Trumped by Ipswich Town to the signing of quality reinforcements and an uninspiring mini-raid on the MLS can mean only one thing – It’s time for more Leeds United transfer rumours.

Sean St Ledger

We start with Leicester City’s Sean St Ledger, allegedly a Leeds United target on account of him being a central defender whose well-publicised availability means the dots were quickly connected by some kid with an orange crayon.

Whilst there may be some truth in this rumour, it’s always difficult to believe Leeds United have entered a bidding war for any one – least not a player belonging to Leicester City, a club in no desperate need of cash who can’t be bent over a barrel by our tight-fisted leader.

The Foxes have even less reason to accept one of Leeds’ trademark derisory offers after our old friends Ipswich Town came to an agreement with Leicester. Considering our success at going head-to-head with Ipswich (Keith Andrews, Lee Bowyer), the fact Leicester City expect to receive money for the player and the lack of creativity put into this rumour, I conclude that we probably are interested but would have more chance signing Thierry Henry.

Chris Birchall

Speaking of has-been MLS stars, Chris Birchall is another name being thrown around at the moment.

Unlike St Ledger, Birchall meets all the criteria The Scratching Shed looks for in a highly-feasible Leeds United transfer rumour. Low wages, free and remarkably average. He also plays central midfield, which is an added bonus considering our lack of cover there at present.

Alan Smith

It wouldn’t be a Leeds United transfer window without the standard Alan Smith rumour. We’ve considered adding a counter to the right-hand sidebar for the amount of times he’s linked with a return, but unfortunately, we lack the necessary man power to make such dreams a reality.

Yes, he’s a central midfielder (nowadays), yes he’s looking for some first team football and yes, Simon Grayson probably is interested. The problem is, so too are Ipswich (allegedly) and since Alan Smith already turned us down once because he couldn’t cope with a few grand less per week, he’ll no doubt do so again when Ken Bates offers to sweeten the deal with a £3.50 goal bonus.

Reaching an agreement with Newcastle United over wage percentage will always be a stumbling block here, and even if we can overcome that, the amount of money invested would be better spent on a permanent addition – one whose legs haven’t gone and whose major skill isn’t collecting yellows. We have Michael Brown for that.

Kris Boyd

Another incredibly average footballer to add to the ever-growing list of depressingly predictable Leeds United transfer rumours is Kris Boyd.

The former Rangers and Middlesbrough striker managed to find an even lower class of football by wondering off to Turkey sometime last year but is now a free agent mulling over a contract offer from MLS side, Houston DynamoI swear, there’s a common theme here somewhere… 

According to the Daily Star, whose lack of credibility is the only reassuring thing about this rumour, Boyd is considering offers from several Championship clubs, as well as teams in Qatar, China and the MLS.

Mark Marshall 

Finally, Leeds are rumoured to be keeping tabs on Barnet winger Mark Marshall. According to London24, Marshall is also attracting interest from West Ham and Portsmouth.

Seems incredibly unlikely that Leeds would be successful in agreeing terms with Barnet after Charlton Athletic and Bournemouth had bids rejected in the summer.

However, despite Barnet’s determination to keep hold of the 24-year-old, Marshall is making enough thinly-veiled “get me out here” noises to suggest his days are number – The speculation is great, I’m just concentrating on my football, we’ll see what happens… etc… 

Marshall will undoubtedly have a new home by the end of January, but the chances of it being Elland Road are slim. Following the arrival of Robbie Rogers, Leeds will be looking to strengthen in other areas and are unlikely to join a three-way bidding war for an unproven lower league player.

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  1. silkyswift

    Derry coming home? Rumour has surfaced late this afternoon … i for one would be over the moon if this was true …he is just what we need in terms of position and leadership

  2. silkyswift

    Derry coming home? Rumour has surfaced late this afternoon … i for one would be over the moon if this was true …he is just what we need in terms of position and leadership

  3. Ron_Galea

    Well if St Ledger signs, we know that Grayson is safe also. It is depressing that he is the only name worth getting.

  4. Ron_Galea

    Well if St Ledger signs, we know that Grayson is safe also. It is depressing that he is the only name worth getting.

