According to the Yorkshire Evening Post, West Yorkshire Police owe Leeds £1m from disputed charges for policing on match-days. As we wrote yesterday, Leeds’ board is happy to pay for policing on their property, but don’t believe they should pay for policing services on other property. According to the police, there will be an apocalypse with honest bobbies losing their jobs and fewer coppers in the community.

Absolute rubbish in my view. Police police, that’s their purpose (oh God, I’ve turned into Shaun Harvey). If they really do want to charge Leeds United for policing on property not owned or controlled by the club, how about they charge nightclubs equally heavily for policing what can become war-zones at night? How about the council starts taxing parents for the money to put in bumps, signs, and all the other crap that has to be put in outside schools? They don’t, there’d be an outcry, because it’s what the community as a whole pay taxes for.

Meanwhile, the Football Supporters’ Federation’s survey on policing and stewarding at Elland Road has shown that 54% of fans taking part think the police presence is excessive, 47% of fans think the presence of police makes trouble more likely, and less than 1 in 3 fans feel the police are approachable on a match-day.

But enough of that. Leeds are owed £1m and have just signed 4 players in 24 hours. Experienced Jamie Ashdown provides reliable cover for Paddy Kenny, Andy Gray adds competition to the strikeforce, Luke Varney adds a bit of quality up front or on the wing, and Rodolph Austin brings some pretty versatile quality to anywhere between the sticks and striker.

Whether it’s these four signings, seeing £1m coming into the club, or just the strange yellow burny-orb-thing making an appearance in the sky, Leeds fans have gone a tad delirious. First, we apparently threw aside our by now unbreakable cynicism to believe a rumour that the players had been told of a takeover and were having a piss-up in their hotel with the new owners. Then we heard Beckford missed his pre-season match at Leicester because he was “sick” and decided he was coming home (to Leeds, not Ealing) while Max Gradel Tweeted:

All ways leeds M O T

Suddenly it all made sense. Our owners really were being wined and dined by Ferrari at the Hockenheim GP this weekend, they’d enjoyed seeing Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso bring it home in 1st so much that they immediately flew over to the middle of nowhere to be with Leeds as the players trained in a surreal English version of Field of Dreams, and decided to reward us all for being such great fun, paying for Beckford and Gradel out of their back pockets… Nice one Fernando!

Okay, a few hours later, sunstroke subsided and re-hydrated, maybe not. Things are still ticking over though, Luke Varney’s move has finally been 100% confirmed, Rodolph Austin is taking his medical at Thorp Arch today, and Neil Warnock has refused to rule out his interest in West Ham’s Nicky Maynard, though he apparently hasn’t made an official bid yet.

It might not be up there with our sun-induced delusions, but it’s a strange feeling to see a Leeds manager spending money on good, proven players!

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  1. Gordo Strach

    A fee just agreed for Snodgrass with Norwich according to sky sports news!!!! Nightmare!!! Obviously doesn’t beleive in what Warnock is doing or the takeover!!

    • Matthew

      Premier league football vs Love of the fans + less money + Championship football.

      Gosh hard choice there.

      • TimPM

        That’s pretty short-termist though. Norwich is in decent shape, but there’s only so far it’s fan-base can stretch… It’s always going to be one of the 5 favourites for the drop because of that.

        I can see why he went, but it shouldn’t be that cut & dry in his thinking

  2. Paulxb

    Great news , we can now add the £1m from those greedy community charge payers of West Yorkshire with the fee just agreed with Norwich for Snodgrass….Way hay…happy days at Elland Road!!!

  3. marcco62

    NW said he had had his head turned and now proof of the pudding. No use crying over spilt milk. Lets just hope it’s a good offer and NW gets it all to bring in his other top players.

  4. rwhites

    Snodgrass will regret going to Norwich.
    Biggest mistake he will make just to meet up with some old Friends. While they battle relegation

    • Matthew

      Lol. I see this shit repeated on twitter and on random sites by fellow LUFC peeps. This simply won’t happen.

      Although Norwich keep stealing our midfield players, they’re players who are of high enough quality to surive in the Premier league.

      As said before

      Snoddy, Johnson, Howson, Kilkenny, Gradel.

      Was a high enough quality midfield to be a mid table side in the Prem. They have 3 of those players.

      • TimPM

        There’s more to a team of 11 players than 4 in the midfield. Howson, Johnson & Snodgrass also showed weaknesses at Championship level. In fact Snodgrass wasn’t as deadly once Gradel left.

      • Matthew

        No one player can perform to a high standard every single game, that midfield alone was the best in the Championship.

        Snoddy was a fking magician in the way he won us games we didnt deserve to win.

        Even without Gradel, he was the best Winger in this division by far.

