At times like this, when a key player has left and emotions are running high, it’s sometimes best to leave the inquest for another day and remember the good times.

Jonny joined the club as a youth player in 1997, a lifelong supporter who went on to become captain of the club he loved.

Since making his professional debut in 2006, Jonny Howson has amassed over 200 appearances for The Whites and provided us all with some cherished memories.

Wishing him nothing but luck for the future (and hoping to see him back in all white one day), here’s a selection of Jonny’s Leeds United career highlights;

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  1. Col

    His two strikes against Carlise in the play-offs and his wonder pass which set up Beckford’s winner at Old Traford will stay with me forever. Best of luck, Jonny.

    • Dje

      @Col Definitely agree about the pass to Beckford – the highlight of the last ten year history of Leeds United, IMHO [ok, promotion back to the Championship was the bigger achievement, but not as spectacular and eerily god-sent].

  2. pnxb1019

    TSS Thanks for that . An excellent antedote to the poison swirling around trying to justify Bates et al and their total failure to persuade this lad to stay…..somehow the video puts the pittance of a transfer fee into perspective…

    Leeds United has become a club that knows the selling price of everybody and the value of nobody! Good luck to Jonny Howson from me

  3. faz1964

    How long before Bates sells the statue of Billy for scrap to fund whatever takes his fancy!!!!!

  4. WoodyUK

    If we can make it back into the Premiership in the next few years I can imagine Howson back in white. Good luck to the lad, can’t blame a player of his quality wanting his shot at the top table, at least he didn’t do a Kewell on us and left with his head held high – cost us nowt, put in 6 good years and left the club with a few £m in the bank, how can you knock him.

  5. CasWhite

    Remembered and never forgotten like all legends.

    ps. Hope you paid the fee to club for using footage from BatesTV?

  6. Tyler75

    Winner after coming off the bench against Bristol Rovers is the absolute stand-out memory for me.

    On a brighter note Billy Paynter scored for the reserves today and a whole host of League 2 and Blue Square clubs have hopefully taken note; either that or he could be /back in contention for Tuesday’ !! The rumour about Alex Bruce to LA Galaxy made me chuckle – hats off to whoever started it !

    • Dje

      @Tyler75 I actually think Grayson might be tempted to bring back Paynter in the squad. Our forwards are misfiring and I doubt he has set his priorities for his transfer funds (don’t laugh!) and wages for a new striker – especially after Bates lambasted him in public for having accumulated eight attacking players. Plus it’d be one in the eye of fans who have criticised him for signing Paynter in the first place.

  7. Durhamwhite

    Scunthorpe perfect hat rick, equaliser against Bristol, cracker against forest for speedo, Carlisle playoff , thanks for the memories jonny, a only wish u wud have tried to achieve your dream with Leeds, but Leeds live goes on MOT forever , hopefully without bates the c#nt

  8. number1inyorkshire

    I think thats a genuine point about lambert he has to be a candidate for some jobs that will come up holding on to him is vital for Norwich

  9. NorthEastLoiner

    No hard feelings from me he gave his all every time he played and I’m sure with any sign of commitment from above he’d have stayed gladly. All the best mate Norwich are now my second team, enjoyed watching them already

  10. The White Stuff

    Diving full length off my sofa for the Carlisle play off winner, and shouting Jonyyyyyyyyyy! and hugging complete random strangers in the kop for the Bristol R equaliser………fair brought a tear to my eye that compilation, well done to whoever did it……..memories for life encapsulated therein.

  11. Tyler75

    @Dje I meant equaliser – got a bit emotional after watching the video !!!!

    You could be right about Billy – Of course if he plays he’s bound to score to add a touch of surrealism to this, more dysfunctional than usual, season.

  12. Dje

    @Tyler75 I noticed that Mattison fella scored again too. Played 2, Won 2, Scored 2. I don’t know anything about him but you can’t complain about those sort of returns from a trialist.

    I’d also like to see the Turner twins go out on loan. If they are good enough to turnover a Celtic XI – which I imagine was on the physical side as friendlies go – then they are good enough and strong enough to be playing them in the first team squad. All they need now is professional match time, so get them out on loan Grayson!

  13. leedsusa

    “The past few games, from what I’ve heard, they haven’t been playing well but it shows signs of a good side who can pick up points when not playing well,” said Jonny. Does he not watch em when he’s not playing.

