Neil Warnock today confirmed that a deal had been agreed for Leeds United to sign their fourth player from Portsmouth this summer.

Jason Pearce, Luke Varney, Jamie Ashdown and now David Norris will all be lining up at Elland Road this season as the Whites single-handedly try to lower Portsmouth’s wage bill and save the club from liquidation.

Earlier today, Portsmouth’s situation was described as “critical” by their administrators who list seven players Pompey must get off their books before the 10th of August if the club is to survive.

Alongside David Norris, the club must also find new homes for Greg Halford, Erik Huseklepp, Liam Lawrence, Dave Kitson, Tal Ben Haim and Nwankwo Kanu.

Elsewhere, Neil Warnock has admitted defeat in his bid to keep Robert Snodgrass at the club. The Scotland international is expected to complete a £3m move to Norwich City within the next 48 hours.

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  1. Tim

    hey TSS are you on waccoe reading the TOMA thread? people in mass hysteria haha

      • Tim

        yeah i know haha, but everyone is starting to believe the whole takeover thing is a Bates masterplan to destroy LUST.

      • Captaincrash

        Getting harder each day to believe it is just a straight take over pending due diligence

    • Sean

      Halford yes maybe as a utility player as cover (Lees better than him at right back IMO but a decent centre back and can also play in midfield) – but not Kitson (surely the end of the road for him now) would prefer some of Snodgrass money spent on Bothroyd or Maynard to be honest.

      • TimPM

        He played on the wing. People slated McCormack, too, because he hadn’t scored much in his last season at Cardiff (due to often playing out wide) now they’re desperate for him to stay.

        A 1-4/1-5 strike rate from the wing… who else had that… oh yes, Robert Snodgrass.

  2. PompeyDan

    I love how you make it sound like you’re doing it purely to help us !!
    Although of course I am greatful. Stephen Cullen – I agree Halford would be a good signing but Kitson is awful. I am a season ticket holder and do most away games and i can tell you that he is one of the worst players in our entire squad. His wage demands are astronomical too. If you was to look to poach maybe one more I would say Huseklepp or Lawrence would be your best best. Good Luck for the coming season. PUP.

    • TSS

      Written largely tongue-in-cheek mate.

      Wouldn’t mind Halford, we’re short at full-back too so Warnock may stick a bid in for him.

      Good luck to Pompey too, we’ve been in this situation ourselves and I wouldn’t wish it on any club. My fingers are crossed for your survival.

      • sean

        Same here, agreed. I think every Leeds fan I know feels Pompey’s pain having been there seen it and done it (got the t-shirt). Pompey fans are loyal, vocal and passionate about their club – what Gaydamak and Chainrai have done to your club is morally repugnant (Harry spending beyond his or the club’s means wasn’t too clever either) – so many similarities to O’Leary, Ridsdale, Krasner and Bates I could weep for you. Here’s hoping your supporter’s trust get the break they (and all you guys) need and hoping the players walk away without looking back to give you a chance. At least you have Trevor Birch – a guy who loves football and is as smart as a sixpence.

      • LeedForLife

        Mine, too, TSS. Pompey is a fine old club. It would be deeply saddening if they didn’t pull through. Money b*gg*rs football.

        It does sort of concern me that we’re picking up so many players from a squad that was anything but successful, but we know all too well how much off-field problems can bring the morale of the team down, and we have to have faith in Neil Warnock to select suitable players for our promotion push.

        Just hope we sign someone exciting to replace Snoddy. But Norwich??? They’ve lost the manager that took them where they are, and they’ll be fielding our 3rd Division midfield, which doesn’t say much for their ambition or credibility. I think (and hope, to be honest) they’ve peaked and they’ll be struggling in the bottom half of the PL this season, and Snoddy isn’t making a wise move.

  3. IrvingO8

    This is all too depressing for words. It looks like we will be pretty much dependent on Aidy White’s runs for our thrills next season.