    • Lee B

      It’s so depressing – after a busy summer of transfers, all we’ve got in are grafters and squad players. No real quality.
      We only have 2 players with genuine quality (apologies to Becchio, Kenny and Pearce) – one is on his way out (Snoddy) and the other will follow him out soon (Ross).

      And I thought that things might just have been on the up…

      • Matthew

        You’re speaking out your arse now, and repeating the shit that gets spewed on twitter without seeing these players play with your own eyes.

        Pretty much every player Warnock has signed has been better than what we had before in each position. These are decent enough players, and players that will prevent a 3-7 mauling from Forest from happening again.

        Hell our defense has never looked this good in ages.

      • Lee B

        Thanks for the insult – just what I needed.
        And no, I’m not on Twitter or any other social media, so these are my own opinions (and I’m entitled to them).

        I agree that all of the players signed are better than what we already have, and up until today I’ve been quietly optimistic. I’ve seen some useful battlers added this summer and been hopeful that we just might add the odd player of real quality to the small amount of quality that we already have. But no, we’re selling our best players AGAIN.

        Whilst we will be much harder to beat, if Snoddy and Ross go (assuming we don’t replace them with similar quality), then I don’t know where the goals are going to come from.

        Will Aidy White turn out to be a better provider of goals than Snoddy?

        Will Andy Gray score more goals than Ross McCormack?

        Without these 2 we will have no craft/guile/quality and will have to rely on wearing teams down by being difficult to beat.

        I hope I’m wrong, but I haven’t seen enough improvement to challenge for promotion next season.

      • Dje

        Entirely agree Lee B. That said, there’s still a few weeks left and Warnock must have a dazzling £1m to spend now. All we need is a rapid period of hyper-stagflation.

  5. mrbigwheels

    Well I can see the Big Picture quite clearly…

    Obviously Mr Snodgrass can’t.
    Monday evening on the pitch said it all for me.
    If he doesn’t go to Norwich… he’ll go PL.
    He doesn’t want to be part of Leeds United.

    Unfortunate if SSN is correct… but let’s move on and build a team.

    • Irving08

      I think Snoddy could do better than Norwich – although Hughton is an excellent manager – but he is now 24 and I would understand him if he felt that this was the time to move to the Premiership, rather than gamble on us getting promotion in 2013. I would also understand Warnock agreeing to sell him now if this is necessary to complete his methodical reconstruction of the squad. That being said, his departure would leave a big gap to be filled, not least because he is the type of player who, when he is at the top of his game, is worth the entracne fee alone.

      • Dje

        Massive gap in my mind. Especially if McCormack goes too. At which point we are really looking like a Sheffield United squad c. 2002.

        I’ll be sick if he goes for the paltry £2m. Such a waste.

        I can’t blame Warnock in the slightest over the Snodgrass saga. Really, what more could he have done? I have to blame the lack of ambition the club has shown over the last two to three seasons in keeping decent players such as Beckford, Gradel, Johnson and Howson. I was reading last night that a major decision to go to Norwich for Snodgrass was to link up with his old midfield pals Howson and Johnson. If they weren’t there and talking up life in East Anglia then would he really be so keen to be off? I doubt it and I’m sure he’d have stuck around to January and a better club coming in.

      • Lee B

        This is the Bates legacy.

        How can anyone at the club feel positive about the future when the best players keep being sold.
        This is 3 captains in a row, FFS…

      • Irving08

        According to my LUFC Scottish acquaintances from the Wetherby area, Howson has been working on Snoddy for months. Now I can see why the bucolic life might suit an easy-going village lad like Howson, but it’s hard to see the appeal of Norwich, in particular, for a big city boy like Snoddy. I hope for his sake, at least, that Lambert comes in for him. For ours, that he stays, of course.

      • Dje

        I’m pretty sure the club will be touting him to Villa, Everton, Fulham, you name them – anything to get a few more hundred thousand for him.

      • MattBB2

        Snodgrass will regret choosing a bottom feeder of a club like Norwich, and to be quite frank both player and club deserve one another. Norwich sem to enjoy taking advantage of us as a feeder cluib, while they have their 15 minutes of fame, and Snodgrass has been deeply disrespectful to Warnock and the fans with his comments. Sure we agree with his distrust of Bates, but he ought to have given Warnock 4 months of the last 12 of his career to prove we might be on the way up. Hughton wont keep Norwich up – who cares, we move on now, and hopefully buy Templeton from hearts, Maynard or an as yet undiscovered gem.

      • TimPM

        I lived in Norwich for 4 years. I agree with you Irving, it’s hard to see the appeal!

        In fact I turned down an opportunity because I didn’t want another few years there. Crappy little place.

        And football-wise, it’s doing well for itself, but I’m not convinced they’ll be Prem for long?

