Ken Bates moved to divert attention from his own failings this week by sacking Simon Grayson after three years in charge at Elland Road. As rumours of his replacement started to circulate, bookmakers odds have further fuelled speculation with a handful of potential candidates looking most likely.

Firstly, Gus Poyet and Paulo Di Canio have both ruled themselves out but bookies still offer odds as low as 6/1 on Di Canio (Coral) and 12/1 on Poyet (Stan James).

Neil Redfearn 

Picking up the pieces at Thorp Arch is Neil Redfearn. No compensation and cheap wages makes him a strong contender for the job in my opinion and is probably the wisest bet for those who fancy a flutter with odds as long as 12/1 with Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Sky Bet. 

It’s already been made clear that Redfearn will be in charge for the game against Bristol this weekend and he has stated publicly that he’d like the job. Ken Bates has given the chance to caretaker managers in the past, most recently Kevin Blackwell, and Redfearn has built a strong reputation for himself after overseeing the successful progression of several youth players from Thorp Arch. He’s also being backed by captain Andy Lonergan.

Neil Warnock 

The early favourite Neil Warnock refused to rule out a return to management at Elland Road this morning, speaking positively about the club and their chances this season.

A controversial figure who hasn’t recorded a higher win percentage than Simon Grayson did at Leeds (49.7%) in over three decades of management. His longest spell was at Sheffield United where his win percentage was 42.53% in 388 games.

Warnock will divide opinion amongst fans. He’s well-known to be a hoofball specialist and hasn’t achieved all that much considering the length of his career. That shouldn’t matter too much anyway as it seems highly unlikely considering the large wages and transfer budget he’ll be demanding. With odds of 5/2 at Sky Bet the bookies clearly disagree.

Lee Clark (F) 

Current favourite Lee Clark has seen his odds slashed dramatically over the last 24 hours, with all the major bookies making him favourite and William Hill offering only evens.

In four years with well-funded Huddersfield Town, Clark has been unable to get them out of League One. A win percentage of 49.34% is marginally lower than Simon Grayson’s and worse still if you consider Simon Grayson’s League One record alone. He’s also very young. At just 39 years of age, he’s another manager lacking in experience.

Other candidates

Odds on Franchise MK manager Karl Robinson taking the Leeds job are falling sharply with Bet365 offering the shortest odds at 10/1. At the time of writing, the best odds available were 20/1 with William Hill. 

Ladbrokes are offering only 6/1 on Steve Bruce, although you can get 12/1 with Bet365 and 14/1 with Sky Bet. Odds on Gordon Strachan being next in line are as low as 8/1 with William Hill with the best odds courtesy of Stan James at 14/1. Another name flying around is Dave Jones whose odds are around the 14/1 mark with most bookmakers.

The ridiculous 

  • Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink – 20/1 with Stan James 
  • Alan Shearer – 18/1 with Sky Bet 
  • Gary Kelly – 10/1 with Paddy Power
  • Darren Ferguson – 33/1 with Paddy Power
  • Eric Cantona – 150/1 with Paddy Power and 33/1 with Stan James
  • Dominic Matteo – 33/1 with Sky Bet 
  • Lucas Radebe – 33/1 with various
  • Vinnie Jones – 100/1 with Sky Bet 
Odds accurate as of 18:20, 2nd of February 2012. 

105 Responses

  1. TimPM

    Apart from Warnock, Poyet & DiMatteo (latter two ruled out) I’ve never seen such a collection of dross before in one place.

    Sad times for Leeds. We’re reduced to reading Huddersfield & MKDons fans worrying we might steal their managers. I mean FFS.

  2. Ron_Galea

    This Karl Robinson looks like a shoe-in. Young, cheap and silly enough to work under Bates.

  3. yorkwhite1

    Just wanted to say best wishes to Simon G and thanks. You’ll always be one of us, an honest leeds fan. MOT

  4. Tim Campbell

    Pity O’Neill still was’nt available as i reckon he would have been up to the challenge. A cheeky outside bet would be big leeds fan Mick McCarthey jumping ship at Wolves, but then again maybe not; that most precious of commodities would have to be paid – MONEY!!! A friend of mine wound me up today when he suggested Roy Keane would take it – never mind the fact he was a scumster and who can forget poor Alf Inge Haaland

  5. Tyler75

    Please not Lee Clarke – not managed to get udders out of the play-offs despite being financially backed to an extent Larry could only dream of. Also udders leak goals which gets covered up by Rhodes’ superhuman goalscoring.

