Efforts to oust Ken Bates have stepped up a gear in the last week or so with the Leeds United Supporters Trust now backing the campaign, protests at Elland Road on Thursday and Saturday and significantly increased media coverage.

With that in mind, we thought we’d take this opportunity to gauge opinion and see what percentage of Leeds United fans have lost faith in the current regime starting with a confidence poll for Ken Bates.

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Since Simon Grayson’s position means he will always be brought into question when such discussions are taking place, it seemed only fair that a poll be added to measure confidence in him too. Some fans would argue that Ken Bates’ role directly hinders Simon Grayson, others expect better regardless.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.
  • asbo

    i might be a so called moronic leeds fan ….but i dont like being lied to either ..everyone knows ken bate owned the club all the time ….when will the chelsea fatboy …sell the club and how much will he keep…..looking at the table simon (larry ) is doing a good job with the money ken bates is hoarding for the sales in tenna ladies pad come down a bit more ….bate out

  • LeeWilson

    Um… I accidentally selected “yes” on the Bates question. Guess I really am a moron.

    • TSS

      @LeeWilson There is always some margin for error in polls, don’t worry. Even elections have this problem, that’s why they go to recounts if it’s close.

    • NorthEastLoiner

      @LeeWilson Fair enough we all make mistakes, but who are the other 46?

      • Gryff

        @NorthEastLoiner@LeeWilson Bates, Bates’ wife, Shaun Harvey, Harvey’s wife?, Dewsy, Lorimer, etc.

  • Tyler75

    My support of Simon is based on the fact that the resources he has been given are not in line with the goal he has been expected to achieve i.e. promotion to the Premier League. Had the goal been to keep Leeds up or have us ensconced safely as a mid-table Championship club then the resources he has been given are adequate and by finishing 7th last season and being in touch with the play-offs this season he has significantly overachieved. To set a goal of competing for promotion on a wages (incl transfer budget) of £9.5m, when West Ham for instance pay nearly 60% of this to Carlton Cole and Kevin Nolan, is simply unrealistic and setting him up for a fall.

  • Si Douthwaite

    Much like Ken Bates’ mysterious “war-
    chest”, the page you are looking for
    doesn’t exist…

  • Peter Connick

    In todays Sunday People they say Steve Bruce is being lined up to succeed Simon Grayson who knows the pressure is mounting on him. No disrespect to Steve Bruce but I dont think he is the solution to the problems we have.

  • Jonathon Pearson

    Up until recently was confident in both now I am not in either one .How many players can Bates sell before Grayson resigns or at the very least says he is not happy

  • Dje

    I’d be interested to know what % of those saying Bates can take us forward are doing so as more as a member of the ‘shut up moaning and get behind the team’ brigade, rather than diehard Bates enthusiasts.

  • SimonORourke

    Bates’ job is simple: keep us in the black, and sell us to the right buyer within two years. He is doing that. SG’s job is to take a talented team (and yes, we have some darn fine players) and fill them with enough confidence to beat the 18 teams in the league that we are stronger than. SG doesn’t appear to be able to do that.

    The only time the team have looked full of vigor, determination and confidence is the few games after Speedo passed away. That was not SG-inspired. Do we really need tragedy this season so the players get their tails up? I hope not.

    A good manager will take a team in at half time and do the appropriate thing; either bollock or give a pep talk to the team. SG, again, does not appear to have that in his locker.

    • NorthEastLoiner

      @SimonORourke That might be what you think Bates job is but how can we tell? There is so much secrecy and smoke and mirrors around the accounts and who owns what when it comes to the club that noone except Bates knows what the hell’s going on. He denigrates fans who, at the end of the day, are the club and treats us like scum. Without us there wouldn’t be a club. He will not debate openly or answer direct questions and any criticism is treat with disdain rather than being confronted or even discussed. Bates is out to feather his own pocket and the club will only truly recover when he’s gone. As for Grayson the jury’s out in my mind, yes maybe he could do better at times but working under a megalomaniac like Bates can’t be easy for anyone!

      • SimonORourke

        @NorthEastLoiner That is just what Bates has always done. He treats football clubs as businesses. Fair enough, really, I guess. I agree it can be frustrating for fans, but really do we want another Ridsdale-like fiasco? I don’t. The chairman of any company has a primary charge: keep the business profitable.

