Yesterday reported that Leeds want Austin to come to Leeds on Monday, after the Brann-Aalesund match today. But with another match between Monday and the Norwegian August transfer window, Brann were reluctant to agree.

Rodolph Austin begun the match today in unusual fashion, striking from Bradley Johnson distances (with Bradley Johnson results) and diving into tackles recklessly, at one point failing to complete the tackle which allowed an attacking play to build. The former can be put to eagerness to impress his English fans who have taken to watching Brann while they wait for the deal to go through. The latter was because Austin was on the verge of a one match ban, trigged by his next yellow. A ban which would not carry over to English football.

After about half an hour Austin was finally given a yellow for a two-footed lunge from behind. Austin’s yellow will solve the disagreement on timing between Leeds and Brann, but if Austin’s actions might have annoyed his coach it is a testament to his importance to the team. Austin’s performances in the Tippeligaen (judging by only two performances, granted) seem to bring solid defensive capabilities to Brann, along with pace that is vital to foiling opposition counter attacks and supporting Brann’s, and a good passing ability. He can also strike a ball bloody well.

It’s now two goals in two matches for Austin, not necessarily a prolific scorer from his defensive midfield position. Austin scored 7 goals in the Tippeligaen last season, but in the three seasons before that he only scored 4 times. Austin’s first goal was strongly struck low from outside of the box, this goal was a cool-headed lob. On 35 minutes Brann won a free kick out wide, collected by the keeper. But the keeper hooked his kicked clearance, the ball landing with Austin (who appears to take some set pieces and sit back from the box ready to shoot from range if the ball spills from corners) who composed himself as the keeper scurried back from the edge of his box, and lobbed the ball just right, the Aalesund keeper able to get his hand to it, but was unstable and unable to keep the ball out of the goal.

NB: The Aalesund manager claimed he didn’t think Austin was good enough for Leeds as he couldn’t step up to the Premier League (let’s get there first!), the Brann manager claimed there were plenty of other clubs interested in Austin (probably to try to up the price at the last minute), while Norwegian media has since reported that Austin said his goodbyes to fans today, and that he is set to arrive in Leeds on Monday or Tuesday. But after negotiations on Sunday evening, Leeds have finally tied Brann to an agreement and Austin will now discuss personal terms.