

    i have just read the statement on the clubs website, it made me laugh how they end it with saying the good atmosphere in the sqaud with the 10 signings! portsmouth got relegated and we have half there first team and the rest have not even cost a million between them, when you look at the money the club has recieved in transfers and the money from ticket sale to what has gone into the the squad questions need to be answered. Bates needs to sell leeds now and let someone restore the glory back to elland road. warnock is doing his best i wouldnt be surprised if he still walks away because he is being lied to and let down, if bates is to stay then he is to get his wallet and spend some money and stop being a fat greedy c**t


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