  5. Dje

    I think you are being harsh on Boyd calling him average. 101 goals for Rangers in 143 appearances – most of which he came off the bench for the last half an hour – is hardly ‘average’. Middlesbrough never really worked out, although he was starting to get going when they got rid of him and his wages. Beyond that 6 goals in ten for Forest and 7 goals for Scotland (a national team that always shies away from scoring more than the odd goal per game at best) in 18 games are respectable returns for a striker.

    That said, I fear his temperament would be unsettling at Leeds and can happily see him heading off into the sunset of the MLS.

  6. Mark T


    RB: Lichaj (loan)

    CB: St Ledger (loan option to buy)

    MC: Delph (loan) + Derry (Loan)

    ST: Jordan Rhodes (In our dreams)

    Wingers: Townsend + Robbie Rogers (pending WP)


    RB: None. “Thompson will do till summer”

    CB+MC: Chris Birchall

    Wingers: Townsend + Robbie Rogers (pending WP)

    ST: Boyd (Free – 3 year contract)

    • Ron_Galea

      @Mark T Would add Kilgallon to that wish list, despite finally getting a run of late due to injuries. Perhaps we can get him later in the window match-fit when Brown returns and O’Neill potentially buys.

    • HampshireWhite

      @Mark T – not sure about the ‘Thompson will do until summer’ comment. The emergence of Lees, White & Clayton has been the best thing this season. We undoubtedly need some experienced heads, but pace, passion and potential could take us a long way! Bring on the kids in preference to the aged and infirm that we seem to get on loan.

      • Mark T

        @HampshireWhite@Mark Not sure there’s much to these Clingan rumours but could be useful for an end of season push – certainly more so than Heskey or Smith. “Thompson will do…” was obviously me being Bates with an outstretched palm fending off Grayson. Lichaj, if fit, would be the ideal obviously.

  7. dhoward1

    Sean St Ledger used to be highly rated but not so sure now a days, i still think if he plays regular football he can do a good job in the Championship. Have to agree with Kris Boyd, although his scoring record isn’t bad i can’t really find anyone who rates him, he’s lazy, unfit and could be another barn door billy. McCormack being on the bench makes no sense, concentrate on center mids and defenders now, our striker force isn’t bad, espeically if Somma can get fit before the close of the season.

  8. Adam

    RE:Mark T

    Derry would never be allowed to play fro Leeds again after his antics with the team sheet!

    Birchall and Boyd are not even premiership class anymore, they’d struggle to do well in our team.

    Never in a million years would Rhodes come to Leeds, he’s been touted at premiership clubs who can tempt him with unsensible big wages.

    We couldn’t afford Delphs’ wages, and why on earth are we being linked with every ex Leeds player all of a sudden, don’t look back is what I say…just look to the future, and we have a bright one with the amazing academy at ER.

    ‘thompson will do till summer’???? he looks like he’ll do for another 10 years, why invest in someone else, when we can nuture him?

    • Mark T

      Thompson’s not a natural RB though and at his age will go out of form now and then. Need someone to teach him the position.

    • Paddy1992

      @Adam Derrys antics with the team sheet? Way I remember it unwise came out said he had a mole in the camp. Derry was subsequently dropped and farmed out on loan to palace. Unwise then admitted he didn’t know if he had a mole or not before asking Derry to cut short his loan and come and warm the bench in league 1. Derry declined and was sold. All dirty Dennis’ fault and further proof he is the worst Leeds manager EVER.

      • Dje

        @Paddy1992@Adam Well said, much ado ’bout nowt. I’ve no idea why Leeds fans insist on keeping these old potboiler myths simmering along.

  9. Tyler75

    Would St Ledger be any better than O’Dea – who seems to be ahead of him in the queue for Ireland ? Lichaj is the one I’m looking out for, then Thompson can move into his preferred midfield role and we’ve got at least a part solution for 2 problem areas. I’d snap QPR’s hand-off for Derry though. Expect Keogh back on loan if Wolves can’t sell him.