    Di Matteo would be my preferred option but could totally understand that moving from his nice cushy number with Chelsea into the malestrom that is Bates run Leeds Utd might be too much of a challenge. No mention of Curbishley ? Used to working with pennies and wouldn’t cost any compensation. Also can’t believe Freedman at Palace hasn’t been mentioned – has done a great job with less than no money with Palace and although there would be compensation, I doubt it would be significant.

    Finally good luck to Simon – ‘You’re Leeds and You Know You Are’

  6. The WhiteLizard

    Redfearn is getting enough time to lose the job without a doubt. Did anyone read the CV that the official site trotted out this morning, transparently as justification that he has the “experience” we need. He’s cheap & Bates will no doubt hire some old boy (Lucas, Dom?) to assist him, to sweeten the blow.

    Personally I wouldn’t mind DiMatteo (@TimPM – it was DiCanio who ruled himself out, not DiMatteo). He seems to be able to get on with Bates & would certainly bring some style to the side. I know he’s Chelski, but beggars can’t be too choosy.

  7. The WhiteLizard

    Redfearn is getting enough time to lose the job without a doubt. Did anyone read the CV that the official site trotted out this morning, transparently as justification that he has the “experience” we need. He’s cheap & Bates will no doubt hire some old boy (Lucas, Dom?) to assist him, to sweeten the blow.

    Personally I wouldn’t mind DiMatteo (@TSS – it was DiCanio who ruled himself out, not DiMatteo, as far as I know). He seems to be able to get on with Bates & would certainly bring some style to the side. I know he’s Chelski, but beggars can’t be too choosy.

  8. Dje

    Yep I’m with TheWhiteLizard, I haven’t heard Di Matteo rule himself out yet. Di Caneo has because of his contract with Swindon. Not that I really want either.

  9. GreggHaddon

    Not heard Billy Davies mentioned. He has a good record of getting teams in the play-offs on a shoestring. Plus he has a knack of upsetting his Chairman.

    • TSS

      @GreggHaddon I thought he’d be one of the frontrunners too. Can’t stand the bloke, but he’s reached the play-offs four times with three different teams.

      • GreggHaddon

        @TSS do you want results or entertainment? At this level its hard to get both. I’d take the results at the moment. We can only hope that Bates will sell out when we get to the PL.

      • TSS

        @GreggHaddon Entertainment, naturally. We don’t pay good money to be bored to death 46 times a year. When people start forgetting football is about entertainment you have serious problems.

      • TimPM

        @TSS @GreggHaddon If we win the league/promotion that’ll be entertainment enough for me.

        If you had a year in the Prem to pay back for some dull football, would you honestly pick staying down here and having this nerve-wrecker of a situation that we’ve been in for ages?

  10. Dje

    Speaking of old Chelsea boys, I’m surprised Gianfranco Zola hasn’t had more of a look in. Ex Chelsea Bates connection, unemployed, romantically sticks with a desire to see passing and attractive football, widely admired by footballers and most fans alike. Sadly his record isn’t spectacular, but I doubt that’ll interest Bates too much.

    • DroghedaLeeds

      I like the idea of zola, true he hasnt a great record, but i like his passing,attacking style. he would get my vote.

  11. Fairfield1966

    It will probably end up being Neil Redfearn as KB’s choice. As you say, the cheapest option is the one he’ll go for.

    As has been pointed out, Simon had a reasonbly good record over the three years and it would have been better had he been able to sort out an awful defense.

    The new manager will face the same problems as Simon….more loan players and losing your best players.

    • TSS

      @Fairfield1966 Constant injury problems were a massive factor in that defensive fall out. Our defence was actually solid in League One, people forget that.

      • Fairfield1966

        @TSS Look how many they conceded last was terrible

      • TSS

        @Fairfield1966 That was the style of football we opted for. The all-out-attack strategy was much more fun than Neil Warnock’s brand of incredibly tedious football. But when you play 9 attackers you’re always going to concede a few. Still, 7th in first season back is not to be sniffed at.

      • Fairfield1966

        @TSS Yes….they still managed to finish seventh but they could have done better if they had have bought during the january transfer window. That’s what nailed the season.

      • TSS

        @Fairfield1966 Indeed. That’s been the problem all along and remains so regardless of who we bring in as manager. Just papering over the cracks, attempting to divert attention.

      • Fairfield1966

        @TSS Yes, until we find an owner who actually loves the club for what it is rather than what revenue it can bring then its going to be difficult times ahead.

