Neil Warnock has once again taken the lead in the race for the Leeds United manager job – at least in terms of bookies odds that is.

In a dramatic overnight twist, Lee Clark has slipped to 3/1 from evens yesterday and Warnock is now as low as 2/5 with some bookies (Sky Bet). The best odds available for Warnock at the time of writing were evens with Paddy Power.

It could be that Warnock’s statement yesterday has caused a flurry of betting;

“I want the rest of this season and one more – that’s all.

“I have got seven promotions and I want one for the record (which he shares with Dave Bassett and Graham Taylor). I have had some interesting calls.”

However, Warnock was incredibly complimentary about Huddersfield Town where he’s also favourite to take the reigns.

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  1. totallychappers

    If he’s after the promotion record, I think he’s most likely to acheive it at Huddersfield.

    • TSS

      @totallychappers Year and half statement is interesting to me. I think he could get Hudds up this season easily – not the case with Leeds.

    • Tyler75

      Not neceesarily – if he’s giving himself the rest of this season and another full season; it could just as well be us. We also shouldn’t forget that Bates rates him and tried to appoint him as Manager of Chelsea previously. Grayson would be the best choice for udders – he would do a really good job for them.

  2. Fairfield1966

    You never know…it could still be Redfearns if Leeds beat Doncaster. The cobwebs on Bates wallet might still be intact next week.

    • totallychappers

      @Fairfield1966 That’s the thing. If Leeds win tomorrow (which they bloody well should) than Bates can point to Redders having a 50% success rate. Its all very well being said on Bates Radio that the team are still within touching distance of the playoffs, but the team have screwed up in the easy fixtures, so if Leeds are going to catch up, they MUST beat the teams above them while their rivals still have the ‘easy games’ in which to collect points.

  3. rroberton

    Everyone seems to have ignored the fact that Curle was at ER last week.

    Got to imply he’s interested in the LUFC job

      • rroberton

        @TSS I am expecting to hear more from ER this afternoon. Hopefully the new manager (probably Warnock) will be in the stands on Saturday.

      • Fairfield1966

        @rroberton @TSS

        Can’t see it….Bates is waiting to pick up the cheapest option at the latest possible moment. He’s had a couple of weeks whereas other clubs would have moved quicker.

  4. mattbb1

    does anyone else think we will get our announcement this afternoon? I think we will, and the manager will be in the stands watching Doncaster thrash us.

    • TSS

      @mattbb1 Odds are dropping rapidly across the board on Warnock. Looks like end game to me, but there are no guarantees in the crazy world of football.

      Odds don’t drop from 6/1 yesterday to odds on (now 1/3 & 2/5) in 24 hours unless there is huge sums of money placed or inside knowledge.

      • TimPM

        @TSS @mattbb1 Yeah but he’s also odds on at Molineux isn’t he? He sounded more like he wasn’t overly interested in Wolves, was interested in Leeds, but wasn’t interested if Harvey et al. kept half of the jobs of manager and would’ve been happy to go to Udders Field?

      • mattbb1

        the specific mention of a promotion for me means its got to be leeds, not sure how i feel about warnock as boss, but perhaps bates realises his numbers up if he doesnt get a proven manager.

      • Dje

        @mattbb1 Why not Huddersfield, mattbb? They’ve got the squad there or thereabouts to get promoted far more than we do.

        If Snodgrass goes in the summer and there is no money coming from Bates then Warnock is really cutting it fine to get his final promotion with us in 18 months time!

      • TimPM

        @TSS @mattbb1 I’m sure I don’t need to give you the wiki link to Tulipmania.

      • TSS

        @TimPM@mattbb1 No, the interesting thing is the gap though. Bookies don’t tend to leave themselves that exposed unless they’re certain, at which point they’ll make odds attractive on other managers because it’s no-risk money to them.

      • mattbb1

        If Keith Curle was in the stands last week, then youd think this may have been a done deal some time ago, and the fact that he has only just sorted out his severance with QPR might explain the near insane decision to let redfearn manage more than one training session.

      • TimPM

        @mattbb1 Yeah but Udders Field weren’t vacant when KC was in the stands..?

    • Tyler75

      @mattbb1 With a new Manager waiting in the wings, I think we’ll turn Donny over. One thing guaranteed abourt Warnock, if it is to be him, whatever we as fans think of him (personally he would be far from my ideal choice as a Manager of LUFC) he will absolutely galvanise and get a response from a group of underperforming players. Also doesn’t his declaration of ‘this season and one more’ suit us perfectly ?

      • Bluesman

        @Tyler75 @mattbb1 Rock on. There are others but Warnock would still be good for Leeds. At least his heart is in the right place.

  5. Tim Campbell

    I don’t know the guy, I don’t particularly like him, but I believe he is probably the right choice for were we are at present – I can’t see him being a bates puppet; should be interesting

  6. Dje

    Thinking on past performances, Curbishley makes more sense for Wolves than Warnock. Curbishley came in and saved West Ham from relegation when they were odds on for falling out of the Premiership. Warnock has never done that in the Premiership so he has no record for it. What Warnock does have is a record for getting teams promoted, especially to the Premiership. That really makes him more attractive to Huddersfield and Leeds than Wolves. Throw in the comment about wanting the record for getting teams promoted and it seems far more likely it wont be Wolves (unless he is planning on taking them down this season just to get them promoted the next?!).