  6. Chareose

    Well the club needs to explain if the motivation for this has come from the player or the Club. If its the club im going to do my nut………..

    shit pre-season so far if you ask me,,,,,,none of the players we have bought or been linked to are remotely as good as Snodgrass

    • marcco62

      The club will just say the usual, he wanted to leave even though he was offered a good new contract, last year of his contract blah blah blah. Will be more interested in what Snods has to say (if anything)

      • reddo

        Snoddy wont say anything, he wanted to leave and its that simple, you cant keep a player against his will, good luck to him, but i hope we pass him on the way up, cos in my opinion this is the biggest mistake he’ll ever make. If they don’t want to wear the shirt sod em,didn’t Cantona go for pennies, we cant be held to ransom Leeds united are more important than individual players

    • mrbigwheels

      Reasons to be un-cheerful… part 3.

      Warnock has made his position quite clear over a long period, but he is only the manager.
      So has RS at the… meet the fans evening and then been totally silent.
      Fact… RS has engrained the anger of Bates… unfortunately

      Don’t forget Bates still owns this club and may well continue to do so if all these negotiations go ‘tits up’ at the last minute.

      There are other factors to consider that none of us know presently and it may well be that we have new investors and Bates retains his 37% and doesn’t leave.
      This is quite feasible, a massive reason for RS to get out now and ‘be free’.

      We will not be so lucky if Bates stays and some seem presently happy to ignore that option.

      • Chareose

        We dont really know whos decision it is do we ? And even if its the clubs we cant expect the truth. The only person likely to be Honest is Warnock. If Snodgrass wanted to leave then…..fine. If it turns out to be more of a clouded issue than that then Im a bit disgusted with the clubs lack of ambition….

        So far we have seen an influx of veterans. Theres no guarentee that Austin will be a world beater (as shown on you tube)…… This is no critiscism of Warnock as i think hes doing the best he can having to sell to buy and after inheriting a natural dispondancy amongst the fans and players….

      • mrbigwheels

        Warnock speaking now Chareose reference RS.
        You said he’d (Warnock), would be honest and I believe we’re getting the truth.

      • TimPM

        Of course we say £3m for Snoddy, but that doesn’t take into account some will be addons.

        Someone said £1,5m plus the rest based on appearances. Probably just made up, but also not likely far from the case imo. Then you’ve got to add in if the agent takes anything away, tax?, etc.

        Doubt we’ll see anything like £3m even if that’s the figure personally.

      • Dje

        I read it was £1.5m upfront. I think the last word is key and is why we have sold now and not in January when he’d still be worth about £1.5 upfront or not. We remain skint and I refuse to believe this is likely to change anytime soon until proven otherwise.

  7. Jacko

    Snodgrass to Norwich. What a laugh. What is he ever going to win with them. Snodgrass a right plonker if you ask me. Leeds is a much bigger club and although we are not premiership at the moment it will not be long before we are. I would’t mind so much if he had gone to a big club to be fair. But Norwich?

  8. Chareose

    P.S lets see if we can purchase another high quality right winger at twice the price of Robert Snodgrass………….

    It does not pay having to replace good players. In the end it costs you

  9. marcco62

    NW on LUFC site saying he has been wanting to leave for weeks. Guess Leeds got the best they could for him and now its time to say goodbye and thanks. I know its the usual LUFC line but I don’t have NW down as a bullsh&tter.

  10. oldschoolbaby

    If you take Pearce out of the equation the average age of the new acquisitions is 31. What worries me is that NW`s personal ambition, of gaining 8th promotion, is becoming confused with the club`s ambition which has to be promotion with a number of individuals in the ranks who can potentially play at, or develop into, PL level. If the Snodgrass money has not already been spent I would like to see it invested in promising youngsters.

    As for Norwich, whilst I rate Hughton he definitely isn`t the highly astute, deeply impressive equal of Lambert. That patch of grass is not necessarily greener at all.

    • Irving08

      Yes, I agree on everything. The Warnock worry has been there from the beginning. I don’t think he will change the short-term thrust of his acquisitions. Perhaps now he will view McCormack as the diamond geezer, though.

      • Chareose

        I completely agree….there seems to be the short term vision from Warnock as opposed to the long term vision the fans are looking for. I hate to say it that could have come into the reckoning as far as Snodgrasses decision is concerned,

        All I see is leeds fans saying “norwhich wont stay up”…..thats a big assumption and based on the type of players we are signing I cant see leeds united getting promotion LET ALONE staying up !! Atleast Nowhich are trying to look to the future by signing fairly young players who can develop and adapt………

  11. Dje

    Anyway… moving on with despair… replacements anyone?

    Here’s two cheap (cos we wont be spending big!) replacements. Koren has a £500,000 buy out clause with Hull City. He’s 31, so not ideal but an instant fix if we lay a version of 4-5-1.

    Either that or Peterborough’s only-man George Boyd is still transfer listed with one season left on his contract (sound familiar?!) – and should be available with something either side of £1m. Would fit in well with 4-3-3.