  12. number1inyorkshire

    Expect the unexpected ,its interesting that people are ruling themselves out ..

    I think although he was sacked grayson had just had enough ,i think on Tuesday when he knew he wasn’t going to get any players in ,players he had promised and had been promised ,it was the last straw .

    He went out on Tuesday with a young side maybe not to get beat but to make a stand ,and say like he did, they were boys against men and not good enough to get you Kenneth where YOU say we have to be come May when you are not giving me money ..

    He then used the Ken Bates propaganda machine at the post match interview with Eddie Gray to stand up to bates and say as much without actually saying it .Bates knew what he meant and Grayson must have known at that point his days were numbered ..

    As for replacements well its hard to predict ,we all had a list 3 years ago and we ended up with Grayson ,what i mean by that is that i bet he wasn’t on anyones list .

    Before a wish list i have a please no list

    ince, keane ,strachan ,mc callister, clarke

    There are 1 or 2 who are obviously going to be linked Warnock ,Poyet

    IF its not Warnock ,then i think it will be someone in a job already ,Di matteo fits the bill for me he has a good job at chelsea ,but only until the end of the season and the thought of been in charge instead of a number2 will be king i dont know who he has as his assistants at w b a but him and Ray Wilkins might be a good partnership .

    just hearing CLARKE HAS RULED HIMSELF OUT ..

    I became a little vocal about grayson ,but fair play to him for sticking up to Bates, finally, it cost him but in the end i think he goes with his head held high and will get another job ..

    • TSS

      @number1inyorkshire Poyet’s words were most interesting. In ruling himself out he basically said something was amiss at Leeds and whilst he’d love to return, he didn’t think this was a good time.

      • number1inyorkshire

        @TSS well there is we know that to be fair i do not think POYET would be asked ,Bates was a bit pissed when he went to SPURS and the fact him and wise wouldn’t move north because of their families ,they were bleeding commuting thats why grayson got the job ,he was local well Skipton ..

  13. GreggHaddon

    SG is young enough and proved he can manage at a certain level (I feel he would have got us up eventually). He is almost guaranteed to get another job soon.

    On this basis, I only hope he has not agreed to keep quiet and comes out with the truth for us suffering fans. Highly unlikely, I know but we deserve to know wtf is going on from someone on the inside.

    • TSS

      @GreggHaddon His pay-off will include a non-disclosure agreement. It’s standard practice nowadays.

      • The WhiteLizard

        @TSS @GreggHaddon Agreed. Think we would have heard from him today if he didn’t have a no-talk clause. He had a little bit of a say after last night’s game before he was officially gone.

      • The WhiteLizard

        @TSS @GreggHaddon Agreed. Think we would have heard from him by now if he didn’t have a no-talk clause. He had a little bit of a say after Tuesday’s game, before he was officially gone.

      • TSS

        @Dje@Speedythewhite Surely he’s only waiting for the right job offer though?

      • Speedythewhite

        @TSS @Dje

        To contradict myself – Warnock comes with Keith Curle – a defensive coach. Looking at Tuesday that was the difference between the teams

      • Dje

        @TSS@Speedythewhite Just checked. Even worse, it aint Aston Villa, it’s Notts Forest.

        Football managers can be sticklers though for honouring contracts. He did only start that position on the 18th January and I imagine Notts Forest would have brought them in because they were desperate for him, rather than doing him a favour. Agreed though, a bit of compensation aside, I’m sure O’Driscoll would take us up on the offer. Even if it was only on an initial 4 months and with no incoming transfers.

      • TSS

        @Dje@Speedythewhite I suspect the contract includes a get-out clause for when he finds a new head coach job. He’s just passing the time I reckon.

  14. Dje

    The problem with going for Redfearn is that Bates will have to quickly employ an entire backroom coaching staff. Why do that knowing that it is a fair reckoning that Redfearn will not cut the bill and need replacing (hopefully returned to his position as REserve and Academy manager where he’s doing well). It’d make more sense for Bates to offer one of the oodles of unemployed managers a five moth contract with a massive bonus should we get promoted (a reasonable one should we get to the playoffs).

    This is why I’m suspicious of Warnock taking the post. Warnock wants to show the world that he can survive in the Premiership, and will not want to sign up just to show that he hasn’t lost the Championship promotion magic.

    Part of me thinks Alan Shearer is a dark horse here. A motivational figure – and one who did so-so with a broken Newcastle United three seasons back when he came in outside the transfer window. Considering he was working with an incredibly unpopular Mike Ashley, he held his tongue well and talked football not about the owner. That’ll be very much to Bates’s liking.

