If there’s one sure fire way to give Leeds United fans a desperately needed lift this January then re-signing Jermaine Beckford from Leicester City would be top of any list.

Unfortunately, I just can’t see it happening, and here’s why;

1. Saving Face

When Jermaine Beckford left Elland Road, he did so with dreams of taking the Premier League by storm at Everton. 18 months on, he’s playing for a club that currently sits four places below us in the Championship. Accepting he made a mistake before performing a u-turn seems incredibly unlikely.

The fact Leicester City are struggling more than we are should mean we’re the better bet for Premier League football next season though, shouldn’t it? Well no, not really. Things haven’t quite fallen into place for The Foxes yet, but they’ll keep throwing money at it and something will stick sooner or later.

Leeds on the other hand are achieving pretty much what we all expected them to, and there’s no real reason to believe our position will improve by much. We’re three, maybe four quality additions shy of a decent shot and it’s hard to see where they’re going to come from given the limited resources available to the manager, which incidentally, brings us on to my next point…

2. Wage Demands

The only reason Leicester City were able to prise Jermaine Beckford away from his cushy little earner in the Premier League was by offering wages well above what Ken Bates likes to dish out.

It’s all well and good having a wage cap at Elland Road, but all that really means is that when we’re attempting to sign big names like Keith Andrews, Ipswich Town will simply offer a few quid more and we’re left with Michael Brown. Our wage cap is a bit like communism – it sounds good in theory.

The theory falls apart however when you try to sign anyone that is above the standard quality of this division. Average players will accept an average wage. The better ones won’t.

3. The Price Tag 

Wages don’t matter though because there’s a huge hurdle we’d have to overcome before that which Ken Bates’ stumpy little legs simply can’t clear.

Leicester City paid £2.5m for Jermaine Beckford, and the rumour is, that they want to recoup as much of that as possible. Our starting and finishing bid of £30 and one Billy Paynter is unlikely to seal it.

In fact, I doubt we’d even offer that. Can anyone seriously see Ken Bates offering money for a player who walked away on a free? He’d never sleep again, such insanity would give him nightmares.

4. Priorities 

The single biggest reason why I can’t see this happening is the small matter of not actually needing a striker.

Transfer windows open, fans get excited and it’s always the glamour players that people want to talk about. But Leeds’ problems are not up front, nor have they been at any stage since Jermaine Beckford left.

We have a midfield held together by a 34-year old mad man with all the creativity of a paint-by-numbers masterpiece and a defence taking shifts in the injury room to ensure Ben Parker has some company. The attack is the last thing we should be worrying about.

If we were the Man City of Championship football, then signing Jermaine Beckford would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, we’re not. We’re Ken Bates led Leeds United and there’s absolutely no way he’ll make an exception to points 2 and 3 for a player we simply don’t need.

As nice at it’d be to see Jermaine Beckford back, it would take such an almighty shift in our transfer policy that I’d give you better odds on a meteor hitting Old Trafford.

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    • mikelufc

      @bill hicks


      Interesting spelling but surely you jest, he was invaluable to us and if ken allows the funds I think he could be again.

  1. number1inyorkshire

    even if Leicester let him leave for free to get rid of his wages that would be the stumbling block at leeds ,his wages ,

    Bates would just not sign a player who walked for free, for money 2-3 million quid ,maybe to be honest neither would i ,

    lazy, temperamental ,un involved down right pig headed (no its not the wife talking about me)

    Beckford was all those things but his record of actually scoring for leeds was as good as anyone anywhere (well except billy paynter at swindon) .

    would take him back right now ,wish he had never left infact but will he be back sadly no i do not think so .his goals would have got us promoted last season and with mccormack we would be right up there .

    just a thought i would sell Becchio to pay for beckford

    • TurnDevil

      @number1inyorkshire I said at the time – if he had stayed with Leeds he would be playing in the premier league within 3 years. I still believe that – think where we would be by now. Greed is not good. KB will never take him back, even on a free. Plus he was crap for the toffees and he’s no good for the crisp munchers – so he shouldnt be any good for us.

