The bookies have installed Dave Jones as their new favourite to be next Leeds United boss.

Odds on Jones being appointed at Elland Road have dropped sharply to around 2/1, with one bookie (Stan James) offering only evens.

The odds on early favourites Neil Warnock and Lee Clark have both lengthened to around 5/1. Those two are followed by caretaker boss Neil Redfearn whose odds have dropped to 8/1 following the 3-0 victory over Bristol City.

Other potential candidates of note are Bryan Robson, whose odds are as low as 6/1 with Bodog and Steve Bruce who is hovering around the 12/1 mark.

Plenty of ridiculous names remain in the list such as Paul Lambert at 11/1 with William Hill and Kevin Blackwell at 33/1 with Boyle Sports. 

But for those of you with far too much money and a common-sense deficiency, you can get 150/1 with Sky Bet on Vinnie Jones and the same odds on Eric Cantona with Paddy Power. Even more ridiculous – I hope – is the 66/1 William Hill are offering on Roy Keane.

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  1. morleywhite

    Dan Petrescus come in to the running.

    for me Warnocks stiil the man with Antic a close second just cant c that one happening.

  2. TSS

    Speculation creates odds. People read speculation, place money on it, odds decrease. Doesn’t really mean anything. Just a PR stunt I reckon.

    • number1inyorkshire

      @TSS liking the new look ….shame some people have nothing better to spend their dosh on other than betting on Bryan Robson to be our next manager or Sven for that matter ..


  3. morleywhite

    If our new manager works miracles this season and actually gets us up to prem how the hell are we expected to stay there with this group of players and our financial backing?

  4. number1inyorkshire

    well either way we will have no say and thank god listening to some of the names put forward by some of us ..

    for me we need some one with a little experience ..

    warnock , Di matteo .for me although both are looking unlikely now .

    interesting for me that all the mangers mentioned have plenty of experience in champs ,but when it comes to it they either fail to get the teams up or when they do fail miserably when they are in prem .

    Is there no one out there who has been a good prem manager ,who just left his job without been sacked and would do well in champs and in prem ..

    NO.. then we will have to put up with 1 of the afore mentioned

    • morleywhite

      Dave jones is defo a nearly man when it comes to getting teams out of the championship.

  5. TimPM

    Odds meant something when fewer people betted. Nowadays people seem to think they can read the odds as if they mean anything. The volume of betting has flooded meaning that even if there WERE bets on insider knowledge, you’d never be able to guess it anymore. Warnock’s the only choice for us I reckon. Dave Jones couldn’t buy his way out of Championship with Cardiff.

  6. TimPM

    Of course he’s on the betting list Colin. He goes on Sky News. People see him with some experience of managing Iberian circuses and all of a sudden the starry eyed fans vote in droves. Hence he’s now on the list.

    Best way to complete the transformation of Elland Road into a circus in my view.

  7. MikeLeeds

    It would be great if we could just get on with the football instead of all the side shows

  8. number1inyorkshire

    @TimPM coiln i feel your right you know ,,surely some prem mangers have to be sacked soon ,not that i am wanting any of that lot at the bottom of there ,but they might want Warnock .Blackburn for instance .

    Nobody mentioned fills me with inspiration enough to get my season ticket renewal out of the recycling bin ..they will have to sort it soon it goes Tuesday morning .

    Redfearn might be ok but with who ?? the whole lot needs replacing .that is a real problem at the mo the lack of anybody else too ..

  9. morleywhite

    Even if Antic were to get the job it may take him time to get in to the swing of things as he hasnt got experience in managin in the english game plus he wil not know any of the current leeds squad at all so it wil be starting a fresh.atleast somebody like warnock knows the championship inside out and will be familiar with some of the leeds players.

  10. number1inyorkshire

    @TimPM we have been there colin and they were in prem since we were .its not about anyone else now its about getting the right one for us

  11. TimPM

    As I said when you raised his management of Blunts as something to stop him – if you say Blunts are anywhere near LUFC you can’t rate the club very highly.

    I’m not moist about Warnock. Given a decent choice in the bunch Warnock wouldn’t be in it because he has shown that he stirs up controversy. But he’s the only chance we have of finally giving the players the bollockings they need and getting out and biting in matches. We have the ability to play pretty football but we’re getting scared and precious at the slightest of problems.

    Don’t mistaken excitement for desperation, Colin!

    And I don’t care that he laughed at us. So’s a million other wankers; half of them have gone on to wear a Leeds shirt since!

  12. TimPM

    Nope. Wanting him here and thinking he’ll be appointed are two different things.

    Peter Reid shouts, but he does nothing else. Warnock does.

  13. TimPM

    Which makes the next Leeds manager all the more depressing to look to!

    At least Warnock would get us somewhere and try to get us into Fortress Elland Road again.

  14. Ron_Galea

    @Colin Antic would be our biggest signing since 99′. We need a big personality right now. If we can’t buy quality players, we need a quality manager. I’m with you mate – if Antic applies, we should have called off the search.

    • Ron_Galea

      @Colin AntIc might need a translator, but it would certainly be a special moment. The longer this drags on, the more I believe Redfearn (the cheapest option), will get the post. Please No!

    • TimPM

      @Colin @Ron_Galea Yeah, I think it’d blow theirs too!

      Scottish & mangled Serbo-Spanish-English… Great for communication…

  15. Paul S Wales

    @TimPM If Grayson ever does half what he has then he’ll have had a good career

  16. TSS

    This is how it’s staying, albeit with a couple of minor tweaks.

    The server switch was a good time to strip some of the clutter and get back to basics. There was a few bugs with the old layout and it was quite resource heavy which is why we’ve had so many problems. This should run smoother for everyone.

  17. jimmyoneeye

    Would Dave Jones be a bad choice? He took Wolves up, got Cardiff to the playoffs twice during which time he made a profit on in/out transfers. Southampton were doing well under him before the child abuse court case. I will agree that if Antic is actually serious then it is a no brainer but it seems unlikley. Warnock or Clark? No thanks

  18. Alweays a white

    Please let us have just one week of Roy Keane and Ken Bates at 66/1 I can see fans who would contribute a weeks wages to see that one happen.

  19. Tyler75

    I think Redfearn will get the job as caretaker until the end of the season; possibly with an experience ‘name’ to help him out or an ex-pro (Matteo ? Radebe ?) – apart from the fact its the cheap option for Ken, the players appear to be behind him (Redders not Bates) and we’ve got a few ‘winnable games’ (I use the term loosely) coming up for him to cement his position. Rady Antic ? Barac, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Serbia, Leeds Utd ? Somehow I don’t think so, also he’s never managed in this country and what on earth does he possibly know about The Championship ? If Bates

  20. jimmyoneeye

    I think your probably right, but if he really wants to manage in England, you never know. Non of the top 12 in the PL are likely to sack their managers anytime soon and maybe he see’s Leeds as a better attraction then any teams near the bottom of the PL. Clutching at straws here maybe.


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