Neil Warnock has today revealed that a medical is taking place this afternoon at Thorp Arch, and that he hopes to unveil two new signings within the next 24 hours.

“We’re a bit thin. As we talk there could be two within the next 24 hours. We’re doing medicals on Monday afternoon so there’s more news on the horizon.”

Warnock said that one of the two players was currently with the team down in Cornwall, whilst the second would be undergoing a medical at Thorp Arch.

There’s a few players Warnock could be referring to. Frenchman Sebastien Faure is believed to be on trial with the club, but since he’s only just joined the team, it’s highly unlikely that Neil Warnock will be ready to put pen to paper and close the deal. More likely candidates are Andy Gray and Martin Crainie, both of whom are on trial with the club and travelled with the team after taking part in the 5-2 pre-season friendly win at Farsley Celtic on Friday night.

Another possibility is Luke Varney – the Portsmouth striker/winger Leeds have been linked with for a while now. Considering the close proximity of Portsmouth to Cornwall, Warnock may have decided it would be easier for Varney to complete his medical at Leeds United’s training camp down south rather than travel north to Thorp Arch.

As for the player having his medical at Thorp Arch, all signs point to Jamaican midfielder Rodolph Austin. Leeds have been negotiating with SK Brann for a couple of weeks now with several news agencies now reporting that a fee has been agreed, leaving the Jamaican free to discuss terms and undertake his medical.

Elsewhere, a Norwich City site claims that Robert “Snoddgrass” is set to team up with former Leeds United midfielders Jonny Howson and Bradley Johnson at Carrow Road. “The word in Leeds” says it’s already a “done deal” according to the writer, although he does cover his bases by claiming there will be showdown talks with Neil Warnock before anything is finalised (which means it can’t possibly be a “done deal,” no?).

As luck would have it, I’m in Leeds today so decided to put on my journalistic hat on, step outside and put my ear to the ground. Whilst I heard absolutely no talk about Robert Snodgrass, I did hear what sounded like a herd of camels stomping their way through Beeston… I don’t know if that means anything, but it was certainly unusual…

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  1. Dje

    I could be wrong but I read Warnock’s earlier comments to mean that the two likely to sign today were irrespective of Austin who he said wouldn’t be with Leeds United ‘this week’. ie the one doing a medical at TA today was not Austin but another. (Even though Austin is likely to be queuing up for his medical today or tomorrow).

    Warnock from the LU site: “As we talk there could be two within the next 24 hours. We’re doing medicals on Monday afternoon so there’s more news on the horizon. We’ve got one down with us and one of the lads is having a medical at Thorp Arch and if that goes well we’ll complete that one.”
    The boss also confirmed that talks are ongoing with Jamaican international Rodolph Austin about a move from SK Brann, although he doesn’t expect that to be finalised during this week.

    Admittedly I did wonder if Warnock meant Austin wouldn’t be playing with Leeds this week, ie. down in the south-west, rather than actually joining us as a week to do a contract seems a bit reticent.


    Camels? The only camels I currently believe in are the one’s I see waving back at me from the mirage.

    • TSS

      Yeah, you could be right. Austin was just the one who immediately sprung to mind following reports in the last 24 hours or so. Wouldn’t surprise me if it was someone we haven’t been linked to at all.

      • mrbigwheels

        From mrbigwheels

        Have we been taken over?. Format change, Camels and all?.

  2. GrimeseyR63

    Could it be Peltier the Hudderscrap examiner reported on Friday that Pelts would be unlikely to sign for the Dog Botherers now and felt certain he would be signing for LUFC. ??? Any news on the sheikh over yet I will end Up being sectioned if i dont hear something soon !!

  3. Paul Daniels

    Based on Warnock’s previous comments I would expect at least one squad player, probably on a free. I am sure depending on his age will get battered on the message boards as a has been and past his prime. I have faith in NW to get the players he feels he needs to have a strong cohesive unit to push on for promotion.

  4. Jumblatts

    I agree with Dje with regards to one of them being Austin, I think that is a separate matter to the two Warnock is talking about. Could one of them be Peltier? last I heard about that was that we had agreed a fee and were sorting out personal terms…

  5. marcco62

    Warnock actually said he doesn’t expect the Austin deal to be finalised this week. Not sure why, maybe he can’t make it over here yet for some reason.

    • Ryanc123

      I believe it is due to getting his work permit, he is already over in Leeds at the minute (or rumour has it he is). We couldnt agree on the timing of the deal with Brann as they wanted him to play on Monday and we wanted him sooner, but on sundays game he got a yellow card which also gave him a one match ban in there league so apparently he was coming straight over.

  6. tommo

    the austin deal will not be finalised this week as he will have to go through a work permit visa with the government 1st. Other than that i have heard that the player at thorp arch having a medical was lee peltier but that was only from a udders fan/friend?

  7. marcco62

    Probably just being paranoid… but I hope the two medicals aren’t for players with no fee and the reason Austin is not joining this week (according to NW) because we haven’t got the money to buy him without selling someone.

  8. JB56

    Might Austin be sticking around in Norway for one last game? There was talk last week that Brann were keen to keep him until 01/08.

    • TSS

      He was booked in the last game, meaning he’s now banned for the next one – this should have sped things up.

      • JB56

        Apologies if this is asked twice (technical difficulties) – but I wonder if Austin’s work permit might take a week or two to sort out?

      • TSS

        Should be pretty straightforward, he qualifies automatically as a regular for the Jamaican international side. The deal will be sorted before that anyway.

      • Matthew

        So whats up with the comments system? Moderating comments now? Sorry if I was kinda vocal to some people recently, I do like to see a credible source for something being posted if asked, wasn’t trying to detract one or two people from commenting here.

      • TSS

        Not sure, it seems to be holding random comments for no apparent reason.

  9. Chris

    Looks like it Luke Varney. All over twitter/sky sports etc that he is at TA today. Phil Hay also tweeted it was him. Also signed a goalie from Portsmouth (Ashdown) and Andy Gray.

  10. Dave Vernam

    Sky6 news 12.09 today.We have made an official approach for Peltier.


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