The new away kit was unveiled earlier today and the reviews have been somewhat mixed, so here’s my personal thoughts and the chance to rate the shirt and post your own at the bottom.


– The colour. I quite like the sky blue, or Azura blue as Macron are calling it. It’s certainly an improvement on the horrific glow-in-the-dark number we played in last season, and I always prefer some shade of blue to bright yellow. The latter attracts far too many insects for my liking.

– It doesn’t glow-in-the-dark. I know I covered this above, but I can’t overstate how important that is.

– The collar. It’s a normal collar, one that doesn’t make it look like circulation to your brain is being cut off by your shirt (like the home kit). Whoever we sign to replace Adam Clayton can also do the Eric Cantona thing with it. He can, but he probably won’t.


– The shorts. I don’t really care too much about the shorts as I never buy them anyway. If such a day comes when Leeds United are having an extreme injury crisis and they need to call upon the Kop for reinforcements, they can take me in jeans and replica shirt or not at all. I’m sure they have a pair of shorts I can use in the changing rooms, but there’s absolutely no way I’ll be wearing a pair that looks like they took inspiration from the mudguards on old American muscle cars.

– Stupid cartoon men. I rattle on about this every time Leeds United unveil a new shirt, but come on, do Macron really think people will someday take them seriously with that ridiculous matchstick man plastered all over their products? It has to be the most ridiculous sporting logo I’ve ever seen. Well, except Kappa. And Le Coq Sportif. But definitely top three.


Let’s be honest, the monstrosity they released last season makes this incredibly easy to like. Short of releasing an all red kit, it really wasn’t possible to create anything worse. It’s sort of like playing Paul Rachubka in goal – the bloke from your local pub team could follow, he’s going to look good by comparison.

That said, I’d give this effort a solid 3/5. Get rid of the silly cartoon men, finish stitching the sides up and destroy the shorts, and Macron could quite easily have earned themselves a 4/5. And that’s better than it sounds, as there isn’t a single Leeds shirt since the 1970’s that I’d give a 5/5 to.

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