Peter Lorimer tonight revealed that Leeds United are close to securing a loan deal with Aston Villa that would see Fabian Delph return to Elland Road.

The news comes via various fans that have tweeted live from a Leeds United On The Road event. According to Lorimer, talks are at an advanced stage and the club are confident of reaching a deal.

This news does seem to go against Leeds United’s policy of not discussing transfers before they’re completed, but I think this exception may have a simple explanation.

I’m only speculating here but, it seems likely that Aston Villa would want Delph to head out on loan after his well-publicised injury problems so he can regain fitness. Since Premier League clubs rarely loan their players to a rival, it may well be that Fabian Delph has requested Leeds United as a destination – thus removing any potential threat of other clubs hijacking the deal.

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  1. Dave DG

    that would be great, is he fit? shame his transfer fee went on the posh boxes i, as a supporter will never see

    Dave DG

    • TSS

      @Dave DG He’s had injury problems so the loan move would be to regain fitness from Villa’s point of view.

      • larrysbestestfriend

        This is a damp squid whether he arrives or not, Grayson will have to play him to satisfy AV but will utilise him out of position, nothing surer. If he doesn’t arrive the talk of him coming will have unsettled the team.

        Not being negative like…………

  2. Colin

    I’d welcome Fabian’s return. Yorkshireman, played for Leeds, has skill, and pace, and wants games. I’d say the sticking point is Villa, but if they really want to loan him out, then the only place he’ll go is Leeds United.

  3. dhoward1

    He was 1st team for Villa at the start of the season, he was playing slightly deeper though, basically sitting. Think he would work nicely with Clayton if he came, excellent player going forward can use both feet and can score goals. This got me excited but it probably won’t happen. Optimism and then disapointment is what the January transfer window is all about!!

  4. Ron_Galea

    I was about to cruise some porn, but this has made my night. Just what we need!

  5. henrymouni

    ” According to Lorimer, talks are at an advanced stage and the club are confident of reaching a deal.”

    We have had a few players ‘at an advanced stage’ in recent times, but this sounds sound!??

    Perhaps Peter should have kept quiet though.

    Still like to see Andrews here also, then we would be something like, in midfield.

    Could this be the transfer window we have dreamed about??

    Let us just stay cautiously optimistic!!

  6. ramblinjohn

    it would be good to have him back but what we really need are advanced talks with two defenders

  7. AnthonyDrabarekJnr

    shouldnt have left…g8 player with youth on his side..we need to spend but we all know mr.bates’s pockets are deep n he has little arms ..

  8. Rodge

    Happydays fingers crossed.With all the youth players we sold or lost to other clubs we would have had a good first team now . thanks ken
    SG we should take a gamble and play some the young lads they’d give you a 100% guaranted.

  9. Mr Lew

    Henrymouni, totally agree – Lorimer should have kept his mouth shut. What happened to the club line of ‘no comment until done deal’? – since Lorimer became Bates puppet i have lost all respect for him, now he can’t seem to keep his own water. He appears to undermine the manager at every opportunity.

    Delph in centre midfield is perfect player we need, creative and combative and would certainly lift the crowd. Hearing of interest in Delph and Lichaj and O’dea wanting to stay long term and a few other quality potential targets has started getting me excited for the first time this season.

    Just hope these deals don’t get hijacked!

    I feel Puncheon could have added something but he made his bed in August and I bet he’s regretting having to lie in it now.

    Just hope Grayson looks to bring a few more youngsters through (Lees is looking quality now and Thompson has had a few good games so let’s keep him involved)


    • number1inyorkshire

      we had a debate about some LEGENDS loosing their status since ,becoming not puppets but spokesman for bates ,its a fact that lorimer is starting to fall into a category of that sadly so is MR GRAY

  10. Tom01

    Townsend, Delph, Clayton and Snodgrass would be a very strong Championship midfield. Hopefully this is more than just another vicious rumour!

  11. Dissident

    This is great news; he should have never been allowed to leave in the first place. At least we used the money to buy back the institution that produced him thoug…no, sorry, scrap that.

    I won’t be renewing my season ticket based on this; it’s a loanee, nothing more. Serious investment is needed throughout the team.

  12. number1inyorkshire

    tell you what if leeds now loose out on this because someone else comes in and nicks him t@~ shit will hit the fan ,and lorimer might have to do some grovelling >>

    it is very unusual for leeds do do public bidding it must be nailed on if true .its fantastic . he is another who should have stayed a little longer than he did and seems to have lost his way albeit through another injury which was a bad 1 ..

    he is out and about round leeds /bfd quite a bit ,his mum works for my pal in bfd so it could be true and i hope it is .

    • TSS

      @number1inyorkshire Like I said above, he won’t be allowed to leave for another Prem club and he’s a local lad so has probably requested Leeds. I don’t think there’s any danger of this deal being hijacked.

      • number1inyorkshire

        @TSS i agree and leeds have a prem set up at TA he is a local lad if he is fit to go straight in it will be a bonus and if he stays til may a bigger 1 lets have him back you know his fitness levels ..

      • henrymouni


        Good point TSS.

        Also, I have a feeling that Fab may be someone Villa may part with at the end of the season, or before?

      • Chareose


        not if hes a success…………….. thats the problem with loan signings. He could blood himself at elland road and go back to villa a new player or get bought by a top prem club…….

      • henrymouni

        @Chareose@TSS@number1inyorkshire Being a success in our league is not the same as the Prem’.

