Adam Clayton grows his hair a bit and becomes a lot more like Scott Parker. Darren O’Dea dons a bandage and becomes a lot like vintage Kisnorbo. Michael Brown sees Neil Warnock and remembers that he used to be Michael Brown. It’s a world of transformations and rediscoveries at Leeds right now.

The agent of change has evidently been the rediscovery of back-to-front chasing, harrying and discomforting, via the Championship’s pass master at that old game.

Solidity had returned in a way we haven’t seen in years before this fixture, and throwing the grizzled warrior Paul Robinson in for his debut didn’t exactly suggest we were about to get less hard to beat. So it proved.

Every inch a ‘Warnock side’ from the first minute, played out to belting noise from an also-rejuvenated terrace choir, Leeds also managed to make light of panic in some quarters about whether we were ever going to score a goal again.

Great work from Aiden White, clearly getting used to being a right-sided midfielder, set up Snodgrass to bang home the first, a powerful but straight right-footer past a frankly horrid attempt at goalkeeping.

No-one was fooled that his right peg, that you’d be forgiven for thinking may someday wither away and die due to underuse, has transformed into the clichéd ‘wand’.

The goal, though, was no less than Leeds’ play deserved in the opening exchanges, which had seen much threat but not quite a magical touch from the impressively position-revolving Becchio, McCormack and Snodgrass.

Very little attempt should be made to fix whatever O’Dea has done to his head. After being flattened by Jutkiewicz, the man that allowed both Ipswich and Celtic fans to have a hearty laugh at my expense post-signing and has done little to let me have the last laugh since, transformed into the bandaged leader of a barricade that Boro barely had a sniff of smashing.

In fairness, this may not be solely bandage-related: this transformation has been coming, as illustrated by our meagre concessions in recent games, but what looked on paper a testing afternoon was pretty much nulled. Emnes was kept quiet – a quick route to killing the entire team it seems – and without calling the fates out, we seem to have quickly lost the panic and Keystone Cops elements that have plagued all efforts at progress in the last three years.

A gift from Justin Hoyte, via McCormack’s persistence, quickly provided the second and last goal of the match. It would be fair to say that in recent times, Ross may well have been tempted to take on the shot from a silly angle after breaking clear on the left of the area, but today it was all head-up, do the right thing. After that, it’s a cinch: Becchio stabs in an archetypal Becchio goal.

Luciano may well have transformed back to the player he transformed out of when he cut his hair the first time, with first-rate hold up play, some nice touches and the goal, inevitably slightly dented by a few too many of those back-in-and-dive-unconvincingly moments he favours. But hey, Becchio is Becchio. Some things just don’t change.

The second half saw Middlesbrough get a bit more motivated in their typically empty stadium, but other than a header into the side-netting, an uncharacteristically Rachubka-esque fumble by Lonergan in the 96th minute and a few probing escapades from their brilliantly-named and handy-looking sub Bartholomew Ogbeche, they didn’t look like bothering the boys in blue.

The change in commitment at the club was epitomised by how Adam Hammill was dealt with, as compared to horror-shows in very recent history when he was a Barnsley player. Allowed the freedom of Yorkshire then, he was today denied a millimetre to work anything; his neutering typified by him shooting out for a throw mid-second half.

Boro were reduced to ten when Barry Robson unsuccessfully tried about four times to elbow Adam ‘Scott Parker in his head’ Clayton in the face, but it didn’t really alter how doomed any hope of a comeback was. Leeds still had chances, albeit largely from range, and the full-press never let up. The fans seem convinced, with the most vociferous Only One Neil Warnock yet bellowing out towards to death. ‘Colin’ is well and truly winning the battle for some of the most suspicious hearts and minds in the business.

Make no mistake – this was a pretty rudimentary victory against an apparent automatic promotion-chaser. The better side won, and Middlesbrough are flattering to deceive as much as they were when they were swarming with second-tier Brazilians.