    • TSS

      If the creative/flair players are to be added to this, it might not be as bad as you think. Warnock has bought the experienced, reliable types so far. If he can add to that with some genuine quality, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

      Losing Snoddy is a massive – and unplanned – setback though, which has me very worried at the moment.

      • Irving08

        It won’t be the same though. It feels just like Blackwell with a difference. Still I promised I would be open-minded and I agree all is not yet lost.

      • Colin

        I agree Irving08. The players who really represented Leeds – our ‘stars’ if you like, have slowly been sold one by one. Jonny, Becks, Snoddy excited me. I’m not enthused by the current crop. Our bland lineup looks like the bland line up of any token Championship club.
        And isn’t Warnock doing exactly what Grayson did? Dismantling a team and starting again, rather than keeping the quality and building on it. And in addition, selling the quality players and not replacing like for like. I know Neil keeps talking about needing a few marquee signings, but we’ve been waiting for those to come for years. Neil reckons he’s going to get them in less than a month? Good luck.

      • TimPM

        I was always really attached to Yeboah, Bowyer, Vidukes, Radders when I grew up. The years when they all left and we had to put up with crap journeymen were tough. I really enjoyed watching Max, and the privilege to see a massively underrated player wear the Leeds shirt, to see Howson Snoddy etc. was great too. But I suppose all things have to finish eventually.

        The trick is making new memories like that. We don’t know how good the next lot are so it’s natural to feel down about them leaving. But then BJ was from League2 or something when we got him, Beckford was non-league, Snoddy came from the back of beyond in Scottish football, Kilkenny had been serving loans at Oldham…

        I’m not exactly overwhelmed by our incomings, but just because they’re not from the best teams around doesn’t mean they won’t be the same as any of our old players. Here’s hoping, anyway!

      • Name*

        But Tim it’s hard to be philosophical, when you’ve feel you’re seeing history re-run. Cast your mind back to 1985, when an exciting team of youngsters, no less and possibly more talented than the recent bunch, was sold for peanuts, to be replaced by a squad uncannily resembling the one being assembled this summer. That squad in turn had to be dismantled by Wilko in order to win promotion. Yes, drawing hisorical parallels can be a demoralising exercise…..tragedies and farces come to mind.

      • Bubionwhite

        Lee Peltier, David Templeton and a quality striker of NW’s choosing (Maynard, Mickael-Smith) and keep hold of Ramon Nunez would do the trick.

    • TimPM

      Our “solid” incomings have been largely midfielders and defenders. Warnock’s left the striker and winger as “icing” so maybe, once Bates has gone and he’s got money, things will look up?

      • mrbigwheels

        Things certainly will look up Tim… but if many a man keeps dipping his head, seeking a height to end it all and looking over his shoulder to see if the past can still be grasped then…He will miss the sun coming up! and not be able to embrace what could be… Exciting times ahead I think…

      • TimPM

        Think my reply above shows I subconsiously took your point on board looking at it again lol

    • sean

      So we get rid of Loners and replace with Kenny and Ashdown. Out goes Bruce, O’Dea and Robinson – in come Pearce, Drury and possibly Cranie. Bye bye Vayrynen and Clayton – hello Green and Norris. See you laters Grella, Webber, Sam and Forsell – welcome Gray and Varney. So far I think the outs were right and the ins look to have strengthened the squad considerably. With Warnock hoping to also dispose of O’Brien, Connelly, Rachubka, Painter and Nunez (all correct decisions in my opinion and if they occur will open up more transfers) I think the transfer business so far has been pretty good with the funds available. When Snodgrass leaves I’ll wait and see who he’s replaced with before commenting on the whole transfer window (same with McCormack)

      • Irving08

        Disagree on Nunez – he has the talent to do the unexpected. Warnock should give him a chance, which he hasn’t so far.