    Other suggestions?

    • Irving08

      Boyd, until he got bored, looked a class apart this season at Elland Road.

      Now Snoddy is all but gone, Warnock might think he can afford him, football-wise too.

      Our need for a player with panache is pressing.

  12. Matthew

    Looks like the Snodgrass words about ambition were a load of bullshit. Guy states he wants the club to show ambition, then turns tail and goes off to Carrow Road.

    Can’t be a money thing, club have offered him a pretty high wage deal(Something like 15k a week?)

    Sorry but this is fucking disgusting.

    Good luck to the guy, good player, but his heart obviously wasnt with us.

    • Dje

      Sorry, but what ambition has he been shown? McCoramck is off, we’ve barely replaced like for like and still have no answer to the hole left by Gradel, Howson or even Beckford. With Snodgrass going we have no out and out Premiership players.

      • Matthew

        We’ve improved the team already. We took positive steps forward instead of backwards, and he fks off to Norwich.

        Sorry I cant respect the guy for that.

        We dont need Premier league quality players for promotion. Proven by the fact in our first season back in the Championship, we were incredible with our league 1 assembled side(Crappy defense aside). Sure we fell apart at the end of the season due to Bates not investing but damn dude, we were awesome for a time.

        You need smart signings and players willing to work their arse off to win games, like Warnock has signed.

      • Dje

        No we haven’t improved the team. Which of our new set is better than Gradel or Howson. Of the half-striker we’ve signed, Varney, is he really better than Beckford – a player who has played at a higher level and scored more than him. Where is the wowo factor of ambition? Kenny – nope. Pearce and Green – decent Championship pros, but nothing to believe promotion is on its way. Drury, again, decent Championship player but couldn’t really offer anything in the Premiership. Varney – hotshot gone wrong who is now looking for a second kickstart to his career.

        This is not denigrating these players. I am looking forward to seeing them excel, but there’s no proven track record to convince me that we’ll be in the top two come January.

        At best we are stalling, but we aren’t really forward from what we had after we got promoted from League One two seasons ago. That’d f*** me off if that was Snodgrass. Two years to see if we could pick up the pieces. Sure, a billionaire might fly in and fill our team with classy players in the next couple of weeks but I’d put more money on seeing pigs flying first.

        As to not needing Premier League players, that’s rubbish. The gulf between the Championship and the Premiership is legendary and is incomparable to the step between League One and the Championship.

        All the hard work in the world will not be sufficient to get us promoted.

      • Matthew

        Improving the team = Improving what we had.

        Right way to judge things. Gradel and Howson are gone, its unfair to compare, it’d be like comparing our former Premier League players to our Championship side(The side we had after falling from grace).

      • Matthew

        Forgot this point.

        Not needing Premier League players for promotion isnt rubbish. Not wanting to repeat myself here but quite a lot of teams have been promoted from this league without having a Premier league quality side, thats what I was clearly talking about.

        >The gulf between the Championship and the Premiership is legendary and is incomparable

        What the fk? Being in the Premier League doesnt automatically make you miles better than the teams below you in the Championship. Hell we kicked QPRs arse twice in their promotion season and they still struggled after bringing in a ton of players.

        Trying to one up me for whatever reason is making you speak out your arse just a bit buddy.

      • TimPM

        Don’t think he’s trying to “oneup” you Matt, he just disagres.

      • Matthew

        Came accross as disgreeing for the hell of it to be honest.

        I was right that you dont need to assemble a squad of players from the Premier league to go up, plenty of teams can build a solid side of league 1/Championship players and go up, even Norwich, Southampton, and others in recent years have done this.

        Southamptons entire side were from league 1 when they went up.

        Unless hes missing my point, I am correct though.

      • Dje

        Matthew. Yeah, as Tim says, nowt to do with one-up anything, I just fundamentally disagree with you here (and am I tired of the reactionary stuff to players when we sell them – that’s not necessarily your fault, hey-ho).

        You miss my point about Gradel and Howson and Beckford (and Johnson whilst we are at it). They are not only what we had but who Snodgrass played alongside. All of them have gone on to better things and on all counts Howson and Johnson remain good friends with Snodgrass and as such this must be glaringly obvious on a weekly basis (and they can sell him Norwich). We haven’t replaced that calibre of player, and this is of course going to be glaringly obvious to Snodgrass that he’s the odd man out, the last decent player standing.

        I don’t understand your comparison of Premiership players we had with our Championship shit teams of 2005-6, as surely that it comparing a team on the down whereas you are saying we are on the up?! I agree we had to sell players then so it was inconsequential to compare them simply on playing strengths – so I didn’t – but aren’t we supposed to be onwards and upwards and no longer needing to sell our talent at the first hustler that comes along? I was comparing the momentum of our League One winning squad that we let go without a powderpuff fight. It is was embarrassing then, it is embarrassing now, I refuse to defend it by blaming greedy players.