But hell, we’re Leeds, so we need something to worry about. Erm, well you can hold on to the threat that our Executives’ dithering with Redfearn for four games could see us fall agonisingly short again, even if this turn-about continues. But if you can keep the natural tendency towards doom at bay for a bit, it just might be worth keeping on believing.

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  1. Ron_Galea

    I don’t want to be critical of Grayson posthumously, however it is clear his defensive managerial skills are lacking when you see what Warnock has managed in the last few weeks. I hope SG looks back and learns something from an old pro. A great 3 points away. When I looked at this month a while back, I was thinking four defeats. If we can take 7 points I think we can really make this interesting.

    • Tyler75

       @Ron_Galea I agree – I totally supported Grayson as I thought he never really got a fair crack of the whip from Ken but what NW has done defensively with more or less the same players is illuminating to say the least; as is SG’s continued ability for his teams to throw away 2 goal leads. 

      • TSS NoEvidencedSubstance

        @Tyler75 @Ron_Galea I never supported SG and I was slated on this site for saying so he is inept at this level!!

      • TSS

         @TSS NoEvidencedSubstance  @Tyler75  @Ron_Galea That’s because you’re an idiot that will be slating Warnock too before long. Get behind the team for christ sake. 
        PS. That account is blocked – post under a proper alias, or don’t bother. 

      • mattbb1

        dont half seem to have attracted either some total nutjobs or else those in the pocket of bates to this site of late. Are we part of some mop up of `dissidents’

      • Tyler75

        No its just Harvey with too much time on his hands.

      • mattbb1

        you do wonder if they are actually sending these guys out to commit damage to these sites and try and influence readership. Pathetic really.

      • TimPM

         @mattbb1 I highly doubt it. If they were, I’m sure they would be doing a far better job of it. Just looks like your bog-standard troll TBH. Best thing to do is ignore him.

      • number1inyorkshire

         @mattbb1 most of us are lucky enough to sing from the same song sheet ,however on a site like this disharmony or differing opinions are part of the appeal ,away from the regime like reporting and opinions of the official  sites and papers etc .
        i for instance as were others on the need to get rid of grayson quite vociferous and have been on Bates numerous times ,aside from his name i don’t get what evidence substance has done wrong or is it just me ..
         Bates has been called every name under the sun and rightly so he ,was right when he said they don’t like it when i call the few morons back .there was the same debate ,about LUST being banned from E R .
        i love a debate and banter and as long as its not offensive, it should encouraged without getting on the band wagon and been equally as offensive in our put downs or even worse conspiracy theories .MR HARVEY ???.

  2. TimPM

    I liked Clayton before you likened him to Scott Parker. Thanks for that.

  3. TimPM

    Aidy White was great on the right eh? Definitely proved quite a few people wrong (me included)!
    The keeper I think in the first half got the sun in his eyes, which would explain why Lonners also randomly dropped the shot in injury time?

    • Tyler75

       @TimPM Still not convinced by Aidy on the right and his decision making when he sees the whites of the goalposts is suspect; but plenty to work on.

  4. Irving08

    Excellent report. White on the right shows imagination. PS Had they not ‘dithered’ we might not have ended up with Warnock …..who so far has pleasantly surprised me.  

  5. TSS

    Incredible performance. Clayton-Brown partnership in midfield was key I think, they ran the show completely. Ross McCormack is in a different class entirely, Aidy White does indeed look transformed, Paul Robinson was an inspired addition and bandages for all our defenders now seems a necessity. 

    • Tyler75

       @TSS I’d say that O’Dea has been the player that has benefited most from the ‘Warnock-effect’ . Outstanding again today. Even Connolly has acquired confidence from somewhere and is looking like a really effective right-back and NW seems to rate him, singling him out for praise after the match. In fact I get the impression NW is surprised and really pleased that the quality of the players at the club is much better than he thought.

