I suspect the vast majority of Leeds United fans have spent their extended weekend in a similarly drunken haze to what I have, only taking time out to have their hopes dashed by the absence of fresh takeover news coming from the club before a “quick” flick through the 300+ page thread on WACCOE (where this thing all started in the first place) for any hint of credible news.

Unfortunately, there’s been an absence of anything noteworthy since Friday when the Yorkshire Evening Post reported that Shaun Harvey was set to fly home early from the Football League AGM in Portugal so investment talks could intensify this week. If you’re wondering why the English Football League hold their AGM in Portugal when at least a dozen of it’s members have the facilities to host such an event, join the club. Drunken holiday on the expense card seems the most likely explanation, but I digress.

Despite alleged interest from other parties, it seems the American’s are still in pole position as our most likely suitor. The Chicago based group/individual is still managing to remain anonymous, despite ongoing attempts from the likes of Phil Hay and Andrew Haigh to narrow down the list of potential candidates.

The club meanwhile remain uncharacteristically silent. The absence of Ken Bates’ weekly rant on Yorkshire Radio is something most Leeds United fans would have celebrated only a few weeks back, but in the midst of all this speculation, his silence has been incredibly frustrating.

There’s still some debate as to whether the term “long-term investment” should be read as an outright takeover attempt or someone looking to buy a stake in the club. For the most part, the media have been reporting events at Elland Road as a takeover attempt and the Leeds United Supporters Trust said the people they’d spoken to were interested in an outright purchase. Nevertheless, the rather ambiguous term used by Leeds United continues to fuel debate.

Frustration, absence of news and a slow start to the transfer window – it’s just another Leeds United summer, isn’t it?

Everything seems to be hinged on the outcome of investment/takeover talks leaving Leeds United fans, our players and Neil Warnock in complete limbo. Whatever happens in the coming days and weeks, it’s imperative that the club doesn’t lose sight of our ultimate goal – creating a promotion winning team for next season.

If you’re struggling to keep up with recent events, the story so far has been summarised brilliantly on Leeds Online.