        Thanks for selecting to edit out the meaning of my sentence: “As to not needing Premier League players, that’s rubbish. The gulf between the Championship and the Premiership is legendary and is incomparable to the step between League One and the Championship”. I take it was an accident/misread. The gap between League One and surviving in Championship is minor (a point you make and I agree with), but the gap between the Championship and the Premiership is massive – as reflected in average season high odds of at least one if not two out of three teams going up coming straight back down each season.

        As to teams needing Premiership quality players that comes down to ambition really. Either you want to be strong enough to go up and stay up on your own right or chance promotion and accept the likelihood of being a yo-yo club. I agree there is no guarantee, just as there is no right to it, but I really think our club needs more purpose than this. We can’t expect to get promoted to the Premiership without a single player of that calibre. There is not a single team that has gone up from the Championship to then entirely replace their first XI for the Premiership once promoted – it simply doesn’t work. If it did, that’d be the common transfer policy of the Championship and no one would think about paying Premiership wages for possible Premiership players. Instead you at east a dozen teams in this division outpacing us on transfers, wages, and ambition.

        As to beating QPR the other season back. We beat them, true. Th eElland Road game, when we were half-decent was excellent. Hat’s off to them. But the final game of the season when we beat them at their place 2-1 – you have to recall they were already promoted and we’d just blown our chances of reaching the playoffs: so it is a very hollow laugh. And, more importantly in our ‘onwards and upwards’, how did we get on against promoted Southampton and Reading last season? Played 4 lost 4.

      • Chareose

        Theres something in common with almost every team thats been promoted to the premiership in recent years…..almost all of them have atleast a handfull of players who are good enough for the Premiership……. When you look at teams who stayed UP then it becomes even more important that you buy players who have that potential or are young enough to learn and adapt.
        Of our current squad, Id say Pearce, Kenny and at a stretch Green could potentially do a job in the Premiership. They certainly wont excel like i suspect Snodgrass will…… I have no idea about Austin and neither will you until you see a few months of him playing. Norwegion football and you tube doesnt prove anything to me other than possabilities….

        So it comes down to us having a far more solid defence but a really weak backline and unfortunately a solid defence is pointless with out a good attack………just ask portsmouth !

      • Dje


        Got to be our kids for the future I reckon. At the worst we can sell them for a few million in a few years time. Got to feed the cycle – or else Norwich will be pissed off.


        Sorry, mate – I missed your bit about Southampton and Norwich going straight up from League One to Premiership without recruiting. They didn’t. My memory of Norwich is a bit hazy but looking at it and they signed regulars: Crofts, Fox, Surman, Ruddy, Simeon Jackson, and Wilbraham (who admittedly was a only so-so).

        Southampton have a youth academy that is far more productive than us, one that can produce an Oxlain-Chamberlain who they sold to Arsenal for £15m in the summer they got promoted from League One. That money was used to bring in top fullback and assist whore, Daniel Fox (£2m), midfield maestro Jack Cork for about £600k (he chose them over us, bet he is kicking himself now), defensive lynch pin Jos Hooiveld for about £1m, Tadanari Lee who looked great until he got injured, midfielder Steve De Ridder and of course Billy Sharp for about £3m – who frankly they would not have got over the line of promotion without his goals at the end of the season.

        That team would simply have not gone up without buying Fox, Cork, Hooiveld and Sharp. On reflection, selling Oxlain-Chamberlain to use the money to buy these players and pay for their reasonably large wages was astute. It bought promotion in a team that few – yourself included – consider as home grown and all about momentum. Ironically when our youth asset sale was Delph. Where did the £6m go? Certainly not the way Southampton played it. And the Gradel, Howson, Schmeichel money? Nope, gone without a trace. Our one remaining jewel is about to be sold for pittance and it will not buy success like Southampton found. We are second fiddle and deserve the piss taken out of us.

      • Matthew

        The core players of the Southampton side, and the squad that got them where they were, were all players playing the side from their league 1 days, Lambert, and quite a few others.

        Yes they strengthened in the Christmas window, however they were pretty much there as far as promotion went.

        Norwich were the same, a few minor recruits sure, but the core aspect of their side were all league 1 players.

        Covered all this with my

        >plenty of teams can build a solid side of league 1/Championship players and go up, even Norwich, Southampton, and others in recent years have done this.

        They recruited league 1/Championship level players and went straight up.


      • Matthew

        *were all players playing at the side

        Correcting a minor mistake.

        Think that clarifys my point as I dont want to repeat myself.

      • TimPM

        Yes but you say you don’t need “Premier League quality”. Well, there’s a difference between a player who’s played in the Premier League, and a player who has the quality to play in the Premier League.