        I agree on the smoke and mirrors, but that is also the Bates philosophy; nothing is ever quite as it seems. Perhaps as some have said, we did make a deal with the devil. I do get the feeling, though, that the devil will play up to his monicker and cash in on LUFC for a bumper profit. Long term, I believe the Bates Ownership will be seen as a good thing. Tough to live through? sure. Required? I think so.

        • NorthEastLoiner

          @SimonORourke But what will be left to sell when he continues to sell off the best assets of the club. We will only be an attractive proposition if we’re in the Premiership and our accounts are clear and clean. The way he’s running the club and Howsons decision to leave tells me we’re not going up anytime soon and as for the accounts they’re a mystery!

        • EYLEEDS

          @SimonORourke @NorthEastLoiner Why is it either Bates or a Ridsdale type fiasco? We deserve a prudent owner that does not take advantage of the fans.
          In my eyes football clubs shouldn’t be run as businesses. They should be ‘community interest companies’ that plough all profits back into developing the club.
          Owners like Bates are leeches on our game and Ridsdale was simply incompetent.

        • Tyler75

          @SimonORourke@NorthEastLoiner Surely the value of the club increases exponentially if we are in, or very close to, the Premier League – how is selling Gradel, Howson and probably Snods and Clayton get us closer to achieving this ? By the estimates produced by this website we are at very,very best estimates using 50% of our generated income on a player’s wages & transfer budget . Bates’ ‘business model’ is fundamentally flawed. If Jose Mourinho wants a real challenge lets see what he can do on loans, freebies and working under a Bates regime.

        • mattbb1

          but hes a dreadful businessman Simon. Not bg enough profits, nor any a promotion in sight? whats his plan? what differentiates us from any other club in the championship? Grayson does whatg he can with zero investment – £11.5m war chest?,,,,, thats a tiny wage bill relatively speaking. WHere are the investors? why spend on corporate boxes when the returns arent there and create a £7m debt – its his business accumen thats not working.

    • TSS

      @SimonORourke Bates will not sell when we get into the Premier League. I don’t know why people are clinging onto that hope?

      The fact is, when Ken Bates was at Chelsea the only reason he left was due to financial troubles. He was forced to find a buyer before they did “a Leeds”.

      On the issue of Simon Grayson’s squad, we do indeed have some good players. But we’re not spending enough to keep them in place, or strengthen further. The fact we’re 9th in the division on a relegation battling budget speaks volumes to SG’s success (see previous post).

      • SimonORourke

        @TSS We can disagree on that, then. Bates, in my opinion, is looking for promotion because he knows the club’s value will sky-rocket. You just know that the Man City scenario has been discussed, especially as we’ll have (by that time) done “a man city” by coming back up through the divisions.

      • number1inyorkshire

        @TSS@SimonORourke i think people assume that when we get into the premier league people will come forward to buy lufc .and well they might .

        Bates will not sell straight away, although even he will see that age is not on his side and will want to make some money available in his will etc for his family so then he will sell .

        but at the min there is nothing to buy cos there is nothing to sell

        • Chareose


          Actually I think if we were going to get bought it would happen while we are in a lower division to save the buyer costs.

          The reason we are not bought is the dodgy nature of the ownership of our stadium, facilities and the fact that nobody trusts Bates. Would you trust him ? Any buyer must be prepared to find he / she has inherited a keg of worms with some of the facilities at elland road likely to remain in Ken Bates hands after a buyout.

  • Gryff

    I think Grayson’s rating reflects how much of a knife’s edge people’s opinion of him is. Nearly everybody has moaned about Grayson at times, but we see the decisions he’s making now and the money he (doesn’t) have to spend and feeling a bit more sympathetic?

    I voted for Grayson. I thought we should give him another half year in November. I changed my mind after Barnsley, and having seen him have to sell Howson because Shaun Harvey can’t get him signed to Bates’ budget, I’m feeling more sympathetic of him – that’s how my vote for him’s changed at any rate.

