Lee Clark, one of the names linked with the Leeds United job has been sacked by Huddersfield Town.

Bookmakers were quick to react to news of Lee Clark’s sacking, first suspending betting before reopening markets with Clark’s odds reduced from 14/1 to evens.

Mick McCarthy was clear favourite earlier in the day with odds around the evens mark. Odds now suggest a two horse race between Clark and McCarthy – although the market will need time to settle.

Who would you prefer?

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  • BigGav1001

    I hope not! ! !

  • trueyorxman

    Lee ‘Tony Hart’ Clark, good at drawing alot!

  • Captaincrash

    Potentially an appointment to flame the fires of rage and discontent me thinks. Could be lively but what a joke. Please lets get M Mc, Clarke a joke surely………

  • mattbb1

    so its Clark! not disappointed by that, but would have preferred McCarthy – he might have actually got us promoted..

  • MacLUFC

    I will be utterly gutted if we sign Clark over MM, Clark got dropped from a league one side. Why would he be able to get us into the prem if he can’t get HTFC out of League 1?!

  • alco

    Why sign Clark when he cant get a team out of the 1st divisioin with the amount of money he has had at his disposal , and also which contained the best striker out side the premiership

  • alco

    i meant league 1 !!!!!

  • TimPM

    If so Ken Bates must’ve had a f-ing stroke. Clark not good enough for the dogbotherers so we sign him.

  • mattbb1

    to all of those pitching clark as a league one reject – read between the lines – he has engineered the sacking so he gets a payout. They are sitting 4th in league one 3 points of second, if the board are doing anything at Huddersfield its saving their own necks by not letting the fans know that their manager has walked – what money on Grayson taking over?

    • TimPM

      @mattbb1 It’s not just that he’s a L1 reject. It’s that he’s spent large amounts in League One for years and has got the club into a decent position.

      We’ve Mick McCarthy with a history of promotion without massive funds, and Warnock ditto. And we stump for the cheap, sh-t option. Yet again.

      • mattbb1

        @TimPM i’m not thrilled to be honest, but he’s a better bet than redfearn, I dont trust Bates as you well know either, but moreso than Redfearn Clark deserves some backing as he has the potential to do well, when we tlak about £m’s spent well quite frankly most teams in the FL have spent more than Leeds on transfer fees, Hudds did have 1 season of serious expenditure but only one as i remember. Where Clark will come unstuck wth us is that where he got the pilikington money to spend this summer, he ont get apenny of the howson gradel or snodgrass money when they are sold from under him. Bates out.

  • jaffaessex2

    And guess who will go to Huddersfield, Grayson of course and I’ll bet he’ll get them promoted – He’ll get a great reception back at ER next season too!!

  • mattbb1

    by the way – just be grateful we may have a professional manager in charge as opposed to tyhe youth team coach, we may actually stay up.

    • TimPM

      @mattbb1 But that’s the whole point. He sacked Simon Grayson.

      We need to replace Simon Grayson. Now you’re accepting his shifting of the goal posts “oh well at least its not that bloke who wasn’t good enough for York City.”

      Are we really that small a club now? No. We’ve several serious managers with serious reputations who have applied. Many of them were serious.

      If we get Clark it’s because the Chairman is going for the cheap option. Again.

      • mattbb1

        @TimPM @mattbb1 not at all, i think the whole process is flawed, but on the face of it is clark better than redfearn – yes. Is he better than Grayson? – No probably not or for that matter McCarthy. Its the `top dog’ principle – of these ugly girls which is the least ugly..

  • TimPM

    I hope so. He deserves to get back on the proverbial horse quickly.

    He’ll have them up by the end of next season, and we’ll see them the season after.

  • womble31

    With so many quality managers available at the moment, the thought of Clark fills me with dread! Bates has already distanced himself from MM (who is my preferred appointment) and I just feel like my beloved club keeps sinking to new depths all because of Bates (who has once again branded us idiotic for voicing concern).

  • mattbb1

    how will he cope though with papa smurf not giving him any ot the money received to spend? theres the rub.. he also needs to sell Paynter, Rachubka, Connolly, Brown, Forrsell I wouldnt envy anyone that task, becasue Ken will either expect a fee, or take their termination fees out of the budget.

  • trueyorxman

    Can I jut clear one thing up. WE ARE NOT GETTING PROMOTED THIS SEASON AS WE ARE SHIT. There’s not one manager out there could get this shower of shite in the play-offs never mind finish in the top 2. By the way hasn’t Delph been a revelation on his return?!!

  • TSS

    Wages that go along with these signings (and retentions) are key, particularly Rhodes. His budget is higher than any other team in L1 I reckon.

  • Tyler75

    Please , not Clark – a track record of failing to get Huddersfield promoted and failing in the play offs while spending twice as much money as Grayson has ever seen at Leeds is exactly what we need. However if he brings Jordon Rhodes with him , I might change my mind !

  • Tyler75

    Just a (admittedly radical) thought – maybe he’s in line for the Wolves job and he is taking Rhodes with him !

  • The WhiteLizard

    Did anyone else notice that the notice of Clark’s sacking on the Dogtown site was almost word for word the same statement used on the LUFC site about Grayson. Have we been taken over by robots? That would certainly explain a lot.

    • TSS

      @The WhiteLizard I think there must be some kind of chairman and owners club database of templates. They all use pretty much the exact same wording.

    • TimPM

      @The WhiteLizard All pretty disrespectful to men who’ve had the weight of a club on their shoulders for years. Either way!

  • Bluesman

    Bates will never have Mc Carthy, he is too good, too honest and too expensive. Why on earth would he want a manager who is good enough to realise Leeds ambitions?

  • vinylmatt

    Still holding out for Radi Antic really. You know, after Vinnie Jones has been taken out of the running.

    • Dje

      @vinylmatt I know absolutely nothing about Antic and his footballing philosophy. On those grounds, and considering the dearth of management quality we are being connected with in the media, I’d take Antic. Sometimes it is better the devil you don’t know.

  • Dje

    Give Peter Lorimer the job BATES,he’ll do it for NOW’T.

  • Tyler75

    It seems that Clark’s sacking was due to a falling out with the Chairman and he is apparently considering taking Udders to an industrial tribunal – facts that will not endear him to Herr Bates. Throw in the fact that he likes to spend money on players and Bates ridiculed his wage demands when we tried to sign him when he was a player and I’m increasingly hopeful he won’t be offered the job. It does however look increasingly like Warnock unless he gets the Wolves job or Ken has an attack of common sense and vision and goes for Di Matteo.

  • Tyler75

    Just seen this on Sky Sports website, let’s hope its accurate:

    Meanwhile, reports suggest Leeds will not be approaching Lee Clark regarding their vacant managerial post.

    Clark was expected to be a leading candidate for the role after being sacked by Huddersfield on Wednesday, but Leeds are understood to be reluctant to appoint a man with no previous coaching experience in the Championship.

  • mattbb1

    so not mccarthy, not clark… keith curle and phil brown ant ER on Saturday…. Warnock has the expereince of getting promotion, so does phil brown. For what its worth i reckon Di Matteo or Eriksson go to wolves, grayson to Huddersfield, and Warnock to Leeds. If nothing else going through a tribunal is not something you want while you start a new job.

  • Dje

    The way it is going I’ve decided that there is nothing else for it but sheer Roy-Of-The-Rovers romanticism…

    so tis Andy Hughes or bust!

    • mattbb1

      i think he would be a superb manager, imagine how fired up he would get them!

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