    • Vancouver White

      Billy Davies is a perfect fit……available, used to working with clubs like LUFC (Derby, Forest

    • smogwhite

      alan shearer motivational,.have you heard the boring cunt on the tv.he could put a glass eye to sleep.

      • TimPM

        @smogwhite add to that his fantastic ability to talk himself into believing the team he wants to win can do no wrong.

        He’s a decent brain on him, was a good forward. But like his diving I don’t rate his management.

      • Dje

        @smogwhite Eloquently put. I agree that Shearer is one of the worst pundits on TV, but as a player he was magnificently dirty and for reasons I can’t gather, seems to command respect amongst fellow footballers. Somehow he managed to gel and the ungellable at Newcastle. True, it wasn’t enough, but it made Pardew’s job a hell of a lot easier.

  15. morleywhite

    Realy do feel for Simon Grayson,the last game of last season we beat QPR 2.1 at Loftus road and Larry said 2 or 3 quality players added in the summer and i believe we wil go up next season.looking back now i totaly agree with him,who was our four man midfield that day?from right to left it was Gradel Kilkenny Howson and Johnson basically the heart of the team as been ripped out since then we hav also had to cope with injurys to Becchio and Somma this season.We all said Grayson over achieved last season finishin 3 points off the playoffs,well now we are 3 points off the playoffs again after losing all of these key players and not being able to replace them properly.i think thats a achievment in its self.

    Yes we hav brought in some crap players since then but it is true pay peanuts get monkeys the blame there surely goes with Bates.i feel for grayson i just think hes been made to look like a total muppet by a heartless sad old man.

    Good luck simon im sure Leeds united wil welcome you back oneday with open arms but only when we do actually get a chairman who loves the club as much as you do MOT

  16. Col

    Bates will carry on doing what he has done for last 7 years. He will appoint anybody as long as they fit into the right criteria – cheap, desperate and available.
    Anybody who thinks we have a chance of appointing a decent high profile manager had better brace themselves for disappointment. Redfern looks like an ideal choice for bates.

  17. Dje

    Both been out the game for too long: O’Leary from vanity, Curbishley from not wanting to head north. Both are over-rated in my eyes.

    • TimPM

      @Dje Would take O’Leary tbh. He works well with kids, he has the need to be successful at Leeds (for his career and his past). He’s never turned out to be a downright bad manager in his jobs. And he was doing better than we give him credit before the massive overspending began.

      • Dje

        @TimPM I agree O’Leary needs to resurrect his career, I’m just vehemently opposed to it being with us. Risdale still needs to show that he is a fit and proper person to be a football manager chairman; I’m sure he’d like to come back to Leeds too!

        The bigger problem with O’Leary is purely football. He’s never got a team promoted, and he’s never won anything. OK, he’s never been a manager in a lower league so never-getting-promoted might seem harsh, but it is the skill that Bates will want to having been demonstrated previously. All the talk of getting into Europe and ending up third in the Premiership means bull when you are currently in the Championship. What O’Leary needs to do is look in the mirror and realise that his stock has plummeted and he needs to demonstrate that he can either keep a challenged team from not getting relegated, or take a small club up on a limited budget. In the modern game, after your good run is over, these are the skills that you have to master. I suggest O’Leary looks for a Doncaster Rovers or Huddersfield Town before he comes to us.

      • TimPM

        I @Dje I wouldn’t disagree for the most part. Except that it was Ridsdale who decided to overspend and Ridsdale did little to show himself particularly good even before the spending started. O’Leary did.

        O’Leary’s record at Leeds will be remembered for overspending for no silverware. But he’s also shown at Leeds he is the kind of manager who can take youngsters and get them a long way through cup finals without them being the Messi of the times. For me, for the Championship, Leeds have a squad like that. Lees, Thompson, White, Clayton, Snoddy, for a little while Delph, they’re all a youngish team with plenty of talent. That’s the kind of team O’Leary’s done well with.

        He wouldn’t be top of my list, but I’d also say his style would suit our current squad. He’d probably bring a couple of fringe players in too.

    • Dje

      @morleywhite Hoddle’s been out of it for the last six years. ‘Out of it’ here meaning football management; he’s been out of it in the other sense a few decades.

      • morleywhite

        Your right hoddle wouldnt be my choice like.Petrescus ment to be doin a good job abroad somewhere altho i dont think he fits the bill either.Ive heard ole Solskjaer linked hes ment to be doin a top job abroad but for obvious reasons we dont want him here.

        saying that i wouldnt put it past bates bringin in a unpopular choice ie keane or ruce,think i would have to boycott elland road then.