  • Stanchion

    I have no confidence in either. We have been largely awful for two years, with the good run post-Cardiff home spanking last season a two-month interlude. Dreadful at the back and now very ordinary further forward. It’s the board’s job to finance players and the manager’s job to get the best out of whichever players he has. One hinders the other, but neither could be said to be doingba good job.

    • Paul S Wales

      @Stanchion Spot on, Grayson seems to have got off scot free, hidden behind all the Bates out protests, get shot of both I say, although SG will go long before old rhino skin.

  • Daniel Marinov ❼

    Grayson is a weak man and manager. He doesn’t have the balls to stand up and confront Bates. He’s just trying to keep his job as long as possible. It doesn’t matter if Bruce will succeed SG as long as Bates is the owner (or alive).

  • mattbb1

    says it all really doesnt it. Grayson has been smeared (like all of us) by bates’ regime. Disgusting. Time to sell up and retire ken – you have nothing to offer us, just an agenda of take take take. Money creamed off by the million, youre not welcome in Leeds.

  • Captaincrash

    Feel Larry needs to show a ruthless edge and change his immediate support team.

  • SnobsLUFC

    Can’ believe its that close for SG …….. Give the guy a break ……… He is the same as the rest of us ……. Tied to something he knows isnt right but cant stay away from ……..

    Uncle Ken probably spends more time on these fans sites than anyone else …… Just to make sure we are all still talking about him ……. He wont go away, he hasnt got anything else to fuel the biggest ego in the world except the time we spend talking about him and the power he has over something we love ……

    We have to get behind Simon and the team – week in – week out …… What else can we do, i mean can we really stay away ?? Will we really vote with our feet ?? ……… No !!

    The team we have is the team we will keep – at least until the loanees go back or another of the cream of the crop get close to the end of their contracts or maybe Kenneth needs a new self portrait commissioning will sell another one …….

    Lets do what we do – Be the best fans in the league and support our club ……… Still got a decent team and at our best can get at any team in this league, string a few results together and you never know ……. We might surprise a few people ……. including a certain Master Bates …….. MOT

  • Tim Campbell

    I wonder does bates or grayson ever read sites such as this. I voted to keep larry as, like many others, I feel a certain amount of sympathy for the guy. Don’t get me wrong I think hes made his own fair share of howlers since hes come, but to be able to work under Captain Tightarse, with the budget he was given to work on; and to be on the verge of the play-offs, deserves some support from the fans. I would love to know larrys real thoughts; his position reminds me like that of Martin O’Neills when at Villa (the only difference being that Lerner occasionally threw some money at the team whereas bates….well you know the rest). Larry would not walk away like O’Neill because larry God bless him is Leeds United through and through. I believe Jonny Howson will be the first of many to leave, lack of ambition from our chairman being cited as the obvious reason, so sorry larry I can’t believe your bold proclaimation that no more key players will leave . Say things like that and you will only end up will egg on your face when King Canute pulls the rug out from under you

  • Tyler75

    By the same token we only lost 1 of 6 games against the teams that went up to the Premier League, gave Arsenal 2 very close games at the Emirates, outplayed West Ham away this season and beat manu away while still a League 1 club – none of that makes SG the next Jose Mourinho but likewise losing to Barnsley and Blackpool doesn’t make him Phil Brown either. All Managers have bad results, Arsenal fans wanted Wenger’s head after conceeding 8 at manure this season. The question that nobody seems to have the answer to us who would do any better with what SG’s given to work with and who the hell would come and work for Bates. Bruce ? Warnock ? Davis ? Jones ?

  • mattbb1

    i dont give too much attentiuon to the bilge sites, but is it true that Ben Parker yesterday spoke out against the bates regime – in defence of Howson? – at an even in the pavilion next to an uncomfortable looking peter lorimer?…

    • Tyler75

      @mattbb1 I’d absolutely love this to be true – in which case Parker should be given the freedom of United Fisheries……. before he’s sent on a ‘free’ to Scunthorpe

    • TSS

      @mattbb1 Yeah, it’s true. Lorimer was taking abuse from fans and from what I heard, Parker was put on the spot and wasn’t impressed by it. I don’t go in Pavilion but have spoke to people that do and they’ve confirmed.

