Elland Road today

A week since the last takeover update from Leeds United and the agonising torment continues.

To say there has been little to speak of today would be a massive understatement. There was a bit of a frenzy caused by a Leeds escort agency just after lunch when they promised 20% off to all fans following the completion of a takeover, but with Ken Bates and his “slow arousal”, “plenty of foreplay” techniques, this is unlikely to speed things along.

Elsewhere, pictures of camels in carparks seem to be growing in popularity and the takeover thread on WACCOE has passed 2,300,000 views from people growing so incredibly desperate, they’re threatening to jump from the roof of the Leeds Hilton Hotel if the club doesn’t give confirmation soon.

The last real update came from Adam Pope on last night’s BBC Look North (below), but that only really reinforced what had already been said (Middle Eastern investors, completion imminent).

These things do take time and every passing day takes us that little bit closer I suppose, but it doesn’t make this whole process any less frustrating. When the best source of info is a hotdog vendor and some bloke claiming to be a retired football agent, things really are getting ridiculous.

Back to refreshing WACCOE/ NewsNow/ Twitter/ Official Site I guess…