      • Dje

        @morleywhite I’m reasonably open to bringing in an old nemesis (I’d even consider taking Paul Scholes who I know is trying to get into management – but only if we insisted he operated as a player-manager!). We are Leeds so we have quite a few! We’ve had too many Leeds United fans at the helm recently and they don’t work to well either.

        That said, my only worry about Petrescu and Solskjaer is that neither have management experience in English football. That’s quite a risk with our club.

      • Tim Campbell

        @Dje @morleywhite

        Dje bringing Scholes in? We might as well ask Darren Ferguson to manage us and get all the cast offs from the Auld Enemy when he gets on his iphone to daddy!!

      • Dje

        @Tim Campbell Lol, it wasn’t meant seriously.

        That said, if Ferguson senior suddenly turned around and said he’s bored of the prawn sandwich eaters and wanted a new challenge at Elland Road, we wouldn’t say no; we would to Ferguson jnr though (I hope!).

      • TSS

        @Dje@Tim Campbell Ferguson couldn’t do it without the money these days. Different game from the one he started out in.

      • Dje

        @TSS @Tim Campbell It’d be fascinating to see. I think what he would bring is the wow factor to the players. That’d get the best out of them for say four months. [Sort of a Sven Goran Eriksson factor, but costing less and with less residual over-paid journeymen on the books after the inevitable sacking five months after being appointed in a glitzy media-savvy ceremony]

  18. Col

    I’d be more than happy with Bruce or Davies. Neither would be easily pushed around. Both woiuld want good transfer budget. Sadly it’s not going to happen!!!

  19. Vancouver White

    hahahah….more like Moose Head bud! So whats not to like about Billy?

  20. Fairfield1966

    Shame about Gus Poyet. It was him who managed Leeds before and not Wise. He masterminded clawing all those points back that we were penalised in league one.

  21. Vancouver White

    As I recall Davies got Preston into the Championship playoffs, won the playoffs with Derby….lost palyoffs with Forest on what 2 occassions…..and those teams have worst boards than ours!

  22. NIWhite

    If we want promotion as much as Bates claims then Warnock has all the required credentials.

    If we appoint anyone else while someone who has a proven track record of getting teams promoted and one who has in the past day or so been gushing about Leeds United,then we have no serious ambition to get promoted,

    We have tried up and coming managers, ex players and Bates’ buddies from Chelsea, none have worked, so its expierience now or nothing.Time to lay your cards on the table Bates, last chance saloon, promotion is there if you want it, its a question of just how much do you want it?

  23. Dje

    @Vancouver White I’m not sure about Derby, but he certainly spent money on the team at Preston and Notts Forest. That’s a luxury he wouldn’t have at Leeds.

  24. The WhiteLizard

    When does time run out on Bates having to give extra money to the creditors from the admin days? I thought it was after this season. In which case he needs a manager where he can be sure we DON’T get promotion this year. The year after this is a different matter. Then he’ll want to get promotion, then not buy any new players so we get demoted straight away & he can pocket the parachute payments.

    • DroghedaLeeds

      @ whitelizard, we were just talking about this in work today, this season is the last season he has to pay as far as i know….

  25. henrymouni

    Good luck Simon!

    It was time to go.

    Our team and squad is getting weaker, for many reasons.

    Lack of funds.

    Lack of judgement in the players we brought in.

    Quantity instead of quality.

    Letting our better players run down their contracts.

    We knew they were leaving but did little to ensure an adequate replacement.

    Poor coaching. The players never quite sure what to do.

    Both midfield and defence mediocre, most of this season and some of last season.

    No hope of any improvement!! NO HOPE!!!

    Maybe now we can dream of something better?

    We need a strong manager and coaching staff to fire up the team.

    Neil Redfearn will be very cold on the bench at Bristol, sat on his own!!

    If he is prepared to continue with his old job, plus the manger’s and the coaching jobs,

    he will fit the bill for Ken!!

    • TimPM

      @henrymouni If Bates insisted on keeping Redfearn (and I guess we shouldn’t pre-judge the bloke) how about Paddy Kisnorbo as player-assistant so he does something to a) improve his CV (get coaching badges etc. too) b) earn his keep c) keep a voice connected with the dressing room?

      If he was interested I reckon he’d be a popular one with players, though might be wrong?

