Leeds United will face Arsenal in the FA Cup for the second consecutive season, drawing the Premier League side away at The Emirates.

The Whites took Arsenal to an Elland Road replay last time the two sides met, drawing 1-1 at the Emirates before Arsene Wenger’s side won 3-1 at Elland Road.

The biggest tie of the third round is undoubtedly Manchester City vs Manchester United whose balls were weighted to ensure Budweiser’s advertising money was well spent.

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  1. Dje

    Good. Let’s destroy Arsenal (or they destroy us, either way let’s keep our eyes on the league).

    Should be a nice paycheck for Ken too.

      • Dje

        Ah, another one of those ‘innocuous-looking coming-together of heads’ between them in the opening minutes should settle that one!

  2. Matthew

    If Arsenal play their first team I think we’l lose, and quite badly, as van Persie is on fire lately. However if they play a 2nd string team we may have a chance to win.

    Personally I think Wenger will put out his first team squad, he won’t want a replay like before, I think he’l go all in.

    Couldn’t really give a shit if we win or lose, more interested in the league and or if we make the playoffs at the end of the season.

  3. Tyler75

    Really good draw – lots of tickets in a big stadium against a top team, with a good chance of going out at the first hurdle and getting on with the serious business of promotion.

  4. number1inyorkshire

    great draw to get knocked out we do not need a cup run it is a distraction to the important thing of getting playoffs /promoted..

    recent history tells us that for leeds a cup run is not what is needed ,not only that it only lines KWB,S pockets further

    1-0, 10-0 or 100-0 i do not care less

    • Matthew


      You have to admit, we never get a decent draw in these Cups, we always seem to get a top 6 team, be it Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, why can’t we ever have someone easy like Nottingham Forest or Coventry? LOL

      • number1inyorkshire

        the gods conspire against us thats true enough in cup draws .

        I like the F A cup in theory it should be our top priority ,when i say our i mean English football on the whole ,to make it as prestigious as we can .

        sadly the premier league and the champions league have diminished it massively ..

        And history over recent years tells us that aside from 1 or 2 shocks along the way its the prem teams who get there to the final .

        And our cup history is not that much to shout about

        i would love us to win that cup at wembley ,or any cup anywhere JPT would have done ,but right now its a distraction

      • Matthew


        True enough, if we somehow overcome Arsenal no doubt we’l be drawn against someone like Chelsea or one of the Scumchester sides or Liverpool or Spurs. It’s annoying, I too would like a good cup run but considering who we keep getting drawn against I doubt that’s going to happen, maybe it’s gods way of saying we’re playing these teams because we belong in the Premier league.

        I dislike the uncertainty surrounding this game clearly Wenger is no fool if he doesn’t want a replay he will put on his first team squad and that will be that, however if he mixes his first team with 2nd string players we stand a good enough chance of winning assuming we can bang a few goals in before he puts van Persie on the pitch..

        Anyway, I hope Grayson takes this game deadly serious, If he plays Paul Rachubka in goal I can imagine everyone getting up and going home, it’d be quite news worthy actually, thosands of Leeds fans flocking out the away stand because of Rachubka and the fact it’d be cricket scores if he played.

        (Not like that would happen anyway)

    • TSS

      @number1inyorkshire People say they “couldn’t care less” but we all know that’s absolute BS – look at the reaction after losing to Scum in another cup game that should have been nothing more than a pointless distraction.

      • number1inyorkshire

        @TSS had we drawn scum as some call them ,Manu i will call them i would have liked to have beaten them ,they are the arch enemy .the moriarty to holmes .as some have said already i would take getting up to going further in this competition ,i notice there was no reply to my saying i am a great fan of the FA cup i would love to go to wembley and win it there it would be awesome ..

        but we won,t and we can,t win it yet not now so whats the point .

        Never mind though the big match charlies will get a day out in the capital .but this tie means nowt to me sadly i wish it did so really honestly and truthfully i could not care less ..

        based on the amount of posts on this subject seemingly lots of people couldn,t care less either

    • Irving08


      I think the performance and the score do matter to team morale and individual player confidence. The more others respect us the greater becomes our self-respect with all that flows from it. This is as true in football as it is in life. Then que sera etc….If we win, it will be great for all concerned; if we lose honourably, then so be it. No rationalisations needed.

      • TSS

        @Irving08@number1inyorkshire You’re 100% right – which is exactly why I’d play the reserves and protect the first team players’ confidence – then, and only then, is it really a “no lose” fixture.

      • number1inyorkshire

        @Irving08 now no one said it means nothing to the team the 11+subs will want to win thats a different ball game .but me i could not care less

  5. TSS

    Not at all, no. It was in reply @number1inyorkshire but also to fans in general who are following the same path as last time – it was a totally irrelevant game we allegedly couldn’t care less about, yet for weeks afterwards people moaned about that. Just pointing that out now for when it all starts over again.

  6. Irving08

    Of course, I assume our best X1 (which for me means O’Dea rather than Kisnorbo) will put perform as last year. I cannot conceive us being flattened. If I was Lees, Clayton or White – our emergent players – I’d like the chance to measure myself against the best. Snoddy, of course, is already one of the best…

  7. Snowjoke

    The very last thing we need at this crucial stage of the FLC season is the distraction of a glamour tie in the FA Cup. There are so many ways it could damage our prospects of promotion. Like the possibility (faint but real) that some of our lot might not be quite 100% committed in tough league matches before the big occasion. Like the undermining of morale if we play our strongest side, and they don’t. but we still get stuffed. Like the loss of focus and motivation when the big show’s over and there are three points to be scrapped for, in driving rain, against the likes of Brum and Palace. Okay, you could argue that all of our FLC rivals face similar dilemmas. But how many of them seem, like us, to have a genetic flaw that makes us play the second half of the season in a tailspin? If it was my call, I’d give our better fringe players a proper run out. Mind you, I wouldn’t fancy telling first team regulars they were being benched, or rested altogether. Finally, the best result we can hope for at The Emirates? Right now, I’d settle for an honourable defeat, with no injuries and no cards. Sadly, I just don’t care about the Cup any more……

  8. number1inyorkshire

    @TSS ahh so it was a dig at me then lol

    manu is different to the gunners for all kinds of reasons we all remember that epic cup replay back in the day fantastic with the gunners ,.

    But even leeds united the club will have a list of priorities ,PROMO BEEN 1ST ,2ND ,3RD

    the rest will take care of itself in the scheme of things .

    now you can check if you want but i never moaned getting beat by manu or spurs and if anything its that very cup run against manu .,spurs and Liverpool in the league cup when we were in league 1 that for now has put me off cup games for in my and many others opinions it nearly cost us no evidence of course but !!!!

    give me a cup run only if ken gives ALL THE MONEY to Larry


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