Thanks once again to the guys at Kick-Off for providing us with this exclusive statistical preview for Sunday’s televised clash between Middlesbrough and Leeds United.

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  1. Captaincrash

    So we win by 0.1 of a goal.
    Works for me!!
    Hope Becchio scores it!

  2. number1inyorkshire

    been waiting for this all week lost a tenner last week on it been 1.6 all .fu@~+ng lambert .
    time to get my money back that paddy power will be laughing on the other side of his face, right then lets see …i’m going with the stats on this 1 ..20 bar ,BORO 1.3, WHITES  1.4  its a cert telling you ,

    • TSS

       @number1inyorkshire I think the stats tell you it’s shaping up to be an incredibly tight game. Boro aren’t prolific goalscorers, so if they win, it’ll be by a small margin – ditto with Leeds. Good money is on the draw thought for me. 

      • number1inyorkshire

         @TSS you know your right ,if only i was a gambling man it would be putting money on the draw !!!

  3. Colin

    I love stats and they’re great. But can we PLEASE just win this game, give Boro a good stuffing and take the 3 points. We have to be due a win soon!
    Luciano, are you listening? Just score, just score.


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