Just what would Ken Bates make of Robert Snodgrass’ comments earlier this week? Snoddy clearly feels as though he has the whip hand in that particular relationship, and made a series of comments the like of which I haven’t heard since – well – since I last read a discussion on this very site.

Clearly peaved at the latest truckload of Bates propaganda concerning his ambitions for Leeds United (That’ll be mid-table in the third division, but with a smashing stadium and Travelodge) he let rip.

Bates last week described the Snodgrass deal as nearly done, but Bobby Snods thinks otherwise.

“The Chairman is trying to put a bit of pressure on me and hes telling me what plans he has for the club

“But they told me the same sort of plans the season before, and it didnt work out  so it’s hard to buy into these things again”

To quote Roger the Alien of American Dad Fame – `this kitten has claws’

A vote of no confidence in Bates plans, and Snods goes on, unimpressed by Neil Warnock’s promise to broker him a deal to the Premier League should they fail to gain promotion this season

“He has already said he won’t be sticking around much longer. Who knows whether he has one or two more years left at Leeds?

“It’s alright for him to say he could get me a move, but if he leaves the people above him in the football club are not going to worry about what he said”

“My future doesn’t lie in the hands of Neil Warnock, it’s in the hands of Robert Snodgrass”

So it seems much like the thousands of us who have decided not to turn up to Elland Road any longer whilst Bates is in charge Snodgrass too has had enough. He’s watched one (albeit good) signing come through the gates this summer, followed by F.All, F.Air, Z.Ilch, N.Body-Else et al.

Reading NewsNow is depressing, but not as depressing as the Official Sites humdrum notices of season tickets on sale or friendlies against Non-League Non-Entities.

Snodgrass has spoken out before about Leeds lack of ambition especially the short-sighted sale of Jonny Howson, but this summer hes going to see a repeat. Out go Clayton, White and McCormack – just what exactly are the club trying to do? If this is a rebuilding job, they seem to have started by dropping an atomic bomb on the foundations first.

Speaking out against the chairman didn’t work out for Ben Parker, Bradley Johnson, or even the quietly spoken Howson. Well actually it did – they’re all arguably better off now either in the EPL or miles away from the Bates propaganda machine.

Snodgrass smacks of a player not just throwing down the gauntlet, but actively taunting the club to discipline him, he knows how valuable he is to them either short term in terms of a transfer fee or longer term. Managing a staff member like this is a huge challenge for any boss. A talented colleague or team member who has no belief in you either has to be turned around, or removed.

Snodgrass; comments have surely been read by Sam Allardyce, Alan Pardew, Roberto Martinez and Neil Lennon, if it isn’t a message to try and sign him then I dont know what is.

It’s a shame that this situation has come to be, I think Snodgrass is very much like us all – disaffected.

The YEP report that we are struggling to raise £400K to sign Joel Ward, and whilst I’m not sure how accurate that is it seems a fairly specific assertion. How the hell else will we sign anyone with what appears to be a treasure chest full of IOU’s?

Will selling Paynter, Nunez, O’Brien and co raise us much? Of course not, maybe if we get some cash for Clayton that would help but it won’t sign us 5 players. If we’ve let Sam, Bruce, Forssell, Parker, O’Dea, Robinson, Vayrynen all go surely their combined weekly wages for the past month must come to at least half the sum needed for Ward?

Same old question? Just where’s all the money gone that’s been saved on players leaving and player sales? Where’s the money gone that we spent on season and match tickets or merchandise? Most of all, where’s our ambition gone? Over to you Ken Bates.