Another woeful performance from The Whites left Neil Redfearn’s hopes of landing the job permanently in tatters. For all his assertions that he knew what the problems were, and more importantly, how to remedy them, Redfearn has had three games to get things right and totally failed to do so.

It’s not as if Redfearn has had it all that tough either. In-form Brighton may have looked like a bit of a tricky fixture, but the reality is, they played poorly. He got the result at Bristol City, granted, but that had a lot more to do with the two red cards than any managerial prowess. Against nine man Bristol, I’d expect our youth team to win 3-0.

Then there’s last night’s fixture away to bottom of the pile Coventry City, statistically the worst team in the Championship. The Coventry City fans must have left wondering how on earth we’re so far above them after that showing – I know I did.

Leeds fans know we don’t have the best team in Championship, not even close. We have an underfunded mid-table side that was living up to all expectations before Simon Grayson was sacked. Then our ever-so-predictable chairman decided to test the cheapest option before looking for a suitable replacement, which leaves us in the mess we’re in now – six points dropped and looking like the worst side in the division.

There are simply no positives I can offer Redfearn. The farcical defensive errors remained, there was no tactical change whatsoever, we have an excellent central midfield in Delph & Clayton that the caretaker-manager got absolutely nothing out of and we were pretty useless in attack – aside from Ross McCormack that is, who Redfearn (in his infinite wisdom) decided to take off when we were searching for a winner.

The crowds chants of “there’s only one Simon Grayson” summed things up perfectly. Redfearn will point to the two penalties and bemoan his luck, but the reality is, we were second best to the Championship’s whipping boys. Grayson may have had his faults, but he was the difference between what we’ve witnessed in the last three games and the mid-table Championship side our chairman hasn’t paid for – and then sold off, before not paying for again.

I don’t expect miracles from Redfearn under current circumstances, I really don’t. But I expect some kind of change, some attempt to secure the job permanently that changes Leeds United’s style completely. Otherwise, what’s the point?

The crux of the matter is this; Simon Grayson had us as high, if not higher than the investment in this squad should realistically achieve – anything beyond that is miraculous. Had we sacked Simon Grayson because Merlin the Magician had suddenly become available then fair enough – “alakazaham” and we’re in the Premier League, job done.

Even if we’d sacked Simon Grayson because Ken Bates felt there was another manager available, whose ideas could give us that final push we needed, I could have bitten my tongue and accepted that too. But that wasn’t the case. Simon Grayson was sacked as part of a shameless ploy to divert attention away from a failing board. The club then tried to cop out of paying for a replacement by testing the cheapest option available.

The most depressing thing is, this was an extremely poor Coventry City side. It took two penalties for them to beat an even worse Leeds United side, which tells you everything you need to know about how incredibly relegation-worthy they are. Like Brighton at the weekend, we’d have probably snatched all three points had we staged the late attacking flurry we were so famous for under Simon Grayson. Instead, our most threatening player (and goal scorer) was removed and we did absolutely nothing.

Quite why we didn’t surge forward is as baffling as Ross McCormack’s substitution because Coventry didn’t look capable of scoring from open play. The biggest threat they posed came from corners and Luciano Becchio was heading most of those clear. Aside from that, they may as well have had two Billy Paynter’s leading the line for all the difference it would have made.

Unfortunately, there’s even less to speak of in terms of Leeds United’s efforts. We constantly threatened to string three or four passes together but then decided against it and returned possession to the home side instead. If nothing else, we’re certainly charitable under Redfearn.

All this leaves us six points off the play-off places, with 5th placed Birmingham City and 6th placed Reading both having a game in hand over us. The boards failure to act quickly means we’ve squandered one of the easiest runs we’ll get all season and with just 15 games remaining, a third season in the Championship is starting to look inevitable. And just to rub salt into the wounds, Fabian Delph sustained an injury during the course of one of the worst games of football ever witnessed. Truly depressing times for Leeds United Football Club.