    • Irving08


      Do you really think Beckford and Macca could play together ?

      • number1inyorkshire

        @Irving08 yes i do macca flourished with keogh well in many ways beckford would be similar ,speed etc only he scores more goals ,that would be the only thing ,beckford would be more greedy in wanting to score himself than pass .

      • Irving08


        But Keogh enjoys helping others score and, more importantly, can bring the ball under control, and go forward in a single movement, neither of which are notable features of Macca’s game.

      • number1inyorkshire

        @Irving08 i was thinking the other way round beckford playing he keogh role, like keogh did lol ,setting macca up like keogh did .I feel beckford has all the attributes of keogh but would also score some goals himself unlike keogh did .

  2. Dje

    Spent £2.5m on a Premiership striker and four months and eight days later you are trying to offload him. This f*cked up situation is what you get when you employ Sven Goran Eriksson and give him an open cheque book.


    It does seem unlikely, but considering Beckford struck professional football later than most players, and that he is 28 (peak age for a striker), he’ll be looking for regular football and not the subs bench. Hope for the unhopeful.

  3. ChicagoWhite

    LCFC are in a pickle as they can’t sell him (FA/FL/PL rules) apart from abroad so unless there happy to sit him on all that money he’s on or offload Nugent & play Becks & Sharp together there only option would be to loan him out with an option to sell in the summer as such they may be willing to cover a significant part of his wages, whether they would loan to a playoff rival is another matter though, though I can’t see Becks playing for anyone in the chumps other than Leeds, WHU or Southampton TBH. While LUFC needs CM & defensive strengthening I’d take Becks up front especially with Snods & Townsend supplying the ball its not as if we endowed with an abundance of pace also if the McCormack & Becchio rumors are true I see at least one going before the end of Jan, partnering Becks & Becchio up front is a known & partnership that would work IMO. Also think recruiting Becks may make it easier for LUFC to attract better signings in other positions as I see very little attraction to joining LUFC currently.

  4. Simon21

    It’s also unlikely because he can’t play for more than the 2 clubs he’s already played for this season.

    • TSS

      Yeah, although he can move abroad or be loaned to a club in England, which I suspect is what Leicester City would do but only on the basis of a sale at the end of season.

      • number1inyorkshire

        @TSS and who ever pays all his wages in the meantime ,he is on we here ?? 40 k a week thats a big wedge in the champs ,will he be up there at the top end of earners for champs .

        thats 3 x what our top earners are on at leeds ,has his agent priced him out of playing football

      • TSS

        @number1inyorkshire Don’t ask me, I didn’t start these rumours. I’m with you – it’ll never happen.

      • songster


        Only on a 3 month loan tho, not til the end of the season.

      • TSS

        @songster By the end of January (they won’t do it before in case a bid comes in) 3 month practically is the end of the season.

  5. lufc_chat

    Would love Beckford back at Elland Road, and fuck those that hold grudges against him for leaving.

    Beckford, Becchio, McCormack and Somma.

    And get rid of the crap

  6. tedbaker

    Just iin case I did want to have a pop on something I’d have an interest in, what exact SP are you offering for the meteor?

  7. Ron_Galea

    Sorry to crash the party, but I’m not a fan of bringing him back, even if it were possible. I have no grudges with Beckford, but I think we can do better. Give me Maynard or Sharp – players who we may be able to use in the top flight if we make it.

    • number1inyorkshire

      @Ron_Galea BOO ,nicky maynard would be ok he is on a list, the lad at huddersfield would be a good buy but at 4 mill too much for uncle ken ,RHODES is it

      • Ron_Galea

        @number1inyorkshire Allow me a dream. I’ve had a few beers. I’ll wake up and Enoch will be back at ER on a free. Sorry for the fantasy.