        Leeds had “Premier League quality” and we’ve now sold most of it. It’s not an easy thing to find, maybe we’ve found it in Pearce, maybe we’ve grown it with one or two youngsters, but we’ve lost it and we need to build a team out of it again. That’ll take time.

        I agree, you don’t need ex-Premier League players, but I don’t agree that you don’t need players capable of playing to Premier League levels. Just look at Southampton, like Dje said strengthening with Jack Cork and Billy Sharp as soon as they went up, and that was added to Barnard & Lambert. All I’d say pretty able to mix it in the Premier League. It was the likes of Lambert who made the real difference for them last season. Those key players who just prove too much to handle and can win you say 10 points just by their talent. Two players like that can be the difference between 7th and 2nd.

        That’s maybe why Warnock’s talking about 2-3 real quality signings now. Because you do need quality to overcome the other 23 teams.

      • Dje

        Come on, you are being disingenuous with Southampton’s transfer activity. Only Sharp signed in January. Cork, Hoisveld, Fox were all first team regulars and De Ridder was their super sub. That is more nearly a third of the starting XI team when you factor in Sharp for the final third of their season. I wouldn’t belittle that.

        Of these incoming players Cork was an ex-Chelsea starlet, Fox had played for Chelsea and Burnley in the Premiership, Hoisveld and De Ridder had been playing in European leagues and competitions, Lee was a hotshot form the J-League, and Sharp turned down Premiership bids to join Southampton. Sure, we’ve picked up Drury and Kenny from the Premiership – but the lads Southampton picked up were at the peak or early stages of their careers, not the fag end of them. But then I’ve not been arguing that only players with Premiership experience count. Far form it, just that of the players we have brought in only Kenny (so what) and Pearce (an unknown in our squad until we play a decent opposition, let alone the Premiership) maybe might be able to do a job there. Had we not sold those players who evidently can do a job there: Snodgrass, Gradel, Howson, Johnson and arguably Beckford I would say we are in a good-ish position and more of the same please. But as Gary Cooper was saying to tonight, you compare our League One winning team and what we have now and there is no comparison, we have gone backwards.

        There’s a crucial difference between Southampton and especially Norwich and Leeds too. Southampton only sold Oxlain-Chamberlain after getting promoted from League One. They kept their squad intact. Norwich released no one. We let Beckford, Johnson, Kilkenny, Schmeichal, then Gradel and Howson go with almost no return. You can’t retrospectively say we would have gone straight up if we had held on to those players, because simply put we didn’t and we don’t hang on to our better players. We are shit at that game. As we shall find out this season, you do not make a promotion winning squad entirely from scratch in one season. You need some foundations, and certainly more than Becchio, and no-quite-certain where to play them, Lees and White.

  13. Matthew

    Seems like Norwich fans are laughing at the WACCOE posters on their forums. And find the reactions hilarious.

    I dont use WACCOE personally, but it sounds like comedy gold is being posted there?

    WACCOEs gots some Canaries that need shooting down.

  14. number1inyorkshire

    snoddgrass was never gonna sign lets be right he has had plenty of time and good money was offered and he was made captain .,he will have been getting texts etc from howson ,johnson and has had his head turned .
    if we get 3mill then its good money for a player who i personally do not think is as good as leeds fans think .
    And he is going to a team that many think will struggle this season .
    All our players can be replaced and that includes snodgrass .
    is it 6 signed now and all are an improvement on what we had i would take posh’s boyd for snodders

    • Chareose

      lol every player we have sold “isnt as good as we think he is”………snodgrass is exactly what i think he is ! A youthfull but talented international calbre footballer who has potential to improve further if given the oportunity. Assuming that this take over isnt happening he could well have made the right decision for his own career because now he will be seen as a premiership footballer and if norwhich did go down hed simply get snapped up by another top flight club.

      • Dje

        You have to say it casts some real doubts about the existence or lack of resources about a takeover. As I said a few days back, it is inconceivable they didn’t sanction this transfer if they are about to takeover the club.

      • Chareose

        With Leeds my worst nightmare always seems to come true………you know those nagging and slightly cynical doubts you have……..the only one I have left is that the take over is a load old bollocks. That will be the next one……..

  15. Irving08

    I haven’t felt this bad about one of our players leaving for another club since Tony Currie upped and left for QPR in 1979.

  16. Tyler75

    Really disappointed with Snodgrass – he was offered a significant pay hike, was captain of the club and was given an out by the Manager if in January we were nowhere near promotion, when his price would have dropped dramatically and he could probably have been in a better position to choose between offers. Norwich will struggle without Lambert. Its interesting that if he’s as good as we think he is, that only Norwich came in for him for a relatively meagre fee by Prem standards.
    The plus side of course is that Warnock has extra funds to get his ‘major’ signings in. I can’t believe some of what I has been posted above, Warnock’s re-building has been swift and structured – it reminds me very much of how Wilkinson re-built the squad and has parallels with Warnock’s restructuring of QPR – I’m sure some QPR fans would have been questioning ‘journeymen’ signings such as Kenny, Derry and Clint Hill in the pre-season before they walked promotion to the Prem.

