As suspected, the Luciano Becchio rumour that’s been doing the rounds this week was absolute nonsense.

Following on from Ken Bates’ rant about Middlesbrough’s transfer policy – accusing them of “tapping-up” – Tony Mowbray came out to dismiss all speculation in a much more dignified manner than our chairman.

The Middlesbrough manager said;

“All I would say is I don’t think anyone from our football club has ever mentioned any players from Leeds.

“All I can say from our point of view is it’s nothing to do with our club.

“We haven’t made any approaches, any comments, so we get on with the job and if people want to react to rumour or gossip then so be it.

“It’s a storm in a teacup if it’s a storm at all.”

I doubt we’ll get an apology from our chairman the next time he addresses the nation for his totally over-the-top rant, but I do hope he’ll learn something from this mini-drama.

Bates’ reaction only served to further fuel speculation, which suggests he either wants to drum up interest in Luciano and ensure his name remains in the papers OR he simply didn’t think before talking. I suspect the latter.

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  1. Tyler75

    Problem with Bates is that he thinks engaging mouth before brain is a PR strategy !

  2. rwhites

    Bates says Becchio not for sale – anti-Bates brigade says Bates is trying to sell Becchio.


    • TSS

      No one said he was trying to sell him – I said he didn’t think before speaking (as did the comment below). Bit like you didn’t read before replying…

  3. Jack

    Well claiming players aren’t for sale seems to be bates preferred selling technique, I mean delph, casper, gradel and numerous young players weren’t for sale, seems a price rise trick

  4. Matthew

    It would be foolish to sell anyone to be honest, the payment for getting promoted pretty much eclipses any transfer money that can be made this window. As they say, if you have a good hand in a poker game, go with it, go all in.

  5. johno222

    why would he want to go to mbro, my home town, none of my mates, all mbro supporters could conceive this, he is a quality player, gives 100% for the club, we would not sell to a club we have a serious chance of meeting in the play offs, other comments appreciated,

  6. number1inyorkshire

    no one would pay the money bates would want for becchio who is in a 3 yr deal (A)because bates would want too much (B)he is not playing that well he relies on crosses etc he is not getting service at the mo so no goals

    • Matthew


      The way everyone played today, none of them deserve to wear a Leeds shirt, 2 horrific performances in a row. Not good enough.

      • number1inyorkshire

        what a shocking performance froze my nads off to sit and watch 94mins of that the game was over after 2 mins w ewere never gonna score ever with that starting 11 today in that formation anyways i am stealing my own thunder for the match postings ,see you there

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