Sure, we’re in no position to really be laughing at the misfortunes of Manchester United and Manchester City – and the majority of us probably wished Man City nothing but good will – but it was hard not to crack a few Channel Five jokes as the self-proclaimed “biggest club on earth” were knocked out of the Champions League by a distinctly average Swiss side.

Twitter was awash with jokes as last night’s events unfolded, and we couldn’t help but get in on the action ourselves with a bit of Photoshop editing of the famous Manchester City billboard – which was also created in red (below) after requests from The Seventy Two whose own dismal Photoshop skills led to the whole thing in the first place.

As The Scratching Shed’s effort was being retweeted and shared, Colin emailed us his own mock-up of Channel Five’s website, advertising Europe’s equivalent to the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy.

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  1. Matthew

    What would really make this season worthwhile is to see Scum knocked out the FA Cup too by City, That way they’d have no league cup, no FA cup, no Premier league title, and a bare minimun chance of a Europa league cup. This could be the season Scum get absolutely nothing, combined with a potential Leeds United promotion would be one of the best seasons in years, at least for me.

    • Gryff

      Now you’re getting my hopes up. As a Leeds fan I should know better!

      We’re like adorable, gullible puppies, just waiting to be beaten by reality…

      • TSS

        @Gryff Thanks for bringing me crashing back to earth Gryff, I was starting to believe for a moment there… lol

  2. Tare10

    I have this very hard attitude against any gloom spectators against our fiercest rivals Scum. What matters here is that LU will promote to PL and face this everlasting enemy regularly in PL.That makes us ticking!!

    I am trying to analyze this situation here this very date 08122011 LU is and will be the Club to envy.

    Recession in Europe (in UK) will affect in certain way: those PL /CS clubs living in borrowed (literally) time will suffer. LU has no debt and next year there will queue of unemployed players in the frame.

    Looking for the promotion here,


  3. Irving08

    The old City would have got my sympathy, but not the new one – who are a symbol for everything that is wrong with our football and society. Personally I am glad they have both gone out, even if I feel a bit uncomfortable deriving some satisfaction from the disappointment of any set of fans.

  4. NorthLoiner

    “and the majority of us probably wished Man City nothing but good will”

    I’m glad they both went out. I don’t understand how anyone from Yorkshire would want silverware headed in the direction of Manchester.


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