  6. WIll23

    Warnock has (so far) successfully picked up the disorganised pieces, and has (so far) demonstrated his aptitude for tactical awareness – a crucial trait you would think for any manager – and one who seemingly  works hard on getting the little things right so that the bigger things (a successful team/wins) are more likely to follow. 
    It may fall short this season and we may never be promoted with Warnock, but at least we should have a team of players who know what their job is whilst he is here and no one will beat us without leaving the pitch with a bloodied nose.
    Whatever the results from now on in to the end of the season, it is heartening to see we at last look like we have a team with a defence and players who are good at the ugly side of the game once again.
    Some call it “anti-football”, well, Revie spent seven years or more managing with this philosophy before feeling comfortable enough to allow the players off the leash.
    Without the foundation of a toughened mentality throughout the squad no amount of skill will get you the needed victories on days when those skills are on an off day.
    Very glad to hear the Leeds fans enjoying themselves again.
    On and on and looking forward to the Hammers leaving Elland Road with a bloody nose, whether in victory, or, more likely, in defeat.
    The tough Leeds team is back and to me it’s a very welcome sight.

  7. number1inyorkshire

    are we still gonna have the stats feature friday ???
    Leeds are indeed transformed but was it a poor boro performace too , either way 3 points is 3 points

  8. kentwhitestu

    I don’t think it was a poor Boro performance more a brilliant show of how poor a team can be made to look when ours actually play like they should. We pressed and pressed and pressed in every area of the field. That desire to win everything led to our second goal and some brilliant defending and closing down in midfield. If we play like that every game Leeds will once again be feared. What about Robinsons header off the line. Fantastic. Well done Leeds and Warnock. Things are looking up.

    • Captaincrash

      That header off the line from thrie corner was absolute quality and very important given the timing.

  9. Tyler75

    As complete an away performance as you’re likely to see – Solid in defence, kept the ball when required and attacked with real menace. What was really pleasing was the way we out-passed what was supposed to be one of the better passing sides in the division (as we did to Soton). Whisper it quietly, a Warnock team that plays ‘football’ !
    A word on Paul Robinson, a real warrior and played like a third centre-back at times – also he and Brown never seemed to shut up, non-stop cajoling of the players around them;- however he offered very little going forward and his distribution was generally poor –  it may be he’s rusty from not playing for so long, so hopefully more to come from him. 

    • number1inyorkshire

       @Tyler75 let the defenders be that there are others to go forward …

  10. mattbb1

    an excellent all round performance, never thought i would ever feel the levels of assurance that we would clear any attack, but did! can we make the play offs?

    • Tyler75

       @mattbb1 I think Warnock fancies it ! Particularly as we’ve got West Ham plus three big play-off contenders yet to play. Personally I think we might just fall short. 

      • mattbb1

         @Tyler75  @mattbb1 as long as we push west ham i’ll behappy, just a shame we didnt have warnock in charge against brighton and coventry.

  11. NottsWhite

    Constant pressure from the entire team never gave boro the opportunity to settle, this was demonstrated in the actions that led Robson to be dismissed. Defensively we looked immense (supported by Brown and Clayton) and whilst we may have been quilty of occasionally of being too direct, the work rate of the team create two mistake which we capitalised on. Today is a proud day to be a Leeds fan 

  12. mralchemy

    Like you said………..
    those wasted games with redfearn in charge are gonna come back to haunt us

  13. Captaincrash

    Closed them down and then zipped it about nicely when we had it – great to see, and it was sunny on Teesside!!
    O’Dea and Lees have had a great week, first at ‘Ull and now Boro. A few games ago people were slagging O’Dea off and wanting him to get a one way ticket back to Parkehead, now he looks like someone we should look at fixing on a perm deal. Brown and Clayton so impressive too, in fact all round it just looks and feels so much better.
    Final word for McCormack, others getting the mentions everywhere today but he is oozing class right now.

