Warnock in interviewNeil Warnock used his regular Thursday press conference to confirm his commitment to the Leeds job, update the press on his budget talks with Chairman Ken Bates, contract talks with key players and his desire for action on the transfer front.


Team News

Brown’s out with a suspension, Clayton’s back. [O’Brien] is training fully but I don’t know if he’ll play this season really.

I still want to see three or four lads start a game. So there will be two or three changes.

Broad Shoulders

It’s frustrating because I’d love to have a [home] win, but I’ve got to think longer term now. My back’s broad, we’re not playing well.

I’ve been surprised how much support I’ve got from the the fans, taking it on board that there is drastic action needed and if I’ve got to look at 3-4 players I think I have to do that really. It’s not the results that are going to keep players at the club next season, it’s how I see them performing in these last few games.

Home form will change once we sort the team out.

No Money For Old Rope

It probably will be the toughest job I’ve had in my life. But I’ve had a couple of meetings with the chairman this week and… having had those meetings I do feel that I want to try to put a team together for next season and give it a go. I don’t want Leeds to think about me as a team that’s just playing out the season. I want to see people look at my teams when we’ve got something to play for.

Irrespective of anything I just feel like taking the challenge on if I’m honest, because of the support I’ve had from the fans. If the fans were negative or if I thought the fans didn’t believe in me then I think it would be easy for me to walk away.


I’ve spoken to the chairman a few times this week.

I know what I need, I’ve told the chairman what I need. He’s trying hard, as hard as he can, to give me what I’ve told him I require.

I was very pleased with the chairman’s reaction when I spoke to him. He listened to what I said and he obviously has his own ideas as well.

We’ve gone through a list of players at the club. Ticks and minuses. And I think he realises where I am.

Mental Strength

It’s not just about money, it’s about getting the right players in with the right attitude who can play at Leeds. It’s not just a normal club, Leeds. You’ve got to thrive on a big stage and you’ve got to have that certain kind of mentality.

Transfer Blitzkreig?

We’ve already started. I’ve already told the chairman of 3 or 4 players I’m looking at and I’ve spoken to agents on a regular basis and I do feel we’ve got to get cracking as soon as the season ends really. And that’s why I’m hoping we get the first one in almost immediately and then as soon as possible some of the others.

You can’t sign all those players in the space of pre-season.

Things are happening all the time behind the scenes.

No Old Boys

I’ve not even spoken about anybody I’ve worked with before.


We made Aidy an offer. I’ve spoken to him since we made the offer and I think his father’s coming in to see me on monday with an advisor.

I’ve spoken to McCormack’s and Clayton’s agents but we haven’t given them written offers yet, but that will come.