Following on from the success of Four Minutes – A Darren Ferguson Tribute Song, The Scratching Shed has once again teamed up with Mark Duffy to bring you Why Lie Kenny?

The song is a parody of The Pigeon Detectives hit single I’m Not Sorry and our hope is that the song will in some way aid the ongoing protests against Ken Bates’ management of Leeds United Football Club.

The idea for the song came about one sleep deprived night when my blood alcohol level was dangerously high. With The Pigeon Detectives blaring out in the background and Ken Bates rants flying around Twitter, somehow the two collided and I woke the next morning to see Mark Duffy had responded to a tweet I could barely recall offering to perform the lyrics I had no recollection of.  This is why drunken ideas should always go on Twitter.

Anyway, a dozen or so emails later and myself and Mark managed to complete the lyrics for the full song. That left Mark to record the song and me to mess around with some over-complicated video software I didn’t have the foggiest idea how to use. Only a few days later and here we are, ready to share our ‘Bates Out’ propaganda with the world.

Pigeon Detectives lead singer and Leeds United fan Matt Bowman heard in advance about our plans and offered his support via Twitter. We’d like to thank Matt and all The Pigeon Detectives for allowing us to mess with their tune.

Marching On Together! Enjoy…

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  1. AussieWhite

    Great work lads. Never listened to the Pigeon Detectives before but on that effort I’m going to search them out. MOT

    • TSS

      @AussieWhite Great band. They’re from Rothwell. Lead singer could be the most energetic frontman I’ve ever seen, excellent live show.

      The song we’ve parodied is “I’m Not Sorry” and is linked the article above. MOT

      • AussieWhite

        @TSS Cheers David, I’m just looking them up on YouTube now. Going to have a few cold frothy ones (It’s almost 6PM here and in the high nineties) and have a good listen to some of their back catalogue

  2. Oxford White

    If this is backed by the band, release it on download at 99 p, profit to a charity (to show Leeds fans are not morons) and ensure every Leeds fan BUYS it so it gets to no1, imagine Top Of The Chatrs is ‘Why Lie Kenny’ he’d f*cking hate that!!!

  3. lufcjames2203

    That’s awesome. Great work lads. Catchy too! Needs national coverage. MOT.

  4. number1inyorkshire

    fantastic gonna put it my music player

    Cant see it booming out of the big screen at E R saturday or on the new album of leeds songs

    HOWEVER i can see some why lie kenny T’s





    I will buy one if you sell em

    get it on itunes people will buy it

    • number1inyorkshire

      SORRY on my music player .

      still fantastic though well done to all

  5. Pjwlufc70

    So true … Love Leeds hate bates…. Mot release it ……for the lads proceeds to memorial fund

  6. Gryff

    lol I like it. Sounds like a cross between The Jam & Stereophonics playing a Pigeons cover.

    Release it as a protest track with funds going to an investigation into who owns ER or something?

  7. Dje

    Glad to see it puts Leeds fans back on the forward foot after having the stuffing knocked out of us yesterday re: Howson. I’m not the biggest fan of the Pigeon Detectives, but I love the time and effort put into the track: excellent! Great message too.

    I agree with what someone else said, if the Pigeon Detectives gave it their full endorsement by doing their version of your rendition, released it, and the word got around, you could be looking at a success. At which point I agree with Gryff about his ‘investigation’ fund idea; which is still a form of charity – as we’ve become a charity case!

    That said, in some skewed form of inverted altruism, I still bet Bates would simply love the added attention it gave him and his ego [can’t win can we?!] and probably will be overheard humming it.

  8. Matthew

    Does concern me if Bates is forced out, he’l try and take the club down with him.

    Speaking of which, did you remove one of my comments yesterday TSS? Or did I post in the wrong area, unsure. Sorry if my use of language about Bates was against your blog rules.

    • TSS

      We don’t moderate comments mate. They sometimes get stuck in spam filter if you use certain profanities, but I check it regularly and OK them

    • number1inyorkshire

      oh he would try take the club down if he was forced out you know it .

      at least he would put them back into admin .

      just wondering exactly what ken bates get out of being leeds chairman .he doesn’t take a wage ,get loads of grief ,not a leeds fan not from Yorkshire i and i am sure others wonder what it is that made him pop up at leeds united

      ON another matter just contacted the business secretary on NEVIS business loopholes .not expecting anything but every little helps

      • Matthew


        I think we can survive another administration to be honest, the club and its history are too big to go away that quickly, granted things will get bad if it occurs, but there must be plenty of people out there interested in buying the club if it comes close to collapse, anyone to be honest will be better than Bates, but lets hope it doesn’t come to that. I think it will though, too much behind the scenes secrecy that will no doubt come out when he leaves, like who owns the ground, who owns Thorpe Arch, could get messy but I hope it doesnt.

        I agree with you, why be a chairman of a club you dont even support? Plenty of clubs with money with owners that love the club and want to invest, it sucks we’re stuck with Bates, especially when smaller teams have rich owners like Leicester.

  9. Dan

    PD should have a gold mine of lyrical content with Ken’s weekly program notes as reference. Full album please? “Morons, Dissidents, and Idiots: Seven Years With Ken”

  10. number1inyorkshire

    just reading on sky about a protest today at the bremner statue and the bates out .com website of to have a look

    • number1inyorkshire

      7pm @ the bremner statue can’t make it at work but good look to all who go .


      peaceful protest is good but make a noise !!!

      • Dje

        @number1inyorkshire It was the ‘Boobies’ that caught my eye [Bobbies’ too].

      • number1inyorkshire

        @Dje i call them boobies cos most of them are tits lol

  11. Dje

    @Matthew I have no faith in Grayson getting us to the playoffs. It is no longer a question of any lack of faith in Grayson’s abilities, but simply a lack of faith that he’ll ever have the squad resources to give us as much of a sniff of a chance for the playoffs ~ Snodgrass or no Snodgrass.


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