    • MichaelLord1

      @Captaincrash I thought McCormack was best on ground. His touch and awareness was first class

  14. wyla

    Great article, especially the strange but true links between hair length and form!!! MOT

  15. Snowjoke

    Nice to read so many glowing comments on a sunny Yorkshire morning.  Who’d have thought, a fortnight ago, that we’d leave Saints looking punchy and reduce Boro to a shambles?  And be thinking about a possible haul of seven points from four very tough fixtures. For me, yesterday was the best performance since the first 45 at Brighton back in September, or whenever.  In fact, the similarity of the half-time scorelines was my only small anxiety.  But this time, under the canny Nocksta, there was no second-half horror show.  Just more of the same based on quick, intelligent counter-attacking when we had the ball and relentless pressure on it when we didn’t.  Plus individual heroics, when necessary, throughout the defence and midfield (why put your foot in if your head will do the job!).  One last point.  I’m becoming brassed off by all the talk, post-match, of “schoolboy defending” etc.  Errors are either forced or unforced and yesterday, for example, Hoyt (a grown-up professional) miskicked because he was panicked by McCormack’s persistence.  Credit Ross.  Anyhow.  Looking forward to the weekend.  But don’t reckon Allardyce will be.  MOT

  16. TSS NoEvidencedSubstance

    Like I predicted KB appoints NW, NW spends his budget wisely Leeds performances improve and the club are successful!! Now for my next prediction this site and LUST support base will dwindle can’t wait!

    • Chareose

       @TSS NoEvidencedSubstance 
      err he hasnt spent a penny other than a loan signing. Be assured Mr Harvey the fans will be expecting you and Ken to support Neil Warnock financially in the summer or all hell will break loose………

    • mattbb1

       @TSS NoEvidencedSubstance not again.. an article above about how well the team have done, evidence perhaps that we support the club, and we get stupid digs like this? this site isnt set up with the express reason of ousting the current board its a site for fans to discuss the team, grow up.

      • TimPM

         @mattbb1  @TSS NoEvidencedSubstance Ignore the trolls, they’re just affection-starved ;-)

  17. Colin

    How refreshing was that? What stood out for me is that Leeds played like a TEAM.
    There was hand slapping – Paul Robinson and Lonergan, Connolly waving at Aidy White to get back and help and when he did, Connolly IN PLAY applauded, and Becchio high fiving McCormack and gave him a friendly smack on the back of the head.
    There was running. And lots of it – Those players were knackered, but none of them stopped. The Clayton and Robson scuffle epitomised the work ethic.
    As for Warnock, he’s gone back to basics, and it’s working. Use full backs to clear from the back and use the wings and the width of the pitch. Win every header, hit Becchio and let everyone else feed off him and close down the opposition at all times.

  18. Colin

    And Warnock’s a clever wiley old fox as well. In his interviews, he always praises both the fans and his players. Has he said a negative word about any of his players since he’s been here? Don’t think so.
    Simon Grayson – take note. Saying publicly that some players won’t be wearing a Leeds shirt again, and blaming the players after every single defeat doesn’t inspire confidence.
    Message to Grayson – the problem wasn’t the players after all, was it?
    The problem was you.

    • Chareose

      Neil warnocks reign is far too short to be trying to compare him with Grayson yet…..
      My own opinion hasnt changed, Grayson did a good job with ZERO backing from the club. That the team lost motivation was likely more down to the off feild anger between the fans / Bates,   the subsequent preassure and tension built up in the dressing roomand also the loss of key players as the season went on.
      In a years time I may venture to compare the two managers……….. Also no doubt the same fans saying Grayson was a joke will be calling Warnock the same after a few defeats……