      • Chareose


        If a player is a success in the championship he will then attract interest from other premiership clubs let alone improving his standing with his parent club. Considering how much money Bates likes to spend on players I seriously doubt Leeds will be able to afford the 5 million – 10 million that Villa and Tottenham respectively would price their ENGLISH young guns for……………. If Leeds got promotod on the back of their desplays its likely that their mother clubs would keep them unless a mammoth bid came in from one of the top five

      • Chareose


        and that is why loans suck……… Imagine the squad wed be left with at the end of the season , once all the loanees have left……….. Better to buy permenent players now that have the potential to step up a fivision rather than leaving it all until we get promoted

  13. barnesy

    alot of u ssem really happy bout him comin back????? he needs games cos he int fit so where guna stick him in middle of the park in the toughest league around n expect the lad to do anything?? i know its negative but we need lads who are ready to go to push us in play-offs n hopefully further!! a fit delph id take back all day but we arnt a gym 4 villas player to get fit in M.O.T

    • number1inyorkshire

      @barnesy thats is a very good point we need players to come straight in, has he been on the bench of late or in reserves .

      • Bentleg

        @number1inyorkshire @barnesy but just coz hes been sat on the bench dont mean they dont train and have matches behind closed doors, reserve matches ect, mot

      • number1inyorkshire

        @Bentleg@barnesy i know bent thats what i’m asking whats his current fitness levels has he had reserve .behind closed doors matches .he won’t be far away anyway but matches are different for the 1st team to reserves

  14. Mark T

    Ok. Maybe getting a bit excited and ahead of myself here BUT:

    Lonegran, Lichaj, O’Dea, Lees, White, Townsend, Delph, Howson, Clayton, Snodgrass, McCormack,

    Subs: M. Taylor, Connelly, St. Ledger, Pugh, Becchio/Somma

    That looks like a promotion winning side to me.

    • Irving08

      @Mark T

      I agree – an exciting line-up unitl it gets to the front man: McCormack has shown no evidence of being able to play alone upfront. In my view, Keogh was, overall, the person for this role; Becchio seems to have been found out.

      • Gryff

        @Irving08@Mark T I agree. Though with the big lad Townsend I think we have the option of pushing him up for the long-balls, to try a flick-on for McCormack?

        Doesn’t solve the problem for open play, but I’m sure McCormack could adapt his style if necessary.

      • lufcboy

        @Gryff@Irving08@Mark T Like your

        Optimism but, we are never getting promoted this season even with the likes of Delph and Townsend.

  15. oldschoolbaby

    It seems to be a curse of the modern world that people struggle to differentiate between primary and secondary problems.

    I would welcome Delph`s return on loan. I`m just desperately hoping though that in the excitement surrounding Rogers and Delph, plus the speculation around the likes of Smith, the powers that be haven`t forgotten our primary problems are defensive. Number one priority remains an assured centre back with some leadership and organisational qualities.

  16. Chareose

    your getting excited about loan players that if they are successfull will just leave unfillable hole once they leave. Leeds dont seem to have the ability or desire to buy good players on permenent transfers and if we are to get promoted WE will need permenent players…….

  17. Mr Lew

    Chareose i think you’re missing the point. If the loanees are successful that most likely means that the club has been successful.

    I understand the Loan v’s Permanent argument but if you look through the Championship i don’t think we use that many more loan players than any other side (could be wrong).

    Also the exciting thing with these loan players is that they appear better than what we already have and our permanent signings (and youngsters) can hopefully learn from them. Just look how Townsend appears to have given a boost of confidence to Aidy White!

    • Gryff

      We have no way of beating Ipswich or Birmingham or Leicester or even Blackpool in the transfer market as things stand. Yet we have a manager whose sole brief is promotion this season.

      So how can he get us promotion? By building a distinctly mid-table team on permanent moves, or by getting in good loans like Townsend & Delph who have shown they’re good enough to play a bit-part in some of the best teams in the country?

      Mr Lew’s right – Townsend has a lot to learn, but lads like White and Snoddy should be able to share in some of the stuff he’s already learnt from some of the best coaches in the country.

  18. Matthew

    I’m more concerned how we wern’t able to break 10 man Palace down than new loan signings, although important, highly an obvious problem, we should of been able to take advantage against Palace but didn’t, we’ve got Birmingham soon who have just raped Millwalls rear end with a 6 nill defeat, I fear another Blackpool result.

  19. jimmyoneeye

    think this may hinge on any call back clause villa might want, the loan should be until the end of the season with no call back or else no deal

  20. Ben08

    Ideal team looks like this


    White (lb). St ledger (cb). Lees (cb). Kelly (rb).

    Pugh (holding)
    Townsend (aml) Snodgrass (amr)

    Clayton (amc)




    Delph (when fit take pughs place)

    Reason behind Boyd is he’s a great target man at this level & could do well for McCormack playing just off him as a fox in the box.

  21. Tyler75

    Apparently Hulse is available and likely to be going to Millwal. He would be a significant improvement on Becchio at the moment and please don’t tell me that we can’t compete with Millwall on wages !

    Clayton and Brown worked really hard but even a half-fit Delph would provide more creativity than we showed in midfield yesterday

  22. Paul Brunton

    fantastic signing,can you imagine snodgrass,howson,delph,and townsend in midfield.promotion would be on then.

  23. Robert Holmes

    Let’s not get carried and place too much expectation on him if he returns.. He has hardly played in 2 years or so

  24. Craig Woodhead

    I was very cynical when I heard but this is great news, with Clayton, Howson n Delph or Delph with another it would be a very steady midfield. Tie the deal down and let’s kick on!

  25. Chris Ruffguy Taylor

    We could have xavi and iniesta as our midfield makes no difference when centre half just lumps it forward

  26. Michael Kraczkowski

    Would welcome him back, got a villa mate and he is gutted they don’t play him more.


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