Silver lining? Well, Merlin isn’t available but a twice Championship champion is…

“At the moment we’ve got 16 first team players. My initials stand for Mick McCarthy, not Merlin the Magician.”

Final score: Coventry City 2 – 1 Leeds United

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  1. leeds lad leeds

    As you touched on, Harvey said we had 18 games to turn the season around, so why waste 4 of them on an unproven manager who was already at the club. He said we needed to freshen the place up, so why employ someone who was already at the club? Baffling, absolutely baffling.

    • Dje

      @leeds lad leeds I agree. Aside from the loanees who have come in under Grayson’s watch, and the 18-minute return of O’Brien, we are fielding the exact same team as Grayson was struggling with, and last night the exact same team that had lost to Brighton. Talk about rewarding failure.

      There was no need to go public with Redfearn getting four matches. Yes there is a practicality to it with three games being played in the space of this week, but now the Doncaster game seems a mockery considering it is clear that Redfearn hasn’t got it to take us forward. Obviously in their worst predictions Harvey and Bates couldn’t foresee us at being 3 points from 9 at this point, which once again shows how little footballing foresight those two blind bastards have. It’s utterly dispairing.

  2. jaffaessex

    These are clearly desperate times. Redfearn has done his best but clearly lacks the experience we need. Bates needs to get off his sun lounger and fly in and get us the manager we deserve. His comments regarding the 90 days in the country are just an excuse, surely he can cancel one of his future trips and get here now and take care of business!

    • Dje

      @jaffaessex Personally I’d have put that clause regarding the 90 day residency difficulties of ex-pats in the FA’s ‘Fit and Proper’ test for football chairmans. But then the FA has no spine…

  3. Captaincrash

    Season over. Lucky we are not 6 points worse off as I would be very worried re an exit from the Championship in the wrong direction on current form.

    • mralchemy

      @Captaincrash yeah good job we have points in the bag……..otherwise we would deffo be down

  4. CJR

    I went to the game last night and couldnt believe how bad we were all over the pitch. Darren ODea’s defending is awful, he constantley gets knocked about by centre forwards and he cant tackle unless its on his left side. Brown was once again absolutely shocking when he came on, I cant believe he is still been given a chance in that team, I would rather have had Thompson on the bench who I think has ben unlucky to have been overlooked. Totally baffled by the McCormack sub, it was odd to say the least to take him off for Nunez who I think still needs to proove himself and go back out on loan. The strangest descison was to bring Obrien on, take Smith off and move Lees to right back! I think Redfern was trying tighten up the defence but again Obrien was woeful against the big centre forward. Surely it would have made more sense to have taken Odea off for Obrien and left Smith on at right back? (Lees had a decent game I thought) I hope Bates moves fast and gets McCarthy in who can assess the squad and have a clear out for next season but I wont hold my breath! At least the likes of Sam, Forrsell, Varynnan and Brown are all free to leave in the summer but theres alot more that need to follow .

  5. TimPM

    I have no hope that Mick will get a quick turn around and save the season. But he’s the right man for the job LT (along with Warnock, though I’d probably go MM).

  6. Dje

    I’m wondering if Grayson’s sacking was less down to results but more down to not being prepared to kowtow the party line of non-investment of players. Considering the board blocked him bringing in a midfielder and kept egging at him that our squad was already too big, Grayson was in a position where the only way he could appease fans’ criticism of his lack of transfer activity was to go public and say that this was solely down to the board. In those regards they shot him before he could speak, and his silence was more important than whoever came in next (which would explain the apparent lack of a manager lined-up).

    • mattbb1

      youre bob on, my view is that the total lack of planning post-sacking shows there was clearly a break in the management set-up, and It can only be down to Grayson finally snapping and telling bates he could no longer work with these constraints.

