Bookmakers have today slashed odds on Billy Davies becoming the next Leeds United manager. Odds ranging from evens to 6/4 make the former Nottingham Forest manager clear favourite as Ken Bates flies back to head up the search.

Elsewhere, the rest of the field is now starting to stretch. Former favourites Neil Warnock and Lee Clark are now as high as 10/1 with Labrokes whilst Dave Jones is now at 4/1 with most bookmakers.

Meanwhile, odds on Neil Redfearn continue to shorten with Boyle Sports offering only 7/2 on Leeds’ caretaker manager.

For my money, the best value long shot is currently Sean O’Driscoll who is working for Nottingham Forest as a coach. I’m sure he’ll be looking for a way back into management and with odds of 33/1, a small token bet is surely worth the risk?

We’ve added a poll to see who you think Ken Bates will go for. Note, this is who you think will be hired, not who you want.

Who do you think will be next Leeds United manager?

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  1. GilFisher

    What`s the chance that Redfearn remains as Caretaker until May, and then the Manager search begins in earnest?

      • Michael W

        @TSS 3 wins on the bounce and the job is his… until the end of the season and when we don’t go up, bye bye Redfern!

      • dantay

        @TSS @Michael W i got jones at 16s,,he is a good choice,i hope

      • david kershaw

        @TimPM@TSS that would mean warnock going to monaco every week for them just to even meet up . warnock is well past his sell by date

      • TimPM

        @david kershaw @TSS Yes. He achieved promotion from the league we’re currently in the most recent time physically possible.

        But as you say, clearly well past his sell-by date. Just like McCormack… a full three days almost since his last goal (I wish there was a roll-eyes smiley here!)

    • Tyler75

      @TSS He tried to hire Warnock before at Chelsea – If nothing else it would be entertaining !

  2. ashleyjordan1987

    Leeds should keep redfearn for a month and if he gets a good win percentage they should appoint him as new manager…i think he will be a good manager for Leeds

  3. Ron_Galea

    No disrespect to Redfearn, but we need a manager who will shake up this squad. The team has not played well for some time and when I hear players backing Redders in, for me it smells of fear. It’s like staying with a girlfriend who’s OK, but you know you should do much better. Give me a manager as crazy as the fans. A deferred compensation package for Antic would be ideal – get us promoted and we pay you well!

  4. JonnyHardy

    If we get billy davies or dave jones i will bleeding cry and lose all faith in humanity

  5. number1inyorkshire

    hold on when the powers that be sacked the last chap ,they said they did it with the fact there is only 18 games to go in mind .pretty much saying it needs to be done quickly .

    We or some of you any way are saying we leeds are going to give it 2-3 games to see how it goes ,will that 2-3 games include beating 9 men Bristol or will it be only games where the opposition finishes with 11 men ,

    which way do we want it someone in quickly to give us now 17 games to get up .someone til end of season to see what happens ..

    i think this season is over personally but EH leeds never do out the easy way !!..

    Of the people mentioned it grates me to say it but there sis only 2 WARNOCK or DIMATTEO.

    Billy “job done” Davies ,did nothing but whinge about the lack of funds at forest , fucking hell at leeds he will not have enough time to do that and run the team he will be on perma whinge ..

    • Tyler75

      @number1inyorkshire Got to agree about job done ; he’s whinged and moaned about lack of funds at all the clubs he’s been at . To be fair he did get Derby up but they came straight back down again with the worst Premiership record of all time , which probably puts that promotion into perspective. Personally I’d like Di Matteo or Dougie Freedman but I’ve voted above for Redfearn (at least as caretaker until the end of the season)The one thing we know about Ken is that, executive boxes aside, he’ll take the cheap option every time.

  6. number1inyorkshire

    Billy Davies has a face that my car just wants to run over he is a horrible little shit who’s presence on the tv has me reaching for the off button .He walks around like he has a size 7 dildo stuck right up his Scotish ass with that awful Scotish drone spouting shit from his chimp like pouting mouth in short he is a C#@$ ,please not him .

    its ok i’m over it now but it needed saying

    • lufcboy

      @number1inyorkshire Agree with everything you say – Just want to punch the twat in the face

  7. morleywhite

    some of you may not agree but i wouldnt mind glenn hoddle involved in some role,aparantly hes a good friend of Bates.hes been agood coach in the past and probably englands best for a long time,altho i admit hes had afew years out of the game recently.Still warnock number one for me tho.

  8. ludlowleeds

    Antic? No chance. Pie in the sky.

    Davies? Agree 100% with number1inyorkshire. Him & Bates would be a car crash waiting to happen.

    Jones? No funds available. Can’t see it.

    Redfearn? Cheap option. If we win next two games he’ll get it till end of season. I like him but too big a job.

    Clark? Ditto Jones.

    Warnock? Logical choice in many ways, but it won’t happen.

    DiMatteo? Done it before but would want funds. Can’t see it.

    Sean O’Driscoll? Over-achieved on a limited budget. Won promotion. His stock was very high up to 18 months ago. If Redfearn fails my money’s on him..

    • TSS

      @ludlowleeds Totally agree on O’Driscoll. I’d be delighted if he got the job. He did well with Donny and played attractive football. Still think it’ll be Redfearn though (at least short term anyway).

