In a candid post-match interview, Andy Lonergan said he felt Simon Grayson’s decision to give him the armband was too much, too soon.

The Leeds United keeper admitted that he shouldn’t feel “relieved” to have been released from the burden, but that he wasn’t disappointed when Neil Warnock replaced him with Robert Snodgrass as Leeds United captain.

Speaking of the 0-0 draw with Hull City, Lonergan said that he felt a point away from home was always “a point gained” rather than two points lost. He added that the condition of the pitch at The KC Stadium (which also hosts rugby games) wasn’t ideal.

Lonergan also spoke of the improved defensive performances over the last three games, explaining that the biggest difference was Leeds were now defending “as a team” and not taking too many risky chances. The Whites goalkeeper felt Leeds had previously gifted chances to the opposition by not taking easy opportunity to clear their lines.

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  2. derbyshirewhite

    Snodgrass wasn’t exactly man of the match last night. Hopefully the heavy responsibility of calling heads or tails won’t have a similar draining effect on his performances.

  3. number1inyorkshire

    don;t think if he stays next season snodders will be capt .i think he will find a horrible nasty twat to be captain ,now as Bates is too old and not a footballer i think he will try and find a Derry type of player to come in .
    we might even see it go to brown ,next season ,fantastic player as snoddy is i don,t think he should be captain ,think it should have been  some one older .
    Fair play to lonergan though for saying what he did ..

    • DaveRichardson

      @number1inyorkshire I disagree mate. I think he’ll definitely keep him as captain, if he’s able to keep him at all. That’s another story. The likes of Robinson and similar Vinnie Jones-esque characters will definitely be brought in to make sure we have multiple people on the pitch capable of rousing a team and rousing a crowd!

      • number1inyorkshire

         @DaveRichardson  @number1inyorkshire i like snodders it is nothing personal with him, for me though the captain as most are i would guess, be defenders or midfielders …
        we have had 3 this season aswell, 4 if you include paddy .

      • number1inyorkshire

         @DaveRichardson i know he is  a midfielder before the smart replies come in i mean central mid ..
        any ways officially he is a striker ..on the site

  4. Snowjoke

    Skipper’s no job for the GK and Lonergan’s a big man for admitting it.  Could’ve just said nothing and left us lot thinking the worst, as we usually do.  To digress, anybody else frustrated by our sudden inability to consistently get in a decent cross?  Even with a bloomin’ dead ball?  I’ve given up counting the number that drop in short and are just nodded out again by the defence.  And why, at corners, do we never position somebody on the far angle of the penalty area to turn all those glanced clearances into shooting opportunities?  Not so much moaning as curious.

    • TSS

       @Snowjoke Can’t understand why McCormack doesn’t take all the dead balls. No disrespect to Snoddy, but McCormack is much better at them. 

  5. Colin

    If Lonergan thought the Captaincy was too much for him, then why did he take it in the first place? Why didn’t he tell Grayson that he didn’t feel ready for it?
    To be fair, it was probably thrust upon him by Grayson, another one of his errors, especially when allegedly Snodgrass told Grayson that he wanted the Captaincy and was disappointed he didn’t get it.
    All rather strange. We had 3 players on the Leeds FIFA 12 cover – all of them have been Captains this year – Howson, Lonergan, Snodgrass. 3 captains this season for Leeds. That stat is pretty laughable to be honest.


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