Ross McCormack to Blackburn Rovers/Wolves

We start with the somewhat believable rumour that Leeds United’s top goalscorer is being chased by Blackburn Rovers and Wolves.

The rumour, published on numerous sites including Footy Mad, is attributed to the Press Association which is the only reason I have to doubt it’s authenticity – the PA are a serious news organisation that don’t tend to concern themselves with football gossip.

Luciano Becchio to Middlesbrough 

Absolute nonsense. Becchio has been an integral part of the first team for a while now, has shown absolutely no desire to leave and would not be sold to a rival Championship club.

Stuart Parnaby to Leeds (Free Agent) 

Believable, mainly because he’s a free agent and we’ve been linked with him in the past.

Has had trials with Millwall, Charlton Athletic and ourselves, but no one wanted to take the risk due to a back injury that has left him without a club since Birmingham released him at the end of last season.

It’s claimed Simon Grayson will take another look at the 29-year-old right back in January, which makes perfect sense as it’s a no-lose situation for us.

Keith Andrews from Blackburn Rovers

It wouldn’t be a Leeds United transfer window if Keith Andrews wasn’t linked – second only to Alan Smith for the most consistent rumour.

Simon Grayson has made no secrets of his desire to sign Andrews, so some attempt may be made again. Would be surprised if he actually came to Elland Road, but his six month loan with Ipswich expires shortly and with Becchio linked to Blackburn, rumours of a part-ex deal are inevitable.

Other odds and ends… 

Robert Snodgrass and Aidy White will be linked with every club in England, but neither will be sold – there’s no way for Bates to justify his promotion demands if he sells key assets.

We may lose a bit of “deadwood” but the first team will be largely unaffected. I suspect Andy Keogh and Danny Pugh will be signed permanently at some point in the near future, and that we may see one or two new arrivals – nothing too exciting, just a little added depth.

Fans shouldn’t expect too much from this transfer window. Very few moves are ever made in January – it’s just an illusion created by endless speculation in the press. No one is going to sell you their key players midway through a campaign, so you’re left with the odd out-of-favour gem and a dozen or so clubs fighting over them.

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  1. yarders

    don’t want keogh just runs around doing nothing and scores no goals? why would we wan him ? had plenty of him at the club

    • number1inyorkshire

      @yarders i like keogh but i can see your point he doesnt score enough but what he does for the rest of the team running etc is fantastic

      what was the old cliche A STRIKERS REMEMBERED FOR HIS GOALS depends on the wages though with all our players he will be on a wedge at wolves

  2. Tyler75

    Keith Andrews is alleged to be demanding £25k a week – which has put off Swansea and is about the same as our entire current midfield’s weekly wages !

    I’d like to see a right-back and centre back come in. Parnaby if he’s fit would be a decent shout and who wouldn’t like to see Lees alongside Killgallon.

    Heresy I know, but Becchio looks to have lost some of his spark since his injury lay-off and because of his lack of pace, we have a nasty habit of playing hoof-ball to him. If we got around £2m for him and re-invested in a striker with more pace to partner Ross or play-up on his own, Lewis McGuggan for example, then it might be worth considering.

  3. number1inyorkshire

    when have we ever been able to expect owt from transfer window ever .

    usual suspects reported to be interesting us

    i ill start the rumour just seen ALAN SMITH in the country he must be on his way to leeds to sign for 5 years on 80grand a week with an extra 10 grand for every one of those old alan smith range shirts he sells that are loitering in the elland road dungeon

  4. number1inyorkshire

    i would keep him but he does lack goals but what he does creating space is fantastic his running is awesome and for 90 mins++++

  5. Irving08


    Dead right – Snoddy rates him too.He’s our only front man who can get behind a defence.

  6. Irving08

    A premier club after McCormack – now that is unebelievable. Sure he can strike a ball and can spot a good pass BUT (a) he takes too long bringing the ball under control and (b) he is slow. Still I wouldn’t sell him unless, of course, we were offered very good money.

  7. TSS

    @mike08leeds We didn’t really rely on Becchio – we relied on the midfield to play all-out-attack, causing us to leak goals.

  8. TSS

    @Irving08 Ross DOES fit the 4-5-1 – as the AM. He was never bought as a lone striker, we’ve simply settled on that because of Becchio. Ross can play on the wing, as an AM and as part of a 4-4-2 making him an incredibly valuable asset. Prem interest doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • Irving08


      Sorry can’t agree that RM can play on wing – he will always work towards the centre: Keogh, by contrast, can go both ways, due to his superior footwork and extra bit of zip over 5 yards. Nor is he suited to cenrtral midfield for the simple reason is that he is not a tackler. AM – yes; I can see him in that position, providing he can run alongside or ahead of the front man. If he was ‘incredibly vlauable’ you have to ask yourself why the lieks of Cardiff le thim go. Dont get him wrong I’d keep him on the books, and I can quite see him forming an AM three with Snoddy and Keogh behind Becchio tomorrow. But I would never select him ahead of the first two of these…

    • TSS

      @Irving08 @Matthew It’s not an ideal solution having Ross on the wing, but he can play there when needed – my point being, he gives you options, which is important when you have a team so lacking in depth.

      By contrast, Becchio can play one position, and only one particular style. It’s been affective in the past, but it doesn’t give opposition sides much to think about – we’re the most predictable team in the league when we play Becchio (but it works most of the time).

      That said, it would be stupid to sell either of them. They’re both valuable assets and all this talk of getting rid of one or the other is madness.

  9. Ron_Galea

    I’d be very surprised if much happens in the window outside of cutting some dead wood and perhaps signing a defender. Bate’s recent commentary about his conversation with SG and the defence not being up to scratch, should pave the way for the latter to wade into the market. I’m sure there are defenders in the prem we can snare on loan. I’d like to see us bring back Kilgallon from Sunderland. He has openly said he’s up for a loan spell. Outside of this, we’ll likely tie up Keogh. I don’t see the point in chasing another midfielder whilst Howson is injured. We have Varynen, Nunez, Pugh and Brown to plug the gap. I want to see them given a chance before we chase others. I think Varynen will show his class coming into Xmas and put that spot to bed. Lastly, if we sell McCormack, there should be riots. We’ve seen all what he’s capable of when he’s playing regular football.

    • Ron_Galea

      Clearly after years of disappointment, I am somewhat downbeat on our window dealings. Should we go out and buy 2-3 high quality players to get us promoted? Yes. Will we? No. The sad part is that our main rivals appear to be no position to add to their squads after spending up last year or in the summer. Promotion is ours for the taking. How much do you want it Ken?

  10. yarders

    Yes i go to matches regular ! my point was Keogh don’t score enough goals to warrant spending good money or wages on him ! ! Becchio so much better and does score u goals .

  11. sean

    Keogh wasn’t kicked out of Leeds a few years ago because he was good LOL ! So he does not deserve another go ! ! He had is chance no goals we need a striker who can score goals !

  12. Gaz

    Danny Pugh deal has already been done, becomes official on 1st January.

    We need to get a decent playmaker in the middle to feed McCormack and Becchio. Get shot of Brown, don’t rate him at all, and Howson, our most inconsistent player, and get a good playmaker in centre mid with Adam Clayton.

  13. ThomasJuchors

    I think Alan Smith and Keith Andrews are two ideals recruits to restore a balance in the team. They are experimented and they need to play football, especially Smith. Brown and Clayton are overly just to hold the midfielder… If the whites play poorly, it’s because the team is overly just, and Grayson does what he can…


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