      • Dje

        I’m inclined to agree, Irving. Surely Nunez has enough raw talent and flair to mould into a player of Championship quality over the course of his remaining THREE years on his contract.

      • mrbigwheels

        I think Warnock is being tactical on this one and he will stay with us.
        Very little interest in him at the mo’ and as I’ve stated before Warnock is good at ‘playing around’. Personally think Nunez will develop within his enforced retention if a good offer doesn’t come in for him. Anyone got a value for him?.

      • TimPM

        I’d be surprised if he didn’t get interest tbh. He showed at a pretty poor Iron side that he can do well if you build around him. He just obviously doesn’t fit into our team.

      • Dje


        It does seem that he doesn’t fit. But I still reckon a half season loan to a League One team would benefit him, We have to remember, in nine months time Warnock will be gone and we have to offer alternatives to our next manager. They might well like what they see in Nunez.

      • Matthew

        Speaking of Ross Mc. You have Palace, and Huddersfield fans all saying on their forums that hes signing for them tommorow, x day, day after that blah blah. Funny shit.

        According to some of the more recent posts on the Huddersfield forum, they expect him to sign tommorow(Friday) of this week.

      • TimPM

        Every player has a value. The quesion is, what’s McCormack’s? Especially if he refuses to sign a new contract?

  4. SI

    Guess we can’t really have a go at Norwich as much eh? Us buying Portsmouth players, but here’s the difference.. We’re helping a club is severe dire need!! Where-as we’re a well run (okay!) club in the black and running at profits.. needing to sell it’s best assets due to having an owner hell bent on taking money from the squad building pot to build pie-in-the-sky projects for us Yorkshire me?!?!

    Good to see we’re getting Norris after all the talk of it, even I didn’t believe much of it, nor most of what else is going or not going on as it is.

    Still, it’s not shutting me up with regard “What’s happening regarding this invisible takeover?” lol

  5. Arnie

    “Solid” is the word. We’ll be physical and harder to beat next season, but where’s the flair?
    Our two most talented players, Snoddy and Ross, look set for the exit door, while Warnock bolsters the squad with Championship journeymen. Norris firmly fits into that category.
    Norris, Varney, Gray, Ashdown – the list goes on – they must believe all their birthdays have come at once signing for Leeds.
    Does anyone truly believe we will get promoted with what we have (and what we are losing)? More importantly does Warnock believe it? He’s either very misguided or knows something we don’t.
    Even if the club spends some cash to replace the likes of Snoddy, we’ll just be standing still. Clubs who want to get promoted don’t flog their best players.

    • sean

      True enough and that’s the gamble isn’t it. Keep them, possibly get promotion and they re-sign (maybe) on new contracts because we are in the premiership or sell them for £4m-5m and use their transfer fees for other decent players (maybe). Let’s face it Snodgrass was offered the captaincy, a team built around him, a mouth watering contract, one year extension with a guarantee that he’d be allowed to leave if we weren’t in the hunt for promotion at Christmas – he just isn’t willing to take the risk for 5 months which amazes me if he truly loves the club so much. I have a sneeking suspicion McCormack is different though and Warnock really doesn’t rate him as highly as we do.

      • Irving08

        Snoddy needs to find out now if he can cut it aginst the best. I think he did love the club – as much as any player can be said to anyway – but he has to test himself before it is too late. It’s not that important to him, I surmise, who he is playig for; it is who he will be playing against that counts. I see him as one of our best servants of modern times. I hope Aidy White, Tom Lees, Pearce and the other younger ones, can now step into his shoes: chances are that they will be working under a more favourable regime.

    • Lychian


      I hear what your saying but I feel like NW is about 4 signings away from having a very good squad, capable of pushing for auto. The journeymen signings are still good players that are used to the championship. Snoddy wanted to go and we would have lost money on him like JB plus if he doesnt want to wear our shirt why keep him?