    • TSS

      @Ron_Galea Maynard and Sharp are no better than Beckford. Both need the right players around them, neither would set the world alight in the Prem.

      The appeal of Beckford is that we already have the ideal formula to ensure we get goals with him in the team. Him and Becchio reunited, service provided by Snoddy and Townsend and job done. Screw the defence, return to all-out-attack.

      • Ron_Galea

        @TSS Signing Townsend is proof there are young premiership players available on loan, so why can’t we find a striker (if at all necessary), a CM and two defenders also? We all know paying real cash for players won’t happen under Bates. Not sure Beckford is markedly better than Championship level. We need someone of Sinclair’s quality last year for Swansea. Transfer windows are so frustrating for Leeds fans. We’re like an imposing man with a small dick. Open your wallet Ken, you’ll be a corpse before we make the prem at this rate.

  8. Dogg68

    It can’t happen. Fifa rule states you can be registered with 3 clubs in any one season, but only play competatively with 2. He’s already played for Everton and Leicester this season so can’t happen. If you”d looked up the rule you might not have wasted your time writing another article not worthy of the name.

    • Colin

      @Dogg68 There’s a way round it – Even FIFA would agree that no-one competitively plays for Leicester. Job done. Let’s do the paperwork.

    • TSS

      @Dogg68 If you read the rest of the comments your the third person to say that, and as I’ve already pointed out twice he can still be loaned out with a view to an end of season sale, which is what Leicester are probably looking at – or alternatively, a sale overseas.

      • Dogg68

        TSS so your saying the rules are different for loanees. I’m assuming this cannot be a loan till the end of the season as you state as this would clearly break the rules. Having investigated this, the only time a player has played for three clubs in a season was on an emergency loan. So if we were to sign him it wouldn’t be in this transfer window.

  9. Colin

    If a deal can be done with Leicester, then I would say it’s all down to Bates as to whether he REALLY wants to get promotion this season or whether he’s purely blowing hot air.

    Beckford gets you 15 points that you don’t deserve in a season. He’s magical. Let’s face it, he was in a bad team in League One, we were poor, but how many times did we get a point when we should have lost or 3 points when we should have drawn?

    He’s got pace, and he’s one of those players that just needs to react and not think about scoring, just let it come to him. He was always in the right place at the right time, AND he annoyed defenders because they had no idea what do to do with him. He didn’t know half the time what he was doing either, so how could a defender deal with him?

    When Leeds were bad, Beckford got Leeds goals and wins. Leeds are bad right now and for all the overhead kicks and jumps of McCormack, special goals mean nothing, scrappy, dirty winning goals mean everything. And we all know how he plays with Becchio and just think what he’d be like when Snodgrass and Howson come back (Howson was one of the main feeders of Beckford)?

    You want to find the money for him? Sell McCormack.

  10. saltzby

    I for one would not like to see Jermaine back at the club. A lazy and sulky player. Leeds played only one way when he was in the team. We had few other options and teams in the Championship would soo suss it out. If we were going to sign a striker (which we are not) I would much rather look at Billy Sharp.

  11. simonwmoronleeds

    I would love to see Beckford back at Leeds.

    His pace upfront would give us another dimension. It would give the club a big boost. The supporters and players would see that Bates is serious about promotion.

    However as TSS states, I too feel its very unlikely to happen. More to with our wage cap than anything else. Shame! We are Leeds.

  12. mattbb1

    beckford was actually coming into his own at everton, he was sold as their finances hit the skids and £4m was too much cash to turn down. i think he might do us a job actually, and given the owners of leicester arent football people i think we might have a chance to get him back, on a loan till the end of the season, and personally i’d welcome it, he and becchio were a great pairing.

