According to the local rumour mill, both Arsenal and Bolton Wanderers have offered Aidy White a contract for the end of this season.

I don’t usually comment on unsubstantiated rumours, but Aidan White is a local lad and I’ve been contacted by a few people claiming to know his family so there may actually be some truth to this one.

It’s also quite feasible that Premier League clubs would take a gamble on young Aidy. With his contract at Leeds due to expire, a relatively small fee is all they’d have to pay Leeds United (for developing him as a youngster).

That just leaves his wages and a signing on fee, which the likes of Arsenal and Bolton Wanderers won’t bat an eyelid at. It’s basically a no-lose gamble for the Premier League clubs and a great opportunity for White.

I suspect Aidan White’s decision will be based upon Leeds’ finish to the season. If we can’t perform a miraculous turnaround on current form, then I predict a mass exodus of players this summer.

The problem we currently have is there is very little hope. After finishing 7th in 2010-11, we need a play-off finish to convince players we’re heading in the right direction. Otherwise, we’re left in a situation where there’s no investment in the team and we’re stagnating in the Championship – they might as well play for Middlesbrough.

In other news, Charlie Taylor has been loaned out to Bradford City, Andy Keogh has returned to Wolves and Andros Townsend has joined on loan from Tottenham Hotspur providing a rare moment of cheer in an otherwise gloomy existence. Put down those razorblades…