    • Captaincrash

      @leedsusa Shocking isn’t it (I mean it) that our club captain doesn’t bother/isn’t told to attend. I was taken a back when I read that too.

  14. Tyler75

    @Dje Mad Matty Pattison – the man who likes to turn up to training in only his undercrackers and boots after a big night out would certainly echo the glory days of Shezza. As you say, can’t remember a trialist having that sort of impact. Definitely like to see the Turner twins given a go and Gimple come to that – not least so “out comes the Gimp’ from Pulp Fiction can become a terrace fave. Who’s Bryam who played right-back ?


    I hope all those fans who have been calling for Jonny to be dropped watch that video and now realise what a loss to the team he will be.

    He is a class act on and off the pitch and I have little doubt that he will eventually play for England. I hope he does well with Norwich and we get to show our appreciation next season when he comes to Elland Road (I can dream!).

    Thanks and good luck.

  16. Dje

    @Tyler75 Sam Bryam is one of our under-18s, and a Right back. Always nice to see new names coming through!

  17. Northern Octopus

    I really think we will miss him, on a personal level, Norwich is a lovely city for a young family … and I guess it will make his return to us all the more heroic circa Batty 1998!

    • TimPM

      @Northern Octopus All football rivalry aside, you’re right – it is an alright place.

      But does Jonny want his kid sounding like a country bumpkin? lol

  18. DrD

    If all these players on their last year love Leeds so much, why don’t they sign a 1 year extension to try and get us promoted and if we fail we can at least sell them on during the summer. The all see the green grass too quickly. Norwich will be a one season wonder and struggle next year when we beat them.

    • TimPM

      @DrD The thing is, they’ve only got a shelf-life of about 10 years from being a proper first-team player to being past it. Especially Wenger – you hit 30 you’re gone. Jonny’s 23 and soon to be 24, two more years and people would be talking about him like Beckford “it’s too late to properly hit the Premiership.”

      If Jonny wants to be in the running for the national team in 2014, he can’t afford another year in the Championship – look at Bradley Johnson, he’s almost been capped for England already and we all thought Jonny was better than him. Add to that England’s rapidly ageing squad with the likes of Lamps & Gerrard & Barry & Parker all in their 30s, and Howson’s got a real chance at becoming an England player.

      Unfortunately, not really with LUFC. Norwich are known for their attacking & attractive football and are showing they can make it in the Prem. It’s (unfortunately) exactly the kind of team I reckon he needs – even if I do detest them!

  19. brian1988

    i just want to say best of luck to Jonny, he does deserve to be a top league player just wish it was with leeds, best of luck Jonny, not your fault to love a club a club with a lack of ambition or a poor chairman to invest, would love for it to be different, please dont convince snoddy to leave tho he is our last saving grace, if we keep delph and please Simon as an Irish man sign St. Ledger, a quality centre half at international level so easy for him at championship, a bargain at 750,000 we have soon hope tho i feel we need another goalscorer unles Becchio comes good again, in Simon i trust in Ken i dont, MOT, i just tink we need to believe

  20. MikeLeeds

    Good Luck Jonny

    I aint losing too much sleep – two wins and its very much a title challenge – if we can seemingly struggle through to February and be only 8 points off automatic promotion – it clearly shows inconsistancy across the championship which means (with a positive outlook) we have a chance of more than just the playoffs.

    Finish the season well and the prior inconsistancy will not matter.

    MOT – we can do it

  21. Dje

    I’ve just been reading Bates’ latest comments regarding our squad and transfers. In his message there was two warnings of Grayson responsible for the sale of Howson, not him, and two warnings that Grayson has overspent and consequently we might have to wait until June before the right players come along at the right price. Fantastic.

    He laid on a bit of a maths spread too. It shows that our net wondrous war chest is c. £900,000 – with a £2m annual wage deficit only bolstered by what we’ve saved on no longer paying Howson’s wage. How are we going to replace our captain and central midfielder with that? What club is going to sell a quality midfielder with only six days left in the transfer window for anything but top dollars. Unbelievable.

    As an interesting aside from Bates, he let slip (or was it?) that we were offered Beckford on loan last month. And declined. What a cracking month of our strikers not scoring it’s been, so no added pressure and fan resentment there then.