  13. Aideylufc

    We all seem to be painting a picture of this awesome on the ball natural striker. Beckford was class in league 1, & when he played well he played awesome… But he had his on & off days, his magic days won’t make me forget the days when he would dissapear in games and not see the ball! He abandoned Leeds when Last season he could have stayed with us & with Becchio, Snoddy & Gradel, have blasted a hole in this league! If he hadn’t have gone we would never have wanted Paynter too! Again if we had bags of money to throw at players, sure why not. But with current transfer policies it would be a huge mistake! Was a ledge for his ‘what shirt am I wearing bruv’ line & his goal against the scum… But don’t forget he handed in a transfer request b4 that man u game, & walked not looking back at end of season… Word is his agent is a money grabber too, not what we want or need!

  14. Paul South Wales

    I was hoping for forgotten man Simon Cox to be lured, but after a rare start yesterday in the cup he scored a hat trick, which will give RH something to think about…bugger!

  15. WIll23

    Beckford has not shown anything like the form he once had, even at Leicester, so any repurchase would be risky as well as costly.

    And as we know, Grayson’s transfer record is not great.

    Very sad to say, Bates is backing Grayson now – well until we fail to be promoted – so there is a real danger that the new manager will have zero cash in the summer once Grayson wastes another few quid on impulsive “well, I’ve got to do something this January”, especially following his assertion that a number of players wil not play for the club again…how much is he regretting that now?

    • fffffffffff

      @WIll23 are you a bit mental, bates is backing grayson?????????? graysons sniffing about trying to get something for nothing with zero backing from that parasite, never has had. wise up eh

  16. onlyoneunited

    I hope he never comes near Leeds again…he wanted out and nearly messed up our promotion!

  17. Worthingwhite

    After Leicester agreed a fee with Doncaster yesterday for Billy Sharp, I think you may have to change your mind on if, but when Beckford will return to Leeds! I can see JB sitting on the bench for the Foxes. So I think if Larry came calling I think there is a very good chance JB will come back home. Especially as to where we are, which is nearer to the Premier League than Leicester are. MOT

  18. jodyjones1982

    Leeds interested in Kirk Broadfoot according to SSN…

    Quick opinion on Beckford as per other posts. Forgetting the past for a few seconds, would we be really disappointed to sign a fringe player (who didn’t get a lot of game time) from a Premier League club who still managed to score 8 goals in his first year after jumping from League One? Would all those calling for Jordan Rhodes still be happy to sign him if he did the same?

    Now back to the past. We know he has attitude problems, which may have been curtailed by finding out he ISN’T the best in the World and a year or so of growing up. He and Lucianno Becchio had an awesome alliance which would no doubt do well again, Beckford’s Premiership experience maybe even bringing more out of Becchio and the team as a whole. He doesn’t fit in at Leicester, and we haven’t changed that much. I have no doubt that he “missed out” by jumping straight to Premiership without going to Championship first. Where most former Leeds players being linked with a return to Elland Road is just a romantic notion with the hope they can still do half a job for us when required, I firmly believe that Beckford, and more importantly, Leeds United on a. Whole, would benefit from this rumour becoming reality

    • number1inyorkshire

      @jodyjones1982 i think i mentioned Rhodes before but rumours abound they ,town

      want 4/5 million whoooaaaaa easy terriers !!

  19. mojoluafc

    I`d rather have Alan smith back than Beckford, its the midfield and defense that needs shuring up.

      • number1inyorkshire

        @mojoluafc wanting the olde prodigal son back!! ,

        why do we need smith ,who in our midfield is he better than ,he is as good as but not better than any of them .

        why did no one else try sign him .

      • mojoluafc

        @number1inyorkshire You mean like brown,vayrynen and no tackle nunez.