      Now if NW can get some pacey wingers and a good striker then I think we will do well……MOT

  6. Adrian Ward

    Trying to look outside the box, so to speak, all the players purchased to date didn’t cost the potential money we’ll get from the Snoddy sale. While this makes great financial sence, it makes the alleged takeover as mysterious as ever. However, if, in the next week or so we actually spend an obscene amount of money on one player(perhaps a million +)i would then be more confident that the takeover will indeed come to fruition. M.O.T.

  7. Tim campbell

    Its been muted before on this site, but the return of Gradel and Beckford would indeed be the icing on the cake and wud lift everyones spirits – theres one thing about this happening; I believe both wud bust a gut to play for us again. A no brainer in my humble opinion

    • Jumblatts

      I would love to see becks and particularly gradel back at ER, and i agree that both would love to come back, but i cant see it happening to be honest, gradel was apparently their best player towards the back end of last season, so they wont want to sell him, and leicester will be wanting silly money for becks no doubt, something which NW doesnt like to spend; hes more of a bargain bin type of guy, hence all the pompey signings

  8. Tyler75

    Glass half-full time.
    Warnock’s still here and he’s still spending money which suggests the takeover is still on.
    A midfield of Norris, Green, Austin and White would be significantly more formidable (and have more goals in it) than anything we fielded last season. We certainly won’t get overrun like we did far too many times.
    For good or ill Snoddy has gone and let’s wait and see the ‘icing on the cake’ signings NW has lined up – at a guess I’d say it will be Peltier, Templeton plus one of Maynard or Bothroyd. It won’t be Beckford, his wage demands are too excessive – Gradel would be a dream.

  9. markman

    how come none of our players seem to have sell on clauses.
    eg snoddy,howson etc.

  10. Illiya

    I think we can all safely say that if Warnock brings in Lee Peltier, Maynard and a flair winger or two – we ‘should’ be looking good for at least a promotion charge.

    Maybe not automatic but I personally think we’ll be one of the most difficult teams to beat in the Championship next year.

    His back line is the best we’ve had in ages – the Snoddy thing made me angry and I had a small fit of rage but if he doesn’t see what Neil is trying to build or he generally doesn’t want to play for us anymore then fine.

    I think Warnock has identified at Leeds who he wants to move on – maybe Snoddy was a trouble maker – we don’t know for sure.

    I’m not confident about the takeover but I am confident in Warnock. I personally think he’s the best signing we’ve had in ages. Watch this space.

    Plus, Halford for me would only be a stop gap – waste of budget. Let’s look down a league for some youthful talent perhaps. That was my biggest criticism of Grayson – lack of ideas – surely there must be plenty of good ‘young’ talent who want to play for Leeds and cheap.

    Just like we all said Grant Holt and Ricky Lambert we’re class in League one – did we try sign them – nope. The is talent out there.

  11. Captaincrash

    Green, Norris, Austin (we hope) a potential tough/combative midfield. Pugh and Brown in reserve. But… if we then play Luc and two wide players (White/Rogers/Varney…..) that means no body ‘in the hole’ behind Luc (Rossco)…? just struggling to see the system he will play to be honest.

  12. The Drurys still out

    If we can get peltier, Russell, templeton, mcgugan and a beckford type striker I’ll be very ooptimistic of going up …peltiers probably the worst player there but he’s got to be ahead of lees at right back and lees isn’t bad there at all….most important now to get right back sorted, maybe a centre half but would like to see lees and Pearce in the middle!

  13. Paul South Wales

    Snodgrass was always going to leave, be it now, Christmas, or next summer. In a strange way i’m glad it’s happened, as I got fed up with worrying when it would happen. NW must have a suitable replacement in mind, he’s not stupid. He stated he would have loved to have kept him, but secretly must have had an inclination he was outbound. What will be interesting is who he’s going to draft in, in his place? He is a master in this league and will know exactly who we need (and will have known for the last month or so). I still (rightly or wrongly) feel optimistic about the coming season. He has filled the squad out with reliable solid pro’s, now we need to add the pace/flair players to complement them. Some big signings are on their way!!!

