Centre-back Andy O’Brien has been released from his contract at Leeds, enabling a move to Canadian side Vancouver Whitecaps. The 33 year old Republic of Ireland international has had a torrid time at Leeds. Impressing initially, O’Brien’s form suffered as Leeds’ promotion hopes collapsed in spring 2011, before personal problems led to him telling then manager Simon Grayson he didn’t want to play for Leeds again.

Leeds will not receive a fee for O’Brien, who agreed to tear up his contract to enable him to move to Whitecaps, but as he signed from then Premier League Bolton it isn’t unrealistic to guess the rumours that he was one of Leeds’ best paid players was true, and freeing him from the books will help Neil Warnock with his grueling job of building a promotion winning team with no backing whatsoever from his board.

O’Brien will link up at Wihtecaps with former Watford defender Jay DeMerit. O’Brien will finally get a fresh start in Vancouver with his manager talking him up:

He has spent several years in the English Premier League and with some of England’s best-known clubs. Andy also had the privilege of being at a World Cup.

We’re delighted to add a defender of Andy’s experience to our squad.

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  1. Matthew

    1 player from the trio of shite is gone. Great news.

    Now for Paynter and Rachubka to leave.

    Both of them have to realise that for the sake of their careers they need to find new clubs, all well and good sitting on a decent wage, but when that contract is over, who the hell would want you?

    As long as you’re at Leeds, its your best chance of getting a new club.

    • Matthew

      O’Brien was on over 10k a week too, so thats a good chunk of the wage bill cut for someone of quality to come in.

      Couldn’t care less that O’Brien is gone personally.

      • TimPM

        And Paynter was meant to be an important striker for us, before we got McCormack and after we lost Beckford. Fair bet he’s on over 10k per week as well?

      • Matthew

        No doubt. Pretty sure its over 8k a week for him.
        (Pretty sure Swindon offered him 3-4k to stay with them, then we initially offered 8, unsure if he accepted this, or got a little bit more)

        Amazing how we’ve speant over a million pounds in wages every year for these 3 garbage players.

      • TimPM

        Well this is part of the problem we’ve had. We’ve had a decision to cut back on developments or sell key players to pay for it. Howson’s sale barely paid for one year of Paynter & O’B’s wages.

      • Matthew

        I know its ridiculus isn’t it?

        We had players like Bruce, O’Brien, Paynter, Rachubka, and a few others, all on stupid wages, doing absolutely nothing.

        No club should be paying a few million every year on players that are useless and not used.

        Especially not clubs under a certain budget like us.

  2. jparber22@yahoo.com

    Good deal for all concerned,i wish him well for the future wasn,t graysons worst signing but i don, t think his heart was ever in it.

  3. markman

    A shame that his life at leeds did not really work out,as he had a good pedigree.
    however.a good deal done.good for him and great for leeds.

  4. marcco62

    Bit off topic… Sky reckon we are in talks with Brighton to take Mickail-Smith in a deal not involving McCormack. NWs type of striker I would think and a good acquisition especially if we hold on to McCormack.

  5. Chareose

    I think Warnock fancies Mccormack in Snodgrasses position, just off a strike force including Smith and Becchio.

    As for the take over…….my gut feeling is its a load of bollocks…..absolutely dead on that front

  6. Killinghall1

    Even more of topic, am I just being a cynic or is anyone else becoming sceptical about the supposed takeover? Forest’s takeover rumours surfaced at roughly the same time as ours, and that seems to have been completed. Also, if the supposedly interested parties were genuine, and had the clubs interests at heart rather than just seeing us as an investment prospect, wouldn’t they have wanted to pin their colours to the mast so to speak, in order to give the fans some reassurance?

    • mrbigwheels

      I’m not sceptical but as you say… it would be great to be given some faith, publically.
      There are on going negotiations to determine a takeover.

      Warnock says so.
      Lust says so.
      Phil Hay says so.

      Where are the denials from the suggested buyers?.

      The main problem for all of us is no doubt Bates, his tangled web of business, his confidentiality requirements and his OCD. Hence the prolonged silence…

      I also suggest the interested party is approving what Warnock is getting on with and their support is just starting to show in financial terms. Quite soon.

      NFFC was way down the line with their buyers before the midnight rumours. Their club did not hold a tangle of ownerships and the books were in good order. The only bit they didn’t achieve was prising Warnock away from Leeds when he was on his holidays!…

      • Killinghall1

        This has partially reassured me, I only hope you’re right, because if it all does come to nought my disappointment levels will reach previously unknown heights.

    • Grumpy

      Apparently not. Seems they just agreed to efectively tear up the contract thereby allowing AO’B to move to another club and us not having to have to pay him out.

  7. Lisburn White

    Good luck Andy, didn’t work out for whatever reason at Leeds, shame as he had some pedigree. Regarding the takeover, as the eternal optimist, i choosing to believe the deal is done but won’t be formally announced until after Warnock’s done his shopping, thus reducing the risk of selling clubs upping the ante. At least, I hope that’s the case

    • Grumpy

      I’ve seen it mentioned before about not announcing a takeover in case in inflates the price of players. Can’t see it being that. It’s quite obvious that there is money to spend from somewhere (even if it is selling to buy) and clubs will be as much aware of that as we are.

  8. marcco62

    Do any of the legal beagles on here know if a company changes hands it has to be published or whether they can just keep schtum until they feel like announcing, as it would seem a little fraudulant to me?

  9. Matthew

    Back in the real world for a moment.

    Hope Ross Mc stays, easily the best player at the club at the moment and he scores goals. You can’t do any better than that.

    Of course we need another striker anyway so having a strikeforce of say.

    Becchio, Ross, Somma, New Striker

    Would be good by anyones standards. Ross is also a confidence player so benching him wont do the team any good, so he needs to play every game at most.

  10. lufc79

    Take over / what take over ?

    See you later Andy O’Brien you came in on loan to win yourself a contract played well won your contract and then gave up thanks for that.

    Does anyone know whats going on with the right back from leicester and if we spend £2.5m on smith would that spell the end of our spending this summer?


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