With Simon Grayson sacked, the Twitter ban imposed after Davide Somma “revealed” news of an injury most of us already knew he had (he’d been photographed around Leeds on crutches) has now been lifted.

Alex Bruce confirmed the ban had been lifted whilst welcoming Adam Clayton to the social network

Andrew Haigh maintains lists of current Leeds United players and former Leeds United players, and it’s also worth following Paul Dews (Leeds United’s Press Officer) who will confirm when newly created accounts are the real deal.

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  1. mattbb1

    great more mindless drivel on the web.. I’m with grayson on banning footballers from twitter. In fact banning twitter full stop might be a good thing.

    • Bubionwhite


      Agreed matt … hopefully we don’t uncover another idiot like Joey Barton

      • Dje

        @Bubionwhite @mattbb1

        To be honest, compared to our player’s inanities, I’d take Barton’s pseudo-psyche twittering any day.

      • Dje

        @Bubionwhite@mattbb1 To be honest, compared to our players’ rambling inanities, I’d take Barton’s pseudo-psyche twitterings any day.

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