      • Colin

         @Chareose Let me make my stance absolutely clear. I did not want Warnock. I don’t like the guy, I think he’s old school. But I wanted Grayson (and his support staff) out. This season Grayson was poor and bereft of ideas and he’s doing nothing at Huddersfield that Lee Clark couldn’t have done.
        But I have a serious problem – despite not wanting Warnock, he’s doing everything right, and his common sense and personable attitude is putting me in a bad position – I can’t say a bad thing about him. I wanted to punch him in his fat face and land one on his big nose, but he’s making me want to give him a hug. Sh1t, he might actually be a nice guy. Saying that about Mr. Sheffield makes me feel sick.
        But when I see Leeds playing well as a direct result of his management and tactics, I have to give him respect. He’s playing this oh so right. He’s told them all their positions are up for grabs, no-one is safe, and then comes out with “Well if Paul Connolly plays like that, then I can’t replace him, can I?” He’s no intention of replacing Connolly, he’s just making him work his tits off. And he’s doing that to every single player.
        Warnock is a breath of fresh air. At the end of the game, there was a cut to Warnock talking to Becchio. I very much doubt Becchio knew what Warnock was saying in his broad Yorkshire accent, but his arm around his waist and his little cuddle was all that Luchiano needed. Luchiano had a smile on his face. He got the message – you’ve done well, now do it again.

      • Tyler75

        I had very similar feelings about Warnock and didn’t really want him at Leeds but he hasn’t put a foot wrong so far and his impact on the whole club has been nothing but positive – there’s no alchemy involved (if he gets Billy Paynter scoring goals, I’ll conceed that he has supernatural powers) , its just experience  and good old-fashioned football commom sense. I think you have to have Warnock as your Manager to properly appreciate him – QPR & blunts fans would have him back tomorrow.   

      • Colin

         @Tyler75 Rumour is, that Billy has a new loan home…Notts County.

      • TimPM

        For me, you’ve summed it up perfectly Colin – though I wanted Warnock.
         @Chareose I know what you mean, but I think in this instance the clear difference in the team – the shape that they rarely stray from, the way just about every player is looking happy. That is something we can compare with Grayson. Maybe if Grayson came in today the same would happen under him – but it hasn’t at Huddersfield.
        I just think Warnock is particularly good at his job. That’s no negative reflection on Grayson, but Warnock for me is looking better and better.

      • number1inyorkshire

         @Tyler75 that could be a good thing if curle stays there it could be a good old pals act getting some of our kids games ,and billy no goals of the wage bill a bit

      • Colin

         @Chareose I wish Grayson had had ZERO backing. Then we wouldn’t have have Billy Paynter on a 3 year contract, costing the club £1m. Or the crocked Varynen, or George McCartney, or Barry Bannan or Jake Livermore etc etc.

      • HampshireWhite

        @Colin @Chareose Jake Livermore has played 31 times for Spurs this season – 17 of them in the starting line up. If he’s good enough to play for a top four team in the premiership – he should’ve done a job for Leeds. Most of the players you name (probably with the exception of Billy Paynter who always looked brilliant when he played against us) wouldn’t have been Simon’s first choices – the board wouldn’t fund the players he really wanted. I thought he didn’t deservbe the sack, but I’ve been astonished at the change in both discipline and desire that Neil Warnock has achieved in such a short time. I’m noty sure we can push through to the 8 more wins we’ll probably need to makle the playoffs – I think we’ll make 75 points which is usually enough, but this season things are so even in the top ten that it may not be.

      • number1inyorkshire

         @Chareose lets compare though what we can ,,Warnock is entirely in all aspects better with the press, his pre and post match interviews are a breathe of fresh air and he can put more than 2 words together therefore forming a sentence .
        His ability to get better performances out of someone elses players has been a breathe of fresh air too,he has got more from brown ,bruce ,bromby etc than grayson did in the 1st half of the season in 3 matches .we have only conceded 1 goal in 3 matches and that in a game we should have won ,our defence is better than it has been at any time under grayson .
        when we were winning 1-0 yesterday i felt we could go on to win at 2-0 it was over myself ,others and the team i am sure always felt the need to score 3 to get a draw under grayson, so he has brought confidence grayson never did for me ..
        i was one saying it was time to change grayson i know already that will never happen with warnock .he is absolutely the best man for leeds united and it will be his last job he will determine his time is up and that will be when he has that record 8th promotion and leeds will be in the premier league ..