    Keith Curle in the stadium doesn’t mean anything anyway, it could as much be he’s gone as Warnock’s ‘eyes’ rather than his own ambitions (although I imagine Curle would be Warnock’s second at Leeds).

    The good thing about Wolves being interested in him means that it ups the ante for Bates. He has to act faster and more decisively, and – in theory, although never guaranteed in practice – Bates would have to offer Warnock a better hand at Leeds to convince him to join.

    • Dje

      @TSS Personally I’m gutted that Guus Hiddink has just signed with that dodgy Dagestan team, Anzac Macarena. I was really, really hoping that Bates was going to deliver the WOW factor for once.

  7. SirRockAlot

    Tell you what – If Bates hires Warnock and that get’s us promoted (or at the very least amibitous again) – that’d actually make me strike out one of the many negative points he has with me. Could the old bastard be plotting something good for Leeds for once?

    I know I’m naive for getting my hopes up – but hell… I’m a Leeds fan – goes with the territory

    • Dje

      @SirRockAlot I’d just like some structure, order, and a hint that we might at least move forward. I know, I am too demanding.

    • number1inyorkshire

      @Tim Campbell im off to give the BOARD MEMBER grief tomorrow either in the tent or at some point he has lost any credibility now

      • Tim Campbell


        Thanx pal, Bates has his hand so far up Lorimers ass all hes good for now is Bates glove puppet.

  8. Tim Campbell

    Colin my contempt for bates is only exceeded by that of Lorimer. I never have nor ever will like ken bates, but lorimer was once my hero

  9. Panamaleeds

    Yes just read Pete the puppet fairy tale written by K Bates Love it 90 lies an hour

  10. Bluesman

    If Bates hired Warnock to get Leeds promoted his credibility would go up with me as it would show that he actually does mean what he says about gettig Leeds back into the top flight. Interesting times!

      • Bluesman

        @TSS On my scale he would be -3000 + 1, but at least there would be some hope! My fear is that the more we rev him up the worse he will get, if that is possible! Like your scales though!

  11. Bluesman

    If Neil Warnock came we would have two crazy old bar stools. What a laugh that would be! At least he would be passionate about his mission. And, with Warnock at the helm it would never be mission impossible! lol

  12. Dje

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Gianluca Vialli yet. The fact that he has been out of management for nearly a decade would surely appeal to Bates: as us fans would not remember what we are getting and have to wait and see to find out (the hard way).

  13. Dje

    I think he’ll take it because he’ll be itching to get back into management and he won’t need to move. Bit that said, he must be a bit miffed that he has to drop back down to League One after already twice proving himself, with us and Blackpool, good enough in the Championship.

  14. Tim Campbell

    I truly believe Bates was hoping that Redfearn would acquit himself well over this 4 game period – so he could justify his appointment. Thank God this has not proved to be the case, as now the scheming old fart will have to appoint a tried and tested manager.Always bloody looking for the cheapest way out, Bates has now shot himself in the foot with his latest grand masterplan. Does anyone know if old greybeard will be at the game tomorrow? If so I hopes he experiences ‘the love in’. PS Still would’nt rule McCarthy out of the running inspite of what he said about needing a break away from the game

  15. Tyler75

    Just a thought, but my guess is that a spit and sawdust Warnock -Leeds team would probably look something like this:













    Lonegran, Painter, Forsell, Bromby, Varynen

  16. Tyler75

    Taylor’s in on the basis that Warnock likes his ‘keepers old, experienced and Irish. I think Connolly is very much a Warnock player as are Bruce and O’Brien – he’s always been partial to a grizzled centre-back partnership. Personally I’d have Lees & Thompson in the mix but Warnock has always looked to experience. Nunez is probably too flaky for him but he did have Tarrbat as a key part of his QPR sides so who knows. Anyway pure speculation, if Di Matteo gets the nod I’d expect to see the side with a higher proportion of pacy youngsters. Don’t know about Townsend, looks like he should be good and did really well for Millwall and Spurs certainly rate him – maybe we just don’t play to his strengths

  17. Tyler75


    1. By his own definition he’ll only be in the job for the rest of this season and next

    2. I doubt he’d take the job without certain assurances on available funds

    3. He’ll probably get us promoted

    4. He won’t take any shit from Bates or Harvey


    1. He’s Neil Warnock

    2. The football will be functional at best

    3. He’s Neil Warnock

  18. TSS

    Of those linked, there’s only McCarthy I’d have rather had. Happy enough with Warnock. He must have demanded a transfer budget for summer, and he won’t stand for any of the Williams/Harvey player recruitment bollocks. We need a big character.

    • TSS

      That’s the worst bit. That I actually want Warnock is killing me. This is what Bates has reduced us to.

  19. TSS

    Closes every night mate. It’s so the bookies don’t get stung overnight. They reassess before reopening markets in morning.

    1/10 when it closed.

  20. TSS

    It’s only the English bookies that apply, so Sky is the only strange one. Betfair for example doesn’t need to close because it’s matched betting, whereas William Hill and Ladbrokes do because they’re unmanned overnight. It was only the English bookies offering on odds on Leeds, that’s why the oddschecker page has gone blank every night at 10pm. If you open Wolves up tomorrow you’ll see another dozen companies offering odds.

    In Sky’s case, I can only assume they don’t expect any real change over night, so there’s no real danger of them getting stung. With Leeds, they could do if – for example – Warnock rules us out and it becomes clear a 14/1 or 20/1 shot is nailed on.


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