The Scratching Shed is planning to compile a list of the greatest Leeds United mistakes throughout our turbulent history based on the nominations made by you.

Examples for the kind of thing we’re looking for are as follows;

  • Selling Eric Cantona to Manchester United
  • Signing Tomas Brolin
  • Eddie Gray releasing David Seaman as a youth player

To nominate your greatest Leeds United mistake, you can add your suggestions in the comments below, on our Facebook page or by using the Twitter hashtag #BiggestLUFCfuckups.

34 Responses

  1. Dje

    Yeah employing Venables is high up there, Seth Johnson’s wages too, but personally it is selling Cantona to Man Utd. We already knew he was good and would prosper wherever he went (unlike David Seaman, or Brolin at Leeds) so it is unforgivable that we let him go to our nearest rivals, regardless of the money we received.

  2. fordm25

    The £100m gamble where we bought players such as Seth Johnson and Robbie Fowler.

  3. sh20

    Paul Rachubka’s first mistake vs Blackpool.. which leads to a goal

    Paul Rachubka’s mistake which led to a penalty vs Blackpool.. which leads to a goal and tom lees sent off

    Paul Rachubka’s other mistake vs Blackpool..which leads to a goal.

  4. Armoured Farmer

    KENNITH WILLIAM BATES No greater mistake at Birth, |Football and at Elland Road

  5. Daveylufc

    It’s got to be either bates or ridsdale ruining our club for no1 choice. Selling cantona or buying fowler seemed a bad thing at the time but it’s nothing compared to the hopelessness us fans feel under the stewardship of those two stupid men.

  6. mattbb1

    awright apples and ears, cor blimey, fancy drinking 25 bottles of blue WKD at the majestyk tonight jon? Alreet canny lad Lee – I’ll inveet two pyscotic mates along as well – mint.

    that has to rank as the most disastrous mistake.

    • Cumbrian White

      Totally agree Mattbb1 that was the start of our demise from being a fantasticly young exciting team to watch , to where we are now – owned by Papa Smurf who could not give a flying F*** about Leeds United or our fans and watching a side not fit to wear the shirt – gutted

      • mattbb1

        amazing isnt it how it all seemed to go badly wring from there, its almost as though we were cursed afterwards. only when grayson took over did i even begin to feel any hope again.

    • Daveylufc

      @mattbb1 Other clubs have their scandals and don’t go from the champions league semi final to league 1 in the blink of an eye. What they did was stupid but it could have been handled better. Dare I say it but scum know how to defuse a scandal pretty well, just ask the Kung fu expert cantona.

  7. lufcjames2203

    Got to agree with Armoured Farmer. Ken’s parents have a lot to answer for – both in conceiving the horrible bastard and then raising him. What would the world have been like without him? Wonder where we would be now…..out of existence if he told the story.

    • Loiner

      @lufcjames2203 Bates is a cunt fuck and i agree his stewardship has been depressing and dire.

  8. mattbb1

    in all seriousness a minor mistake for me was selling Wehterall and buying tha twit Duberry. But the biggest mistake we’ve ever made simply has to be selling Cantona. In an alternaite universe somewhere Old Trafford is a championship ground, ruled over by a white bearded despot. and Elland Road is an 80,000 seater stadium. I think I’m going to start… crying.

  9. EW

    When Don Revie told the Leeds board he was leaving to become England manager he made a reccommendation that they appoint Johnnie Giles as his successsor. The board took umbrage and turned down his suggestion flat and appointed Brian Clough instead. The rest is history.

  10. noteboom80

    Worst mistake for me was the sacking of David O’ Leary. I believe we would have never got relegated if he’d have stayed. The team we got relegated with was more than good enough to stay up. Just had the wrong men in charge. Venables, Reid and Gray. We would still be a Prem team now and finances could have been sorted while still in the Prem.

  11. Deuceyboy

    The club selling seaman ,sellars ,wright ,, scales,, irwin,linighan ,phelan,lukic,can i have that as one!!!oh n terry connor!!

  12. AlamoJim

    There are so many but its an easy top three.

    1. Giving Clough the job instead of Giles.

    2 Selling cantona to ManU..

    3. Letting Risdale handle the money.

  13. derrysdouble

    My dad telling me in 1972 that Leeds were the best team in the land and I should follow them, it’s been downhill ever since.

  14. Ken Mistoe

    The Little Cnut Dennis Wise – would never have ended up the L1 in the first place if he wasn’t brought in

  15. Dje

    You’re entitled to your view, Oracle, although I’m not sure saying it twice doubles the impact!

    I struggle with the linguistic headf**k of trying to think how an inanimate object can make a mistake. Instead I look for human error. I suppose we could blame Krasner and Co, perhaps the KPMG administrators regarding Bates, but neither were Leeds United, not truly Leeds United, and neither is Ken Bates in the long duree.

    Cantona sadly didn’t go on to be a bit player, nor was he under-utilized (his time out suspended for his karate kicks aside) by the Scum, hence it was a mistake that WE never got the most out of him.

  16. GranulatedAndy

    I still haven’t gotten over us selling Batts out of the blue…only to be ‘replaced??!’ by Carlton Bleeding Palmer. Bringing in Venables who then spent a silly amount of dough on Nick Bleeding Barmby.

    On field errors… A few spring to mind. The back four all deciding to stand still and appeal for one of the most blatantly obvious offsides ever against Wolves in 1972… Brendan Ormsby failing to shepherd the ball out of play in the FA Cup semi against Coventry…

    Regarding Cloughie….I dont see how anyone can say the initial installation as manager was a mistake considering what he went on to do at Forest just a handful of years later with Mulligan and O’ I mean McGovern…XD

    • Dje

      @GranulatedAndy Venables putting Paul Okon on £35,000 a week still makes me laugh/cry.

  17. Tyler75

    1. Peter Ridsdale

    2. Introducing Yeboah to Yorkshire Pudding

    3. Peter Ridsdale

    4. Not cloning Gordon Strachan

    5. Peter Ridsdale

  18. Tim Campbell

    To say that I place Old Greybeard as my number one choice above the likes of howlers such as ridsdale, brolin, cantona says a hell of a lot


    Biggest mistake was ‘living the dream’. This reckless act snowballed and now leaves us with Satan himself ruining our club.

  20. Michael W

    Simple, Johnny Giles not getting the managers job in 74… all down hill from then on until 92!!

  21. Morley Boy

    Selling / Letting Jimmy Greenhoff go was a personal disappointment. But if it wasn’t for Ridsdale Bates wouldn’t be there. O’Leary like a kid in a sweet shop needed a strong parent and he didn’t have it.

  22. Morley Boy

    I seem to remember too that it was King Billy who spit the dummy when the Don recommended Johnny Giles as his successor which put the cat amongst the pigeons. Not that i want to speak ill of the great wee man.

  23. Loiner

    Agreed, Dennis Wise was a low point. Some might say selling Cuntana was a bad idea too.


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