    Details of the Bates interview can be found at:

  22. Dje

    I don’t think Becchio can have any quip about us wanting to bring in any striker. You simply have to score goals or set them up to keep your position as a striker. Becchio knows that, and knows that he hasn’t been proficient enough to do either for the last dozen or so matches and must wonder how he keeps getting picked.

    As to a return of Beckford, the spin would be i.) taking on loan a striker with a higher league of experience than either McCormack or Becchio – ie. Beckford’s hit and miss days at Everton ii.) a re-uniting of a formidable goal-scoring partnership, Becchio and Beckford. True, possibly to the alienation of McCormack, who does always look a bit of a stroppy lad (for the benefit of the doubt we’ll call it passion), but I don’t see Grayson knowing how to accommodate McCormack in the team anymore – which is quite unbelievable considering how many goals he’s scored.

    I noticed Bates suggesting that neither Snodgrass or Clayton will be leaving in the next six days as they are tied down to 18 month contracts. Unless I’m mistaken but so is McCormack, and part of me thinks this is an oversight by Bates, but the other part of me is wondering if this was shrewd on his part as he knows something might happen with McCormack in the next six days of January. From his overall message in that interview, he seems to imply that if Grayson wants to bring in new faces then i.) he must reduce the size of the squad already, and ii.) sell or move players on (probably to alleviate the wage bill rather than raise funds).

    • Dje

      I partially agree with the loyalty. But considering all the talk of Grayson and Bates about bringing players in ‘ready to go’ and adding an immediate impact to us and our position in the league, we really cannot carry misfiring strikers for much longer. Snodgrass can only bail us out for so long. Hopefully Becchio and McCormack’s goals against Ipswich will kick-start them to fire on, time will tell, but if not then McCormack and Becchio really has to be written off as a partnership. Keogh was sound for me, and was the only key part up front that allowed us to play 4-4-2 successfully, but the way he was dispatched back to Wolves once a transfer fee could not be agreed makes it less likely that he’ll return, sadly.

      I reserve judgment on Somma’s return and use this season. That kind of injury usually has a long term impact on players and I’d be surprised if he’ll be so lively as he was before it. Anything is a bonus.

  23. Dje

    A desire to play with no pace upfront? Lol

    I’ve no idea, Colin. Wages is the only half-thought I have, but we wont be getting any striker anywhere near as good without paying a massive outlay (won;t happen) and then paying them big wages that they are worth (won;t happen either).

    For whatever reason Grayson has his reasons but you just KNOW that Grayson will be furious that this has been needlessly (again, or not?) let out now.

  24. Dje

    I was reading Leicester, under a different manager from the one who signed Beckford, were loaning him to us with a possible transfer in mind. It doesn’t make sense otherwise as you might as well loan him out to an SPL team rather than one of your immediate rivals [presuming Beckford has expressed a disinterest in signing for an SPL side come the end of the season] .

  25. Dje

    Sorry, I meant I was reading Leicester’s intents in loaning him to us … – not reading any source that had said they offered him to us permanently after the loan etc. If that makes sense?!

  26. TimPM

    @Dje Surely, with Becchio having Forssell as competition for his role, McCormack needs competition for his? Putting too much pressure to score is bad, sure, but it’d be worse if McC went say 5 games without scoring and ended up in a Torres situation?

    With Beckford you have the opportunity to rotate with McC, or to have two pacey forwards. And if you have Beckford, Bechio & McCormack as possible strikers, with Snodgrass mandatorily double-marked, how on earth could you prepare properly as oppo manager not knowing who you’ll be up against?

    Doubt it’ll happen though. 900k and -38k per week isn’t much of a budget to go on…

  27. Phil Glenn

    !! Judus !! All the money Leeds have put into him through the academy,And the club and that’s the way we get repayed.Where is the loyalty ?? Good luck my arse judus tosser.