  14. Smudger

    Would Gradel seriously consider coming back? Have things not gone well since his move?


    • TimPM

      They’ve gone well on the pitch. Not sure why people think he’d be a realistic target? He tweeted he’d always be Leeds, but that means sod all!

  15. Matthew

    Said this on the other post but will repeat

    Warnock isn’t one to lie about things like this, he said and I quote, ‘“I offered him the best contract he’s ever had and the best contract the club’s offered anybody for the best part of a decade. ‘

    This must be around 20k a week.

    People forget that Warnock is the most outspoken manager in English football.

    I’m not blaming the club or Ken Bates for this situation. Sorry but it sounds like a seriously incredible contract was put on the table, Warnock wouldnt lie about that. He was fully prepared to make him the highest paid player at the club by far, and he snubs it and fks off to Norwich.

    Time to move on me thinks, his heart wasnt with us.

    • Tyer75

      Agreed Matthew. Snodgrass is a talented boy no doubt but he won’t have a team built around him at Naarwich or be the first name on the team sheet or be lauded like he would have been at Leeds. He could have made history with us have a permanent place as a hero at a proper big club – instead joins a team, that devoid of their inspirational Manager will have a long slog of a season in front of them with a new Manager who has got a track record significantly inferior to that of the Manager of the club he’s leaving !It’s also interesting that the budgies were the only ones in for him. Onwards and upwards !

    • Colin

      Matthew – what’s your point? If the money was on the table and Snoddy hasn’t taken it, then it’s not about the money is it? He was given assurances by Warnock. THEY WERE NOT DELIVERED. Snoddy had enough of being treated like shit and left. Simple as.
      Warnock didn’t have to let Snoddy go, he’s got a year’s contract left. Snoddy didn’t even have to go so far as to put in a transfer request, Warnock just let him walk OR WAS TOLD that he was going to be sold irrespective of what Warnock thought.

      And you’re right, Warnock is the most outspoken manager in English football. He’s also the only manager to start the Premier League in the stands with a touchline ban, because when he was Sheffield United manager in one of the last games of the Championship season, they played Leeds United, and Grahame Poll heard him say that he would “break Gary Kelly’s legs.”

      He’s definitely outspoken…and a wanker.

      • Matthew

        Expected you to twist this into something that paints the club out to be the ones at fault and not Snodgrass.

        If not you, someone else.

        Warnock has been improving this team, the players he brought in were decent additions to the squad.

        He offered Snodgrass a very high paying contract, one that would make him the highest paid player at the club by a fair mile.

        He tried to sell his vision for the club to Snodgrass, he turned his back on the club, and the fans when Warnock wanted to take us up to the Premier league.

        Warnock, like the fans has had nothing but praise for him and wanted to build a squad around him, offering the kind of money most players would only dream of in this division along with it.

        He, in the end turned tail and with a single act of fuck you to the fans and the club, signed for Norwich.

        Sorry, in this case its not the clubs fault, or Warnocks, or the fault of Ken Bates, the money was there, on the table that would easily see him earning a million pounds a year with us. He refused it.

        His heart wasnt with us anymore. Simple as, no amount of money or players would of changed things, he wanted to leave.

        Good luck to the guy, best Winger in the Championship, well technically not as hes a Premier League player.

        Pity some fans have to spout bullshit defending his actions though.

      • Matthew

        Anyway I’ve moved on from this.

        Knowing the kind of money he was offered, the respect the fans and manager have shown for him, the fact he left knowing this.

        Sorry but talking about this with you will only result in a disagreement between us.

        Because clearly someone will chime in saying

        Bates is the devil, killing the club, blah blah(This is true) but nothing to do with the Snodgrass thing.