  20. Tim Campbell

    As TSS implied we are not short of a few strikers at the minute. Unless we sold one or maybe two of them it would be sheer folly to think of resigning Beckford. I will be forever grateful of that moment of ecstasy at Old Trafford when he put the Mancs to the sword, but lets remember him for the good times and leave it at that – there are other areas we need to strengthen in more urgently

  21. Tim Campbell

    If I was to have a punt on any other striker at the minute it would probably be on Jordan Rhodes of Huddersfield – the young lads on fire and the move would appeal to him as hes not moving out of the area

  22. Irving08

    Beckford on a loan would be a no-brainer, in my view. Macca cannot play with Becchio (can he play with anyone ? – he won’t find many front men as unselfish as the underrated Keogh), whereas Beckford obviously can and, absent Howson, SG will not will not want to rely wholly on Nunez in a 4-5-1. Beckford is a better player now than he was when he departed and my bet is that he would relish being back here.

  23. Colin

    Matthew, I think Beckford took his one chance to guarantee decent money that will look after him and his family for the rest of his life. While at Wealdstone, he was a roadside assistance man. He hasn’t had it easy. He’s 28 and he’s got his pay day. If Leeds had any loyalty to Beckford, then they wouldn’t have transfer listed him at the start of the season. The reason they did this was to cash in on Beckford, so is it okay for a club to cash in on a player but not for a player to cash in himself?

    Gary Cahill is playing hard to get in his transfer to Chelsea. I don’t think he’s a money grabber, he’s just asking for what he’s worth.

    As for Beckford’s quality, well just look at Everton’s goal drought since he left. I’m not saying it was prolific before, but Everton can’t buy a goal right now (unless you count Tim Howard).

    The reason why I genuinely think it would be a good move to get Beckford, is because if Leeds got promoted, then Beckford would be exactly the player they would looking at signing in the PL. Leeds would need a decent striker, but not for decent money. We wouldn’t be looking at the Aguero’s or Balotelli’s we’d be looking at the likes of Bentner and Andy Johnson. If we’re going to sign the likes of Beckford in the PL, and you have the chance to loan him now while in the Championship, then I think Leeds should go full steam ahead on this one.

  24. Shaun Cuthbertson

    I wished my phone didnt crash half way through reading this. Your right, we’ll love to bring back a legend, but i dont think he’ll come back to. Would be a good loan signing tho

  25. fffffffffff

    keep dreaming boys, bates has hotels to build. have you not been paying attention in the last 7 years expect more loans. or maybe the return of paul madeley and terry yorath which is far more likely than bates putting any money into the club.

  26. Mikey Walker

    Lazy, out of shape, not match-fit, but yes he could score goal when at Leeds. If we did get him back would he want away again come the end of the season or next season?

  27. Jerry Smith

    if we got promoted sam with beckfords 15 goals would he still be crap

  28. Patrick Sutton

    Hes shite he scores 1 in every 50 chances he gets!! We dnt need strikers we need a decent CM

  29. The Scratching Shed

    Yeah, the 30 goals a season he banged in were just luck (rolls-eyes)

  30. Luke Jepson

    Well, we kinda do need strikers. Becchio is doing naff all, and Ross is so inconsistent it’s not even funny anymore.

  31. Andrew Rosindale

    meteor hitting oldtrafford now theres a utube vid id play again again again n again

  32. Rob Hewitt

    He wont come cos Bates wont pay his wages and nor would I , he made his bed ,now let him lie

  33. Robert Holmes

    Against Scum he actually played well, he kept Brown occupied. It’s a bit harsh to say he was crap, to beat Man Yoo at ot, all 11 have to play very well. Thanks for memories Jermaine but I’d rather you didn’t ruin my opinions

  34. Neil Gibbins

    Crap players don’t score 72 goals in 126 apps. He’s a goalscorer and his record proves that. Seems some Leeds fans are bitter about him leaving the mighty Leeds United. How dare he ? Don’t blame him whatsoever for trying his hand in the premiership and quadrupling his wages.