  28. Ben Randall

    Gutted! Great lad for all the effort he put in for us! Nobody in their right mind would have accepted the terms he was offered on his contract, and you can’t blame the lad for having Premier League ambition. Good luck, Jonny! MOT

  29. Chris Ruffguy Taylor

    Phil do you know the reasons why he’s leaving nothing to do with money so get your facts rite jonny did nothing but fight for my club and for that I wish him luck

  30. Phil Glenn

    The facts are the club spent a lot money on him through the academy and the club making him what he is today and he his pissed off (Fact )

  31. Ben Randall

    At the end of the day, he’s become our captain and the first contract offered to him by the club was a pay CUT. Any after that were not very well improved wages, just extended terms. By going to Norwich, he’s increased his wage from around 9k a week to about 24k a week; and that’s hard for ANYONE to turn down. He wasn’t given a real option, just refused to sign frankly insulting contracts before being told he was being sold without any real consultation. The lad’s got my best wishes, and hopefully we’ll be joining him in the Premiership soon.

  32. The Scratching Shed

    You should really start looking at Ken Bates’ inability to secure deals with key players. If he’s offering them a derisory offer (which Parker claims was the case, and BJ and Killa both said happened to them) then that’s the problem. Expecting players to remain due to some irrational sense of loyalty is ridiculous – you should pay them what they’re worth.

  33. The Scratching Shed

    Oh, and questioning his support for a club he where he grew up and made over 200 appearances is pathetic. Just because he accepted a job offer elsewhere does not make him “Judas”, he’s still a fan – and a fan that has done a hell of a lot more for LUFC than we ever will.

  34. Jason Saville

    Good luck Jonny. have you herd rumours regards west ham are putting offer in for snodgrass. last summer 4 players had contract talks kasper & gradel said i am not staying because that contract is shit they left the other 2 were howson & snodgrass and think back to how both were playing at the start of the season with there chins on the floor i hope to god i wrong but ive got a bad feeling that this situation is getting very familiar.

  35. Jason Saville

    @phil think back the last contract he signed was 3 1/2 years ago he was 19 not a regular not the captain & a league one player. since then he has gone on to captain the club get us out of league one set up that goal for beckford against scum play for U21’s & as Ben parker said sign a contract on same value no body would do that he was also seeing our best players been sold all around him & replaced with freebies ask your self where was leeds united commitment to him all he wants is to play in the premier league as do we all im gutted he has left but even more gutted that it looks like we did not give him assurances that we want to be premier league too.

  36. mattbb1

    watching those bits of footage gave me goosebumps, a real legend – just gone – someone who cared as much as we did about getting the team promoted so Bates could in his words `trouser’ the money. disgusting.

  37. horncastle89

    if i’m wrong some one correct me please didn’t Sir (MORON) Ken Bates say that leeds budget is on match attendences and running the club had to come from some where else (i.e sponsors and merchandising) ok so lets just say average leeds ticket about £30 average attendance about 25,000 that will equal three quaters of a million a game! we play 23 home ties a season in the league which equals to £17,250,000 thats 17 MILLION TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS !!!! ok you have season ticket holders but you also have higher ticket prices and higher attendences and cup games and other places that have sold and tv money or whatever so when he says our budget is £9,500,000 which over a squad of 28 players is average wage of £6500 a week for a player which aint guna get us back home where is that other £8 million!!!! he is taking all our money to the tax haven of monaco!!!! we are being robbed!!!!! its our club not his !!!! BATES OUT !!!!!!!

  38. Dje

    @TimPM Yep, entirely agree TimPM. I’m not sure Forssell brings much to the table, but it was a worthwhile option bringing him in. Since letting Gradel go, we’ve really missed strikers willing to run with the ball and most of all PACE. Beckford would have brought that.

    If it comes down to wages and we just couldn’t afford him then OK, not worth sulking over. But I’m sure Leicester would have only offered him if they felt we could offer a reasonable chunk of his wages to take him off their hands [I’m presuming Nigel Pearson doesn’t have Beckford in his dream XI at Leicester]. As Grayson indicated that we are spending a good wage on Delph, who wont be cheap, we do, when we feel like it, do have the resources to bring in players on a hefty wage.

    Missed opportunity, IMHO – but we’ll see what’s what come midnight 31/1/12

  39. TimPM

    No, Colin. Failure to pick the right emotive analogy.

    It’s like Brussels telling Britain what to do.

    Get it right or DM will never hire you :-)

    Agree with what you said, though…

  40. TimPM

    He was playing defensive midfield this season. BJ had to play it before him and when he left it was to similar appraisals.

    Not looking bad now, is he?


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