      I’d heard previously that Parker didn’t expect to play for Leeds United again. Sounds like there’s a lot of players at Elland Road unhappy with the lack of ambition. No one has a contract they’re happy with it seems. I know some of Ben’s family, he grew up near me, but when you haven’t seen people in years you don’t want to ring them up to dish the dirt haha.

      • Gryff

        @TSS@mattbb1 Yeah, although one text might not hurt. Along the lines of “in case you do have grievances” – after all, if he’s not expecting to play again and half the lads he’s been working with for the last few years are leaving and his manager’s being smeared by the chairman, he might not feel much to lose!

        • TSS

          @Gryff@mattbb1 Haha, I don’t know Ben personally, just some of his family so the text would have to go…

          “Hey ——, I know we haven’t spoken for years, hope you’re well etc… can you ask your Ben who I’ve never met to spill everything… Cheers.”

        • Gryff

          @TSS@Gryff@mattbb1 lol.

          Sounds reasonable to me! :o)

        • Gryff

          @TSS@mattbb1 P.S. are you a journalist or not?!

        • TSS

          @Gryff@mattbb1 Not. I write a football site, I’m a fan.

        • Gryff

          @TSS@mattbb1 Haha. I say you’re a journo – whether you like it or not!

          You report on the news, the rumours, give your views. You just don’t get paid lol.

        • TSS

          I refuse to aid in the devaluation of the word “journalist”. In the same putting a plaster on someone doesn’t make me a doctor, ranting about Leeds United does not make me a journalist. There are enough megalomaniacs out there without me joining the club.

    • Terry E


      Spoke to somebody at the match yesterday who was in the pavilion when it happened. Parker said Howson did not want to leave but would not sign a new contract at this time. He hoped by the time his contract expired we would have got promotion and he could play for us in the Premiership but he wanted to keep his options open in case we didn’t go up. Next thing he new a fee had been agreed with Norwich and it was sorry Johnny, piss off. Surely it would have been possible, as someone suggested previously, to persuade him to re-sign for a year with a get-out clause for him to be allowed to go if promotion didn’t materialise. Obviously that was beyond the imagination of the morons who run our club.

      • TSS

        @Terry E@mattbb1 To me, the fact Jonny Howson has said nothing throughout speaks volumes. If he was entirely happy with this, he’d have come out and spoke to the fans to ease tensions.

        • mattbb1

          @TSS just shocking, but hats off to Ben Parker, who obviously has balls of solid rock, sadly he has knees made from plaster of paris. So Kens just pushed Howson through the door – he gets viler by the minute, and Grayson just stood there and let it happen? Hes going down in my estimation – surely he has to walk soon? We can only hope the players voice their concerns as a group – perhaps (and Im serious) their lack of desire on the pitch is a symptom of how they feel?

      • mattbb1

        Bates is the ultimate short termist, he understands property but nothing else.

  • WoodyUK

    One thing to bear in mind where transfers and salaries are concerned (have to say it because I’ve been pondering it over the past few days). Last season we’d have been going mad if Bechhio was sold, this season I’ve seen many people post it would be a good idea. Last season many questioned signing McCormack and Clayton – today they’re essential to the team and people scream ‘lack of ambition’ when there is a rumour of them being sold. Lees and White could have been sold 12 months ago without a murmur but the idea of not renewing Kisnorbo’s contract after pre-season or signing O’Brien after his sucessfull loan stint would be unforgiveable. Nunez was a must after his loan now he’s useless, lightweight and can only play in one position, Somma couldn’t hack it in the championship why did we sign him turns into “he gives us more options than Becchio”. Casper shouldn’t be sold, we can;t keep our best players turns into Lonergan is more reliable. Johnson managed to go from “thinks he’s better than he is” to “key player who we shouldn’t have lost” in just a few months. Most players form is transitional and when committing to long contracts with good salaries you always run a risk of ending up with a damp squib that drains your budgets and hinders your squad building (see Billy Paynter and O’Brien). For me only Snodgrass, Howson, Beckford, Bechhio and Gradel have had back to back good seasons but I understand it can be hard when negotiating contracts to get it right.