      • number1inyorkshire

         @Chareose DID grayson get a wolves interview any rumours heard by anyone ??? just about everyone else did is why i ask ..

      • Chareose

         @number1inyorkshire  @Chareose
         i still think you need to give this atleast until the end of the season before you start making sweeping comparisons…. i like what warnocks doing too but please remember he hasnt spent three years under ken bates yet…….

      • WIll23

         @Chareose Yes, it would be sensible to delay judgment, but the comparative evidence in how the team is set up as seen with over very own eyes in just four games is evidence you cannot easily ignore.
        The difference is already compelling.  This is no honeymoon period.  No, it’s players realising what it means to play football with a committed attitude. Now I accept that commitment alone will not win games, but it builds character, it builds teamwork, it builds a philosophy at the core of the team that means a team will leave the pitch bloodied and battered with no ounce of energy left.
        In contrast, Grayson’s leadership style (damn, I did say I would forget him!!!) saw a team easily knocked off its stride with barely a whimper or sense of pride, a disorganised unit where individuals played as individuals, with no team responsibility, just splits.
        We are talking differences that are instantly observable.  It is like watching a different team.  It’s chalk versus cheese already.

      • TimPM

         @number1inyorkshire  @Chareose He said he was going to take a break but the offer from Udders was too good to turn down (words to that effect). So I guess reading into that, a Wolves offer would’ve been too good to turn down too?

    • GMcG

      Yep, Grayson had definitely morphed into a bit of a Blamewell.
      I always found it a bit difficult to warm to him anyway during his gormless ‘we’ll see where that takes us’ post match interviews but likes or dislikes have nothing to do with it – a glance at the goals conceded column for the past two seasons would have been enough for a blind man to see what the fundamental problem was.
      Warnock always seems to have been branded a hoofball merchant but four games in, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the style of football he has got the team playing. He’s definitely organised the defence but more impressive is where the defensive work begins – way up the pitch in the opposition’s half through tireless harrying of opponents who only a month ago would have all the time and space in the world to play through a retreating Leeds team.
      Early in the TV coverage it was hinted that Boro were expected to play the beautiful game and we were going for the anti-football by denying them the space to pass but after that brilliant opening half hour both the pundits and commentators were all lauding our slick breakaways – with plenty of possession too.
      And let’s not forget, the success of the current best team in the world is based not just on retaining possession but recovering possession asap when the ball happens to stray to an opposing player. I’m more than happy to compare the commitment we showed yesterday with Barcelona’s work ethic and never mind McCormack being a ‘poor man’s Wayne Rooney’, can’t he be a pauper’s Leo Messi?     

      • number1inyorkshire

        Ross mccormack is absolutely leeds united best player ,could it be said that leo messi is a rich mans Ross MC cormack .
        you only have to look at him to see he is a proper footballer

      • Tyler75

         @number1inyorkshire Like to see him chance his arm and be more decisive in front of goal; 15 goals so far this season is a decent return but he could and should get more in this league. The sort of player he is, I’d fancy him to score regularly in the prem as well

      • number1inyorkshire

         @Tyler75 i agree tyler he is another we need to keep he could do with been 5r 6 goals better off right now but he is a fantastic player he would score in the prem too ,but a post 20 scoreline is what i guess most strikers would settle on .Messi has scored 50 this season DREEEEEEAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMM …

      • Tyler75

         @number1inyorkshire Not sure about that Messi – a bit greedy and doesn’t really track back either – wouldn’t get into a Warnock side !!!!!!!

      • Irving08

         Hmm better than Snodgrass, I don’t think so. Snoddy – unlike Mac – never needs more than one touch to get the ball under control, is genuinely two footed and, probably, has more ways of scoring goals. I am delighted that we have them both. Let’s hope that the new manager can persuade them both to give him a season – and forestalls any attempt by Harvey et all to create situation that leaves Snoddy, in particular, no alternative but to move on. Aidy White, by the way, will probably go further than anyone currently on our books. Warnock needs to take a stand on him too. Nice to be observing footie again….. 

