Neil Warnock spoke to LUFC White Knights the other day, and spoke to Yorkshire Radio today following David Norris’ signing. There wasn’t much on Snodgrass leaving, though Warnock did tell YEP today that the amount of time the takeover is taking probably harmed his chances of convicing the Scot to stay. Thanks to occasional writer Colin for uploading a clip of the YR interview. Here’s the highlights:

Chuck Norris

I like the energy he shows and I’ve been a fan of him since he was at Plymouth.

I think the way we are at the moment, you can’t get enough players in the area.

He’s got an eye for goals. I’ve already mentioned Paul Green can score a few goals. I think Norris knows how to get into the box at the right time. I think with losing Snodgrass we’ve got to look at scoring goals [from midfield], even though I’m looking to sign strikers.

David always wanted to sign for us. He was hoping, and hanging on for us.

Icing On The Cake

We saw what Varney was contributing in a match last night against Bodmin. [Like Norris] he’s a good professional, and I think that’s what we need.

But we still need one or two as icing on the cake.

Rodolph Austin should be concluded soon, and we’ve got a couple of targets in sight. Then there’s a couple of areas we’re still a bit thin on and a few players looking to leave as well.

We’ve had enquiries about Paynter, O’Brien, and a couple of other players, so we’ll have a look at that as well.

The White Knights Interview: Replacing Snodgrass

We need to replace players like [Snodgrass] with top, top players.

At the moment I don’t think we’re good enough to go up, if we can get the 3-4 players we need now as the icing on the cake, I think we have a very good chance of playing to the top level.

It’s all about getting those 2-3 quality players now to give us what we need to get to the top end of the table.

Loan Market

[The loan market’s] always there, I prefer not to use it if I’m honest unless it’s the odd one. I think it’s very good if you want to get your player some experience or you want a talented player in cheap, but that’s not where we are. At my age it’s got to be done yesterday really.

Wages and Fans

But the money I’ve found out people have been paying players the last 2-3 weeks, it’s 3-4 times what we pay at this level. It’s astronomical really.

While I was told the demoted teams were slashing their wage bill, the money they’ve paid has been way above what we can pay.

We’re always up against it but the benefit we have is we’ve got the best crowd in this division home and away and I think we’ve got to take advantage of that.

I don’t think there’s a player I’ve spoken to that didn’t want to come to Leeds United because it’s a massive club.


Young Dominic [Poleon] scored a great goal last night, I thought he’s looked sharp in pre-season, I liked Sam [Byram] at right-back, he’s come through the ranks and done ever so well, but they’re a bit short of first team yet, but they’re good prospects.

NB: Warnock wasn’t considering the loan market or youngsters to replace Snodgrass, these were topics he was asked questions on.

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  1. Tim Campbell

    Funny thing about that interview tim is that warnock must be as bad with figures as I am. I’ve never been one to remember birthdays or anniversary’s but warnock is WORSE!! In one breath he says the icing on the cake players number 3-4 and then in the next breath its 2-3 – answers on a postcard please lol

    • TimPM

      Haha, tbf I don’t think my way of picking bits out helps at times. Think there was a sentence or two between that where he waffled.

      He said on another interview 2-3 and if he could get 4 that’d be great. So I’m guessing 3’s the number.

      • Tim Campbell

        DI’m trying to keep the old fashioned stiff upper lip thru the painful takeover saga, as well as the exit of snodgrass (and more than likely McCormack). I think it has to be admitted that the portsmouth players massively underperformed last year. The hope is that the opposite will be true this year. The next player according to warnock cud arrive within the next 24hrs – just who would we consider icing on the cake players, and who wud be available all comes into the mix, as well as the obvious money it wud cost. With our defence looking stronger its the flair match changer type of player we need in now. The next few weeks will define our ambition and realistically where we wud hope to finish in the coming season

  2. Captaincrash

    I just cannot see what system we will adopt – Green, Norris and Austin in the middle? two on the wings (from Varney/White/Rogers….) so who is in the hole behind Luc…Rossco? many parts here. Pugh and Brown better get decent cushions.

  3. Lychian

    I have allways liked NW for his judgement on players before his move to ER so I am living in hope he gets those ” 2-3 ” players he needs for our push….MOT

  4. Matthew

    4-2-3-1 is Warnocks formation, its not that hard to figure out.

    Ideally you’d want


    Austin, Green

    Varney, X player, White


    • Matthew

      Though I can see that changing if he doesnt have the players.


      Varney, Austin, Green, White

      Becchio, New Striker/Ross.

  5. Lychian


    Norris, Green
    Varney, White

    (in a 4-1-2-2-1 the latter 2 being outside wingers or inside forwards)

    • Matthew

      Aha.. nice one.

      What about this?


      Gradel, Norris, Green, White.

      Becchio, Beckford.

      Subs: Ashdown, Rodgers, New Defender, Austin, Varney.