  10. smogwhite

    a lad i used to work with met smudger on holiday in florida while he was still with the scum.smith told him he wanted to return to leeds one day and help us back to the premier league.can’t see it happening now and wouldn’t want him now,no better than what we have really.

  11. henrymouni

    Business as usual!

    Nothing happening at all.

    Robbie Rogers is the only action, and he may never get a permit.

    Even if he does he is an absolute gamble.

    Not what we need at this time.

    • Dje

      @henrymouni Come on, now now! We’ve JUST released the lad Will Hatfield from his contract. That’ll surely unclog the wage bill that Bates has been moaning about, and lead to an influx of new players?! ;0

      • henrymouni


        Thank you Dje!!

        You have lifted my spirits!!

        Maybe Simon is using the Robbie Roger’s ‘signing’, to distract everyone from the excellent signings in the pipeline???

        In KB we trust!!

  12. YorkshireHughes

    Poor as usual, its all down to money plus why have they let Hatfield go? untrue.

  13. ScratchinShedIsShit

    Hatfield cant cut the mustard in lg2 so why moan, this site is so stupid what do you know about Leeds united seeing what you write sfa. The truth is that Grayson and Harvey are the ones that do the business, you keep blaming bates for what there is money available get over it as for wages we have one of the biggest squads in the league, we have players like brown, O’Brien on huge wages and they will never be key players for Leeds. Grayson should have to sell/get rid of Connelly, Brown, O’Brien, Kisnorbo, Bruce, and Forsell. Then and only then should he think about adding to the squad overrated players who have never had it or are way past it inflate our squad and wage bill that is a fact.

  14. ScratchinShedIsShit

    For me why do we need to sign that many players Leeds need Two player a class goal scorer of 20+ goals for the season and a pacey ball winning commanding CB that’s it. Get rid of Connelly Brown, O’brien, Kisnorbo, Bruce, Forsell and give White, Lees, Thompson and New CB a go at the back for the rest of the season that will allow Pugh, O’dea & Turner to provide cover. Leeds aren’t going up this season so build for next. The Problem is Grayson has no balls to do that he is a weak manager who is tactically inept he doesn’t have any clear plans for the future.

    • henrymouni


      ” Get rid of Connelly Brown, O’brien, Kisnorbo, Bruce, Forsell”

      What a great idea!!


      Where to?????

      “Leeds need Two player a class goal scorer of 20+ goals for the season and a pacey ball winning commanding CB that’s it”

      Who? Name them!!!

      How do you buy ‘class’ players without any money???

      Mr Bates has said our wage bill is the highest. Maybe BUT:-

      The other top clubs in our league spendbig money on transfer fees, and if you add the two together they are spending a LOT more than us.

      The ‘wages bill ‘story is a KB smokescreen, that fools not too many of us.

      “The Problem is Grayson has no balls to do that he is a weak manager who is tactically inept he doesn’t have any clear plans for the future”.

      We are ALL disappointed with the team!!

      I did not realise Simon had lost his balls!!

      Maybe Ken has made earrings out of them for the missus!!

      Thought they were pearls???!!!!

      • ScratchinShedIsShit

        @henrymouni you ask me who when you come on this shit site and listen to the crap spouted everyday and believe it look at this article what a load of crap

      • Dje

        @ScratchinShedIsShit@henrymouni *Yawn* If you’re going to flame, you might as well do it with a modicum of panache, SSiS.

        That or throw monkey faeces.

      • Mark T

        @Dje@ScratchinShedIsShit@henrymouni Monkey faeces! It’s about time we stopped the mud slinging and stepped it up a notch. I’ll start as SSIS is clearly a scum fan and TSS is THE shit.

      • Dje

        @Mark T@ScratchinShedIsShit ‘THE shit’ had got to be the greatest name ever for a popular football websites’ main man!

        [Although, let’s be hoping that it aint a future Elland Road cat-call for THE Robbie Rogers if it all goes tits up for him]

  15. HampshireWhite

    Skysports is linking us with Smith! Not Alan Smith of Newcastle, but Adam Smith a fullback from Spurs. Could be a good move!

    • Dje

      @HampshireWhite Yeah, Skysports was such a prick-teaser with that headline about us after ‘Smith’. Lol.


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