  7. mattbb1

    one thing i’d have expected from Redfearn, and I expected very little, was for the likes of Poleon, Gimpel, Payne to get on the bench – really what on earth did he do last night, youre looking for winner so lets bring on a defenisve midfielder, a defender and a dep lying attacking midfielder? to support who – the striker youve taken off? strategically he was woefully inept. Had he brought some youthful exuberance to the fore then I thnk he might have done himself, and us some favours, because lets be honest Bates wont spend ANY money on this team again. We might as well start bring new faces through. I’m considering setting up ap petition to Downing St for a full investigation of Leeds Utd’s commercial outfit as I believe it poses an economic risk to the greater Wyorks region as it is being so badly run, and that its posing a risk to a culturally important organisation in Yorkshire – I think this would compliment the LUST campaign nicely and ensure Bates got the kind of press he doesnt need, but deserves – is anyone with me?

    • TimPM

      @mattbb1 I’d talk to LUST before I actually set it up. They might have something in the pipelines. But it’s definitely the right direction. I’ll sign it and I’ll get anyone I can to sign it!

      • mattbb1

        @TimPM @mattbb1 good idea, the more we make him realise he is not wanted by the majority of fans hopefully the sooner he sells and goes.

      • mattbb1

        @TimPM done it, note sent to the LUST website. bring it on. To me vitally important we turn up the heat. the fact Bates has thrown away 12 points is criminal, he isnt even trying to hide his hatred of the fans now.

  8. illiyav

    Last night the performance was beyond dreadful. A complete lack of ideas, ambition or dare I say it, lack of managerial gumption.One thing I think all Leeds fans can agree on is that this is not necessarily Redders fault, our squad is average at best and most of players there would struggle to play league one football at this rate. Another thing we all agree on is, that despite his poor defensive signings and some tactical miss givings, Simon Grayson would won those last three games with ease. I would be confident about beating Donnie too.

    Unfortunately, as much as it pains me to say. Our form stinks of relegation, though I don’t think we’ll go down, we could easily end up 16th –17th. With the tough run of fixtures we have got coming up after Donnie and the local derbys especially away at Hull we will be lucky to obtain more than 10 points for remainder of the season.

    Yes…it really is that bad. Especially, if a frankly shocking Coventry side, and a once Leeds United reject McSheffrey can do the number on us so easily, most teams above them and we play many of the promotion candidates during next month, we’ll be lucky to finish anywhere near the top half of the table. All thanks to one man, his white beard, and his lack of investment in our club.

  9. SAWhite

    I know people will argue the point that we would make a lot of money by going up, but I think this board has to much to lose by going up this year. To many negative things keep happening to high jack any chance of going up…selling good young players and not replacing them, sacking managers with no replacement just letting things drift along with no urgency. Maybe I just can’t believe the people running our great club can have no strategy or idea about how to do it. I suppose the proof will be what they do in the summer, if they get the right manager and back him with funds then we know that was the plan all the time… Maybe that’s wishful thinking as well.

  10. mralchemy

    After Grayson was sacked I was frantically checking the internet for days, excited and expecting a quick appointment….it is totally shocking that finding a new manager has dragged on this long. Bates has shown total disregard for the club, the fans, and has lost any drop of good will he still had left at the club.

    The lack of urgency has cost us our season and could have put the club on a downward spiral that is hard to stop, I am sure he will make a decision by Monday……and then it will probably the wrong one!

  11. Tim Campbell

    Lets face it Ken’s grand masterplan has gone as prickly as any prickly pear-shaped plan known to mankind!! Four winnable games for the apprentice Redfearn to ease him into the hotseat – hahahha!!! Bates plan to palm us off with the cheapest option possible has horribly backfired on the old codger.Ken you are a kind of Anti-King Midas; everything you touch could be sold to the nearest farmer to spray on his fields!!! We will be over from N.Ireland next month to see the West Ham game and we will defno be at any protest rally thats on

  12. Kernow

    Just a point to those with better memories than me, but when we came out of administration, what the clause that meant Bates had to pay out more if we gained promotion to the PL? What was the time frame?

    • TimPM

      @Kernow Originally 5 years, but he upped it to 7 to try to buy off opposition.