      • WIll23

        I always though that the anti-Bates stance (itself totally understandable) clouded many fans thoughts about the abilities (sic) of Simon Grayson.
        There was a complete lack of objective assessment of Grayson as fans forgave the countless limp performances and fortunate victories due in no small part to Grayson simply being seen as not Bates. 
        The hate of Bates’ off the field stuff overshadowed the on the field disorganisation and poor man management from a supposed quality manager.
        That so many in the footballing world saw Grayson as a decent manager (Wilkinson & Amrfield included I think) struck me as bewildering.
        Anyway, I really have had my fill of Grayson and talk about him. 
        I didn’t rate him and still don’t. I stood alone for so long on this on here but now am glad to see most fans now agree that his limitations were bigger than his strengths. 
        It is sad therefore that the last season was wasted (it as an appalling failure) and that under a better manager we would have promoted with Norwich last season… undoubtedly.
        It’s time to call time on Grayson’s history and forget and move on.

      • number1inyorkshire

         @WIll23 i agree but i was equally damning in my assesments of him ..
        your absolutely tight about the Bates stuff and the fact grayson was a leeds fan hid the on pitch attrocities played out by graysons team .
        I too have nothing else to say on huddersfields grayson

      • WIll23

         @number1inyorkshire Sorry No1…you are right….I stood among a select few in cluding yourself, in being unimpressed with our progress as a team under you know who!

      • Tyler75

         @WIll23  @number1inyorkshire Personally I supported Grayson because he clearly got us moving forward as a club from the stand still or reverse of Blackwell/Wise/McCaillster – consistency was always an issue under Grayson because of his relative inexperience but when we were at it the free flowing attacking football was a delight to watch and there is no arguing with the fact that he left us in a significantly better position than he inherited. You can’t divorce the Bates-issue from Grayson’s tenure; he had his best players sold from under him or let go for nothing with peanuts provided for replacements. SG’s major fault was that he never stood up to Bates and his position ultimately became untenable; a mistake unlikely to be repeated under Warnock.  Grayson is a decent Manager and I’d like to see him back at Leeds one day with more experience under his belt and a more supportive Chairman. However that’s all in the past and I’m delighted that we’ve now got NW – onwards and (hopefully) upwards.

  19. number1inyorkshire

    why has warnock allowed taylor to go to millwall whilst only bringing an 18 year old in to cover .one proper keeper or are ther rumours of another ???

    • Colin

       @number1inyorkshire I suppose he’s happy with the Arsenal 18 year old and Alex Cairns (who’s back from loan at Barrow). To be fair to Warnock, he never puts a GK on the bench anyway and Maik Taylor’s never played since he’s been here, so what was the point of having him? Baffles me that Millwall have took him on though. Surely they’ve got enough GK coverage?

      • TimPM

         @number1inyorkshire Complete guess from me: Taylor was on a decent wage, Millwall are willing to pay a bit of that, and Warnock’s happy to save that cash?
        Second guess: he’s heard good things about the lad?

  20. WIll23

    Jeez,  Ed Millipede, is apparently a Leeds fan.  Noooooo!
    Apprently according to the Yorkshire Post
    “LEEDS fan Ed Miliband was spotted at a football match this weekend just three hours after he was due to give a speech in Hull that he cancelled due to illness.”
    Anyway, he is the compelling evidence of another man who has risen above his level of imcompetence, somehting remarkable consistent in the world of politics it seems:

    A get out of EU man here (not blue, nor red, nor yellow hating all 3 passionately)

    • TimPM

       @WIll23 I’ve not heard of him at a Leeds match?
      Didn’t it go something like?: “who do you support?””Well, Leeds… But I’m a ‘lapsed’ supporter [they’re not on telly anymore].”
      Great that he saw Hull & Ipswich though. Definitely worth cancelling his appointment to skyve off watching…!


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