In the last 24 hours a few unusual culprits have assured me the takeover is reaching its final stages. Don’t shoot the messenger, we all know the number of rubbish rumours pedalled over the last couple of months, but interestingly these rumours from normally reliable people have coincided with the BBC’s Adam Pope’s latest conversation with the Bahrain Information Affairs Authority. According to the BIAA:

The best rumours had it that Sheikh Abdulrahman bin Mubarak al-Khalifa, a Leeds fan who tried to engineer a bid for debt-ridden Leeds in 2003, was the head of a takeover funded by an international consortium. The latest news will take individual concerns over his suitability out of the equation.

The BIAA, an official government department, have no apparent reason to lie or attention-seek. But YEP’s Phil Hay tweeted:

If the news is true, the fact the group would want to develop land surrounding Elland Road would point strongly towards the club being reunited with its stadium, which is available for repurchase for around £13m.