  35. Mark Finnegan

    Beckford would have probably got twice as many goals for us if he had a better ball control.I would compare his first touch to that of the famous England International………… Johnny Wilkinson ,one touch and he knocks it 20 metres

  36. Wayne Sheriff Fatman North

    @sam but what about the last minute winners he got? That without, we would still be in LG1, dont get me wrong, i dont want him back, but it was his goals that led to promo, if you cant see that, ur blind

  37. Robert Holmes

    8 Pl goals was a reasonable return for a 1st season at Everton. Criticism of him was and apparently still is way over the top

  38. The Scratching Shed

    Makes me laugh that Becchio is immune from this “missed chances” chances criticism, despite being the most common culprit. Never has there been a player in Leeds United history that so commonly missed from six yards yet was considered a hero.
    EVERY striker misses chances. Leeds fans obsession with picking fault with players is the problem. As the above poster correctly points out, shit players do not score 72 goals in 126 appearances. If you’re expecting him to score the other 3-4 chances a game, that would put him on 350(ish) goals in 72 games – do you know many strikers with such a record?

  39. Wayne Sheriff Fatman North

    TSS the fact is its seen as not being a true fan if you slate yer own players. Once they leave, they’re cannon fodder

  40. John Thorner

    Why do we want Beckford Back when we have ‘Barn Door Billy awaiting in the wings ‘eh?

  41. stealthEarle

    Can’t believe people saying on loan is alright,but not signing.So you want his goals to get the promotion,but to drop him like ****, once it’s achieved.Seems like being a user there.

    I think SG is done. Had the chance to go up 2 years ago and blew it.Yet to recover.

    • Raytastic Warrior

      Nah your wrong stealthEarle @terry yamoth smokes pot bro, grayson has done brilliant since taking reigns at ER, fuck bates! but IN GRAYSON WE TRUST! x

  42. joeyb

    are you honestly that stupid, players arent just making split decisions on there own account, e.g.” thinking” im leaving cos i want more money, there decisions are acompanied by there agent, hired by a player to make the best decisions possible. a player isnt just the one making money, the agent is gona try get as much as he can too, its a business, all business’s are ruled by money. im a huge leeds fan and still a massive jermaine fan and im sure if he returned to elland road the fans would welcome him with open arms, hes a legend there and did a lot for us, if ken didnt wana open his wallet and raise his wages to keep him there then why not move on, hed of been made a mug of if he stayed on at low wages just because ken woanted to get his own way, prides at stake too for a player and who doesnt want to play in the premier league against the likes of scum arsenal and chelsea…

  43. Craig Woodhead

    God no. Sort a couple of defenders and a central midfielder out first, scoring isn’t our major problem

  44. The Scratching Shed

    It’s like a biggest Dad competition this truest fan nonsense. Always makes me laugh – my Dad is 6′ 3″ by the way ;-)

  45. The Scratching Shed

    Yeah, but is your Dad bigger than my Dad? That’s the important thing here… lol

  46. Leon Teasdale

    a boxer dog ha ha becchio class nunez should be given a chance in hole behind becchio bruce is crap too slow give the youth a chance

  47. Russjon

    @Matthew Don’t talk wet
    He pretty much pulled us up out of league 1 and beat them coonts in there own garden he is a Leeds ledgend and although he may be an expensive player for us imagine him and McCormack up top together
    Sell becchio to Celtic when hooper leaves and shoot billy paynter for insurance money
    Grayson has proved he can’t be trusted buying or picking defenders so let’s use beckford McCormack snodgrass and attack!
    Last point
    Did you cheer beckford when he scored against Bristol rovers
    Bet you did silly boy

  48. Russjon

    Mathew and others for that matter your talking crap
    He is a Leeds ledgend he pulled us out of league 1 then went to a premier league club he honoured his contract and he scored against the scum at there place so give him some credit
    Grayson proved he can’t buy or pick defenders so play to your strengths
    Beckford McCormack and snodgrass would frighten anyone in that league
    Sell becchio and shoot paynter for insurance money and buy beckford
    Final thought
    Did you cheer when he scored against Bristol rovers
    Thought so


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