  26. Tim Campbell

    Heres one to get the juices flowin again – what about Batts? I could think of no-one better to get a side motivated. Leeds thru and thru

    • TimPM

      @Tim Campbell Might be completely wrong, but didn’t he have a heart condition?

  27. Clive Sanderson

    Simon Grayson had more than enough time to get our defence sorted so I’m not sure why he’s been labelled a scapegoat by some people. Many of the defenders we have on our books have played well with other teams in the past. Simon Grayson was a defender as a player so why did he get it so wrong? To imply it’s mainly Bates fault is just another cheap shot at Bates however imperfect he may be. For me, Glen Hoddle would not be a bad choice, but as he once managed Chelsea I assume that rules him out by many Leeds fans. Hoddle seems to have a lot of admirers from footballers and coaches who worked with him.

  28. Dje

    @Matthew Whoever comes in has to work with our ‘monkeys’ as there’ll be no new incomers til May. It’ll be fascinating to see if these monkeys develop into men. My hunch is that we will concede considerably less goals per game than we have for the first 28 matches of this season. The question is can we get back to scoring too!

    • Dje

      I’ve no idea about the playoffs. That depends if six teams in this league can string together some sort of form over the next 18 matches. I thought Lonergen’s words today were telling. He very openly (too openly for a captain, IMHO) said there’s players in the dressing room openly happy that Grayson has gone. It’s amazing how quick a new manager can seem to miraculously improve players who previously looked beyond hope. From Bromby, Bruce, O’Brien, Vayvaren, Connolly, Paynter, Nunez, and Sam – at least a few of them are likely to look like new players. And we aren’t THAT many short of a decent XI.

  29. jimmyoneeye

    I would like to see Dave Jones, Sean O Driscoll or Kenny Jackett, but i doubt any of these would be willing to take a short term contract and they would all have reservations about working under Bates. You would have to have a long term plan in appointing any of those guys, give them time to build their team and bring youth through, but i doubt Bates could relate to this, this will be his 5th manager whoever he appoints and god knows how many he went through at Chelsea. For the good of the club fuck off now Bates!

  30. Dje

    Has Phil Brown ruled himself out yet? If not, then can he please hurry up and do so!

  31. Clive Sanderson

    Whoever we get in I hope we give him a chance and we get behind the team instead of heckling Bates and co. By all means have a go at Bates but not when we’re playing. You can see it has a negative effect on the players.

  32. Clive Sanderson

    Mathew, I don’t believe for one minute we have the worst defenders in the Championship but we do have the worst performing defenders. Is that because of Bates or Simon Grayson?


    I have always backed SG until I heard his post match interview on Tues when he showed he had basically given up and accepted that the squad was not good enough and he was not able to strengthen it. His apparent acceptance of that fact left me deflated and resigned to another stagnant season.

    SG therefore should have quit to keep his reputation in tact and you’ve got to feel sorry for him due to Bates ruining his career just to line his own pockets.

    I still think we can make the play offs, but the next managed is critical. Warnock seems the logical choice but I can’t stand the bloke. I’d love to have Poyet back, but my dream would be to convince Lambert that he would have a better long term career at Leeds. No chance I know, but he would be the perfect fit.

    • number1inyorkshire

      @EYLEEDS you can not quit with 18 months left, he did the next best thing and got himself sacked ,he gets paid out ..his post match interview and team selection for that match were in my opinion done with that in mind..

      I do not think it was acceptance of the fact no one was coming in ,it was the opposite he had ,had enough of it in the end ..

      • mattbb1

        i think thats an interesting point, had grayson finally had enough. Had I been in his shoes, I would have felt my hackles rise as the andy o’brien statement got read out. You just cant publicly reverse your managements comments (no matter how ill advised) the proper way to do it would be for grayson to have made the statement. I think this may have been the final straw, though bates’ refusal to sanction a new centre back (sounds like a freebie on £11k a week) would have seen matters at breaking point when hed just banked the Howson money. You have to think that the team on thursday was sadly the best we could do, so Grayson said – here it is – enjoy. We wont hear much from him now on this matter but nothing needs to be said, he’s been scapegoated, but Ken – we can all see through it – now pack your bags and get out of leeds too.

      • number1inyorkshire

        @mattbb1 The Andy O’brien thing was a mess, but to be fair from everyone ,including O’brien really, but as per the usual Bates was his usual bullish self in condemnation .

        The statement even after welcoming him back wasn’t that good,said so at the time and since i even think that the Paul Rachubka thing with him been taken off and the post match comments from Grayson were badly done at the time ,i feel he had lost some of the dressing room .Andy Lonegans comments yesterday on Bates official ,with him saying lets do it for Redfearn said a lot too ..