      I would love that, and its realistic :)

      • Lychian

        I would play Austin above green or Norris tbh but that line up looks nice :-)

      • YorkshireBlue

        Kenny, Lees New CB Pearce Drury
        Gradel OR White Austin Green OR Norris Templeton
        Becchio McCormack OR Beckford OR New Striker

        bench; Ashdown,Brown,Pugh,Thompson,Rogers,Varney

        Looking at the first eleven, NW has lots of options, with the bench looking alot stronger than i can remember. Go get them 3 diamonds Neil.

      • Irning08

        Yorkshire Blue: He’s already got one (Nunez) or two (N.and Ross) diamonds. What he needs is a striker who can get behind a defence and a right back who can attack as well as defend, and then a lot of cushions for the players he’s signed whom we don’t need ie Gray, Brown, Norris or Varney. Trouble is his thinking doesn’t seem to run to diamonds…..

  6. YorshireBlue

    The whole re-building job (squad wise), take over, no players leaving until we have adequate replacements has an all too familiar thread to it. NW’s got a tough job on, especially as we have not seen one marquee signing yet. The next 3 to 4 signings need to be much improved on what has arrived thus far, and that is no slight on the new signings, i think they are proven at this level without doubt. Deja vu all over again, still will be driving up for the Shrews game, hope we don’t go 2-0 nil down like last time, seem to remeber Bobby Davison equalizing before we went down 3-2 to a Micky Thomas free kick? For once can we get something sorted before we cock up another season.

  7. Dje

    I notice Diouf is still unattached.
    Surely with his bad name his wages can’t be too demanding.
    And he said he’d be interested to come to Leeds (not all do).
    Not everyone’s family favourite granted, but a class act at this level.
    I’m just wondering if we are keeping him ‘en reserve’ for if/when McCormack goes.

    • TimPM

      TBH the way certain things have gone this window, if we couldn’t get Huseklepp or the Hearts lad or someone similar, I wouldn’t mind Diouf too much anymore if it freed up funds for a real classy striker.

  8. trueyorxman

    Has Snoddy actually left yet does anyone know? If so we need three £1m+ players in to give us even a fighting chance next season. Signings so far very underwhelming

  9. Mr Cynical

    How about this for a formation.
    A trialist, free, free, has been,

    Free, free, free, loan, free

    I’m sorry if I don’t share other suporters enthusiasm but these signings are poor. How can we achieve anything with the backbone of a Portsmouth’s relegation squad, mixed with a sprinkling of loans & free agents?

    • Matthew

      Several points.

      1. Portsmouth were relegated due to them having 10 points deducted, would of been Barnsley in their place if they wernt so poorly run from a finance point of view.

      2. Portsmouth with a mixture of bad luck and poor management, lost games.

      3. Portsmouth always gave us a good game and were effing hard to beat. Last Season we beat them 1-0 at home, and drew away. Season before, 3-3, 2-2. We don’t beat Portsmouth very much, that season we drew them twice we had the likes of Howson, Snoddy, etc in the team.

      • Matthew

        I liked it when the lights kept going out, I was like lol. Poor Pompey couldnt afford their electric bill.

        Anyone else remember said game? :)(Jan 2011)

      • Mr Cynical

        Yeah, I was there. That was my first visit to Fraton Park. What a dump it is. It won’t look out of place in League 1 that’s for sure!!

      • Matthew

        Indeed, anyway sorry if I didn’t agree with you but Portsmouth did have a decent team.

        Signing up their better players will only benefit us, I’m sure you’d agree.

    • AntonyMOT

      Im struggling to see who these loan/free agent players are? I don’t think you’ve been watching too closely, and also, even though Pompy went down, they didn’t deserve it. 10 points deduction as we all know is a big blow to a club in a financial low patch. I think NW has done the right thing bringing in a group of players from one team, they’ll have good cohesion and will mix in well with the likes of Becchio, White, Brown and Lees. I’m not saying we’ll be world beaters, but you shouldn’t knock his tactics before the season has even kicked off.

      • Matthew

        I think if anything the 10 point deduction knocked the wind out the club and players, and they fell apart.

        Their home record last season was also better than ours.

      • Mr Cynical

        Most players we sign these days are available for either a nominal fee, loan, free or a trialist. FACT! When was the last time Leeds made a real ambitious signing to get the fans excited? The signing of Andy Gray is so typical, and showed the calibre of player we are aiming for. Does anybody think even a tiny fraction of the Snodgrass cash will be re-invested in the team? No chance!
        I’m not saying all NW’s signings this summer are poor. I am sure he will do ok when you consider the stingy transfer budget, but he can only do so much with the players he has. If Leeds don’t start season strongly then it could be a season of struggle.

    • Bubionwhite

      What an apt name you have Mr Cynical … how about all of us optimists with loads of enthusiasm take you for a beer or two to try and change your mind?