    • DrD


    • DrD

      @WoodyUK That’s right. People were also moaning how useless howson had be cone and that he should be dropped. Inconsistent moaning bunch !

  • metalsmurf

    I think that we may be missing something in this debate, I agree with a lot of what WoodyUK said, players form is fleeting. Are we, and Larry, getting the best from our squad? Yes B*&t£$ isnt investing but these players have played better in warm up games than they did yesterday, against a team that cant buy a win unless they win the game for the opposition. The players don’t seem to be able to raise thier game unless it’s against a team that we are given no chance against. If the club is solvent then the pressure they were supposed to be playing under in previous seasons is not there. Sure there is always a massive expectation at Leeds but this is true of at least 10 clubs in the championship who believe they are capable of promotion. The squad may not be on the top wages in the league but its still a lot of money, work for it!

  • Tim Campbell

    Definition of a leech;- Many species are bloodsucking parasites. Biology was never my strongest subject at school but am I wrong in thinking that leeches are not usually found in West Yorkshire?

    • mattbb1

      @Tim Campbell you can find leeches in most freshwater environments, especially where cattle are kept nearby.

      • phi1888

        With the amount of bull***t flying around ER, one could summise the presence of cattle ???

  • Bluesman

    Lets look at the manager. Reasonable job over his tenure, but has not assembled the best squad in the championship. Results are reasonable, some commentators say excellent with the squad that he has. The team are nowhere good enough to go up, this year, next year or the year after that! The players who could have taken us up have all been sold and replaced with freebies and loanees. Now, ask yourself if any manager who is any good would want to work with Harvey and Bates. That is your answer! So where do you go from here. Answer “Nowhere!” Fans will keep paying for their season tickets because they Love Leeds. Ken will continue is asset building and Grayson will probably be sacked at the end of the season. God knows why? If Bates has any sense he should realise that he has the perfect person to keep Leeds in the Championship, whilst he continues with his own agenda.

  • phi1888

    Difficult poll. i want SG to succed in the same way i wanted McCallister to. I think Bates hangs over the club like a toxic cloud, quelling any momentum and /or feel good factor. With a more positive aura and a little investment i think Larry would find it easier to be motivational and thus more succesful. Even under the present conditions we are in touching distance, but i fear the phsycological effects of the chairman’s manner will hinder us in the final push. I am also concerned that the climate created by KB is part of the reason why players are opting out. Norwich city, Stoke and Southampton are prime examples of what positivity and desire from the boardroom can acheive.

  • don_weston


    SGs body language reveals everything….

  • batesbane

    As far as I could tell on Saturday, there wasn’t a single director sitting in the dirtectors seats in the West stand.

  • Snowjoke

    Okay, SG looked subdued on Saturday. Maybe a reaction to recent criticism that he was being too theatrical in and around the technical area.? For Christ’s sake, get off the bloke’s back. Particularly disappointed by you, oldschoolbaby, Your contributions are usually examples for us all on how to make a point persuasively and plausibly. But the comparisons with Scott, Shackleton and Churchill are just laughable. All three would struggle to produce a decent Championship side without the firepower of a parachute payment (although Churchill, on reflection, would probably just requisition one). As for The Don, well there simply are no comparatives.

  • Gryff

    You could argue that’s why Grayson’s successful. Don’t want to be unflattering but you could compare him to Claudius – who got power because he seemed weak to the Praetorian guard when they assassinated Caligula. Grayson stutters in his press conferences, wears trackies, and never gives off a “special ones” aura.

    Which is exactly what Bates will want in a manager.

    So long as the players respect him, I don’t think it really matters whether we think he’s Italian enough in his hand gestures on the touchline…

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  • Lee Deaville

    To lose 2 fine players to Norwich is Ken Bates Knobbing Delia ?

  • Kev Sergi Orlov

    ewwwwwwwwwwww what a horrible thought Lee lmao

  • Ricky Lufc Hilden

    In one of the papers today…it said “snodgrass refuses new contract with 18 months left on current one…Said he feels let down by lack of ambition and being overlooked for captains armband….could be rumour, but no smoke without fire..Will be interesting to see what comes out later in week….Think all our main players are heading for the exit door…Jonny going has started a knock on effect