      • TimPM

        @number1inyorkshire @mattbb1 Ah, now I don’t like Bates, but you’re entirely wrng there.

        I wrote at the time (deleted now but probably still on Google cache) about how strange it was that this bull in a china shop was so guarded in his “personal opinion” that whatever the situation BECAUSE O’BRIEN REFUSED TO PLAY he’s probably had his last game.

        Sounded more to me like he sympathised at least, and like he wouldn’t mind O’Brien back if circumstances changed…

        Recent happenings might reinforce some of the tittletattle from around then…

  34. Atlanta Whites

    Having repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to make a number of well-reasoned posts relating to Bates this season, I’ve had to decide the bloke is a fucking cunt.

  35. Vancouver Leeds

    @Vancouver White

    Hi Vancouver,…….Sorry TSS for using your site as a ” vehicle”. I’ve never had the nerve to post on here before but, as i also live in Vancouver, thought it’d be really great to hear from you (VW). I have followed and supported Leeds since ’68.

    I thouroughly look forward to reading your articles TSS and the many responses……….A truly entertaining and fantastic read………Well done and long may you continue.

    Good luck PJW

  36. Vancouver White

    @Vancouver Leeds @Vancouver White Hi Vancouver Leeds, lots of us in this neck of the woods!…lived in Harrogate until we got relegated with sniffer ….been in Vancouver ever since(1981)

  37. BigGav1000

    I would love to see Shaun o’driscoll ! ! Loves to play football the right way and did a great job at Doncaster with a relatively poor side. I think our team is better than what he had at Doncaster! Thoughts ? ?

  38. dazza112

    I’d bet on Warnock as he was seen by loads of people getting of a train in Leeds at lunchtime on Thursday. Just to allay any accusations that this is a rumour this info initially came from my CEO who was on the same carriage as him. He took great please telling everyone he came into contact with as he’s no fan of Leeds.

  39. Twice Nightly

    Personally would love Sean O’Driscoll. Lovelly football, and also did it when it mattered although we didnt turn up…. The other one i wouldnt mind, for the experience and know how of the division NO NOT WARNOCK, how about George Burley ???

  40. number1inyorkshire

    Well Irving deliberately loosing the game isn’t easy unless everyone is in with it so no i am not saying he did that .

    Grayson knew probably before Tuesday that no one was coming in as he wanted ,,He didn’t have to pick those kids ,when i was watching and the talk round where we were sitting was about ,that must be 1 of the youngest sides in recent times based on average age .

    he could have played lees instead of Thompson ,Bruce going in there or Conolly ,Pugh could have played .he could have played different players instead of then going on Bates broadcasting to say well they were only kids in there ,well yeas they were but only because he played them .

    He knew Bates had made demands ,he wanted players in, Bates said no his position was untenable ,when you have 18 months left you can not resign .

    So i think he picked the team so he could have a go at Bates ,finances etc ,he knew Bates would sack him it was too late to back him ..and he wouldn’t .

    I think he had ,had enough he wins Bates is the villain he gets paid out ..

    SO the answer to the question is i do not think he cared really about the result as it happened it helped his point ,but the end was the same

    • TimPM

      @number1inyorkshire But number1 that was the right-back he’d picked for a few matches (including Arsenal) since he’d worked out well. Lees & O’Dea are the partnership he picked when Kisnorbo got injured again and White is largely held to be the best left-back in the team by us fans.

      Add to that the strongest midfield he could’ve lined up and the strongest forwards. How can anyone accuse him of purposefuly lining up the weakest team?

      He had a team out there that he got a great performance out of for 60mins. I don’t believe he either didn’t try or didn’t care. He was almost in tears in the interview afterwards.

  41. number1inyorkshire

    Does POYET then think like a Uruguayan lol ,not an Italian .he ruled himself out of a job he wasn’t going to get ,for reasons of him last leaving .

    Di matteo & Ray Wilkins for the double act from god .if for no other reason it gets Wilkins of sky

  42. banditsteve123

    Well there are a few people other managers out of work maybe Oleary might want another go but if we want the defence sorting then george graham is the man.On a personel note i think it will be refearn till the end of the season,he is in the job now the players seem to want him and he would be very cheap dont want him but i think he will get it

    • Dje

      @banditsteve123 I’m not that convinced about the Redfearn ’til the end of the season. If so then White will most definitely walk in the summer on a free. Snodgrass, Clayton and McCormack will be putting in transfer requests.

