The Supporters Trust met last Wednesday for the first time since the confirmation of talks by the club four weeks ago. You can read a summary on their blog, and a selection of quotes here. During the meeting the Trust called on Leeds United to release another simple update for the fans, who have been left in the dark for a month.

Speaking on BBC Radio Leeds the following day, L.U.S.T. Chairman Gary Cooper reasoned:

If we can take anything away from the media last night, in terms of what the fans would really appreciate, is something from the club. It’s not been a great season in terms of how fans feel about the club and it would be great if the club could actually come out and give us an indication of what’s going on. We don’t need to know the ins and outs, but it would be nice if the club would include the fans and be friendly to the fans.

Fans are desperate for news, they’re desperate for something positive. I would call on the club, please give the supporters some consideration and just a brief statement, just some acknowledgement of what’s going on would be great.

We don’t want to put a spanner in the works at all, that’s the last thing we want to do. But I think as supporters, the club must understand that this is of absolute paramount interest to them. What happens in the close-season is crucial to the future of Leeds United. In all honesty I think the fans deserve a little bit of acknowledgement and a short statement – we don’t need to know the confidential stuff, we don’t need to know the private ins and outs – but just let us know that something’s still happening still.

Get on and do it, but just think about the fans as well.

Meanwhile, speaking in a personal capacity, the Supporters Trust Chairman has said that the Trust had logged their information and actions with a fully independent third party, and that after negotiations resolve themselves, the third party will release the information.