        Then someone will say blah blah, clubs fault, ignoring the fact Snodgrass had a shit ton of money offered to him to stay.

        Hope we bring in a few decent replacements for him. Players that actually want to stay and push for promotion, no more dwelling in the past.

        Of course, people are welcome to whine like babies claiming the club are at fault for him leaving and how he was Leeds through and through(lol.. )

        Just looking at things from an objective point of view.

      • Colin

        Matthew, all valid points, apart from the Warnock one. If he said he wanted to build his team around Snodgrass (he did say that), then why let him go?
        If your Captain, you so desperately want, says he wants to leave, then why not tell him he can’t because he’s under contract and at least force him into putting in a transfer request?
        Neil Warnock didn’t. Why not?
        If you’re trying to suggest that Snodgrass is a greedy bastard, then you’re 100% wrong.

      • Matthew

        Because Warnock wants players who want to play for the club, and wanted to find his replacement if he desires to leave.
        (The Season starts soon, Warnock is a very to the point manager, he wants everything sorted and settled before the season starts, he has the clubs interests at heart there).

        You cant force someone who doesnt want to play for you or the club anymore to stay, no club does that, it would affect the teams performance and morale during the game.

        Every club in existance, if faced with a player who doesnt want to stay, even after an increased offer of pay, and 1 year left on their contract puts them up for sale. See Arsenal and RVP for example.

        Hard to say if Snodgrass is a greedy bastard, Im just disgusted that someone so loved and respected by the fans, and who was offered a contract worthy of staying has left, for Premier league football.

        Honestly thought the guy had pride in being a Leeds United player. Guess I was wrong, things were changing under Warnock, Bates is on his way out, this is the start of a new era for the club.

        As said, I’m looking forward now. Guy didnt want to stay, heart wasnt with us, lets bring in some new players, and win this fucking league. We’re Leeds United, believe.

  16. NottsWhite

    Agreed Matthew and Tyer75. Snoddy had no intention of signing a new contract, he teased the fans by claiming he was waiting to see what ambition the club showed and then went to a club that will struggle in the prem this season. I am not saying good ridance to Snodders as I think we will miss him, however NW could use the transfer fee to bring in 2 to 3 good players, possibly not as good as Snodders, but will improve the strength of the squad. No doubt Snodders was a game changing player however we relied too much upon him, as he was surrounded by dross last season, when he failed to shine the team underperformed. Perhaps we will rely upon the team rather than individuals this season

    • Matthew

      Well said, thoughts above.

      Hopefully the Leeds United of the 2012/2013 season will be an 11 man team, and not a team relying on a few decent players like last season, a team of players who will fight to the end, and will earn every win, and drawn, and feel the pain of defeat and show improvement everytime.

      No more dwelling in the past, lets bring in some decent replacements, and make a mark on this division next season, starting with a win over Wolves(Not counting cup games).

      We’re Leeds United and no one player is bigger than the fucking club, and not even Ken Bates can bring us down :)

      • mrbigwheels

        Am totally supportive of your viewpoints Matthew, Notts white and Tyler 75.

        Why oh why do some want to cling on to individual players who think they are the team and are adverse to changing the cozy groupage that seamed to exist at ER.

        In terms of our ‘star players’…If any of them wanted to be at Leeds they would have stepped forward and committed to a greater degree.

        Clayton was transfer listed for various reasons, so fair enough. He didn’t fit the proposed plan and apparently too individual.

        Snodgrass did not take up his vastly revised contract offer and couldn’t grasp the honour of becoming Club Captain.

        McCormack has not committed to a contract extention and his 19 goals last season is not the 25+ that I’d be looking for and I’m sceptical of him being able to produce that.

        This is a time that Leeds needs and will demand TOTAL COMMITMENT from all its playing staff… a TOTAL TEAM.

        The market place can never be bucked and whatever each player thinks their worth is in terms of skill, earning capacity and ambition they hold, that market will determine that.