  10. Killinghall1

    Snodgrass Leaving is a killer, and really I don’t feel that Howson and Gradel have been adequately replaced either. I’d be mollified somewhat if we could somehow wrest Beckford away from Leicester, but the chances of that are slim to non-existent. If McCormack goes as well I’m going to be as fucked off as I was at the start of last season.

  11. AntonyMOT

    There is a huge chance of Templeton signing, he’s in his last year of his contract and even though Hearts say they are in no rush, a player of that calibre can not go for nothing. So I would line them up as follows (if we do sign him)

    Lees Pearce Kisnorbo Drury
    Austin Brown
    White Norris Templeton

    Subs: Cranie, Green, Rogers, Varney, Gray. (Warnock doesn’t have a keeper on the bench)

    • ste

      he will have a keeper this season as the limit has gone back upto 7 subs

    • Dje

      I’m not that convinced by Templeton. I spend a lot of time in Edinburgh and whenever I’ve seen him play he looks over-rated to me. And he can’t get into a pretty poor Scotland side. I hope I’ve tempted fate.

      Hearts want £1m. I think we could get George Boyd for that and he’s proven at this level.

      • Bubionwhite

        With the money from Snoddy we should be going for both of them. Templeton looks better than some of the options we have in that role and it’s a pity he can’t get into the Scotland side, a bit like McCormack there then … perhaps that’s down to Craig Levein’s poor choices.

  12. simonwhite

    Portsmouth are a feeder team to leeds !. Leeds are a feeder team to norwich !. So who are norwich a feeder teamfor ? . Answers on a postcode. Will have to rename leeds leeds-port or portleeds.

  13. shauny b

    does any one know what the hell is happening with somma we missed the super sub last year

  14. Darragh

    Does everyone know there is 7 subs for the fore coming season…

    Craine Lees Pearce Drury/Pugh

    Austin Norris

    White (*Icing on Cake) Templeton

    Beechio/ Maynard/ Ross

    Think White really needs to be put in on Snodgrass old wing think he can do better with some good coaching…. Also need a good back up Defence

    • Morcar

      “Icing on the cake” may well be Lewis McGugan. Along with Peltier at RB and Maynard or Beckford up top. Yes Templeton could be Snodds replacement. So the probable team I think looks like this:-
      Peltier Lees Pearce (capt) Drury
      Austin Green
      Templeton Maynard Varney

  15. Heartbroken

    What a shambles!! Our only remaining quality player leaves and who can blame him.
    Did he want to play alongside Andy Gray,Adam Drury,Aidy White,Michael Brown,Danny Pugh or players like Varney, Green and Norris journeymen who have no right to ever play for our once great club?
    Did he want to play for Warnock and his “Lump It Long” boring pointless outdated football?
    Did he believe that a takeover/investment would ever happen,as he has first hand knowledge of the lies and broken prommises of Our Esteemed Chairman who will still be in charge when we play Wolves?
    He had had enough as should we. Our club is a joke and we as fans are a joke for believing things will get better soon!!
    Until Ken Bates is out of our club forever we are doomed.


  16. Litherlandwhite

    As we now have White & Green (as well as Brown) can I suggest the new signings will be Mustard, Scarlett, Peacock & Plum…Not a Cluedo!

  17. mikelufc999

    Am I the only one who is sick and tired of the whole effin business?

    Eunuch is determined to deliver shite football and earn another years wages at the expense of another wasted season.

    Additionally the new owners,if they exist are just as bad as bastard bates and if that was not bad enough there is a sufficient number of moronic fans who will support this bullshit so better to get out of this and keep a weather eye on things over the next year or 2 and hope the fans grow some balls or die off.

    • Chareose

      Varney isnt a patch on Snodgrass…..

      Warnock is trying to sugar coat the fans a bit i think………I think his previous statement was a bit closer to the truth “we need maybe 3 marquee signings” to be able to get promoted……… But we all may just disagree on what a Marquee signing is…… For me we still need a couple of players who have the ability to make an impact in the premiership, its that quality you need to get into automatic promotion spots.

      Theres no doubt our team is far more solid than it was and will probably be a lot harder to beat but for me we are lacking some of the natural skill you need in attacking positions…….

  18. mikelufc999

    Warnock is now saying he has replaced 3 million quid snoddy with 200,000 quid varney, he is a very astute dealer eh?
    Norwich must be right dicks………………………

  19. simonwhite

    Heard we are after jonny russel from dundee who is a quality and quicker player than snoddgrass. Hope we get templeton as well. Also heard we are in for maynard and a QPR striker . Come on warnock really want 2 quality wingers and 2 quality strickers and lee peltier , cranie and a great centre back. Ask snoddgrass this questiin why join a team that will be in championship season after while we will be in premiership. This takeover shud go thru the day we play preston after we have got the icing on the cake. !!!

  20. Marshymarsh

    After we get a 3-4 marquee players, i think we are ready to take on anyone in this league. We should all turn out in force on the 11th against Shrewsbury and show these new players. The reason why it is so speacial to pull on the white jersey. This would not only wet there appetite but give them a thirst for more.


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