    • Chareose

      And you notice Cooper said that he suspected that the deal for Leeds had been on the table for sometime so they couldnt understand why Bates regime hadnt accepted it………..

      Could it be Bates wanted to cash in on Snodgrass first or has decided to hang on for more money ?

      Personally i took Coopers careful comments as subtle confirmation that he was in communication with the current buyers

      • Dje

        I agree, I think it was a guarded way to speak to the fans over more that he knows. But if the club knew the new board wanted to hang on to Snodgrass (because they valued their chances of promotion this season) then Bates has just given them every reason to walk away or at the very least cut £3m off the offer for the club (which I doubt will go down well with Bates). It hardly sounds cordial.

      • Chareose

        god i hate Bates…..hes obviously determined to wreck yet another season aswell…… I suspect DJE that Snodgrass has got wind of the delay in accpting the takeover deal and thats what made his mind up,,,,,,,,,,,,, If we dont get taken over……well i dont know what ill do but ill sure as hell not put any more cash in Bates pocket, no offence to warnock but the long term future of leeds united is at stake

      • Gordo Strach

        I think the players have been told that its off. According to Cooper a couple of weeks back sources close to Snoddy said he was happy to stay and fight for promotion. You think if we were being taken over by some folk with cash he’d leave for Norwich!!! The fact that its off is the reason he walked!! Why always us???

      • CHareose

        but why though ????! Why is it off ?! I hope the club are bloody petrified of admitting it

      • TimPM

        Just one thing. I haven’t read much about his negotiations today, and I’m not ITK etc.

        But these are the facts as I know them:

        Norwich bid for Snoddy, and were accepted by Shaun Harvey on behalf of Ken Bates.
        Snoddy is now talking to Norwich.

        Those facts don’t tell us Snoddy had a change of heart, and don’t tell us anything else. He’s talking to a Premier League club after having an offer accepted for him…

        I was in Norwich when Howson signed for them. The story I heard then was that Howson had been told by Grayson to sign for Norwich. Simple as. Somebody wrote something about George Graham on a similar subject in the Guardian that makes for interesting reading.

        Maybe Snodgrass does want out, certainly would seem that way from the club’s PR. But then the reason we think he wants out is that Warnock repeatedly says he’s got his head turned. Well Warnock has a squad to build and Snodgrass will bring enough in for 3-4 good players to be signed. Warnock’s ruthless, would you put it past him to make this up, get rid of Snoddy, and then wave new signings in our fickle faces like a parent giving his kid another lollipop?

        As I said, no idea about all this, but I wouldn’t be so quick to believe everything I’m told by the club.

      • Dje

        Good point Tim. As you indicate, the only thing that has changed is that the club has accepted an offer. It’d be a different story if we had refused and Snodgrass had then put in a transfer request.

      • Irving08

        Tim: Spot on – Cooper, in his Talk Sport interview, gives the impression that Snoddy still wanted to stay to help us win promotion in 2013. My aense now is that it is the club that has made the decision to sell him. And the only reason I can see them doing this is that, in their twisted logic, they think it is the only way Warnock can be given the money to get additional players. Otherwis it is a massive vote of no-confidence in Warnock himeslf.

      • Irving08

        The only conclusion one can come to is that Bates does not want to let go. Having listened to the nauseating comments of Dews and Buchan on YR tonight, I bet a few people at Elland Road are jolly well hoping he doesn’t.

        It’s the first time I have heard Dews speak, but I was taken aback by the man’s ignorant and coarse manner. Bates has obviously built a regime in his own image.

        Now as regular posters know, I am not sold on the idea of a Bahreini owner, but at least he and his backers should bring a bit of class back to the Elland Road set-up.

  17. Tyler75

    I think if its definitely off not only Snodgrass but Warnock would be gone – he certainly wouldn’t be bringing in new players. An easier explanation is Warnock’s i.e. ‘his head was turned’ plus he’s hardly endeared himself to Bates and we know what a spiteful old bastard Ken is. Personally, I think its just taken longer than expected to unravel the complexities of Bates’ byzantine ownership structure; the recent court case won’t have helped either. While Warnock is still around making positive noises and players keep arriving, I remain optimistc !