      • Bowy

        @TSS @ludlowleeds

        Must disagree with O’driscoll the man is very clever coach but he is an inanimate object on the touchline & lacks passion & has a 50 year old who has followed leeds Utd all his life I know no true Leeds fan would stand for this. Also he would be a yes man for Uncle ken just like he was for that cock John Ryan at Donny.

  9. LMac

    Here’s a new one for ya. Lets offer it to Joe Jordan. He might just fancy being a number 1.

  10. RickHx


    Redfearn would be a big gamble. Think of Brian Gunn at Norwich, I’m sure plenty of their fans were saying give him a chance. Even if we are writing this season off, we need a proven manager who can start putting things in place now. Of course Bates will give him the job, hes already on the payroll, so hes basically free

    • Yorkshire Pudding

      @RickHx @GilFisher But for every Brian Gunn at Norwich, there is a Chris Houghton at Newcastle (or dare I say O’Leary at Leeds (the early days)).

  11. Fairfield1966

    It’s becoming more and more likely to be Neil Redfearn. He’s the cheapest option. Having looked at Billy Davies past record with clubs, he wouldn’t be a bad option…better than Warnock or Clark. The only problem is that he would have to deal with the same issues he faced at Forest. If he as any sense, he would back away slowly

  12. david kershaw

    warnock is a dinosaur we need a decent young manger lee clarke would be ok and it would piss off the town fans if we got him which would be good ,


    I need it to be Poyet after betting my cocky Brighton friend that we would take him back to Leeds if Grayson didn’t do the business this season.

    How about short term contract for Souness with Redfearn as his assistant? He could organise the team and make us hard to beat which could prove enough to get promoted via the play offs.

  14. TSS

    I wouldn’t be totally against Zola coming in personally. Only West Ham to go off, but he tried to play attractive football, he blooded the youth players and the only reason it all went wrong was because their chairman put the entire team on the transfer list. That last point would probably be the stumbling block – he stood up to Sullivan when he sold of his key players.

  15. henrymouni

    As none of us have any idea who will get the job:-

    If they bring a manager in, he will have his team of three with him.

    If they choose Neil, he will have to find his team, and that won’t be easy.

    They won’t be team for many months!

    I have a feeling Dave Jones may be the choice?

    He has the back up team, the experience in this league, and he will know

    of some solid defenders to loan for the short term.

    Dougie Freedman is another possibility.

    He has done well. Ken knows him. He will be cheap.

    Ken will surprise us, though, I am thinking.

  16. number1inyorkshire

    to be honest matthew the players will back whoever is in charge at that moment ,

    i have no problems with Redfearn so long as he gets in a very capable back room staff to work with him .

    I bet aidy boothroyd is kicking himself going to Northampton he would ahev made a good number 2 to Redfearn ..

    by the way i wasn’t joking my car does want to drive over him !!

    • TimPM

      @number1inyorkshire Doesn’t it worry you though when the players are desperate to keep “Redders”?

      I mean, I’m sure he keeps decent discipline himself but it smacks of naughty schoolboys wanting to keep their pushover teacher. Not a good sign IMO.

    • number1inyorkshire

      @TimPM It does but the same players will be saying the same things about a manager they are brown nosing for their own ambitions ,to be fair what else can they say ??

      some one said it already and it has a bearing for me .That Redfearn was a manager in his own right when he left york to come to leeds to run the youth team .tells me that either he left for money or lack of ambition ..

      its too big for him at leeds and to be fair others mentioned ,it will need some one with guile and guts to work with Bates and Harvey .And a general knowledge of the expectation at leeds and how to be able to deal with that which in itself is a factor .

      There is no point getting any one in who is not right for the job ,and of those mentioned there is only 2 i believe who could cope with the expectation as well as BATES ,WARNOCK and ANTIC ..THE OTHERS WILL BE PUPPETS

  17. skillysdad

    If we get a result against Brighton, Coventry and Donny, that will see Redfearn insalled as manager and Bates wetting himself due to the money he’s saved .Sorry but i dont think Neil will take us to the next step, and i think the players are backing him because, like most of us, they dont like change and having Neil at the helm would be the more painless option. I personally would like to see Warnock given a crack at the job.I’d also like to see Bates piss off, but probably neither will happen. Lets just hold us breath and see what happens. MOT

  18. donnywhite

    Let’s take an imaginary scenario. You have a turkey farm owned by a farmer and his wife who don’t believe in ever killing the turkeys. The farmer is kicked out by his wife and she ponders whether to sell the farm or not. The turkeys all say “We think she should stay and take over the running of the farm rather than have a different farmer”. Just saying…

  19. Bowy

    Must disagree with O’driscoll the man is very clever coach but he is an inanimate object on the touchline & lacks passion & has a 50 year old who has followed leeds Utd all his life I know no true Leeds fan would stand for this. Also he would be a yes man for Uncle ken just like he was for that cock John Ryan at Donny.

  20. derrysdouble

    I’m disgusted that nobody has mentioned Carlton Palmer for the job, he’s got a footballing brain, he’s a motivator, he played for England, he’s managed at this level, is it only the fact that he’s an ex Leeds player and we’ve had limited success when appointing ex players to the role. Is that the only reason he’s not fabourite for the job.

  21. Bridwhite

    Could anyone talk our owner into offering it to the special one, alongside a 49% stake in the club. Bates would end up a lot richer, which in itself is sickening, but we would be going places overnight, Elland Road would be full again and turnover would be thru the roof.


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