      As much affection as they might have for our former York City Assistant Manager, like the fans, the players will not have any real faith in Redfearn to take us up (only ‘a chance’). Get a man in who has form on getting promotion and that belief should return (I think we/they lost this belief under Grayson, whether personal or because of Bates’s undermining).

      • banditsteve123

        I agree i dont want redrearn either i just think thats wat bates will do

      • Dje

        @banditsteve123 I think on this occasion there is a consistency to Bates’s train of thought. He wants us to make the greater use of our squad, and to get something out of the fringe players who are on reasonable wages and who we wont easily shift: Bruce, Bromby, O’Brien, Paynter, Connolly.

        Who at the club has had a lot of contact with them recently and got good results out of them in the Reserves? Neil Redfearn.

        Who has also developed young players in the reserves, such as Clayton and Thompson? Neil Redfearn.

        Come Saturday afternoon at Bristol City and all the talk of ‘blank slates’, through Redfearn’s selection, the club has a good chance of re-integrating players they need to make more use of. Personally I’m not expecting a dynamic transformation but if Bruce looks pretty reliable at centre back (or even defensive midfield?) and Connolly looks a new player then who eventually comes into the team as the long term manager is walking into a squad to select from and not the seven or so players + loanees that Grayson has managed to get us down to in the first XI.

        At which point, the club taking its time over the next appointment makes sense.

        [I know some will read this as Bates-apology or re-spouting his view. But for once I think there is a bit of logic in keeping Redfearn on whilst Miller, Snodin and Grayson went]

      • banditsteve123

        One point you made and i have been banging this for ever play bruce in midfield done it before can tackle,pass we keep going on about needing a DM well he has got to be better than brown,I would play him and clayton deep with delph playing the howson role

      • Dje

        @banditsteve123 He’s very good at the step-up and tackle/intercept. My only worry is his pace, or lack of it, and his passing (is it that good?!). Admittedly it’s been a long while since I’ve seen him play anything but a hoofball from the back line.

        The pressure is on Redfearn to offer us something new – either the personnel he selects, the positions he plays them, or the tactics he adopts – so expect change. It should be interesting at least!

      • banditsteve123

        @Dje Thats all bruce would have to win the ball give it to someone who can pass,i think he is fairly quick just think its worth a punt.Any one else heard svens name being talked about i hope not

  43. Alweays a white

    Who ever it might be will be cheap – our Ken will not employ expensive resource and they will be compliant. The reason Grayson has gone is because he spoke out after the Birmingham defeat. Our Ken does not like that he expects blind loyalty and if you cannot give it he shows you the door.

    The fact no one has been put in place already shows it was done with little or no planning and the fact the full management team went except NR shows how everyone feels except NR who chose the devil before what is right..

    The important thing for us as ordinary fans is we stick together and unite against the common foe – Ken bates.

  44. Rab_rant

    Shawn!!! Are you awake? I know it is the middle of the bleeding night

    but get your arse in gear cos this is important. Look attendances are down,

    and they are planning to march in the streets… it’s enough to put me offmy Cristal.

    Now look here Grayson’s gone and we have an opening to make

    some easy dosh. You listening? Now here is the plan, forget about Warnock

    and all the rest of them ex-Chelsea boys, forget about Strachen and Vinnie,

    no hold on, don’t forget about Vinnie, I don’t want me head slammed shut in a cardoor…

    send him some free tickets for an executive box in the East stand, that will

    keep him sweet and at the same time fill up another of those empty suites.

    Do you think those chocolates from Chernobyl are putting the punters off?

    Never mind here is the plan… this has to be done discreetly so as not to arouse

    suspicion. Use the off-shore accounts… you know so nothing that can be traced.

    Lets say about 100 accounts and spread the Howsen money evenly between them.

    After the Brizzle game, lay the 2 mill that John Charles will be the new manager

    at Leeds… you will get fantastic odds… yeah!!! yeah!!! I know he is dead,

    but I will appoint him anyway. If anybody complains we can wheel out an

    empty coffin and put it in the dug out for home games. Bad taste? Bad taste?

    Look Shawn this is business, and I am not in it to please any of those hoity-toity nutters,

    or namby-pamby morons… and beside we won’t need to pay him a salary.

    Haven’t I told you again and again, morals and ethics have no part in making money.

    What do you mean the fans won’t stand for it? Who cares? Now get it done or you will

    be the next one walking.

    Suzannah!!! Suzannah!!! break out the Bolly and where’s that damn remote control?


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