      Might have upped it to 10. Not sure.

      Promotion would outweigh the extra costs involved. It really shouldn’t be a factor.

  13. OxfordWhite

    We are a joke. Coventry were poor but better than us. The first tactical substitution was to swap a centre back for a centre back. If we’d taken Oh Dear off and added Townsend to a three man attack and lost 3-1 I’d have felt better, at least we’d have lost fighting.

    It’s time we all boycot ER, show strong support away, embarrass & corner Bates with an empty home ground.

  14. The WhiteLizard

    What a depressing day! I’m thinking things I never thought I’d think:

    1. I’m glad we lost. Hopefully saves us from Redfearn. (Although if they somehow manage to beat Donny handily, not even that is certain)

    2.I hope we get relegated next season. (probably too late for this season – just) It’s the only thing I can think of that might get Bates attention – loss of income.

    And before we all start thinking the last 3 games make Grayson look like a genius, the biggest thing I take away from the transfer window non-events is that we couldn’t get rid of fringe players that Grayson brought in (Paynter, Connolly etc) even on loan. They are that bad. He may have been able to manage the last few minutes of a game, but a lot else was missing.

    • mattbb1

      @The WhiteLizard spot on, this is the first time i’ve ever seen us lose, and be glad which i hate myself for. I never thought I would ever hope that, but i feel Leeds United is no longer the club i support, they ceased to exist the day we beat Bristol Rovers, since then we are a parody of our former selves. I’m trying to set up a petition to Downing Street for the govt to investigate Bates and FSF, so hopefully that will come off, I have asked LUST to back it.

      • Tyler75

        @mattbb1@The WhiteLizard Good for you Matt. As soon as its online, I’ll sign with glee. I recently emailed the Daily Mail, who seem to have a particular dislike of Bates, on the same subject, asking them to run an expose and have a word with their ‘friends’ in government. We’ll get our club back one day.

      • mattbb1

        @Tyler75 @The WhiteLizard so i’ve now seen the mail, the YEP & the guardian run articles basically questioning Bates’ motives, surely this is ther worst hes faced since he tried to buy the British Virgin Islands.. would love to hear from LUST as to who is interested inbuying us, there has to be someone? Would anyone here have Ridsdale back!

      • TimPM

        @mattbb1 @Tyler75 @The WhiteLizard He ruined our club. But he wouldn’t get away with overspending a second time.

        Almost anyone would run this club better than Bates. A chairman who actually appreciates the modern game and modern business would be a bonus.

  15. Tyler75

    Its like witnessing a slow death at the moment – utterly depressing – I don’t think the season we got relegated from the Championship was so devoid of joy or hope.

    The only positive from last night (other than Ross continuing his scoring form) is that the defeat has completely kyboshed Bates going for the cheap and easy option of appointing Redfearn. I’ve said this before but the decision that Bates makes on the next Manager will make glaringly obvious to eveybody his real intentions for LUFC. I’m praying its McCarthy and am hoping that its just mere speculation that an ex-Chelsea player, Albert Ferrer, recently disposed of by european giants,Vitesse Arnhem, is the most recent name being linked to the job.

  16. henrymouni

    Oh my giddy aunt!!

    We are the worst team in the league, on present form.

    Ken and his potty regime are distracting us from our under performing players.

    Ken did not buy any of these players, and he does not spend all week training coaching them.

    When are we so bad just now??

    Simon and his team of coaches lost the plot, and were not getting the best out of them.

    Neil Redfearn , who is trying to do 6 jobs at once has not had an luck either.

    All this talk, by the players, that Neil is a great coach, and training is much better now is cobblers!! Or, if it is true, why are they completely ignoring him????

    It is the players who need a kick up the jacksy!!

    Our squad, with all its weaknesses, is better than it is showing just now.

    A new strong manager is vital, and we need him NOW!!

    I am fully supportive of LUST!!

    However, it is the players who are letting us down right now!!

    From Lonergan down (or up) they are are shambles and do not deserve to be paid!!