        Snodgrass to Norwich?.
        Clayton to Huddersfield?.
        McCormack to Crystal Palace?

        Says it all… doesn’t it.

        I’ll support my Team, its Manager and those committed to Leeds.

      • Irving08

        Of course we have to move on and do so together. But we must guard against rationalisation and ‘sour grapes’ (adjusting preferences to fit expectations) for otherwise we will never learn from our unhappy experiences.

      • TimPM

        They’ve got a point though. He said he wanted the club to show ambition. Well we’ve a keeper who held his own in the Premiership, a fullback who was playing there last season, Pompey’s player of the year who’s on his way up and is only 24 or something, a talented looking Austin, solid Norris, Paul Green who Derby couldn’t afford, Varney who Holloway wanted at Blackpool when they were in the Prem at one point, and we’ve still not even had the takeover.

        If he honestly thinks Norwich is better for his career, that’s his footballing funeral. The bubble will burst. Meanwhile, we don’t have to justify a player who constantly slows games down, can’t cross and can’t run for 90 minutes just because he’s got a bit of flair.

      • Irving08

        Tim: If that is your honest view of Snoddy, then I do not trust your assessment of a footballer. As for the club showing ambition, here I would only partially disagree, but looking at it from Snoddy’s point of view, I don’t think I would find sufficient there to suggest that I would stand a good chance of playing against Premeriship teams in the 2013-14 season, even if I stayed. I am of course disappointed and even annoyed when any player of ours leaves to play against teams in a higher Division, but I always try to see their point of view too; and in this case I can see Snoddy’s.

  17. Rich Davies

    As a life long Leeds fan albeit an arm chair one my thoughts are that if the young wannabes clear off for better wages it’s only what we all do in our own jobs. But if these older journeymen come in with no aspirations of top flight football but a chip on their shoulder with something to prove we might just do it. Come on Leeds I was there in the champions league games and we have to bring those nights back for the young generation of Leeds faithful. MOT

  18. ScottMcGarvey

    Appreciate the goodwill towards Pompey. I remember well Leeds problems, and am very glad you’ve overcome them – wouldn’t wish the situation on anybody.

    Of course we appreciate the ‘trade’, and also understand the misgivings being as we underperformed (although did have the -10 points millstone around the necks for a good while, and the smallest squad in the entire league). But IMHO, you’ve got yourselves a corker of a centre-back for the future in Pearce – if he can progress at the rate he did last season – is very, very good (no frills tho’). Norris has proven he can cut it at this level, but we struggled to accommodate him, and made him play defensively – not his bag really. Ashdown is a more than adequate Championship keeper – a bit suspect on crosses, but an excellent shot-stopper. Varney we didn’t see the best of (injuries), but can play 3 or 4 positions, and is rare in having a left-foot. He just needs a run. But in a season’s time, I’d predict you’ll be saying you ‘stole’ Pearce. He has a big future, & is a 100% whole hearted player, who won’t let you down for trying. Best of luck with them. With the possible exception of Varney, they were all very popular down here – especially Pearce (Player of the Year) – and ‘Chuck’ Norris.

  19. Bluesman

    Losing Snodders is a massive blow, but he wanted out and there is nothing that anyone could have done to stop him – as NW said “He has had his head turned.” But this is going to be a new side and NW will bring in some realy quality, gutsy players, I feel sure. Lets keep the faith. Wish number one, Bates pisses off, Wish no 2, the new owners are supporters and sensible, practical busines people who will cherish the marque, Wish no 3, that NW gets reasonable funds to finish off making a very decent Championship outfit, which will push for promotion!!

  20. kiwiinoz

    I like this “portsmouth” move because these guys know each other already, thus we are less likely to be disjointed. RS is of no use to us with his mind elsewhere. I expect/predict a big big year with lots of players waning to prove a lot of people wrong. MOT from the Kiwi in Oz


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