  18. Colin

    Amazed at some of the stuff on here. @Matthew – you reckon this team is good? No chance, it’s awful. Believe me, if any of our new signings had a sniff of getting a gig at Norwich they wouldn’t be here, they would be in Norfolk. Snoddy has been treated like shit for years. It’s not about money. He’s on a poor wage right now, he could have taken an okay wage here, but he’s been fed the same shit from the board and the manager that he’s heard for years, and the same shit that was said to Beckford, Howson, Gradel etc. He’s given the Manager enough time and he’s told him that he wants to see evidence of a team that’s going places and Warnock has not delivered. He’s bringing in more wank and Snoddy’s had enough of it.
    We’ve signed Andy Gray, 34, a free transfer having been released by Barnsley. Bollocks.
    We’ve just played Tavistock and Bodmin (9 leagues below us).
    Norwich have just played Hertha Berlin and Celtic.

    That’s how far the gap is between our clown outfit of a football club and Norwich City.

      • Colin

        Thanks Dje. I’m just narky because we’ve just forced our best player out of the club (AGAIN!!) and it upsets me. It doesn’t hurt as much as Jonny’s departure, probably because we’ve been through the pain of the Jonny departure and now we’re used to it.
        This current board/management really doesn’t deserve us fans, it really doesn’t.

        And Warnock can stick his comments up his arse as well. “Snoddy’s head has been turned by Jonny…I’m disappointed.”

        I’m pretty sure Neil, the fans and board of Crystal Palace were pretty disappointed too when you left them when they were dying on their arse and going into admin and you didn’t “have the stomach for the fight.”
        Seems your head was turned by QPR and their millions??

      • Dje

        I really thought the Snodgrass would turn into a pure Beckford/Howson January-time affair of will he/wont he … will we cash-in/risk let him go for free. That is the road of the romance of football speculation wanders down, aka the pricktease, but I guess we don’t even have the class to lead our fans on with that these days. As you say, they ‘really don’t deserve us fans’.

      • TimPM

        Warnock promised fans Snodgrass would stay until January at least.
        Shaun Harvey accepted Norwich’s bid.

        Warnock didn’t. This is just Bates trying to be as malicious as possible before leaving because he’s messed everything up and like a petulant child has to blame and spite everybody else.

      • Colin

        Chances on McCormack staying? Nil
        Chances on Warnock starting the season? I’d give you 50/50

      • Colin

        So either Warnock lied or was usurped by his own board?

      • TimPM

        I thinkso Colin. Must admit, Warnock’s no angel but I feel pretty sorry for him. When you look at him talking, and he says how much work he’s put in, he seems pretty genuine.

  19. Gordo Strach

    If you were interested in buying a piece of property. You asked the owner to give you a couple of weeks to look over things. Then in that period the owner of the house goes and sells the shed out the back!! As a prosective buyer you would get the hump. You wanted the house and all the bits that belonged to it! You wouldn’t want to deal with the owner again. Snoddy is our main asset on the pitch and has been sold under Bates’s ownership!! The takeover is not happening! Bates has more cash in then we’ve spent, we are fooled again!! Only guys that could replace him would maybe be Whittingham from Cardiff or at best George Boyd

    • Dje

      Could be right, Gordo – but the fallout from this will be toxic. I’m wondering if Bates will buy himself a few more years of bleeding us by dressing up the takeover with some stooge set up as the new chairman and Bates saying he is retaining a minor share interest and disappears into the shadows. Cue the ‘new club’ registered in more tax exile domains, no apparent investment, same old lies just in a funny accent, and three years down the line it comes out that “oh, Ken is the major shareholder afterall and yes he owns ER and TA.”

      • Gordo Strach

        Sounds like Bates’s type of accounting/ownership practices all right!! Maybe we might be surprised yet with some signings?? I’m actually going to start saying a few prayers now for this takeover!!! Another day of refreshing newsnow ahead!! Lets get promoted!!!! MOT

  20. Gordo Strach

    To all Leeds fans!! Sometimes the night is darkest just before the dawn!!! Lets stay positive and win promotion!!

  21. tim campbell

    The only reason i don’t think that bates wants to hang on to the club is because he knows that if he does therewill be hell to pay. Hell hath no fury than a yorkshireman scorned; and theres only so much scorning us leeds fans can take. As with all things in life there is always a ‘tipping’ point, or in other parlance, the straw that broke the camels back. Heads on pikes might be a little extreme, but i said it before, attendances will plummet; and the hatred can only grow deeper. This really is kenneth bates esquires last roll of the dice!!

  22. maddaz

    well as a long die hard leeds fan im startin 2 get really dwn about the club i love why oh why did we let ken bates takeover.All the leeds fans wants is the truth so why r all the papers talkin about this so called takeover if u cant tell ur facts stop printin things what arent true so get ur facts right first before printin things.I read in the sun paper the thake over wa supposed 2 be done an dusted on tuesday it not wright.An as ken bates is concerned be a proper man an take ur cash an move on let my beloved leeds move fwd an upwards ive cn all the bad times i just want the gd times bk again. An i really think the way they treat simon grayson was a disgrace how can he not bring players in wi no cash yet neil warnock comes in an he gets all these players in even warnock cant bring miracles 2 our club just prayein things r guna change


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