    The only exceptions perhaps Snodds and Ross!!

    They are pro’s!!

    They should not need to be told about 100% effort and application and concentration!!

    Our travelling fans deserve all the credit and should be given their money back, by the players!!

    • Tim Campbell


      I agree with most of what you say henry, however in defence of larry I will say that his hands were tied for the most part within the transfer market. I really believe if there had been real investment from bates, we would have seen a much different Leeds United line-up. Making a silk purse out of a sows ear has never been an easy thing

      • henrymouni

        @Tim Campbell

        I accept that Simon was limited by KB’s budget.

        We have all been disappointed by the lack of funds, but Simon knew and accepted it.

        Indeed he said he (Simon) believed you did not need to spend much money on transfers to get promoted – It gave me a cold shiver at the time!!

        He felt that if you brought the right people in (loan & freebie) we could be successful – HE WAS WRONG!!

        Or, maybe he was right, but just did not bring the right people in??

        Either way the strategy was flawed!!

      • Tim Campbell


        I actually believe larry was told when he took the job that he would be working within a very limited budget. I also believe that larry loved the club so much that he was prepared to take the job on this basis. As has been mentioned in previous posts things only turned sour between bates and larry when larry had the balls to suggest that we needed to spend more. It was never the results that was going to get larry sacked, but always bates golden cow – MONEY!

  17. Robobaz

    Cynicism may play a part in my thinking but does anyone else not notice that Grayson was sacked for complaining about a lack of finance from Bates? Bates the crook is an arrogant twat and his pride alone dictated the decision. There were other occasions when Grayson could have been sacked but a 4-1 defeat gave Bates ammunition through a footballing reason to sack him, when it is highly likely he wasn’t sacked at all for that reason. Bates’ lapdog Harvey cited the reason as being that with 18 games to go a new manager would get the best out of the current squad. Yet 3 games on….still no appointment. I still wouldn’t bet against Bates appointing Redfearn til the end of the season. As for last night the result is hardly a surprise, another spineless showing but that’s what you get for doing things on the cheap. We need to get the required 5 points to stay up asap as that is the level of our ambition, vindicated by the decision to sell the club captain in January. The club is a total mess at the moment and the season has gone in terms of promotion…..the money Bates would owe creditors at the end of the season if we had gone up enhances the credibility of the conspiracy theories about him not wanting us to go up! BATES OUT.


    Sorry to change the subject, but is anyone else having problems viewing this website on their iPhone? @TSS since you changed the server host it is really slow and ‘jiggles’ around which appears to be due to the site trying to constantly auto update.

    This is the best LUFC blog on the web, but becoming horrible to view on my iPhone.

    Apologies for the interruption; back to Bates bashing!

    Bates out!! MOT

    • TSS

      @EYLEEDS Hi mate,

      Noticed this issue earlier and have contacted Livefyre – it’s the comment system continually checking for new comments that makes it look like it’s constantly loading.

      Have reinstalled a touch theme which should help TSS load a bit quicker for mobile users, but the rest is in Livefyre’s hands unfortunately.

      • EYLEEDS

        @TSS Cheers mate, wondered if it was just the stress of being a Leeds fan at the moment that was making my eyes go funny!

  19. Ron_Galea

    Has Andros Townsend fucked Redfearn’s wife?……….Shall we bring Brown on when we’re 1-1 with the worst team in the league? Time to start following a new sport.

    • Tyler75

      …..Robbie Rogers must have shagged his wife, eaten his cat and petrol-bombed his car because he’s disappeared without trace.

  20. dess

    This site looks great on my htc desire.
    Serves you right for being an apple slave.

    Apple out

    Sorry bates out, I wish I had taken the wife out on Tuesday instead of watching that rubbish.

    The wife could not believe after all I have told her about bates that I’m paying 32 pounds to watch them playing the bottom side on Saturday then travelling to pompey next week.

    She looked at me like I’m some sort of moron

    Bates out


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